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It is unfortunate that my internet service has been forcefully terminated since last week (a common occurrence in this house). I won't get any internet usage until my new service provider sets it up for me next week. Everyone is probably wondering how it is possible for me to post this, well I am using temporary internet access elsewhere from my laptop. I've been hanging out in multiple Starbucks(I don't even drink coffee) and McDonalds.

For the most part... WHY IS FREE WI-FI SO UBER SLOW?!?!?! Many users on one line causes speed issues. I don't like public places with horrible internet. And then I have internet at work, we have a private network to keep moochers and freeloaders away, yay!!! I am using my aunt's internet connection right now at her house.

I won't be online all the time until next week.
But until then... I restarted my Persona 3 game (in my first playthrough, I got to the last month in the game where you prepare to fight the final boss). In my first play, I played as the male character(MC) Minato (my current icon). I started a new game file playing as the female character (or FemC). With my new game I can date Akihiko and Shinjiro. I can now prevent Shinjiro from dying, I cried in my first game when he died protecting Ken(10yr old kid). It was so sad when they revealed that Shinji had accidentally killed Ken's mother and Shinji died happy knowing that he was at least able to protect Ken till the end. I think Persona 3 is one of the darkest games I have ever played. Most of your main characters die a horrible death. Poor Minato, sacrificing his soul and body to prevent the apocalypse caused by mankind's self-destructiveness. There's an evil Jesus in the game too.

Knowing me, I'm going to spend over 100 hours playing my game... training my characters... *Akihiko pops up* "who said training?!" tch Akihiko= training obsessed protein junkie.

See you next week I guess.


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