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Only 22 days left until ACen...
Ohh I can't wait!!!

I finally got my "Hatsune Miku" Pullip I've pre-ordered since last year. I went all photoshoot crazy on it because I was so excited about my limited edition Vocaloid Pullip.
See what I mean by photo crazy! Oh and I have more (but choosing not to spam)
I always get so excited every time I get a new Pullip. A minor hobby of mine.

I also chopped off my hair. My "annual" haircut took place during spring break (last week). The only person who had a major reaction was one of my employees, James. He went into shock when he heard that I had cut my hair super short. He doesn't come to work unless we have a major event (like a fair or Thai New Year). So I rarely get to see him, but I mainly see his mom all the time since she works at my restaurant too.

I got my "Reborn!" artbook two days ago and I drooled over the pretty concept art... *drool* Hibari... so hot...
"ahem" I got some hand towels too. One of Giotto (Vongola Primo) and one of Hibari...

For stuff to watch... I recently got into "Fairy Tail." It reminds me so much of Rave Master, since it is made by the same creator. All the characters look the same too. Natsu looks like Haru with pink hair, Gray = Musica, Lucy = Elie, Leon = Let, Jellal = Sieghart and so on... But it's a good anime overall. Natsu has the best magical abilities, "roar of the fire dragon!" (Natsu then spits fire).

I'm going to read some Reborn fanfics till I knockout and then when I wake up tomorrow, I'm going to start storyboarding this week's AAAttackers comic since I have some impatient fans that see me face to face on a daily basis bugging me about when the new one will be up. Don't worry, it'll be up soon and I'll even do an ACen special during ACen weekend.
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I forgot to start the countdown way earlier, so I'm starting it now...
ACen is sooooo close! Right after ACen is my vacation to Taiwan. The end of the semester is approaching too!

ARGHHHH!!!! I need to prepare comics in advance for the days I won't be in Chicago.
I'm gone for ACen (my awesome anime convention) for the entire weekend. Then I'll immediately be in Taiwan for A WHOLE MONTH! Yikes! That's 4 comics I need to draw in advance.

My spring break starts next Monday, so that means I'll have plenty of time to work on my cosplay outfit and I can get some comics done.

I have a lot of stuff to think about until then.
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I participated in a charity event to donate money to Japan!
My friend Kristina who is the secretary of the college videogame club, helped set up the event and asked me to lend a hand.
Kristina helped me through English class and we helped each other with math class (I was bookless so we shared books). We'd always hang out together at ACen too. So of course I would help her out.

She told me to buy some lollipops because everyone needed more sugar so they wouldn't be depressed. So I bought a really big bag of dum-dums. I felt like I could do more...

So then I started working on a design...
Then I folded over 100 cranes!

I filled up a large jar with all the cranes I made. I put the Japanese flag on the left wing and put the name of the event on the right wing. When Kris saw them... she jumped up and down with joy and excitement. She was so amazed at my patience and my determination to fold so many cranes. She was happy to know that I too was working hard for this cause. I stayed up late to fold these. I folded these while I ate, heck, I even still folded cranes while in the dentist's chair getting a root canal. We gave the cranes as a gift to people who donated.

This is the admission/donation desk. I sat here folding some extra cranes to give away. A lot of people stood around me to watch me fold. I'm surprised of how many students don't know what a crane is let alone what origami is nor the significance of the paper cranes. That kinda makes me sad.

A lot of people donated, we had quite a large turn-out. It was so awesome, the college let us use the projector to play Rockband. Third picture, everyone is swaying, crying(not really), and singing Bohemian Rhapsody together. Fourth picture, you can't tell but everybody is head banging. "Galileo! Galileo! Galileo! Galileo! Galileo Figaro..."
It was fun, the school gave us tons of free pizza... We raised nearly $400 in donations (coming from college students, is a lot).

I'm happy that I got to help out. I'm happy that so many people supported Japan.
I'm really happy that I got to fold a ton of cranes for Japan!

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Notice the icon...
I've become a huge Spanner fan...
Technicians are so hot....

*ahem* I'm still slowly recovering from classwork. Believe it or not, I stayed up Sunday night and lost a days worth of sleep working on my workbook assignment on the "Roman Empire" for my Humanities class. There were so many questions! Roman history is so screwed up in terms of government. Being firm believers in Democracy, they killed, replaced, killed again, replaced, killed yet again, then replaced pretty much every king and emperor they ever had for several decades. The only good one they every had was Augustus Caesar and he was a smart one. I lost all interest in my prof's lectures since he puts 3/4 of my classmates to sleep which is really sad.

I've been working on updating the AAAttackers site, it's going to be so awesome now that I've refined my skills. I finished all of it, I'm putting it up today. I changed the character pictures and the layout, it's going to be good.

Oh yeah, I went to a sauna with my family last week (we got a discount). It was lots of fun! The place gives you funny looking pajamas to change into, then you can just walk into any steam room you want. They've got the weirdest rooms... the first is the experimental room, which is to adjust your body to the dry heat for the other rooms. The other... this is just wacky, this room's walls are lined in one million dollars worth of amethyst, a steam room filled with raw amethyst. Then there's a salt room were the walls are lined with mineral rock salt. Then another room with walls made of charcoal (hello carbon-monoxide poisoning!). Then... I kid you not, a room lined with real gold bricks on the walls and ceiling. The next room is made from yellow clay. AND... *drum roll* The hottest room in the facility... the FIREROOM... designed like an igloo oven, low doorway included, maximum temp is 200F... a household oven's minimum is 300F... Right when you walk into the fireroom, you see a circle of old men seated indian-style and clutching their feet while they're in extreme meditation. Once you sit down in there... you'll understand why. Not too long after walking in with my dad and taking a seat on the floor, I too clutched my feet, shut my eyes tight, tried to take my mind of the heat, and control my breathing. It felt like my face was melting off. As for the difficult stuffy air, it felt like someone was shoving lit charcoals up my nostrils. Humans aren't meant to be exposed to that high of a temperature. It was still fun and I felt so refreshed after leaving.

I got lots to work on regarding my web-comic site.

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I'm really angry about my English class.
I spent all week working on my critical analysis paper and when I got to class on Tuesday, Prof. Rueda immediately went on about how the paper must meet mla standard and the fact that I used "arial" font was unexceptable because it must be done in "times new roman." We were put into groups to do peer reviews. The reason why I never used tnr is because I can't read that font efficiently, it blurs my eyes too much. I was being stubborn about Rueda's comment. I was a little insulted since tnr is too problematic for me to read. Why must I be forced to type and read something I cannot see?! I understand that tnr is part of the mla standard, but I have never received problems from using "arial" font for past English courses at my college.

I was being a whiney jerk to the people in my group too, because I couldn't see or read any of their papers. They were eventually fed up and ignored me all together. Of course I started crying in class when they did that to me.

I was so upset that I resigned from the class. I've lost will to write compositions. I've lost all motivation to draw... (I might get a spark to draw again depending on the situation).

I might just temporarily close Attack All Attackers, just until I feel better.
This all happened just because of a font... a font people.

I hate myself for who I am...
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Sounds like a cheesy episode title...
No I'm serious, there was a severe blizzard warning for the midwest. I've been stranded in my house for a day and a half!

My college is closed for the rest of the week.(no classes for 3  days, YES!) The airport is completely closed too, meaning my dad gets a break. It's been so long since I've had a snow day... for 3 days.

I thought the meteorologist was joking when he said "an estimated 20inches." It was more than 20inches! The day before the storm, people were freaking out and flooding the supermarkets. All the check-out lines stretched all the way to the milk fridge. People were stocking up on food before getting snowed in. My survival plan includes canned food, milk and cereal... that'll get me through.

Yesterday night, the time the storm started, I watched "NUMB3RS" and sat by the window, looking out occasionally. I thought the powerlines were going to snap from the strong 50mph winds. I woke up the next morning to the view of my backyard literally buried in snow. "My backyard's gone?!" I wondered.

I woke up early to help my dad dig us out. It was insane, there was just too much snow.
This is the sight I woke up to. As you can see, the snow reaches up to the doornob, which is hardly visible. Our house is raised off the ground and we have a raised patio, so clearing the backyard isn't half bad.

You can tell how high the snow is from comparing it with my dad. We aren't just shoveling, we have to dig to get to that garage!

This is a picture from Miki's room window. The fence is from our yard, the snow is climbing over the fence!!! Haha, the neighbor's yard is totally gone!

Guess what?!
This morning, I rescued an old lady from her home. No joke!
Because of the large amount of snow, the old lady couldn't get out her front door. Since I was already outside helping people on my block, I thought I should help her too. I was the only one clearing the lady's house because all the people with the mechanical snowblowers were busy clearing the main sidewalk. I took one of the shovels and started digging towards her house. I dug quickly up her walkway, then her staircase, and finally I cleared the front door. The distance from the main sidewalk up to her door is about 20 feet. I dug 20 feet through 3 foot snow in under 10 minutes, what an adventure. I got the old lady out, that's all that matters... and being a good neighbor.

It's really bad right now, no one on my street has even attempted to leave, because all the roads in the neighborhood are covered in 3 feet of snow. Obviously cars can't drive in that! The city also refuses to clear up small streets like the one I live on (stupid budget crisis). I might even be stuck in my house for three days.

Great... The Blizzard of 2011, almost (not nearly)as high as the famous Chicago 12ft snow storm of the 1960's.
Next time I'll try to put pictures up of myself in the snow.

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This is something that I should technically be putting onto the restaurant website. Or even the restaurant facebook account, I'm not going to because our facebook page is fan-run (knowing "them" they probably already put it up).

I just wanted to write about it somewhere...
My restaurant is in a two page spread in the "Kane County Chronicle!" It's a review by a critic, have a look:

And I have a close-up in case anyone wants to read the article. Click to open a bigger version.

It's the first time my restaurant's in the newspaper.

I'm just really happy that we're being heard. We're popular from word-of-mouth, you know "if ya like us, tell your friends." We never advertise, and we don't need to. I hope my web-comic will gain as much popularity as my restaurant. I have wonderful friends spreading the awesomeness that is my web-comic.

Thank you KCC, our customers, and friends!

CD Dilemma

Jan. 13th, 2011 10:25 am
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Yesterday I took my cousin Nutt on a small tour of my old high school, yeah alumni class of '07! She wants to study abroad here in Chicago. I will sponsor her as her host family as she attends Taft High School. So she needs to get her paperwork over here in August because enrollment is around that time and she needs to take a English proficiency test. Then she will join the other members of my weird family that have become international students. But the main issue that needs to be taken care of is the student visa that they need to request from Thailand. High schools don't give out student visas for their abroad program.

Anyways, my cd problems... I forgot to write about this when it happened, but when I received my Paradise / Endless Fighters single, I got Naoya cards again?! I propose that there may be a possible surplus of Naoya cards in the batch of cds that yesasia sells. Yes, my bad luck in Naoya cards.

Another thing, I was actually going to ask everyone what the deal was with the new AAA single plus album that was going to released next month. I had known about it for a while as "title to be determined," but then I had some clarity after finally looking at the fan comm (which I haven't looked at in months). I now know the names of both cds, however, I was dying of curiosity over the first press / limited edition of "Buzz Communication." What makes it different from the regular version? It's like $86, why is it so pricey?! Then I found out from another source that it's because the first press comes with an extra dvd that has 90 minutes of bonus footage. If it's just one extra item, that still doesn't justify the price, give me more Avex! I need more details on that.

Now my main conflict was contemplating whether to buy it or not. I'm a total sucker for super limited editions (I think a lot of people are). I want to buy it because I'm an avid music collector and I really want it. But it costs so much! I compiled all the cds I wanted for this week in my cart and it comes out to $150!!!! I'm about to spend $150 in AAA cds in one go!!! My buying record for cds in one purchase is $180 for Dir en Grey cds, this is pretty close. I usually buy both A and B versions of their singles (I get them for the dvds), that's why I always blow a lot of money on them. I'm about to spend my salary, no, five weeks of my savings on cds!

I was originally saving my money to buy a guitar... Being inspired by Beck and K-ON, I've always wanted an electric guitar. I found a good deal on an ESP (electric sound products), which is a famous guitar brand in Japan. It's Japan's equivalent to what Gibson is to the US. The model I wanted is in the thousands range, but I found a really good deal for $250. It's a modded version so it's not see-through and the fingerboard is a little different. It's based off the guitar that Daisuke Ando uses. Saying the word "similar" would be an overstatement, it's like comparing a super-model with a body-builder. The guitar I want just looks nice and is okay for playing as to Daisuke's guitar is designed for quality sound and power.
The decision is between $150 AAA cds or $250 guitar.

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I got another phone call this morning from the vacation group.
I totally called it!!!

All their visa requests were denied!
My roommate whom is dumber than a pile of bricks, cannot begin to understand the reasons why all the people who flew in from Thailand including herself were denied access into Canada.

Miki and I explained in the easiest to understand terms.
My mom and dad can get into Canada no problem, but it's the 4 people from Thailand who have problems.

These are the reasons why they were denied visas:
  1. Roommate goes to language school in Chicago (not considered credible institution) (no incentive to return)
  2. Roommate's mother is retired and has almost no financial background (high risk of illegal residence)
  3. Aunt Nang, runs a legit business but it does not appear in career registry (no career background, flight risk)
  4. Cousin Nutt, travels with her mother (auntie Nang), she's in the same boat as her mother.
No matter how many times we explain to my stupid roommate, still doesn't get it. Too focused that she got denied. As for auntie Nang, she runs a shrimp farm with her husband back in Thailand and they're raking in a lot of dough, but in Thailand, the business registration is run differently, especially for independent businesses. As a matter of fact, we kind of don't have an FDA...

Anyways, Miki and I are high fiving each other out of happiness because we didn't go with them. Now they can't go to Canada, so instead they're going to Buffalo to see the falls from the US side. They'll arrive in Chicago tomorrow.

So glad we didn't go with them.
Oh man, I totally called it!

Not Going!

Jan. 3rd, 2011 11:52 am
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Everyone left this morning for Canada.
It's just me and Miki here, all alone.... we stayed behind.
I'm not going to Canada, yay! Miki and I were originally planning to just hang out in Toronto by ourselves while they do the boring tourist stuff (which is illogical for us because we've been to Canada 10 times already). However, our mother disapproves the idea of us being away from parental supervision. Come on! We're adults!!! We went to Japan on our own for 2 weeks, would it kill you to leave us in Toronto for 3 days?! I would've gone to Canada if they had let us stay in Toronto by ourselves.

Anyways, they called us up in the morning to tell us that they arrived in Detroit, MI and the "Canadian Consulate" is closed from a New Year break. I screamed into the phone, "serves you right for wanting to leave to Canada so early!" They then asked for directions to go to Buffalo, NY, since I'm the best navigator and I know how to get everywhere (the first reason they wanted me to go). The next plan was to try the Canadian Consulate in Buffalo. After I gave them routes and estimated mileage, they changed their mind and said it was too far because they obviously can't cut through Canada. They would need to go south and wind around Cleveland.

Instead, those idiots told us to find them a hotel on the internet. Detroit is among one of the dangerous cities in the US, we kept asking "are you sure?!" repeatedly. So we just booked them a night in a casino hotel. It's going to be hell for my cousin Nutt, because she's not 21 and she will be bored out of her mind in the hotel room while all the grownups go play in the casino.

Well at least she has the hotel room. I remember when I was a kid, we checked out of our hotel in Joliet, IL, but my family still wanted to play in the casino. Since I couldn't call them (had no phone at the time), and I couldn't go get them (I was only 13), I waited 18 hours outside and even slept on the street. The guards were trying to chase me away and telling me that I couldn't sleep there, all I could tell them is that I was waiting for my parents who were still in the casino. Every time a guard pulled my dad out to come get me, he would tell me, "just a few more hours sweetie, daddy's trying to get mommy away from the blackjack table."  and he would walk back into the casino and leave me outside. Miki wasn't there with me, she was staying at our aunt's house at that time. It sucked! That's 18 hours I'll never get back.

I hope their Canada trip fails!

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As everyone saw, I put up the new comic yesterday.
Actually, I just got back from Wisconsin. We went to Wisconsin Dells for a ski trip. Seriously, who goes to the "waterpark capital of the world" in the middle of winter on Christmas day?! Everything except hotels were closed, we starved because all the food places were closed.

I was very worried and didn't want to ski because I had broken my collarbone years ago from skiing and I couldn't use my left arm for 3 months. I ended up skiing, I'm still very good at it even though I had an 8 year break from it. I even taught Miki how to use the ski lift (she's been on the bunny hill since we were kids). The hotel we stayed at was Hotel Rome, which weirdly enough is located in the "Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park?" When did Rome end up in Greece?! We stayed inside the Roman Colosseum... which was right next to the giant Trojan Horse. The inaccuracy they're feeding to the tourists!

Wanna see the gingerbread house I built for my Christmas Party?

I was so yummy and candy-loaded. It was destroyed so fast.

Anyways, my family is planning yet ANOTHER trip, this time to "Canadia" (yes, misspelling out of hatred).

Ugh, I really don't want to go! We're visiting my cousin that lives up in Toronto. My only motivation for going to Toronto is the Chinatown(s) and the exotic Thai fruits that are illegal in the US but can be sold in Canada. I am going to stuff my face with mangosteen, dragonfruit, custard apples, and durian. I don't care for Niagara Falls, I'm sleeping in on the day they go to the falls.

I'm going to see if I can get out of going to Canada.

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No, I'm not homeless!
Another one of my cousins just arrived in Chicago from Thailand. I can't take it anymore, there's too many people in my house! There's a total of 8 people now living in my house.

My cousin, named Nutt, is visiting us for the holidays. I'm not resentful, but I would like to maintain my space and territory. It just feels really cluttered here. And wow has cousin Nutt changed a lot. Back then when she was younger, she whined and cried A LOT, so I called her "little miss whiny pants" for 6 years. Of course I stopped when she matured. Well, the last time I saw her, about 3 years ago, she was a real quiet type, like me. I remember her curly hair and her silence.

Now that I've seen her today, after 3 years, she's way too mature! She's tall, thin, and got long straight hair... and she wears make-up... (she's only 15). Simply put... she's pretty. GAHHHH!!! Since when do people in my family grow to 5'6"?! I'm 5'2" and I was considered the tallest one in the family! I can't help that I'm vertically challenged! My self-conscious self wants to die right now.

Man... 8 people in my tiny house.
Where am I gonna sleep?

By the way, Project Schneider was put on hold because my custom cosplay was delivered safely, I just need to make the head. I won't say what my outfit is because it would spoil the ACen surprise for Izzy and Jason.

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Now that I finished up AAAttackers just before the holidays, I can start up "Project Schneider."

I will be working on a human scale quad-suit for this year's anime convention.
For those familiar with the Zoids universe, LZ Schneider is just about the coolest machine ever!!! Soul Tiger is still pretty cool too.

This is top secret, so future mention of this project will be locked to friends only, also because I need to keep a log of this project.

"Buster Slash!"
I start... tomorrow (I think)....

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Akira was fine the last time I saw him....
Then my aunt changed the water and now Akira's DEAD!

My beautiful red and purple fish!
I saw him sitting at the bottom of the tank with his eyes glazed over.
I screamed, HE'S DEAD, HE'S DEAD!!!

This is the second fish my aunt has done in.
I've been mourning the death of Akira all day.

Actually, this morning, my aunt gave me money to buy a new fish. So I bought a new fish, it's a Delta tail siamese fighting fish.

My new fishy:

He's so pretty, I named him "Siegfried," after Sieg Hart (favorite Rave Master character). I was deciding between that or "Shuda" (no, not Shuta, but Shuda) which is another Rave Master character.

It's ironic because I currently have a red sff named "Roy" and a white sff named "Byakko" (white tiger). Ahahaha Siegfried and Roy... and a white tiger!!!! What a coincident.

"Ah....... Akira, you have lived well.
May you frolic in pet heaven with my past gerbils, hamsters, chickens, fish, frogs, and dog.
Farewell my friend, I won't be able to make fishy faces for you anymore."

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I was in a hurry to get to my psychology class yesterday... and I tripped over my two terabyte external hard drive!!!
I BROKE IT!!!!!!!!!!
I can't believe I broke my hard drive!!!!!!!!

I had EVERYTHING on it! My video collection! Do you have any idea how hard it was for me to find CRASH! live @ WestWind! It was the best live ever! My entire music archive was on there too. My Jdrama collection was on there! I had 10 full anime series on there too. All my film works and edited footage was on there! All of these things are hard to replaced.

I need to get it repaired!
I'm going to ask Santa to fix my hard drive this year...

I'm gonna cry.... all my stuff is gone!
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I will discuss the actual dining event later, because insanity takes a while to sink in.

I've been busy all week. I'm freaking out, I have a speech to write before Wednesday and I don't think I can get this week's comic up (this Friday). It's "Black Friday!" Who knows where I'll be this time on my sleepless 16 hour adventure. To those who recall my "EPIC Walmart adventure," and the crazy fight I got into at the checkout line.

A few hours ago I just saw "Burlesque" with Miki. I was such a good movie, a true masterpiece. When I was at the theater (distantly located in Lake in the Hills), I saw a poster for the new Harry Potter movie that I really want to see as soon as I find some freetime.

I also noticed an isolated poster advertising for "The Green Hornet." Although he isn't the main character.... COME ON!!! Jay Chou is going to be in The Green Hornet!!! Jay Chou is going to be in a Hollywood film! I need to see it!!!! He's going to be doing a lot of fight sequences and he's the main character's sidekick. He plays the role of Kato... strange name. He will also be co-starring with Cameron Diaz. We get to hear Jay Chou's English! Opening in theaters Jan 14, 2011. I can't wait!

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I just finished making a cake a few minutes ago.
Today is Miki's birthday, I didn't get her a gift so... I made some gizzards (which will go to waste) and I made her a cake!

I used instant cake mix, but I made the frosting from scratch and hand-drew the black frosting.

It's a red velvet cake!

I drew a cat because it's cute.
I can't wait to surprise Miki. No one spill the beans, okay?

FYI Miki doesn't read my journal, so I'm pretty safe.
We're having dinner tonight.
There aren't any Naoyas around... are there?

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I woke up at 9:30am (uncommon occurrence) and I'm shivering because I'm freezing my butt off. How cold is it today?! I looked, it's 44, that means it's 52 in the house. And I'm the idiot wearing shorts and a t-shirt in the house!

Asides from me shaking uncontrollably right now, I'm running a little dry on story ideas right now. I actually do have a large list of scenarios for my comics on my computer. I can't decide and at the same time, I can't come up with new scenarios. I also need to start working on the upcoming comic before I forget and drag it on too long.

Hey! For the upcoming holiday (Christmas, not Thanksgiving) I wanted to do a members special on AAAttackers. Not everyone celebrates Christmas but, although I cannot give people gifts... the best I can do is draw something nice for them. This will only be available to the DW site.

So here's the deal. I want to have a special on AAAttackers for members only. It's going to be a "Create Your Own Scenario Contest!" It's not only a test of creativity, but also to evaluate the skill of imagery to see if our imagination is on the same page (it tests my ability to recreate it properly). It will be unbiased, I'm open to all ideas. (just keep it PG) It won't be so hard, since the comm only has 7 members... 4 or 5 out of that "might" be participating. The winner will be credited and have their scenario illustrated, plus they will also receive exclusive unreleased AAAttackers scans AND never before seen rough footage (not the pilot) of the "coming soon" AAAttackers mini-animated series.

That's a good prize, right?
Others are welcome to join the contest, but they need to become a member. But yeah, I will get the contest posted on AAAttackers soon so I can start up. I want more participants...

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I need to post now before I go to work. I probably won't be posting this weekend because I might be busy.

Tomorrow, I'm going to a FOOD EXPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Food... my most favorite thing in the world. I can't wait to try all the different foods. OHHHHHH!!! There will be futuristic kitchen equipment!!!! So much food and so many people!

Since I'm a business owner, I can connect and set up deals with the suppliers and vendors. That means I get to carry my flashy business cards, yay!!!!!!

Delicious food, here I come!!!


Nov. 10th, 2010 11:53 pm
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I totally forgot about Naoya's birthday.
I saw an early post and I was freaking out because I couldn't believe I forgot and I didn't draw anything. I started working on the birthday comic last night, I stayed up till 2am.

So what is the cake monster up to now...
I made this awesome animated icon which I love! Just where does all that cake go? An infinite loop of cake eating...

But yeah, I just finished posting it up on AAAttackers a few minutes ago. I love the animation I did for this one.
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