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I missed everyone!!! I can't believe an entire semester has gone by already.
School has kept me away, but I am now done with classes for the time being. That means I can continue updating AAAttackers, YAY! I got a whole bunch of new ideas during the hiatus and I can't wait to put them into use.

Oh yeah, I promised to share the cosplay I was working on.
So I built a large robot suit from my favorite mecha series "Zoids." This specific model is called "Liger Zero Schneider," it is Liger Zero's close-combat form. I also put these pictures up on deviantart. My account name on DA is epiknoodles cuz they didn't let me use spaces.

It turned out totally awesome!

There I am in the 2nd picture adjusting my glasses.

My cousin is holding the original scale model of what I built as my cosplay as a comparison.

But yeah, I built this entire robot out of carboard. I am so happy and proud of myself for being able to build something so magnificent on such a large scale. I'm sad to say that I ended up not taking my awesome cosplay to the anime convention. This was because my parents disapproved of the entire thing, mainly saying that it was over-sized, hard to walk in, and it's a walking hazard.

I was super sad during the entire convention because I couldn't cosplay. They tried to get me to wear one of my old cosplays (like my Bleach shinigami outfit). I refused because I didn't want to go through the trouble of digging it up from storage.

Also, there weren't very many cosplayers that I was interested in taking pictures of this year. I got Neku from "the world ends with you" in the first picture. I've really gotten into the "Persona" fandom, so I took a picture of a group cosplaying as some of the girls from "Persona 4" in the second picture.

When I looked over the pictures I took... I busted out laughing because of the second picture. I'm talking about Naoto (second pic, wearing the blue cap, standing in the middle). The look on Naoto's face in the picture... priceless... She's got a derp face in the picture I took. Derpy Naoto, lol. Enlarge the picture, you'll see what I mean. But I know the character this person is cosplaying as is rather callow and serious, that derp face killed the imagery I had for Naoto Shirogane for a short moment and it made me giggle. The next day, I ran into different Naoto (this one has her gun, awesome!) and she was with another fellow P4 cosplayer dressed as Yosuke in the third picture. Little did I know that they were the panel hosts of the Persona Panel I was about to attend...

I had fun at the convention this year, even though the programming sucked since their schedules were messed up and apparently there weren't very many panel suggestions this year which in turn created a mess of random panels (most of them being DIYs). I'm upset about not being able to cosplay this year. It's okay, I'll cosplay as Narukami Yu from Persona 4 next year, I really wanna carry a golf club and tarot card.

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The gap is closing up and ACen is only two days away!


Finish my cosplay outfit-    check
Book hotel-                        check
Stuff suitcase w/yummies-  check check
Badges-                             check
Friends-                             check
Enthusiasm-                       check
Fun-                                   yet to obtain

I shall take lots of pictures, now that I have a camera. I get to meet up with most of my otaku friends... the one time of the year that I get to hang out with my friends outside. Lots of anime toy shopping and Gundam shopping for me. I'm so excited!!!

Oh yeah, I'm stuck in the burbs because they wanted me to do some last minute restaurant stuff before I go to the anime convention. Secondly... I'M LEAVING FOR TAIWAN IN TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!

I did start working on the AAAttackers ACen special. So far it's pretty good, but I'm so tempted to add some omakes for the hell of it. Well... we shall see how much I will finish by tomorrow because I will not be able to post during the convention since I'm not paying for internet usage at the hotel this year.

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Only 22 days left until ACen...
Ohh I can't wait!!!

I finally got my "Hatsune Miku" Pullip I've pre-ordered since last year. I went all photoshoot crazy on it because I was so excited about my limited edition Vocaloid Pullip.
See what I mean by photo crazy! Oh and I have more (but choosing not to spam)
I always get so excited every time I get a new Pullip. A minor hobby of mine.

I also chopped off my hair. My "annual" haircut took place during spring break (last week). The only person who had a major reaction was one of my employees, James. He went into shock when he heard that I had cut my hair super short. He doesn't come to work unless we have a major event (like a fair or Thai New Year). So I rarely get to see him, but I mainly see his mom all the time since she works at my restaurant too.

I got my "Reborn!" artbook two days ago and I drooled over the pretty concept art... *drool* Hibari... so hot...
"ahem" I got some hand towels too. One of Giotto (Vongola Primo) and one of Hibari...

For stuff to watch... I recently got into "Fairy Tail." It reminds me so much of Rave Master, since it is made by the same creator. All the characters look the same too. Natsu looks like Haru with pink hair, Gray = Musica, Lucy = Elie, Leon = Let, Jellal = Sieghart and so on... But it's a good anime overall. Natsu has the best magical abilities, "roar of the fire dragon!" (Natsu then spits fire).

I'm going to read some Reborn fanfics till I knockout and then when I wake up tomorrow, I'm going to start storyboarding this week's AAAttackers comic since I have some impatient fans that see me face to face on a daily basis bugging me about when the new one will be up. Don't worry, it'll be up soon and I'll even do an ACen special during ACen weekend.
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I forgot to start the countdown way earlier, so I'm starting it now...
ACen is sooooo close! Right after ACen is my vacation to Taiwan. The end of the semester is approaching too!

ARGHHHH!!!! I need to prepare comics in advance for the days I won't be in Chicago.
I'm gone for ACen (my awesome anime convention) for the entire weekend. Then I'll immediately be in Taiwan for A WHOLE MONTH! Yikes! That's 4 comics I need to draw in advance.

My spring break starts next Monday, so that means I'll have plenty of time to work on my cosplay outfit and I can get some comics done.

I have a lot of stuff to think about until then.
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I need to post now before I go to work. I probably won't be posting this weekend because I might be busy.

Tomorrow, I'm going to a FOOD EXPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Food... my most favorite thing in the world. I can't wait to try all the different foods. OHHHHHH!!! There will be futuristic kitchen equipment!!!! So much food and so many people!

Since I'm a business owner, I can connect and set up deals with the suppliers and vendors. That means I get to carry my flashy business cards, yay!!!!!!

Delicious food, here I come!!!

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I learned about an interesting anime from ACen this year.
There was this must see short online series called "Hetelia: Axis Powers." I saw plenty of cosplayers this year, but Jason and I weren't familiar with the series. Jason asked, "what's with the fascist outfits?" Well, Hetelia is about WWII, so the characters are in military uniforms. In this anime, each of the characters are personified forms of the nations they represent. I started watching today!

Japan is on the left. Italy is in the center, and Germany is on the right.
Besides the amount of fanservice in this anime, I mostly watch it for the humor and cuteness. To my surprise, it was a very educational anime. The anime explained the relation between the nations and things that happened in the past. It is fun, but it doesn't change the fact that this anime is somewhat racist and stereotypical. Unintended offensiveness, I'm sure. But, most of the assumptions claimed in the anime are based on true facts from the countries' pasts.

In this series, Italy (often called 'Italia') is the main character. Back then, Italy was split in two, north and south. So Italy is portrayed as a pair of twin brothers. Veneciano representing northern Italy and his twin brother Romano representing southern Italy. Veneciano (who is pictured above) is the true main character. He has a scary obsession with pasta, but he's very kind to everyone and all the other nations. Italia is the only nation that didn't really want to fight anyone. It's interesting, every time the allied forces shows up, Italia quickly pulls out his white surrender flag and waves it around to avoid fighting. Although, he angers Germany whenever he does that.

So, lets go back to the beginning of WWII. Basically, Germany bumped into Italy and kidnaps him so they can form an alliance. Germany is very surprised that Italy shows no resistance after allowing Germany to conquer him. Germany asks confusingly, "Hey, Italia... don't you want to retaliate or escape or something?" Italy replies, "Hmm? Why??? You feed me yummy bratwurst and you protect me from scary enemies... Let's be friends!" After that... Italy develops a co-dependency complex and is constantly being rescued by Germany. America and England constantly bully and attack Italy because he was considered the weakest (mean assumption) amongst the axis powers. Germany rescues Italy a lot in this anime. At one point, they made a reference I understood. Germany, Italy and Japan are preparing for war. Italy gets super excited and shows everyone that  he made surrender flags for all of them, Germany gets annoyed and tells Italy to come up with something more practical. Later on, Italy comes back and announces that he made more surrender flags. Germany yells, "HEY! That was no different from before! You got anything else?!" Italy replies, "but... all I have *pulls out suitcase* is Niccolo Machiavelli *Machiavelli pops out of suitcase*" Germany says, "sadly we can't use him." I know that reference! Machiavelli was a famous Italian writer a long time ago, he wrote a lot of controversial stuff. One of his books was about military strategies, which ironically, when an Italian general used the book's advice for battle, he failed miserably and lost every battle.

This anime is so good, I can't stop watching it!
Each episode does not exceed over 5 minutes and it's really cute! Even the ending song is adorable, this is just the ending video, it's very short, english translation below:
Hey hey papa, give me wine!
Hey hey mama, hey hey mama!
I can't forget that taste
of the bolognese I ate before!
Draw a circle, there's Earth!
Draw a circle, there's Earth!
Draw a circle, there's Earth!
I'm Hetelia!

Ah, a fabulous world...
That can be seen with the stroke of a paintbrush.
Let's have a toast with our boots!

Yeah... I'll write about Gameworks tomorrow, I'm tired.

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I already miss the excitement of ACen.
I wanna go back! I only feel this way because this anime convention is once a year! I still need to upload pictures to my album so people can see the cosplay pictures. I'll do that when I have time to steal them off of Miki's camera. Yet again, the cosplay wasn't as interesting as three years ago. There was a lack of creativity this year and fewer people were cosplaying.

Because the economy is so horrible, the number of vendors decreased by nearly half the amount from two years ago. There's this one vendor, a young Japanese man and his mother, they run a J-rock booth, but since "Man in the Dress" owns the original J-rock booth, I've always called this guy's booth the CD shop(it's the only place that sold J-rock CDs). The guy and his mother are really nice, I especially like his shirts, he always wears these punk black lace-up shirts, so cool... Anyways, besides being in love with the shirts he wears, for the past few years, his booth has roughly been the size of about two and a half stalls. But this year, his CD shop has been reduced to HALF a stall. Talk about a downgrade!!! It costs quite a bit to rent out space to sell merchandise. I always remember his shop being really big and filled with a lot of stuff. Aww.. this year he only had a handful of CDs and a few Gundams. From over the counter I can see his poor mother trying to make herself comfortable in the tiny cramped area that hardly has any walking space(there were boxes back there too). They couldn't fit a chair back there, so I could see her struggling while trying to sit on the floor. I felt bad and it was strange to see their shop be so small. I bought a Gundam from their place, but the Gundam I wanted was up really high on a shelf and my short self couldn't reach it. The shelf with the Gundams is facing outwards from the booth and counter, meaning he can't reach anything on that shelf while behind the counter. So, the poor guy(GAH! Now I feel really bad for making him do this) had to walk through curtains(separates his place from neighboring booths), through other people's booths/shops and all the way around the entire row of shops, all because his shop is tiny and enclosed. The guy had to stumble through other people's shops just to get out of his own shop. I am so sorry!!!!!! If I had been taller, then I wouldn't have put him through so much trouble over an unreachable Gundam. I feel so bad!!! I'm sorry dude!

Anyways, that same Gundam from his shop...
I just finished building it today! I love building models and I've made buying Gundams from ACen a new tradition. I love my new Gundam, but I still feel really bad about what happened when I was buying it...

The Gundam turned out great!

It looks really cool, but I think the orange is a bit too bright.

This is a record building time for me. I've never built a Gundam this fast before. The Gundam I bought last year took a week to build. This one is a "master grade" like my previous one, but I built it in one day. What fascinates me most about this Gundam is it's versatile weapon. It's primarily a giant sword, but you can transform it into FIVE different weapons!!! I was too lazy to fold and transform it, so I just left it as a giant sword.

Besides building my Gundam, I played "Little Big Planet" with Miki for a while. But that was it. I mainly just worked on my Gundam the whole day... No school and temporarily... no work!!!!!!!!! Other than that... I want ACen 2011 to hurry up!!!!!!!! I can't wait for the next convention and I'm always curious about who the guest performer is... In 2009, M.O.V.E. had the best concert!!!!!! Speaking of concerts, I have another one coming up in June? June 8 I believe, Wonder Girls and 2pm, this is going to be fun! I get to meet Wonder Girls!!!

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Today is the last day of ACen!
I'm going to cry because I wish ACen didn't have to end!
Like every year, I had a lot of fun and now I've become very exhausted. Everything hurts, I can't walk without limping. Being on your feet constantly makes you unableto walk properly for the next few days.


Back to ACen...
I woke up a little after 10am. I actually woke up earlier because Miki had to be mean and call me much earlier. Leave me alone, I went to bed at sunrise! Since Miki already woke me up, there was no way I was going to be able to go back to sleep. I woke up shortly after the annoying phonecall. I got ready and ran out of the hotel.
I recorded quite a bit after leaving "aLoft." I walked into the convention center and met up with everyone. I told the boys that they need to hurry and shop quickly, because we need to check out of the hotel before they kick us out! I walked around with them for about half an hour, after that I chased them back to the hotel room to help me clean and pack up. We threw all the trash away, cleaned the floors, and packed up our con goodies. My dad soon arrived afterwards and I took all my stuff downstairs to load it into the car. I told the boys to take their bags down to the car while I checked out. Jason then walked into the hotel lobby looking for me because Shin forgot his CD player last night, I handed the CD player to Jason and then we all walked out to the convention center. The main rule for the boys is, they have 45 minutes to shop in the convention, once it was 1:10, they had to return to the car.

We all split up, except for me and Jason.
On the way to our continuation of our shopping, I happen to run into Roel! The last time I saw Roel was at Maciek's party.

I miss Roel too! He goes to ACen every year. I always run into him.
Roel is my friend from high school. After encountering Roel, I told him that Marvin was looking for him all weekend. I didn't see Roel all weekend. He was lost among the seas of people walking around the convention.

Here's the wood panel painting of "Okami."

It's so pretty. It was being sold in artists' alley. Artist alley is filled with artist selling their drawings, jewelry, artwork. I really love this panel painting, it's so cool!!! I really  liked the video and the storyline.

Later, I bought this really sweet Gundam!!!!!!!!!
Check out my super awesome Gundam model!!!
I pick this model all on my own.
Last time I forced Ex to help me pick, because I couldn't choose on my one! I really like this Gundam. I already started building it but it's really time consuming. I only finished the head and body.

As we continued browsing around the merchant area, I took Jason to "Man in the Dress's" shop. That guy runs one of the two J-rock stores. His shop always has some neat dresses. There's a lot of books, pictures, dresses, and jewelry. All of the products in Man in the Dress's store are actually flown in from Japan by the owner. Everything is  good quality. I only get to see him once a year, it's fun to see him every year. I hope there's a next year... I noticed that this year's exhibitor's hall is lacking in stores. I wonder what happened?! Jason found this really cool necklace at that store. It was really cool! It was a key with a crown on top. I took a picture of that necklace while it was on Jason.

Man in the Dress said it was a perfect fit! After paying for the necklace. The kind shop owner wanted to talk to Jason, they were talking about interesting things... But anways, he wanted to become friends with Jason. I've known Man in the Dress since my first con 4 years back. He's a really nice person. He really wanted to take a picture with Jason.

He is so awesome!!!

As for myself... I went a little crazy and bought some JE magazines, because I love those Johnnys. There were only a few shops at ACen that sold any JE magazines. The J-rock magazine was purchase because I miss checking out the different rockbands, I was curious as to how much the scene changed while I was away with AAA.

I got one J-rock magazine with Akanishi Jin on the cover, it has interviews from his recent moive, "Bandage" and it comes with some UVERworld interviews and also some Gackt posters. My Wink up magazine was filled with nothing but Jrs. What is going on? But at least it had an Arashi poster and a NewS poster included. I was randomly flipping through the Wink up magazine and I came across an article about "Tumbling" and some of the actors, it was interesting.
Check this out:

The first article is on Koji,

The next page was Yusuke:

Jason really liked Yusuke's hair and asked who this person is. To his surprise, Yusuke was in a few dramas too. A well-known drama, Hana Kimi! I told Jason that this guy was the ghost boy from Hana Kimi. Jason was very surprised, he said Yusuke looks different from back then.

Today I bough a lot of figurines!
I got to K-ON figurines because it's super cute!!!!!!

I also bought tons of the "One Piece: Strong World" figurines too!!!

As you can tell, I dished out a lot of money on these, I almost have the complete set.]

I had a lot of fun at this years anime convention!!!!!!!
I'm so sad that I must return to civilization...
It's the only thing I look forward to that isn't my birthday! ACen is just once a year and I never get tired of it. Now I'm super excited about ACen 2011, I hope it will be another great convention...
My posts will return to normal!!!!

Until next time, bye again!

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Saturday has always been the main day for Anime Central.
It's the day when people who refused to skip school or work on Friday end up attending today. I heard that the attendance for this year's convention was a little over 20,000 people!

I woke up around 9am to get ready for Christina's Pokemon tournament that starts at 10am. I got to the Hyatt(the other hotel where events are held at) around 10am, I was running a little late. Not only was I late, but I got a bit lost too. There's a specific section in Hyatt that is strictly for gaming and tournaments. I was lost and had no idea where to look! I asked the IRT people (the Incident Response Team, ACen staff) where the Pokemon tournament would be. None of them could really give me an answer. Small hosted tournaments are usually unorganized and never known of by ACen staff members. I called up my friend and I finally understood that the tournament was being held at the gaming room. Which in this case, I already knew which room it was in. The gaming room, which is now diminishing in size and light. I made my way down to the basement and found the room. The tournament ended up starting late anyways, so I didn't miss anything. There were a few problems with the Pokemon tournament... 1) The referees messed up the bracket matches, so my friend didn't battle anyone for 3 rounds. 2) Rules weren't specific enough about Pokemon levels needing to be 50 flat or 100. My friend was left with nothing to do for a while. So the referee offered  a battle against him as a qualification match. My friend only had 3 Pokemon at level 100. My friend wasn't able to pass that special case battle. At least now we know to bring Pokemon with the correct levels.

After the tournament, we ate fried chicken in the hotel room.
After eating, we all went to the exhibitor's hall to go look at random things I might not buy, While I was looking at different merchandise. I bought more little figurines. There was also s large amount of cosplayers every year!

The first thing I saw upon walking into the convention center... is Hard Gay!!! There's always one guy who usually cosplays as Hard Gay. A very interesting guy. Unfortunately, people kept walking in front of me.

I actually don't remember what series this is, but very nice outfut!

I've been looking all over the place for this Ace!!!
He was the only person dressed as Ace. This Ace is awesome!!!

Later on that day, I planned with my friends regarding  "Ai no Mukidashi.
We decided on 3pm. A few minutes after getting off the phone I saw Jason walking around. Jason switched costumes with Shin.

This is Jason now dressed as Kenshin Himura,
I unexpectedly met up with Jason a little early. So we ended up walking to the hotel together.

When we got to the hotel, Marvin was waiting for us. We all went up to the room and watched the movie. Both Jason and Marvin enjoyed the first disc of the movie. We only watched one disc because trying to watch Ai no Mukidashi in one sitting is torturous!!! Both of them really enjoyed the first half of the movie!

I shouted something about AAA and Kris reacted with an "AH! I love AAA even though I've only heard and liked one song." The most random thing I heard today was... My cousin Kris(whom is one of my guy cousins) say "SHINJIRO'S VOICE IS SO SEXY!!!!!" He said that because I was talking about how raspy Shinjiro's voice is.  Raspy voices just scare me. But Kris sounded so determined when was saying how hot and sexy Shinjiro was. Then Kris concluded, my sister really loves Shinjiro "too."

It started getting late, it was getting closer to 9pm.
It was important because the para para panel is at 9pm.
The para para panel was being held at the "Embassy Hotel" this year, which is weird because it's always been held in the Hyatt. When we got into the para para panel, the worst possible random thing happened.
OH!!! WHAT BAD LUCK!!!!!!!
I was sitting and waiting for the panel to start, then all of a sudden, all the fire alarms started flashing and the sirens were ringing. Then there was an announcement that said, "THIS IS NOT A DRILL CAN EVERYONE PLEASE EVACUATE THE BUILDING!!!!" I grabbed my newly purchased JE magazine and evacuated with everybody else. I got a few pictures and a lot of video footage. After I walked out of the hotel, I soon discovered... THE HOTEL'S ON FIRE!!!! There was a lot of smoke rising from the hotel. Then there were 5 firetrucks and many police cars. I can't believe the building was on fire!!! I knew I smelled something burning in that hotel. That is insane, I made it out of a fiery hotel!

I can't believe my luck, I can't attend para para because the hotel is on fire! This is real bad publicity for ACen! At least I'm safe, right?

Since I couldn't go to para para, I headed back to aLoft with Jason. All we did was eat ramen and snacks. We also played multiple rounds of pool in the lobby. We stayed up really late!

Jason about to take his shot.
Not much happened today... FIRE!
I need to pack up my stuff and buy more things because tomorrow is the last day of ACen. I should go to  sleep now.

Until next time, bye again

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As you can tell, I woke up very early!!!
We ended up arriving at the convention center a little bit after 10am.
It's okay because everything opens at 10am.

When we arrived at the Donald E. Stephens convention center, we walked straight into the exhibitor's hall. It felt weird when I was shopping with my friend and roommate, because I was the only person buying stuff. It was awkward... Sylwia didn't bring any money and my roommate refused to buy anything until Miki arrived. It's really weird when you're the only person spending money.

One of the regular vendors that return every year, they sell cute bentos and accessories. The shop is called "Happy Japan," I see them every year. I saw this adorable "tako"(octopus) plush and I was thinking... this looks familiar, I will buy you and name you Nisshi, because of those adorable lips!!!

My friend was standing next to me when I was paying for this cute plush. My friend looked at the octopus and immediately said, "Nissy?!" Why do we think the same? I cannot even begin to explain how that works.

We walked around a little more and there was a large group of people that were cosplaying as characters from "Ouran Host Club." I think group cosplay is awesome, because it's fun and you aren't alone.

Really though... I have no idea how that Naruto got into the shot.
As we continued walking... we encountered a giant Chocobo!!!

Hehe, giant Chocobo!!!

I just bought some random things from the exhibitor's hall, like for example, these super cute "Death Note" figurines.

I got really lucky!!! I actually got the ones I wanted! I love Light and "L." These types of figurines always come in the randomized boxes, so each purchase is a surprise! I bought a hand-painted wood panel of "Okami," but I'll put it up later... It's so beautiful!

I also bought Luffy's straw hat from "One Piece!" I was surprised to even see it being sold at ACen. I also bought Dr. Hiruluk's flag. This one shop at ACen was only selling two pirate flags, one was Dr. Hiruluk's and the other was Captain Shanks's. You can see how happy I am about the straw hat as I'm taking a picture in front of the flag.

There's going to be more talk about One Piece, because my cousin got me into it years ago and he's attending ACen with me! I have more ACen pictures, but I'll shove them into a folder later.

I was shopping all day, my back was hurting and so was my feet!
By the time I finished, the exhibitor's hall was closed. After closing time is when all the fun stuff happens!!! I finally got to attend my favorite old panel, "Your Favorite Anime Sucks!" It's a simple improv act done by these guys from out of state. Basically, the hosts pick a person from the audience and asks them to suggest an anime to BASH!!! Yep, you pick em and they rag on it!!! The whole point is to pick an anime that you like. They will relentlessly attack every poor aspect and quality based on your suggestion. They make it so funny though! They bashed "Bloody Monday," good enough for me and what they said was true. "The main character, Falcon... all he does is rape computers and keyboards and at one point he had an enemy(his teacher, Maya) in custody, but he gives into her seduction and becomes her pet!(this seems to become a pattern regarding his evil teacher) All it proves is that Falcon spends too much time on computers and he's really dumb if he keeps falling for the same tricks from his teacher. Bloody Monday just becomes continuously confusing the further you get into it."

The next panel I went to was "ANIME HELL" which is a super line-up of edgy, violent, profane, messed up, randomness which would have anything to do with Japan or anime. They showed more Dr. Tran than usual, so bloody but cool. A classic they must show is "FISH FIGHT!" the strangest music video about fish I have ever seen, It's funny because all of the singers are wearing fish hats, the song is really catchy too. There were a lot of videos this year. "REJECTED" was also another classic they showed this year, it's always used as a finale, so everyone knows when the panel will end. It was really fun!!!

I got back to the hotel around midnight, I believe. I was a little tired and hungry because I didn't eat. My cousin who also watch ANIME HELL with us was a little tired, but he really wanted to watch one of my "One Piece" movies. Cousin Ex loves "One Piece" so much. Surprisingly, he isn't much of a Luffy fan, he prefers Luffy's brother, Ace. I showed him that there was a place that sold Luffy's hats and he gave me a quick "bah!" Then he told me that hne'd rather buy Ace's hat because it looks much cooler. Ex did see the Hiruluk flag I put up in the room, he got all excited. He really wanted to buy it, I told him about Captain Shanks's flag and he really wanted to buy that one too.

I turned on the 9th One Piece movie, the one before "Strong World."
The 9th One Piece movie is about Chopper's beginnings and his story. It was so sad, this was the only One Piece movie that actually makes me cry. Ex really wanted to watch so I turned it on for him. I let the movie play until he fell asleep. He totally fell asleep while watching the movie, he couldn't even get halfway through the movie.Even I'm pretty tired right now.

Until next time, more updates on the way tomorrow!
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I don't have time because I need to leave, but I did film a bit this morning.

My biggest issue would probably be uploading videos through Wi-fi.
It'll be really slow, but at least I can do updates!
Here's my quick boring video...

I need to get going. More updates on the way!!!!!!!!!!

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ACen is tomorrow!!!
I still need to do some panel planning!!! Last minute stuff is so fun! It's easier to plan with an actual correct schedule in your hands. The official schedules are much easier to read.

I need to go to sleep, so I'll turn in early!
I need to wake up SUPER EARLY!!!!!!!
But I made a little video as an intro to ACen!!!
Tada!!! Me and my insanity, I want to show this to Arata too.
Another successful video!!!!!

If you want to watch it, be my guest.
If not, then oh well, I had fun making it.
Another one of my homemade videos with my awesome editing abilities!!! I wasn't able to keep the camera from shaking. Weak floorboards and I couldn't film anywhere else because it was raining outside. Hehehe... like I'm one to talk! I'm an otaku too, I'm obsessed with anime, manga and video games!!! Buying some good stuff at ACen before that item sells out is a battle on it's own. Crazy fans everywhere, I just hope I don't get severely glomped or get into a fight or anything. And no, I don't really think ACen is silly, I said that due to a moment with lack of words. I so excited.

Anyways, I still have some packing to do. You know, more food, more movies to watch. I'm excited about the para para panel hosted by Team FITWOD. It'll be my third time seeing their lessons. I love watching and filming people dancing para para. This year is going to be awesome!!!!! I can't wait!!! Lots of filming to be done!

Okay!!! Going to sleep now!!!
Unitl next time, see ya at ACen!!!

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My old customized AAA skates actually broke a while ago. The buckle clasp broke and my skates won't keep my foot secure anymore because of it. The actual buckle mechanism broken too, which makes it difficult to tighten my skates. I use recreational hockey type skates, so I never really need to lace mine up like Miki's figure skates.

Like I said before, I prefer speed over showing off. Skating fast is just as peaceful as skating slowly. It's quiet, there's no one around to tell you what to do, and it's a nice feeling to let the cold air hit your face. When I skate fast, everything around me becomes a blur... I can easily imagine just myself on the ice, I'm free to glide around without worries. Skating is very soothing, it's a good thing skating will cure just about anything for me. Random fact for today, I just found out that there are a ton of ice rinks popping up in Thailand because of the Korean and Japanese Olympic medalists for ice skating. I found it a bit ridiculous because Thailand has never participated in any winter sport competition and they never will. I'm only laughing about this because they CAN train for winter sports(even though it's summer all year round), our teams can head a few miles up north to China and train there (China gets snow, Thailand doesn't), but they choose not too. They have the sudden urge to get into winter sports now?! It's a plus for me because when I visit, I can bring my skates. I can go skating at "SUB-Zero" or at "Siam Discovery." Building ice rinks in a place where the people have never seen ice in a large mass...

Well, here are my new wonderful skates I ordered that finally arrived.

These are really nice skates!!!
They actually fit right. My previous pair of skates were one size too small. These skates cost a bit more than my old ones, but it's worth it. They're nice and wide, perfect for my wide peasant(rice field farmer's feet) feet. These "comet" model skates are built to last, the actual blades are supposed to be more "indestructible" than my old skates. I don't believe that lie, but if they meant the carbon steel is of higher quality, then that makes sense. The blade on my old skates have nicks and chips in them. Having any deformity on the blades is actually dangerous because the blade balance and surface friction is thrown off. Does anyone think I'm dumb for buying my new skates at pretty much what is now the end of skating season?!

I might finally get to learn how to use an advanced brake and possibly crossovers!!! Miki suggested that I take lessons. I then argued, "hey wait a minute!!! I would be the only one in that class who would be wearing hockey skates, everyone else would have figure skates!!!" Miki then said, "good point! But that's why there's also a special class that teaches hockey basics, like drills, braking, protective skating and crossovers!" I wouldn't want to get into hockey, but I'm definitely interested in learning the different brakes and techniques. I will finally be able to take revenge on MIKE!!! I WILL FINALLY LEARN HOW TO USE THE ADVANCED BRAKE!!!

I only went to school for a short while today, since finals are done with, I don't really have to go to class. I hung out with one of my friends, we chilled in the computer lab. I showed her the first episode of "Delicious Gakuin." I started her off on the first part of episode 1, but she wanted to read her fanfics so she forgot I opened the page for her. I pointed out to her that the cabbage guy is awesome because he has super powers! As most people usually are when they first watch Delicious Gakuin, she was very confused and was culture shocked, it was her first dorama, she had never seen one before. Not only that, but Delicious Gakuin is a really fast paced show, a lot of stuff goes on at once, so she was quite confused. She kept asking questions, I tried to answer them as best as I could without revealing any spoilers.
"Cow... Beef... Moo..."
When the principal made his appearance, she was even more confused, she paused it and asked me, "The principal's a cow?! Please tell me the principal is really a demonic cow statue!!! Come on, there is some demonic forces at work here!!! The principal is totally a demon, THE EYES GLOW!!! Is he even human?!" I answered, "NO! No demons in this show(although questioning Rouma's savage nature  towards hunger), the principal is not a demon! That cow shield/statue thing is a multipurpose recording device, surveillance camera, and intercom..." But my friend... "Are you sure???" *suspicious glare*  Yes I'm sure, but he doesn't make an appearance until much later.

Anyways... dinner...
I had a very simple dinner today, because no one was around to make me anything and there wasn't really anything in the fridge to eat. I ate what my mom left me which was unagi and rice with a side of seaweed salad.

Does anyone know how long mochi lasts??? I have a piece that has been sitting in the living room for almost a week, still in the packaging, unopened. Oh well I don't care, I've eaten almost every type of mold, I have a high bacteria tolerance, I can eat anything without getting sick. I'll try to eat that mochi tomorrow if I don't forget. I just hate the idea of wasting food, which is why I'm not picky at all.

Marvin said he was going to pick up his ACen badge on Thursday, because he wants to beat the Friday wait. I gave him the opening time, I hope he gets there early enough to register quickly. I'm guessing I won't even see him at school tomorrow. Good luck Marvin! See you at Acen and no I will not charge you for hanging out in my hotel room, I'm only mean and overcharge my roommate for hotel since my roommate doesn't pay rent for staying in my room(at home). Haha! We could all get together and watch "Ai no Mukidashi." But we'd need to chase the kids out of the room first. It would be me, Jason, Marvin, and Isabelle. I'm hoping Samuel won't crash our movie night.

Until next time, bye for now.

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Oh yeah!
Today was the last day for finals!
But you know, it didn't really feel like a good day. It was very cloudy and groggy today, it even rained too. Today's class was at 1:40pm, I barely walked in on time. When I walked into the school lobby(my college can't afford chairs) I saw many students sitting on the floor of the lobby with their face buried in their hands. Because the lobby has no chairs or benches, students like myself really don't mind sitting on the floor or on top of the air conditioner. The overall atmosphere of the school was just depressing. I guess finals really stress people out.

This morning, before I left for school... I was doing some last minute homework in a futile attempt to save my grade. I haven't slept at all, I stayed up all night doing homework and studying. I'm a horrible person, I put off things to the side and don't work on it unless provoked or under pressure. By "under pressure" I mean... last minute! I'm really sleepy right now... Anyways, I was working on my homework, I got to the very last question on the last homework assignment... and right when I tried to calculate an answer on my TI-83... it broke... I manage to destroy some programing on my calculator somehow. I'm on the statistics chapter and the L2 list set from the STAT mode happens to be missing, because by some random button commands, I messed it up. I didn't know what to do!!! Without the L2 list I can't solve the regression line question because our professor didn't exactly teach us how to solve it manually.

I thought standard deviation was difficult to memorize, the regression formula makes it look like a joke! We were only taught how to solve it with a graphing calculator. How nice that my calculator decides to break on the last question of my homework and right before I have to take my finals.

I got into class and panicked. I then showed my calculator to Prof. De Long and she attempted to save my calculator as she gave a big sigh. I think she's annoyed that there always tends to be something wrong with my calculator. It's not my fault Miki programmed it funny when she used it back in high school. It turned out that My L2 list got moved to the "end" of the screen, therefore making it invisible... my day sucks!

I took my final... Is it strange that me and my friend Christina always finish our tests at the same time? No! Don't get the wrong idea! We're not cheating. Usually, if I finish first, then I check my answers and patiently wait for Christina to finish her test and vice-versa. We do this so we can leave the class at the same time, which we can head to the science building together to see what the video game club is up to. Today, they were playing the latest "Street Fighter" game in the cafeteria. There's this one guy, Tristan, he's wheelchair bound and his arms and legs don't go beyond his elbows and knees. He graduated from the same high school as me, so I remember seeing him a lot. You know, for a guy who doesn't have hands, he sure does kick butt in "Street Fighter!"

After I was done with watching the video game club, I went to go stalk Marvin in the computer lab. I spotted Marvin from far away and I tried to sneak up on him... but his friend John, who was sitting nearby exposed my ambush. After we all said our hellos, I showed Marvin my new laptop I have been using for a while. Marvin messed around on it for a little bit and then he pulled up the system information. He then said that my laptop was "impressive." I said it was decent for video editing, but it was a dumb idea for me to even think about editing on a laptop, since using editing software on a desktop computer that actually has a proper processor would be more logical. Marvin then said, it's more than decent! Your RAM is double of what my computer's got and your computer is actually compatible with DirectX 11, which is the latest graphic driver only for newer computers. I laughed, yeah I got that because my computer's graphic driver was only at DirectX 9.0c. Besides I need it up to date so I can play Ragnarok Online and get my fix of extreme noob pownage!!! I also showed off the Falcon USB that Arata sent me. Marvin has met Arata on a few occasions and he thought it was cool that Arata bought it for me and sent it over. He was a little disappointed too, like Arata, he told me, "it's smaller than I expected." Well it's a flash drive not an ipod!!! I went back home after watching an episode of South Park with Marvin.

I'm so happy that finals are over and I don't need to return to school until fall semester. Now I can focus on DW and ACen, but mostly ACen because it's only 3 days away. Yay SUMMER VACATION!!! Please let it be somewhere other than Minnesota or Florida, in which I have relatives in both places. But I really do want to go to Disney World!!!

I'm going to go figure out what I'm going to do with myself during summer vacation. I think I'm going to miss Prof. De Long, she still gave me full credit for my unfinished homework caused by my defective calculator. She was so cool!!! Her statistics professor back in Russia was one of the people who designed the long range missile technology based on statistical formulas. However, her statistics class was filled with examples applied to the statistical probability of if a missile would hit it's target. But Prof. De Long applied her version of statistics as sales data for people who buy certain clothes and the values of how many people buy it and how much they buy and the success rate for what future sales would look like... and I think I just confused myself! I'm just glad that I finished my standard math requirement. This means no more math... I feel dumb that all of my friends ranked and placed into "Calculus," a topic and concept I will never understand in a million years.

Until next time, now it's time to prepare for ACen!
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I'm so excited!!!! ACen is 4 days away. I've been studying my math, I will surely get more than 40% on the math final! I know I can! But... I'm not done with my online test and homework yet. It's almost midnight, but maybe as long as I turn it in before class starts I should be fine.

I finally got my awesome USB flash drive. It came in!
THANK YOU ARATA-SENPAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so happy you actually went through the trouble of buying it for me. I love my Falcon Bloody Monday USB card, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! The USB card is so cool, it looks just like the card from the Bloody Monday drama!!! The best part is.... it works on my computer!!!!!!! The description from the Japanese website stated that the flash drive only worked on Japanese computers. I proved that wrong, it works on mine!

This USB flash drive is really cool, an exact replica of Falcon's USB!

It operates normally on my computer, so I don't see why the website said Japanese only?

It's so awesome, it has Falcon's infamous logo etched into it.

It's so metallic and shiny!!! It's really light weight!
My favorite feature of the flash drive is the fact that the USB port is retractable!

This is the other side of the flash drive with the USB port retracted.

Just like from the drama, it has the motto "SAVE THE DATA," it's a spin off of another term used with the drama, "SAVE THE EARTH" which is the name of Bloody Monday's OST. This Falcon USB is exclusive only to Japan!!! I'm so lucky to actually own this! These are made in limited quantities, so they're limited edition! I've been wandering on the web and different forums/communities, apparently every Bloody Monday fan is trying to get their hands on this Falcon USB. But the main issue for them is finding an online store that sold them and if they did find a store, they need to be a resident of Japan to even buy it. I've tried looking for US dealers to make it a little easier, but to no avail. I was only able to get my Falcon USB because of senpai.

I'm glad Arata is my friend, not just for getting things from Japan for me, but when she still lived in Chicago, I was happy to have someone like her to hang out and talk with. Arata was kind and listened to my stories about my dark past and even though I revealed who I was in the past, Arata still excepted me. Arata once told me that people make mistakes and people do horrible things in their past, but as long as you are the person I know and became friends with now, in the present, then I have no right to judge you based on who you "were," because I like you as who you "became." You learned from your mistakes and you made yourself into who you are now, that is why you are my friend and that is why you are a good person. After I heard Arata's small speech I actually cried a little, it made me so happy to hear Arata say that, I cried tears of joy. I told Arata this before she left but, she was the one who pulled me out of darkness, she was the one who brought my smile back. I've felt betrayed on so many occasions, I thought I would never be able to trust anyone again...(oh no, I'm starting to cry) then Arata came along and showed me that there are still some great people out there in the world. I was able to smile again because of Arata, for so long, there hasn't been a person who has shown me such kindness to my self-proclaimed undeserving self. Meeting Arata in art class was a blessing.

Anyways *wiping tears* moving on...
Okay, so I started working on packing my stuff for my stay at the "aLoft Hotel" nearby the anime convention. I'm staying for two nights, but I have to pack enough things for three days. I packed a lot of things! Everything for my survival needs, all in my suitcase. I AM PREPARED FOR ACEN!!!!!!!!!! Check out the contents of my suitcase... THIS IS HOW TESSIE PACKS FOR A TRIP!!!

Immediate reaction from when my friends saw my suitcase was,
"Oh Tessie........" *face-palm smack*

Food is the ultimate necessity for ACen! Hey, there IS clothes pack in there for your information, it's in the upper portion of my suitcase! Yes, I packed a AAA shirt... Well I have clothes in the pouch. The rest is the food I will be living off of. And yes food is uber important!!! I even have an electric kettle to make hot water for ramen! My many wonderful snacks and drinks can be seen arranged neatly in my suitcase. I have ramen, canned ravioli, pop tart, cheetos, oreos, root beer, different cookies, and there's a kit-kat bar buried under all of that somewhere. Hey I think I forgot to pack my toothbrush? I'm ready for ACen!!! I know I won't starve! Hey now! If this is what I pack for 3 days, imagine how crazy I pack for an overseas trip that will last for weeks?!

I'm off to continue studying and prepare any other last minute ACen related things like panel scheduling, I know I'm going to the para para panel!

Until next time, bye for now!
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Yes, time is ticking indeed!
The entry title is the most famous quote from "Epik High's" song "One." I also use it as a message notification on my cellphone. Time is ticking because ACen IS A WEEK AWAY!!! I always get hyped up for my favorite Anime con! One week away, it didn't seem too long ago that I made a post that was marked at 40 days. Now, there's 7 days left!

Main topic today, besides studying vigorously for my math final, I'm hating the statistics chapter right now! Sorry, main topic... for the longest time I have finally returned to "FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER." It's been almost two years since I last saw them... my self-made family. FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER is considered at least to one of the members as this exclusive dinning society... I've been unable to attend for almost two years because I've been busy at work. There's no one else to run the restaurant, because of that, I haven't been able to go to FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER. We actually have a Facebook page!!! It's where all the FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER MEMBERS stay connected.(I still hate Facebook, so I don't have an account)

Miki's over at the stove making some delicious pasta with Italian sausage, so yummy! Unfortunately... I ate all of my pasta before I could get a picture, oops... But yeah, Miki and I usually cook for everyone.

To me, it's more of a nice gathering of people who have moved to Chicago to fulfill their dreams and left their real families behind. Since none of them have a family to really eat with, we all meet up once a week, every Friday. Our self-made family is made up of different people with different backgrounds and occupations. They've all known each other for years. Some were classmate, others were roommates at one point, some were friends of friends which then became our friend, and some were high school friends.

Left to right: Jeffrey, Kapan, Bill, Christoper, Carl.
Members not pictured: Buffy, Yasuko-san, Robert, Gretchen, Nathan, Miki, Hachi, Monty.

With my self-made family, since I'm the youngest, I'm the child. They all give me advice about life, sometimes it's about things I shouldn't do or sometimes its about very random facts I don't need know about. They share their wisdom with me, but I usually ignore the weird advice, for example.... Bill once said, "Never attempt to jump over a bonfire when you're surrounded by gay guys, you get badly burned in many ways." Everyone in my self-made family is nicer than my real family. I can actually tell them secrets and what's on my mind. My self-made family even supports my dreams, they agreed that I could become an artist or cinematography, as long as it makes me happy. They even comfort me when I feel troubled. My real family just shouts nasty things and makes it worse, along the lines of "cry it off you big baby, no one cares about you, heck, I don't care about you, you're not even worth my time, useless child." For most of my life I've always been insulted by my mother. I have issues with my mother, which is why I'm closer to my self-made family and trust them more. My self-made family never yells, insults, or beats me senseless. Those are the main differences between my families. My self-made family... they aren't just friends, they're family to me!

You could say I had a traumatizing childhood and it has screwed up my view on real families... To me... real families are the artificial families, not self-made families. But that's just my opinion based off my own horrible childhood experiences.

Anyways, check out what's left of this viciously attacked red velvet cake.

It was so good, Miki's baking skills are the best!!!

I've skipped out on this week's shift of work, I have to study and finish my remaining homework for math. That final is next Tuesday! I need to study for that final, my grade is between a "B" and "C." I need to go to sleep now, but tomorrow I will try to get as much done as possible.

Until next time, bye again.
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My art paper's presentation was due TODAY!!!!!
I was supposed to prepare a powerpoint presentation and some notes. I was working on my powerpoint last minute, go figure, I am talking about myself afterall! I made a decent slideshow of Audrey Kawasaki's paintings. But I was so distracted today!!!! Miki was watching "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" which is a show where Jamie Oliver goes around and tries to change the way people eat and he wants to change the foods in the school system, because according to recent statistics, our generation is at risk of dying before our parents. It's because of our unhealthy eating habits we have developed. He's trying to convince a whole town in West Virginia that, they need to make better choices in what they eat. and part of it begins in the school system. Anyways... that show is so distracting!!! Miki had to had watch it while I was doing my assignment! I couldn't keep my eyes off the TV, it was horrible!!!! I had to finish the rest of my project, but Food Revolution and...... WAHHHHH!!!! It was all so confusing. I finished the slideshow pretty fast, the only thing that concerned me was the notes. My notes were terrible!

I left the house and got to school a little late. I kinda walked in during a classmate's presentation... awkward... One by one everyone in my art class went up to the podium and spoke about their favorite artist or art movement... Then it was my turn, I was the last to go... I was so nervous, you have no idea! My heart was thumping heavily, I was sweating, my entire body was shaking, and I could hardly speak. I was beyond terrified. My voice was really shaky too. I kept getting jumbled in my sentences, I would pause a lot, and the majority of sounds that came from my mouth were: umm, ahh, hmm, uhh, and eh. It didn't help that I was palming my face out of frustration the whole time, I was literally slapping myself. Some classmates were actually laughing at my display of pain.

I'm afraid of my grade for the presentation, what if Lina took off a lot of points?!
It's nice to have a friend who is your art professor, but it isn't so nice when your friend thinks they're funny and will taunt you until you die. My art professor jokes with me too much, I can't take her seriously. Lina refuses to tell me about my progress in class. I had Lina for drawing class once before, she never had anything nice to say about my drawings. She always said I was lazy with my drawings. You guys have seen my sketches that I've spent days on, do you think those look effortless and lazy?! I think she just says that to get me to work harder. But she did teach me how to draw without seeing, improvision skills for drawing. It was interesting since I'm starting to go blind. There are so many things I want to do and see before I go completely blind... Or unless I can get someone else's eye to replace mine, then I'll be fine.

It's nice...
The hit count for my creations is slowly going up. Progress is nice!
I was recently reminded of my first video creation I shared on the internet. I still have it, but I feel bad about the file size, it's almost 500 MB! I did make a newer revised edition of that same video. Since it's requested by popular demand, "Dance Corner" will return... eventually. Or at least until I compress it efficiently. I do mean the REVISED EDITION, which has never been seen/released before. YES! I will get working on that AFTER my anime convention!

Until next time, *yawn* wow, I'm really sleepy... good night.

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If anyone recalls from yesterday's post...
I just got "Super Smash Bros. Brawl." Well... I just beat mission mode in one sitting...(15 hours of gameplay). Wow, I'm a nerd! I played it on normal level, yet it still seemed hard. I'm rusty at this game, I played "Super Smash Bros. Melee"(older game) a lot back then, until Lester borrowed it and never gave it back. I'm still mad at him for that! I was once able to easily play on extreme difficulty level, now I can't anymore.

But seriously, WHAT AM I DOING?!
I'm supposed to finish up my math homework and prepare for finals and start working on my art presentation, but what am I doing???
Here I am, playing video games for countless hours like the idiot I am!!! I don't like being a professional procrastinator. I need to get started on that soon...

I had an idea!!!
Instead of me cosplaying for the Anime Com, how about I sew a costume for my Pullip instead? They are doing Pullip photo sessions, why not? I want to sew a cute little lolita outfit for my Pullip, wouldn't that be adorable? My, my, aren't I getting off topic...

Oh! Since I've already brought up the Anime Con(ACen), I saw an interesting picture of my friend that he posted up on his Blogspot. Wondering what this has to do with ACen? Well... you see... my friend(Miki's friend too) Yanho(whom we just call Yan) works for the Anime Convention Committee. Yan helps run/organize panels and discussions. Because he works at ACen, he gets free admission badges... Yan's roommate from last years con.... PRICELESS!!! He got to room with the convention's mascot, "Sailor Bubba!" Sailor Bubba is one of the guys in charge of the entire convention. I'll show you what I'm talking about.

People always seemed disturbed when they spot Sailor Bubba!
Yup, that's Yan's boss... a fat bearded man in a Sailor Moon costume.
I've met Sailor Bubba and he's a really nice man, he's very kind. Intimidating, but kind.

But no, that's not the interesting picture I'm talking about, but Yan did put up that picture last year. I'm referring to a recent family picture of Yan's. He put it up on his Blogspot, I just thought it looked funny.

Go ahead, guess which one Yan is.
Hint: Guy with the ridiculous pose.
Oh, I just gave the answer away. Yeah... Yan loves his epic poses... you have yet to see his jumping still shots, the guy is amazing... Jumping shots never seem to work on most cameras, but Yan always pulls it off, amazing hang-time. The last time I saw Yan was way back in February for the Utada concert. He gets to hang out with Miki every other day, he can't come over because of his cat allergy(we have a cat).

GAHHHH!!!! I should stop writing and focus on schoolwork!!!
Until next time, bye again!

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Last night...
I didn't get the chance to post because I was busy reading the updates I missed... Wow, I missed a lot of stuff!

This morning, I woke up late for work...
No one even bothered to wake me up or anything!
I ended up sleeping in, it was a nice long nap for me.

After I finally got out of bed, I read up on some random things on my computer, then I left for work. When I got to work, Miki already beat me there, even though she drove from Chicago. The first thing I saw when I walked in was a Pullip sitting on the decorative table. That Pullip doll was a new one that my mom bought, it has a Casablanca look about it. The first thing that came to mind was, "oh, our dolls must have arrived." So I went to go ask Miki who was busily carrying trays of food. Miki said, "yeah, isn't mom's doll cute, it's very classy." I asked, "what about mine?" Miki said, "yours is... missing in action!" I said, "lol... what? what did you do, toss it out the window while driving here?" Miki says, "umm... maybe..." *walks away*

After the workday ended, Miki went to the back and brought me a box with my doll in it. I happily snatched the box away like a little kid and start tearing it apart like a Christmas gift. I'm so happy my new doll is finally here. It's not a Dollfie, this time I got myself a Pullip, which looks like a mature version of Blythe. It's so cool, I love it!!!

My new doll is dressed like a lolita magician! I love her beautiful curly hair!

She came with a balance ball as and accessory, along with her top-hat.

Isn't she cute?!

I am having so much fun posing her!
Ohh... the photoshoots I'm going have with this doll, the possibilities are endless! I can't wait to start customizing her outfits! It's a good thing Pullips can fit into Dollfie clothes. They're all on the same scale, 1/6. I also saw on the ACen schedule that there's going to be a Pullip panel: Guide for beginners. I can probably get tons of pictures of other people's Pullips at the anime convention, since there's going to be a panel for it. My Dollfie must be jealous that I'm giving all of my attention to this new doll of mine. But this Pullip is so cute!

Miki got her Pullip months ago!
I just got mine today, but together, aren't these Pullip sisters adorable?

Miki's doll on the left, my doll on the right.
We can have tea parties with our dolls!
OMG! How old are we again?! I don't know why, but toys and dolls always seem to bring out that inner child within all of us. Wahhhh!!!!!! I LOVE MY NEW DOLL!!!

Until next time, bye for now.

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Just yesterday I received my full weekend badge/pass for this year's "ACen."

It's funny, all the badges up till now have always been made from cheap materials. But for this year's badge, the badges are actually plastic cards, like "real" plastic for once. Usually the badges have been made from paper, they've upgraded this year. This is the thirteenth annual convention, so that explains why the con mascots look like zombies on the badge. Lucky number 13!!!

You know, ACen = anime central... largest midwest anime convention, lots of people and crazy cosplayers. There are a lot of different competitions too, video games and tabletop. One of my friends is joining the pokemon tournament again this year. They made it to the semi-finals last year, I wish them luck for this year too! I've been attending this con for so many years, it's fun!!!

I can't believe there's only 40 days left until the convention!!!!

This is the beginning of my countdown, I will mark the number of remaining days on my post titles. I'm so excited, I'm taking a large group of children with me and it's a good thing they're well behaved... or else I confiscate their i-pods. This will be the second time I'm booking a room at a nearby hotel... so I can party and rave ALL NIGHT!!! and have a place to crash. It's good thing I know people who work on staff for the convention, that means I can cut waiting lines, YES!!! Aww... I hope we all don't have to put up with "Mr. Yellow Fever" (Samuel, the man with an Asian girl obsession) this year. Apparently... Samuel only goes to pick up Asian girls.... he's not so good at it though. My friend Roel actually gets their phone numbers... Samuel at most scares girls away because he comes off very stalkerish. I know I'll see Roel there, I always do... unless he runs off to some errand like last year. But I'm so sad that Marvin won't be able to make it to the con this year. I always hang out with Marvin at ACen... This isn't fair!!! It's because he couldn't find a job. This mainly occurs at ACen, but Roel and Marvin are like a team... Marvin follows Roel around and helps Roel pull off the "I'm gay act" and Roel picks up the girls... It's very amusing to watch Roel "work."

It won't be as fun without Marvin around, but I still got my other friends too.
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