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Sounds like a cheesy episode title...
No I'm serious, there was a severe blizzard warning for the midwest. I've been stranded in my house for a day and a half!

My college is closed for the rest of the week.(no classes for 3  days, YES!) The airport is completely closed too, meaning my dad gets a break. It's been so long since I've had a snow day... for 3 days.

I thought the meteorologist was joking when he said "an estimated 20inches." It was more than 20inches! The day before the storm, people were freaking out and flooding the supermarkets. All the check-out lines stretched all the way to the milk fridge. People were stocking up on food before getting snowed in. My survival plan includes canned food, milk and cereal... that'll get me through.

Yesterday night, the time the storm started, I watched "NUMB3RS" and sat by the window, looking out occasionally. I thought the powerlines were going to snap from the strong 50mph winds. I woke up the next morning to the view of my backyard literally buried in snow. "My backyard's gone?!" I wondered.

I woke up early to help my dad dig us out. It was insane, there was just too much snow.
This is the sight I woke up to. As you can see, the snow reaches up to the doornob, which is hardly visible. Our house is raised off the ground and we have a raised patio, so clearing the backyard isn't half bad.

You can tell how high the snow is from comparing it with my dad. We aren't just shoveling, we have to dig to get to that garage!

This is a picture from Miki's room window. The fence is from our yard, the snow is climbing over the fence!!! Haha, the neighbor's yard is totally gone!

Guess what?!
This morning, I rescued an old lady from her home. No joke!
Because of the large amount of snow, the old lady couldn't get out her front door. Since I was already outside helping people on my block, I thought I should help her too. I was the only one clearing the lady's house because all the people with the mechanical snowblowers were busy clearing the main sidewalk. I took one of the shovels and started digging towards her house. I dug quickly up her walkway, then her staircase, and finally I cleared the front door. The distance from the main sidewalk up to her door is about 20 feet. I dug 20 feet through 3 foot snow in under 10 minutes, what an adventure. I got the old lady out, that's all that matters... and being a good neighbor.

It's really bad right now, no one on my street has even attempted to leave, because all the roads in the neighborhood are covered in 3 feet of snow. Obviously cars can't drive in that! The city also refuses to clear up small streets like the one I live on (stupid budget crisis). I might even be stuck in my house for three days.

Great... The Blizzard of 2011, almost (not nearly)as high as the famous Chicago 12ft snow storm of the 1960's.
Next time I'll try to put pictures up of myself in the snow.

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