Jan. 5th, 2011

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I got another phone call this morning from the vacation group.
I totally called it!!!

All their visa requests were denied!
My roommate whom is dumber than a pile of bricks, cannot begin to understand the reasons why all the people who flew in from Thailand including herself were denied access into Canada.

Miki and I explained in the easiest to understand terms.
My mom and dad can get into Canada no problem, but it's the 4 people from Thailand who have problems.

These are the reasons why they were denied visas:
  1. Roommate goes to language school in Chicago (not considered credible institution) (no incentive to return)
  2. Roommate's mother is retired and has almost no financial background (high risk of illegal residence)
  3. Aunt Nang, runs a legit business but it does not appear in career registry (no career background, flight risk)
  4. Cousin Nutt, travels with her mother (auntie Nang), she's in the same boat as her mother.
No matter how many times we explain to my stupid roommate, still doesn't get it. Too focused that she got denied. As for auntie Nang, she runs a shrimp farm with her husband back in Thailand and they're raking in a lot of dough, but in Thailand, the business registration is run differently, especially for independent businesses. As a matter of fact, we kind of don't have an FDA...

Anyways, Miki and I are high fiving each other out of happiness because we didn't go with them. Now they can't go to Canada, so instead they're going to Buffalo to see the falls from the US side. They'll arrive in Chicago tomorrow.

So glad we didn't go with them.
Oh man, I totally called it!


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