Jun. 2nd, 2011

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When we first arrived at the airport, we could feel the heat right away. It's really hot in Taiwan and I was wearing a hoodie after I got off the plane.

Miki giggled and said, "Wu Chun is going to greet us when we arrive!" She then points to a life-size cardboard standup of "Fahrenheit." I then laugh inwardly at Miki's randomness.

We signed our apartment lease and went to sleep.
Next morning, our first day, we ate breakfast at the Caesar Park Hotel which was only a few train stops down. We ended up wandering for several hours after eating because nothing opens until 11am and we woke up around 7am. It was hard finding a food place open at that time.

We then walked into a multi-story department store called Shin Kong. We were freaked out when we walked in and saw all of the employees lined up symmetrically along the entrance. Right when we get close to them, they bow in unison and shout "NIHAO GOOD MORNING!!!" I actually jumped in shock because I totally wasn't expecting that. They almost gave me a heart attack! It was like that on every floor. Whenever we got up to the next floor, we would walk to the next escalator but not look at anything on that floor, there would still be rows of store employees on that floor to bow and greet you. It was so awkward.

We then went into a neighboring mall that had a few Japanese stores. Guess what's in that mall... Gundam Base Taipei, oh yeah! I looked at the pre-assembled models in the gallery. I also got my picture taken next to "EXIA." I forgot to take my gundam model # list with me, so I actually forgot which ones I needed to buy for myself and my friends. In Taiwan, they look up the Gundams based on model number. Without the numbers I can't find them on my own. I ended up buying BB# 040 and a Sgt Frog character model. I will be going back to buy the ones on my list.

After all that shopping, we took a break in the apartment, then we headed out again.
So we made our 3 train journey to Ximending, which basically looks exactly like Shibuya in Japan!!! But the store layouts on the street look more like Harajuku. It still looks like a mini Shibuya. There are many vendors and shops that sell Japanese products here and there. We left early because we couldn't find what we were looking for (a way to refill our phone card).

After that, we went off to Shilin Night Market. It's pretty cool. Lots of vendors and street food carts, what's not to love? There were so many fried foods, fruits, weird seafood dishes, and strange snacks. FRENCH FRY COATED CORNDOGS?! We just bought some fried crabs, fruit, sausage, yakitori, gigantic fried chicken the size of my laptop keyboard and oyster pancakes... YUM! There were so many carnival games and there was shrimp fishing, the shrimp are too cute, but they cook em for you when you catch one.

I had one adventurous day, we hit so many places in one day. It was fun... except for the random rain which we forgot to pack an umbrella for. We got soaked on our first day running to a 7eleven to buy an umbrella which by the time we got one... it stopped raining.

I have a whole month here, what's in store tomorrow?


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