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The gap is closing up and ACen is only two days away!


Finish my cosplay outfit-    check
Book hotel-                        check
Stuff suitcase w/yummies-  check check
Badges-                             check
Friends-                             check
Enthusiasm-                       check
Fun-                                   yet to obtain

I shall take lots of pictures, now that I have a camera. I get to meet up with most of my otaku friends... the one time of the year that I get to hang out with my friends outside. Lots of anime toy shopping and Gundam shopping for me. I'm so excited!!!

Oh yeah, I'm stuck in the burbs because they wanted me to do some last minute restaurant stuff before I go to the anime convention. Secondly... I'M LEAVING FOR TAIWAN IN TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!

I did start working on the AAAttackers ACen special. So far it's pretty good, but I'm so tempted to add some omakes for the hell of it. Well... we shall see how much I will finish by tomorrow because I will not be able to post during the convention since I'm not paying for internet usage at the hotel this year.

CD Dilemma

Jan. 13th, 2011 10:25 am
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Yesterday I took my cousin Nutt on a small tour of my old high school, yeah alumni class of '07! She wants to study abroad here in Chicago. I will sponsor her as her host family as she attends Taft High School. So she needs to get her paperwork over here in August because enrollment is around that time and she needs to take a English proficiency test. Then she will join the other members of my weird family that have become international students. But the main issue that needs to be taken care of is the student visa that they need to request from Thailand. High schools don't give out student visas for their abroad program.

Anyways, my cd problems... I forgot to write about this when it happened, but when I received my Paradise / Endless Fighters single, I got Naoya cards again?! I propose that there may be a possible surplus of Naoya cards in the batch of cds that yesasia sells. Yes, my bad luck in Naoya cards.

Another thing, I was actually going to ask everyone what the deal was with the new AAA single plus album that was going to released next month. I had known about it for a while as "title to be determined," but then I had some clarity after finally looking at the fan comm (which I haven't looked at in months). I now know the names of both cds, however, I was dying of curiosity over the first press / limited edition of "Buzz Communication." What makes it different from the regular version? It's like $86, why is it so pricey?! Then I found out from another source that it's because the first press comes with an extra dvd that has 90 minutes of bonus footage. If it's just one extra item, that still doesn't justify the price, give me more Avex! I need more details on that.

Now my main conflict was contemplating whether to buy it or not. I'm a total sucker for super limited editions (I think a lot of people are). I want to buy it because I'm an avid music collector and I really want it. But it costs so much! I compiled all the cds I wanted for this week in my cart and it comes out to $150!!!! I'm about to spend $150 in AAA cds in one go!!! My buying record for cds in one purchase is $180 for Dir en Grey cds, this is pretty close. I usually buy both A and B versions of their singles (I get them for the dvds), that's why I always blow a lot of money on them. I'm about to spend my salary, no, five weeks of my savings on cds!

I was originally saving my money to buy a guitar... Being inspired by Beck and K-ON, I've always wanted an electric guitar. I found a good deal on an ESP (electric sound products), which is a famous guitar brand in Japan. It's Japan's equivalent to what Gibson is to the US. The model I wanted is in the thousands range, but I found a really good deal for $250. It's a modded version so it's not see-through and the fingerboard is a little different. It's based off the guitar that Daisuke Ando uses. Saying the word "similar" would be an overstatement, it's like comparing a super-model with a body-builder. The guitar I want just looks nice and is okay for playing as to Daisuke's guitar is designed for quality sound and power.
The decision is between $150 AAA cds or $250 guitar.

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I woke up at 9:30am (uncommon occurrence) and I'm shivering because I'm freezing my butt off. How cold is it today?! I looked, it's 44, that means it's 52 in the house. And I'm the idiot wearing shorts and a t-shirt in the house!

Asides from me shaking uncontrollably right now, I'm running a little dry on story ideas right now. I actually do have a large list of scenarios for my comics on my computer. I can't decide and at the same time, I can't come up with new scenarios. I also need to start working on the upcoming comic before I forget and drag it on too long.

Hey! For the upcoming holiday (Christmas, not Thanksgiving) I wanted to do a members special on AAAttackers. Not everyone celebrates Christmas but, although I cannot give people gifts... the best I can do is draw something nice for them. This will only be available to the DW site.

So here's the deal. I want to have a special on AAAttackers for members only. It's going to be a "Create Your Own Scenario Contest!" It's not only a test of creativity, but also to evaluate the skill of imagery to see if our imagination is on the same page (it tests my ability to recreate it properly). It will be unbiased, I'm open to all ideas. (just keep it PG) It won't be so hard, since the comm only has 7 members... 4 or 5 out of that "might" be participating. The winner will be credited and have their scenario illustrated, plus they will also receive exclusive unreleased AAAttackers scans AND never before seen rough footage (not the pilot) of the "coming soon" AAAttackers mini-animated series.

That's a good prize, right?
Others are welcome to join the contest, but they need to become a member. But yeah, I will get the contest posted on AAAttackers soon so I can start up. I want more participants...


Oct. 17th, 2010 11:23 pm
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Bah! Why am I still typing...
Pain from pumpkin...

GAH! Just go to
Attack All Attackers to see THE GREAT PUMPKIN!

I made the most awesomest Halloween jack-o-lantern!

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I was surprised when I got my concert merch.
Besides the basic t-shirts and wrist bands. I've discovered the usefulness of muffler towels from Chizu when I was back in Japan. Wow, I never realized one actually accumulates tons of sweat on the back neck. Chizu threw a muffler towel on me when I was cooking, so useful!

From that inspiration, I had ordered one.... okay two AAA muffler towels.
I wear them when I cook, it's wonderful.

Oh yeah, I also got myself a copy of the Nisshin photobook. My roommate was skimming through it... Miki was looking at it for a little bit too. She eyeballed me and said, "oh... one of those pairings... By the way, I don't like Nishijima's face, there's something weird about it." I replied with, "they're pulling out the fan-service strategy again and hey I like my book!"

I wasn't exactly in class today...
I was in the computer lab and messing around on the computer, e-mails, journals, and what not. I was really bored and looked on the music shop I like so much, the same one I have customer service arguments with. I was surprised when I saw the new AAA single available for pre-order (I hadn't been on in a while). I was pretty excited. When I got home, I wanted to tell Miki about it.

Unfortunately, when Miki is in the middle of a video game, she tends to not catch everything you say.

Miki's quote of the day:
"WHAT?!?!?!?!?! You saw nude AAA?! WHERE?! HOW?! That is so wrong!"

I was then re-explaining my actual words, "I'm so awestruck! Today I was on Yesasia and I saw a new AAA cd, me wants so badly!"

I don't know how she got "AAA was nude" out of that? That was the funniest thing that happened today.

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Actually... Hidaka's features and personality in the AAAttackers comic  is based off an already existing character from another comic I was working on for fun. I forgot to mention this because I was having too much fun working on the comic.

People in my graduating high school class know what I'm talking about. My first comic, "T'n'T Domination," it was the first work of my imagination to ever be drawn out on paper. It was about these twin brothers, Tim & Tom and their quest to dominate the world of music. Making many friends and enemies along the way.

So there was this one villain who had his own side chapter, his name was Ryuji.
You can see how Ryuji slowly evolved into Hidaka.
Ryuji was a bit of a badass and part prankster (sort of like my version of Hidaka). Ryuji was always bitter and enjoyed messing with people because he was short and everyone made fun of his stature. Short people are always short tempered and evil, take Edward Elric (FMA) for example, he always looks like he's going to self-combust when someone mentions the word "short."

Hidaka on the other hand, enjoys annoying everybody just because he can and also because he loves the attention. On another note, I wanted to give Shuta the height complex, since he's the shortest guy in AAA, but I only needed one crazy guy with issues... and Hidaka won that process of elimination.

Hidaka is Ryuji watered-down, since Hidaka doesn't go around planting dynamite in people's guitar cases, pianos and teddy bears.

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I pre-ordered it a long time ago (mainly because I always forget to buy a calender for the next year). Yes, I'm a doofus because I usually end up calenderless from my horrible memory.

My AAA calender just came in the mail today!
I've already seen the cover online, but after I flipped through the pages, I was so surprised at how much more colorful it was than the last calender. The setting is "retro diner" plus wacky colorful outfits. Note: I have not seen contents of the calender prior to today.

I mean seriously... they're dressed like they're about to go to a rave! The only things they're missing are glow sticks and pacifiers.

I added some text to illustrate my point.

I'm more concerned about the outfits rather than the calender.

This next one, I can't help it, it needs to be pointed out and it just makes me laugh. I am so going to milk this. I present to you the marvel that is Hidaka's jacket...

And he has pulled off another fashion disaster!
The translucent raincoat... truly amazing. To top it off, it's studded... and he's wearing leopard print underneath. As if the rainbow pants weren't enough. Well, I guess Hidaka's screwy clothing style is what makes him stand out from the rest of the members. It shows that he's capable of playing dress-up and he's not afraid to wear strange things. Not being picky at all is one of the best traits.

This last one... no, I am NOT sick minded. It's more of a random discovery. This is one of those "Wait! What the..." moments. I couldn't help noticing that Nishijima was wearing headphones for the entire shoot. For sure, I know that in photoshoots, headphones are generally NEVER plugged into anything. However, I will admit that the coincidental positioning of Nissy and the headphone cord took me by surprise. Look at this picture.

It strangely enough happens to end "right there!"
I mean, if they weren't going to plug it in somewhere else, then they should have tucked the cord behind Nissy or something, instead of letting it freely/visibly sit there... in that spot...

Okay... this feels awkward...
Anyways, that was my AAA Random Report.
I'm going to shut up now, this whole thing was just super random.

Oh yeah, if anyone wants to see my folder with more Calender scans, just ask and I'll give you the link.
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The long awaited tribute post has finally been put onto AAAttackers.
Yesterday(Japan time)/ Today(US time) is Nishijima's birthday. So I made a tribute in drawing to "chalong"(celebrate) his birthday. I started working on it at 6pm yesterday and I didn't get to post it until 1am. I think the new comic is awesome! I animated two of the panels in the comic. Both animations are synced together, which is not exactly difficult, but it's tedious. It was done with 98 motion frames. It became such a high number because of Naoya's hair. I wanted to make it look cool and creative. I hope everyone likes it.

I was too lazy to write in my journal last night, so I just went straight to sleep. I was really tired too. I mean, really tired.

I finished some fan art for next week's super special extremely awesome homage.
That is... if you understand what the significance of October 3rd is...
Although irrelevant, association is still in the back of my mind.

I love being vague!
Get ready for my Shinjiro homage week!

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Work was tiring today too, so I think I'm going to go straight to sleep after this.

Yeah... I've been ordering a lot of stuff lately.
Only a few days ago, I received my new AAA cds and the Naoya cards that won't seem to leave me alone... The day before that I got a KH: Birth by Sleep Keyblade necklace in the mail. And you know what? I'm expecting another package next month filled with AAA concert merch and goodies. In two weeks I'm expecting a package from Korea, I ordered another Zoid, the one I've always wanted (my dream Zoid), the Soul Tiger. I've also got one more package from an anime shop, which includes a "Soul Eater" plushie and a wallet with the characters on it.

Ha ha... I actually got a package today too!
My Chibi Gundams came in today!!!

I can't wait to build them tomorrow morning before I go to work!
And of course I'll put up pictures.

Good night!

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I'm currently working on the next comic for Attack All Attackers.

This morning, I finally got my new AAA cds in the mail. As for the collectible cards. I GOT NAOYA AGAIN?! I swear, I keep getting Chiaki and Naoya cards, it's driving me insane. I have all of the cards(from different singles), but the ONLY card I don't have is Shinjiro's card. I have all of them except his!!! What luck! I just keep getting piles of Chiaki and Naoya cards with every new cd I buy. It's like there's a surplus of Naoya cards or something.

I didn't have class today. I still had to go, but all I had to do was print out my test results in the computer lab. I then ran into one of my friends in the cafeteria, since I had nowhere to chill after finishing. She had to leave, so I hung out with her friends who were staying late. One them draws mini comics like me. I was working on something for the web-comic and he saw me drawing. He asked me about it. Actually, I didn't disclose any information about it. His work is pretty interesting. But his stuff is all about ninjas, assassins, and demonic powers! So violent. He draws things on a smaller scale with such fine detail. He's one of those "one-shot" artists. Meaning, he goes straight into inking without really planning ahead in pencil first. It's an amazing talent, but it's poor technique. His stuff is really good too. If only I had my sight back, I would be able to draw like that again.

That reminds me, I've been working on a lot of tributes.
There's Nishijima's tribute coming up next week....
Then... there's Shinjiro's special homage in early October!

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Does everyone remember those scenes from "Hide-Away?"
I'm talking about the scenes where the AAA members are singing separately with a flower blooming next to them.

Yes, the pretty flowers!

You know, the flowers that they accelerate the speed to make it look like it's blooming instantly and unrealistically.

I recorded one myself!!!
Do you understand how tedious it is to film the motion of blooming?! Flowers don't just spring up and bloom like they do in the cartoons. It's a whole process in itself.


It's really difficult!
My mom has this special plant, it blooms randomly, BUT it ONLY blooms at night. It does not bloom in broad daylight. Another interesting fact is that the flower does not grow from a stem, it grows out of the plant's leaves. This plant is very difficult to capture on film, because it rarely blooms at all. According to Asian folklore, this flower is very special, if one were to witness it bloom, they would be granted eternal good fortune.

So there I am sitting in the backyard with a giant search lamp pointed at the nearly blooming flower. I set up my video camera and recorded for 4 HOURS! Can you believe that this flower takes 4 hours to be in full bloom? I recorded the whole 4 hours, start to finish. After filming I did tons of speed editing. No one wants to sit and watch my video for 4 hours. I've reduced the 4 hours into 21 little seconds.

This is what it looks like at 500x accelerated speed!
Here's my video, fully edited of course. Please have a look, it's 21 seconds. Sorry, it's not cool like "Hide-Away," so it doesn't have any special effects. It's straight out of my backyard.

It's so cool.
That's the magic of nature!

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I posted up the second illustrated interview on "Attack All Attackers."
This time it was Nishijima's interview. He was just saying random things. Next up is Chiaki's.
Oh yeah... about my comm's name, you know... it took nearly forever to come up with a name. Of course it needed to contain those three letters we love so much. I started coming up with just the most outrageous names. Would you believe that I nearly named it Atrocious Attacking Apples or Admirable Alligator Alliance?

Well... as long as my logo makes sense.

Today, I got to talk to Miki.
She's enjoying her time in Taiwan. I got to use a video call on Skype for the first time. I could see Miki's face and hear her voice. She was at Chi-an's place. I know because Chi-an kept walking behind Miki and kept yelling "hi" at me. School is good to I hear. They get to do a lot of field stuff. Miki's instructors lets them go out in the morning to go check out the markets. The world of culinary arts is fascinating! Pikus really missed Miki too. I put him in front of the webcam. After seeing and hearing Miki, he calmed down a bit.  Pikus has been restless because he gets worried when he knows the household is incomplete. If everyone isn't home together, he'll just pace around and not go to sleep. Now that he's seen Miki, he's chillaxed and everything, I just hope he goes to sleep.

I miss Miki!
We're supposed to talk again tomorrow.
But after tomorrow, Miki's class will be going on a field trip to a different region of Taiwan, which means she'll be out of Taipei.

It's Up!!!

Sep. 12th, 2010 11:50 pm
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After rushing back home late from work, I finished up my first set of panels...

Attack All Attackers IS UP!!!
Please visit [community profile] attackallattackers  to check it out!

I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My first community!!!
I just hope I can maintain it right now... I'll try to work on the next set.
I have speech class tomorrow. Time for bed.

But yeah, my comm is up.
That's all I wanted to say.

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I woke up early so I could stop by Mitsuwa for magazines and curry bread, Miki bought groceries. I picked up some old AAA issues, since our Mitsuwa actually receives magazines 2-3 months "after" the real release date. I went to go check cds too, but all they had was "AROUND" and "Heart and Soul." I didn't bother.

We were in a hurry to get back home because Miki needed to get stuff for FND and I needed to get my stuff together before I headed out to Union Station to get to Batavia. When I got back home, the adorably evil prince of darkness was waiting for me at the door.

His sleepy expression screams: "where do you think you're going? If you leave me here alone, who am I going to annoy?" He bit my leg as I walked out the door for the last time.

There was so much traffic to get into the city. The cars hardly moved. It took forever, but I made it to Ogilvie Union Pacific West Station. I took the Metra often in the past in order to get to Batavia. But the train doesn't really go to Batavia, it stops in the neighboring town of Geneva. Anyways, here's my train:

It's always a smooth ride, but I was really bored. I couldn't listen to music because my mp3 charger broke. I couldn't watch anything because I was too lazy to take out my laptop. I read through that AAA magazine for a bit and ate my curry bread, that's all I did on the train.

After I got off the train, I managed to lose 100 dollars in cash because I'm clumsy and it fell out of my pocket. What bad luck

I got picked up from the Geneva Station and was taken to Batavia. Now everyone in the restaurant is freaking out because Batavia Bridge Bash is this upcoming Sunday. Well... city council has now changed the name to "Batavia Block Party." They have a segment called "Best of Batavia," it's when all the Batavian restaurants sell samples of their best dishes for only $2. We don't stand outside in tents or anything. We sell it from our own building. BOB which is the shortened term, it's a big hit every year, I mean, even our fellow Batavian restaurants run out of food/ingredients before the event ends. Every year we set up a table station in the restaurant and customers form a line to make orders. Normally, the line for our place stretches around the street corner. Take that "Thai Village!"(competitor) I love Bridge Bash! It's a lot of work because the hordes of people seem endless. But it's really fun to see people leave happy. What can I say, we're popular. I need to prepare for the event, last year over 300 people came into our restaurant for this one day event.

I hope this year will be a success too.

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Seriously, did anyone else but me notice this random thing?
This is from one of my super random observations... I just felt like watching Blood on Fire for old time sake. It reminded me how much AAA has changed since then. These are my own screencaps.

Anyways, while I was watching, I happened to pause it at an interesting frame. Like I asked, did anyone notice this?

Shuta... has a flashlight in the video. If I was the only dumb person who missed this and everyone else already knows about this, please feel free to inform me that everybody already knows... if not, I'll continue my findings. Really, I never noticed the flashlight before.

My next issue was... why would they need a flashlight in the first place?! If you didn't notice, Blood on Fire is loaded with CG effects and sound FX. Why the simplicity of the flashlight?!

Shuta is trying to blind us so we don't notice...(I'm kidding)

Shuta has the flashlight for most of the clear shots of him in the video. The only times you won't see the flashlight is during the full group shots and his break dancing solo.

Well... he has redefined the form of prop dancing... which is actually a difficult style to master without impaling people around you. If I recall... in Asian music culture, Min-woo made the "water bottle" dance popular (dancing with a water bottle in your hand). Mmm... bottled water never looked sexier... Same thing applies here, respect the flashlight! Shuta with a metal heavy duty flashlight looks really cool for some odd reason. Although... besides the limited blinding light... THE FLASHLIGHT SERVES NO PURPOSE!!!

I'm done with my random discovery, carry on.
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Not only was the skating instructor frightening, but she was downright intimidating! She had a really mean looking face and she had a booming voice. Her teaching methods were questionable... it was along the lines of, "do this and I'll get back to you later." She was teaching two levels at the same time, on the same rink. She was going back and forth. I didn't feel like I learned very much because she didn't explain clearly enough and I had no idea if I was even doing it right because she kept leaving.

There were only two levels being taught today, pre-alpha and alpha levels. I was placed right between the two because I could definitely stand on my own, I can move, and I can brake, but I didn't know other basics like swiveling or strokes. Originally I was placed into pre-alpha, but then I was put on the spot in front of other classmates because I already knew how to skate. I felt like an outcast... I was the only person in hockey skates... everybody else had figure skates, but I still had to learn the same basics like everyone else. Today, I practiced strokes on both left and right skates. I didn't realize that skating took that much energy and power, I was worn out very quickly. My legs were hurting so much, so I sat down and removed the insoles from my skates, it does help. By the end of today, I'm not sure if I really learned anything today.

When I got back home, my roommate informed me that a package arrive for me. I got really excited and attacked the package. My roommate asked me, "AAA again?" I replied, "of course, what else would it be?" I opened the tube and there were my AAA posters from the "Heart to ♥ Tour." My roommate then said, "wow, so pretty." I went into my room and took my custom frame off the wall. I slipped one of the new posters into the frame and re-hung it on the wall above the bunkbed. My roommate then walked into my room and stared at the new poster. My roommate then started talking about AAA. I'll paraphrase because I despise my roommate's English. "I'm starting to like AAA, I can't help it, it's all because of you, it's AAA in your face, like AAA spam, your room is just loaded with AAA posters, calenders, CDs, pictures, products, and artwork. It's like I can't wake up without seeing that giant poster at my bedside. You are a true AAA fan and now I might become one too!" I said, "Oh yeah? You haven't seen my room when I had tons of KAT-TUN stuff. I still have that KAT-TUN flag I made, it's behind my bed." KAT-TUN didn't exactly meet with my expectations, so I had to let them go and move on to a different group to listen to. Like "Golf & Mike," I began to hate them because they were....... meh, I don't want to say it, I'll be nice, I won't destroy their fanbase just because I know the truth. It's information that people who know them in real life would know. Even though I don't like them, I'll keep my mouth shut for their sake.

Moving on to yesterday with Jason...
Okay, I invited Jason over yesterday. One reason is a secret(I promised not to say anything), the other reason is to watch the rest of "Love Exposure," and mainly to hang out. We were texting each other with plans, and I mentioned that I watched Jason's recommended drama, Shibatora. Jason then texted back saying that he never watched the SP because he couldn't find the subs. I told him that I had the subs. I was trying to get the hardsubbed one, but bitcomet was backfiring on me and refused to move, so I found the RAW of the Shibatora SP along with the softsubs. Then I worked on hardsubbing it myself since I couldn't get it earlier. I spent all night the day before, just hardsubbing that "special," with my own software. I'm an awesome friend, don't you think so Jason? The first thing we watched was my well worked on hardsubbed special which we watched on TV via the PS3. I need to show Marvin how to hardsub... "Thank you so much 'Querbeet' for the Shibatora SP and the softsubs, the hardsubbed video was unreliable so I took matters into my own hands for the sake of watching it with my friend, thank you again!"

After finishing Shibatora, we made a quick snack run to the gas station and continued our day by watching the rest of Love Exposure. Jason was very surprised by the randomness of the movie. Jason said it was so weird and there were so many hentai moments. But he did say the movie was "interesting." When we finished the first disc, I told him we should take a break, because Marvin still needs to watch the second disc too. We should save it for next time. Then we played Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Jason had told me that he played "Melee" at home, so I told him that the controls were exactly the same. We played for a few rounds and Jason was still trying to adjust. He wasn't getting so many KOs. After a while he started to get really good. We mostly played team battles because anyone playing against "me" alone... really has no chance of winning. By team battle I mean being put on the same team. It was fun, I don't get to play on teams that often, because everyone I play against always want to do a free-for-all. Yesterday was really fun. I ended up walking Jason to the blueline station and because of my horrible luck, it started pouring when we got to the station, which meant there was no chance of me walking back home. I then spent $3 on bus fare to get back home.

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I want to go to sleep, so I'll wrap this up quickly.
This morning my mom called Ex and invited him to our barbecue. Surprisingly, we he arrived, he brought the whole ACen group! I got to see Pete and Kris again, later Kris's sister, Kat, stopped by too.

We didn't do much. We played Zoids, Super Smash Bros. Brawl (which I still pown in), New Super Mario Bros, and a Dragonball Z game. Then we ate and watch some Suju variety shows. We watched for a short while. When I handed the PS3 remote to Kat... I had stuff prestored onto the system. I have a lot of shows on there. She selected most of the "Show King," WonderGirls, Big Bang, and Girls Generation stuff. That's all Miki's things. Because of that, we didn't get to continue playing games, I was disappointed.

Because I couldn't do anything, I was watching stuff off of my Calvary(eternal hard drive). I was showing the guys some random videos I got for fun, like Masi Oka beatboxing really well with Nakamaru. I showed them how cold and scary Hokkaido is in the winter. Akanishi went there with Nakamaru as a punishment trip. They froze their butts off in Hokkaido, such torture. I popped in my "Heart and Soul" DVD and watched the video. Pete became very interested in the video, he said he liked the rhythm and the visual. Pete said the overall style looked much cooler. I told him that the choreography is from the same guy that does Big Bang. Pete then said, Big Bang makes it look gay with all those glittery pink outfits, AAA pulls it off quite nicely with the black and blue, AAA had the better image, according to Pete. I then showed them "Otameshika, all the guys were so shocked about how pretty Nishijima was. They said they now fear to go to Japan... Kris, the same guy who happens to be a Shinjiro fan... He was watching the second round of Otameshika and he said that Nishijima was so hot and attractive as a girl. Kris was so mesmerized by how pretty Nishijima. I then pulled up a picture of Yukari and he snapped out of it and said, "ooh, hot girl! Me like." All of us laughed, "and so you've returned to us, Kris, poor confused Kris." Kris's inspiration for his admiration of Shinjiro and AAA all goes back to DEN-O...

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Today... quite early in the morning...
We headed off to Lincoln Park for the seasonal farmer's market. You know, the outdoor market where local growers, farmers and harvesters sell their products. All of the produce there is freshly picked and most of it is organic and homegrown. Nothing beats the freshness of a farmer's market.

I took a look around and I saw the most beautiful Stevia plants. They were very healthy and had big leaves. I bought it later because I didn't want to carry it around with me everywhere. I found a stall that only sold apples, ohhhh they had the sweetest.. crunchiest Honey Crisps EVER!!!! I bought half a dozen of them, they were so yummy! I walked around a little more and there was a place that sold rhubarb smoothies. I bought one thinking that it tasted like a rhubarb soda... To my surprise... it didn't taste like rhubarb soda. It was really tart, like... worse than a lemon, it was super sour. I kind of tasted like rose apples! For those unfamiliar with exotic fruit, rose apples are small pear shaped fruit with a peel as slick as a tomato and flesh like styrofoam. The info about the rose apple is here. After my super sour drink, There's another stall that sold crepes. They made them at the farmer's market. I ordered a herb and cheese crepe and it was delicious. It was so cheesy and gooey, so yummy! Miki and I sat under a nice shady tree and ate our crepe. Miki said it was good, but it'd be even better if we added snails! Soon after eating we started to head out, on the way out of the market I bought two Stevia plants... for my little sugar project.

We did pick up some groceries on the way back home at a local grocery store near our house. I just got myself some Coke and Iced Tea. Not long after we arrived home, we continued watching "Castle." That mystery series is just getting better and better! We took a little break after two episodes and "watched an episode of "CHUCK" too. Miki had to leave to the gym not too long after we watched CHUCK.

While Miki was gone, I watched my newly arrived "AAA 4th Anniversary Concert DVD" with my roommate. I've never seen the concert yet because I've patiently waiting for my disc to arrive. So, I saw this concert for the first time today!!! Yay for our "region-free" DVD player, we can watch DVDs from any country. I was able to watch the concert on our awesome flat screen!

While we were watching the concert, my roommate was wondering why I liked AAA so much. My roommate is fascinated by my love for foreign music. I replied, "There is no language barrier in music, music is universal and so is the expressive love for music... you should at least know that." My roommate shut up and watched with me. My roommate recognized "Nishijima" off the bat! My roommate shouted, "AH! That's the guy that crossdressed for that one show right?!" I showed my roommate "Otameshika" before. My roommate started to get hooked to the songs and kept saying how catchy the songs were. I was surprised that my roommate was enjoying the concert for someone who doesn't care much for AAA. I started hearing comments like, "They're so cool, I like how they dance, they sing well, they're good at singing live, a true band!" My roommate is starting to like Naoya? Something about Naoya appearing to be the most masculine...

Around halfway through the concert, AAA started to use hand-held microphones. My roommate told me something rather ridiculously stereotypical. A little disclaimer: This is not true(at least not to my knowledge). This is not a fact, but it's more of a silly theory. Don't take my word on it, because I don't believe this theory to be accurate. But rather a coincidental occurrence, which most cases were proven to be true. So here is what my roommate told me...
My roommate said that, a singer's sexuality can be determined by "how" they hold or position their "microphone." Being in and out of the music industry often makes people keen in the sense of psychological cold-reading. Specifically, my roommate said, "if the singer holds his microphone with his pinky straightened out or sticking outwards, it's an indication that the singer is gay." If you imagine yourself holding a microphone, normally all of your fingers will be curled in and completely wrapped around the microphone handle, right? But that could also be based off preference.

My roommate made an example of Naoya by saying, this is how normal people hold microphones.

Then what I noticed was Shuta!
Shuta is the only one who holds his microphone with his pinky out for the majority of all the songs! Shuta held his mic like that for 92% of the songs that required hand-held mics.My roommate kept pointing it out. I was getting a little annoyed, but Shuta wasn't the only one.

Nishijima actually holds his microphone like Shuta too!

Nishijima held the mic like that almost as much as Shuta did. Compared to Shuta's percentage, Nishijima had his pinky up for about 40% if the songs. However, Nishijima's pinky was up for about 95% of Deai no Chiikara. But strangely he was less frequent in the other songs.

Random observation led me to noticing someone I least expected...

Surprisingly, I totally didn't notice until my roommate pointed this out. Shinjiro has his fingers poised outwards for most of the concert too. Even more so frequent to that of Nishijima. Around maybe 55% for all of the songs. At this point, I figured my roommate's theory to be the as useless as an empty roll of tape. Shinjiro, as far as I know, does not swing that way. Shuta and Nishijima, sure, possible candidates, but Shinjiro is the last person I'd expect. What a dumb theory, but my roommate said it was proven true in many cases regarding the music industry. I'm still in disbelief. I personally think it's based off of comfort and preference of how a person held their mic. My roommate believes otherwise.

Because I enjoy arguing with the roommate I so despise, I made another point by saying how the extended pinky is a well mannered gesture in the United Kingdom for drinking tea. When holding a teacup, it is proper to hold the teacup handle with your pinky extended out. I don't know why, but that's how they do things. It was a bit irrelevant, but I wanted to make another point as well to bring up more possibilities other than that silly theory. The microphone deal might be for comfort reasons. That would be my opinion.

In conclusion, according to my roommate... "Shuta is undeniably gay!!!!"
The theory is nice for thought but it isn't a solid claim and it lacks justification. I won't let it get to me, I told my roommate to not believe any stereotypes they hear.

We also watched an episode of Tumbling after the concert. Now my roommate is hooked on Tumbling. My roommate asked in such a sad voice, "Why is Nishijima so mean in this drama?! He seemed so nice on stage." My roommate is badgering me to watch the next episode of Tumbling, which I haven't gotten yet. You'll just have to wait silly roommate!!!

Until next time, bye again.
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So today I went to the dentist to get some cavities filled and ouch do my teeth  still hurt!

I was told that since I've been good, we could go to Mitsuwa!!!
Okay!!! Going to the dentist wasn't a complete waste of a day. We went to Mitsuwa and I was super hungry! I didn't eat all day because I'm not supposed to before going to the dentist. I ran quickly to the food court and went to the ramen shop. I was reading through the list of different ramen, all of them were written in Japanese and they were numbered with pictures next to them. I saw it as an opportunity to brush up on the rare Japanese knowledge I almost never use. Instead of being a total American and ordering by number, I actually said the name of the ramen I wanted to order, which I read off the menu list. There's no English on the ramen list, with the exception of the words, "contains: pork, shrimp, egg." I was so happy I read it on my own without Arata's help, I feel so accomplished. I told the cashier lady that I wanted "Shio Ramen" and she understood me. But then she got super excited because I could read the menu. She had this amazed look of "ooh wow, you can read Japanese? Very nice! So good!" she was so excited and kept praising me. Yeah, a non-Japanese being able to read Japanese is shocking to people in Mitsuwa.

Here's my Shio Ramen!!!!
It was REALLY YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!! The cashier lady was really nice.

Remember? There's a Chinese place in Mitsuwa. My parents like to eat the dumpling soup from there and I like the Shu-Mai. I was ordering for my parents at that place too. I was yelling questions back and forth in Thai with my parents about what they wanted, then the cashier guy asked, "Filipino or Thai?" I said Thai and the cashier responded with "kap kun maak kraup," which is the male form of "thank you very much" in Thai. I responded with "kap kun ka," the female form of "thank you." And I got my Shu-Mai.

So delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Jockey" makes the best yim-sum!!!

After finishing my ramen and Shu-Mai, I went to go buy some yummy "purin." My all time favorite dessert!!!! Like the line from one of my favorite songs, "~DAISUKI SA PURIN." It's so jiggly and smooth, softly sweet and creamy to the finish. Japanese pudding has no flaws... Sorry I don't have a picture of it because I forgot to take a picture.

I then walked to the bookstore inside of Mitsuwa and I remembered that I wanted to get a membership reserve on magazines. My cousin Isara does it all the time, so I wanted to give it a try. I can't go to Mitsuwa often(even though I live close), because I'm too busy. I signed up so the book store will reserve magazines of my choice for me and I can come pick them up when they arrive in the store. I reserved.... mostly Johnny magazines... specific issues... because I want the May issue which won't be in stock until July! I filled out my member request sheet... but then I horribly remembered that I was going to be in Japan in July! Which means I can't pick up my magazines. I then told the cashier lady who had me fill out the form that I wouldn't be able to pick it up and asked if I could change the contact number to someone else who "could" pick it up. This lady was really nice too and she kindly gave me the form to change the information. While I was writing, my parents were yelling at me in Thai to hurry up and I was yelling back. And then, this cashier too asked me if that was Tagalog... I said, no... it's Thai. What is with me today? I keep having all these fun conversations with the cashiers at Mitsuwa! She was very amused when I said I was Thai and she was very interested in the fact that I was going to Japan. We kept talking about Japan and Thailand and my magazines.

I then made a purchase. Guess what I found?! I found the "Kanjani 8" album "Puzzle" LIMITED EDITION being sold in Mitsuwa!!!!! This limited edition deluxe album is really rare to find on the internet. It has the coolest packaging!!!!!!! I can't believe there was only one and it was being sold at Mitsuwa!!! I was so excited!!!! You really can't find it anywhere! Kanjani 8 fans would kill for this awesome limited edition album! I am so lucky to have found this!
Check out the awesome album:

Yes... that is a AAA 4th Anniversary DVD under that album, just arrived!
It's designed to look like the box in the music video and it looks like a shipped package!!!! The fact that it authentically looks like a package is what makes this album super cool!!! I was about to pay for this and the cashier lady looks at the box(album) and you can see her face light up with excitement because the box amazingly looks like a package, but it's really an album! She turns to her co-worker and they giggled like fangirls. The co-worker asked,"dare?" And the cashier said, "Kanjani!!!" then she said, "sugoi ne..." Both of them turned to me and asked, "you know Kanjani?!" I said, "Yes! I love their music, it's so fun and sometimes touching, I love their modernization of enka/pop fusion. I love AAA just as much, but I cleaned out your entire stock of AAA CDs and you haven't restocked since then..." Both cashiers were amazed by my taste in music and the packaging of the album I just purchased! They even gave me a new stamp card because I lost mine. Wow, everyone who works at Mitsuwa is really nice and talkative.

The cool features of this limited edition album are the box itself, the CD + DVD, behind the scenes, a well made mock Kanjani 8 news letter about the album and it's sales, and the jigsaw puzzle. How appropriate, the album is called puzzle and you get a jigsaw puzzle of Kanjani 8 to play with!!!

As you can tell, I pieced the puzzle together.
The box is so cool! When you open it up, the inside looks like a little house, you place the finished puzzle into the box and it looks like Kanjani 8 is sitting in a little house! Before I put that puzzle on top, there's an area underneath that had the CDs, which I pulled out before placing the puzzle on top. It was so fun to assemble and it's so cute. I love my limited edition deluxe album!

I was listening to the album and it had all of their best hits on it. My favorites on this CD were Musekinin Hero(irresponsible hero) and Wahaha! I heard "That's My Soul" too... that... was the most traumatizing music video I have ever seen... That video had them in super short postman shorts... it was a very traumatizing visual... People hate me for showing them that video of That's My Soul... Hearing Wahaha! after such a long time reminded me of how much I missed Kanjani 8's silliness. Wahaha! was one of their most craziest... randomest videos they have ever made!!! Here is a video of Wahaha! Don't worry, I won't burn your eyes with That's My Soul, you don't deserve the torture.

Don't ask why they're all naked in a bathtub together at the end of the video...
I really liked the slo-mo filter used in this video. The faces they make during their slo-mo moments when they pretend to fall... they're just creepy faces. The purposes of the Kanjani 8 videos are for humor. Their songs are comical, but some of them are sappy too, it's a balance. Wahaha! on the other hand, is just plain funny and random! This song reminds us of how much a smile can brighten everything up. Smiles are contagious and they cheer everyone up!

I am so happy to have gone to Mitsuwa!!!!
I had so much fun today! I wish I could go to Mitsuwa more often!
Until next time, bye for now!
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Today is the last day of ACen!
I'm going to cry because I wish ACen didn't have to end!
Like every year, I had a lot of fun and now I've become very exhausted. Everything hurts, I can't walk without limping. Being on your feet constantly makes you unableto walk properly for the next few days.


Back to ACen...
I woke up a little after 10am. I actually woke up earlier because Miki had to be mean and call me much earlier. Leave me alone, I went to bed at sunrise! Since Miki already woke me up, there was no way I was going to be able to go back to sleep. I woke up shortly after the annoying phonecall. I got ready and ran out of the hotel.
I recorded quite a bit after leaving "aLoft." I walked into the convention center and met up with everyone. I told the boys that they need to hurry and shop quickly, because we need to check out of the hotel before they kick us out! I walked around with them for about half an hour, after that I chased them back to the hotel room to help me clean and pack up. We threw all the trash away, cleaned the floors, and packed up our con goodies. My dad soon arrived afterwards and I took all my stuff downstairs to load it into the car. I told the boys to take their bags down to the car while I checked out. Jason then walked into the hotel lobby looking for me because Shin forgot his CD player last night, I handed the CD player to Jason and then we all walked out to the convention center. The main rule for the boys is, they have 45 minutes to shop in the convention, once it was 1:10, they had to return to the car.

We all split up, except for me and Jason.
On the way to our continuation of our shopping, I happen to run into Roel! The last time I saw Roel was at Maciek's party.

I miss Roel too! He goes to ACen every year. I always run into him.
Roel is my friend from high school. After encountering Roel, I told him that Marvin was looking for him all weekend. I didn't see Roel all weekend. He was lost among the seas of people walking around the convention.

Here's the wood panel painting of "Okami."

It's so pretty. It was being sold in artists' alley. Artist alley is filled with artist selling their drawings, jewelry, artwork. I really love this panel painting, it's so cool!!! I really  liked the video and the storyline.

Later, I bought this really sweet Gundam!!!!!!!!!
Check out my super awesome Gundam model!!!
I pick this model all on my own.
Last time I forced Ex to help me pick, because I couldn't choose on my one! I really like this Gundam. I already started building it but it's really time consuming. I only finished the head and body.

As we continued browsing around the merchant area, I took Jason to "Man in the Dress's" shop. That guy runs one of the two J-rock stores. His shop always has some neat dresses. There's a lot of books, pictures, dresses, and jewelry. All of the products in Man in the Dress's store are actually flown in from Japan by the owner. Everything is  good quality. I only get to see him once a year, it's fun to see him every year. I hope there's a next year... I noticed that this year's exhibitor's hall is lacking in stores. I wonder what happened?! Jason found this really cool necklace at that store. It was really cool! It was a key with a crown on top. I took a picture of that necklace while it was on Jason.

Man in the Dress said it was a perfect fit! After paying for the necklace. The kind shop owner wanted to talk to Jason, they were talking about interesting things... But anways, he wanted to become friends with Jason. I've known Man in the Dress since my first con 4 years back. He's a really nice person. He really wanted to take a picture with Jason.

He is so awesome!!!

As for myself... I went a little crazy and bought some JE magazines, because I love those Johnnys. There were only a few shops at ACen that sold any JE magazines. The J-rock magazine was purchase because I miss checking out the different rockbands, I was curious as to how much the scene changed while I was away with AAA.

I got one J-rock magazine with Akanishi Jin on the cover, it has interviews from his recent moive, "Bandage" and it comes with some UVERworld interviews and also some Gackt posters. My Wink up magazine was filled with nothing but Jrs. What is going on? But at least it had an Arashi poster and a NewS poster included. I was randomly flipping through the Wink up magazine and I came across an article about "Tumbling" and some of the actors, it was interesting.
Check this out:

The first article is on Koji,

The next page was Yusuke:

Jason really liked Yusuke's hair and asked who this person is. To his surprise, Yusuke was in a few dramas too. A well-known drama, Hana Kimi! I told Jason that this guy was the ghost boy from Hana Kimi. Jason was very surprised, he said Yusuke looks different from back then.

Today I bough a lot of figurines!
I got to K-ON figurines because it's super cute!!!!!!

I also bought tons of the "One Piece: Strong World" figurines too!!!

As you can tell, I dished out a lot of money on these, I almost have the complete set.]

I had a lot of fun at this years anime convention!!!!!!!
I'm so sad that I must return to civilization...
It's the only thing I look forward to that isn't my birthday! ACen is just once a year and I never get tired of it. Now I'm super excited about ACen 2011, I hope it will be another great convention...
My posts will return to normal!!!!

Until next time, bye again!

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