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I'm really angry about my English class.
I spent all week working on my critical analysis paper and when I got to class on Tuesday, Prof. Rueda immediately went on about how the paper must meet mla standard and the fact that I used "arial" font was unexceptable because it must be done in "times new roman." We were put into groups to do peer reviews. The reason why I never used tnr is because I can't read that font efficiently, it blurs my eyes too much. I was being stubborn about Rueda's comment. I was a little insulted since tnr is too problematic for me to read. Why must I be forced to type and read something I cannot see?! I understand that tnr is part of the mla standard, but I have never received problems from using "arial" font for past English courses at my college.

I was being a whiney jerk to the people in my group too, because I couldn't see or read any of their papers. They were eventually fed up and ignored me all together. Of course I started crying in class when they did that to me.

I was so upset that I resigned from the class. I've lost will to write compositions. I've lost all motivation to draw... (I might get a spark to draw again depending on the situation).

I might just temporarily close Attack All Attackers, just until I feel better.
This all happened just because of a font... a font people.

I hate myself for who I am...
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Akira was fine the last time I saw him....
Then my aunt changed the water and now Akira's DEAD!

My beautiful red and purple fish!
I saw him sitting at the bottom of the tank with his eyes glazed over.
I screamed, HE'S DEAD, HE'S DEAD!!!

This is the second fish my aunt has done in.
I've been mourning the death of Akira all day.

Actually, this morning, my aunt gave me money to buy a new fish. So I bought a new fish, it's a Delta tail siamese fighting fish.

My new fishy:

He's so pretty, I named him "Siegfried," after Sieg Hart (favorite Rave Master character). I was deciding between that or "Shuda" (no, not Shuta, but Shuda) which is another Rave Master character.

It's ironic because I currently have a red sff named "Roy" and a white sff named "Byakko" (white tiger). Ahahaha Siegfried and Roy... and a white tiger!!!! What a coincident.

"Ah....... Akira, you have lived well.
May you frolic in pet heaven with my past gerbils, hamsters, chickens, fish, frogs, and dog.
Farewell my friend, I won't be able to make fishy faces for you anymore."

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No joke.
All throughout Chicago, a high speed wind alert has been issued from now until the end of Wednesday.

It's the first time we ever had something this serious. We're going to get hit by 65mph winds for 36hrs. We're basically getting a typhoon without the rain. The city was advised to move outdoor objects (like Halloween decor and furniture) indoors.

Did I mention my parents went back to Thailand... Miki and I have the house to ourselves.
We are prepared for a disaster, thank goodness. We have supplies in case of power outages, which are eminent, as well as water system shut downs and ruptured gas lines. Gel fuel will get us through 4hrs of cooking and we have 3 days worth of water.

I will be on lockdown (survival mode) until Wednesday. Just to warn ahead of time I won't or might not be online during lockdown period. Look at it this way, it gives me tons of time to work on the next issue of Attack All Attackers.

If you don't hear from me, then ComEd has failed us again!

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It's so lonely and quiet over here in Chicago.
Miki departed from the airport today at noon. So in the end, she took up that study abroad program and left.

Ah man, I have no one to talk to. Now there's no one to back me up at work on Saturday. There isn't anyone to watch j-dramas with. There isn't anyone to play Mario Party with. There's no one to take me to delicious restaurants. There's no one to hang out with...

When we were at O'Hare Airport today, Miki and I snuck off to terminal 5 to go buy something from McDonalds. We have a habit of eating at the airport, particularly at McDonalds. For sure, I know Miki's going to meet up with Chi-an when she gets to Taiwan.

The house just feels empty, now that Miki won't be back for a long while.
Before she went through security, these were my final words:

"Study hard...
Have fun...

Aren't I an awesome sister?

Ya know, I was a little surprised about Miki wanting to go to Taiwan immediately. I mean, we just got back from Japan, yeah, we came back from that same general area. Leaving so soon? Phobia of flying to top off that equation too. Although, not complaining because I'm just as afraid of airplanes too.

Oh, by the way, Maciek's coming over early in the morning tomorrow to help me with web stuff. I called Jason earlier today. Jason already moved into his dorm, now he's at DePaul University. According to him, he got the best room. I can't wait to see his dorm room, he said he can have visitors.
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I'm done packing.
My flight leaves at 12:50 pm, US central time.

Be in Japan in 14 hours!!!


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