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I'm really angry about my English class.
I spent all week working on my critical analysis paper and when I got to class on Tuesday, Prof. Rueda immediately went on about how the paper must meet mla standard and the fact that I used "arial" font was unexceptable because it must be done in "times new roman." We were put into groups to do peer reviews. The reason why I never used tnr is because I can't read that font efficiently, it blurs my eyes too much. I was being stubborn about Rueda's comment. I was a little insulted since tnr is too problematic for me to read. Why must I be forced to type and read something I cannot see?! I understand that tnr is part of the mla standard, but I have never received problems from using "arial" font for past English courses at my college.

I was being a whiney jerk to the people in my group too, because I couldn't see or read any of their papers. They were eventually fed up and ignored me all together. Of course I started crying in class when they did that to me.

I was so upset that I resigned from the class. I've lost will to write compositions. I've lost all motivation to draw... (I might get a spark to draw again depending on the situation).

I might just temporarily close Attack All Attackers, just until I feel better.
This all happened just because of a font... a font people.

I hate myself for who I am...


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