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Aug. 8th, 2012 12:14 pm
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So yesterday was the release of Persona 4 Arena or also known in Japan as Persona 4 Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena, which by way is the most popular game in Japaense arcades right now. It also won several awards at E3 for best fighter game (gaming nerds find this a big deal). The game itself is beautiful, the graphics are really nice, the battle interface was set up well, and it is no surprise as the game was developed by the same team that created Guilty Gear and BlazBlue.

Remember, I had pre-ordered a copy of the game a few months back, I got Persona 4 Arena for PS3. I woke up early yesterday out of excitement and made my way to the nearby mall (which is located next to the school I attend), there is a Gamestop in that mall and I got there at opening time. When I entered the game store, the clerk was tidying up the shelves. Well, there was one clerk, she was working diligently. Normally, it's rare for me to encounter a girl working at Gamestop since most of the staff consists of creepy guys. She greets me kindly, welcomes me, and asks what I needed help with. I told her that I was there to pick up a pre-order I placed. The only thing she screams in response is "PERSONA!!!" I mentally squealed and I said, "YES! That's exactly what I'm here to pick up! How did you know?!" She starts laughing and tells me, "well it did only just come out today, but you know, I was honestly worried when I thought no one pre-ordered P4 Arena cuz the company wouldn't ship it to us, I really wanted a copy myself, when I saw these pre-orders come in I was like OMG someone did request these, you were the only person to pre-order P4 Arena at this store. I wanted to try this game cuz I'm a huge BlazBlue fan and the same developers worked on this one too." I then said, "yeah, I'm really excited to play this, I'm a hardcore fan of the Persona series and I've been hearing a lot of hype about this game as it's the most played game in Japan and it's sales beat Street Fighter and Tekken by a large gap. Arc system really did a good job with this one. Oh and I wanted to pre-order another game could you place an order for Persona 4 Golden?" She asks, "for PS3?" I then said, "actually it's on PS Vita" She then found it on the computer, "oh there it is! Alright, thank you, enjoy your game." By the way, the pre-order comes with an exclusive soundtrack cd bonus.

That was the most awesome Gamestop experience I ever had!
Here is my bonus soundtrack cd and game.

After I got home, I opened up the game and started up the PS3. I played through tutorial mode to understand the the different moves. I finished, but they were so hard to execute, especially the rapid movement commands. You need to have quick fingers or the attack won't connect. I guess any attack that consumes magic power is really hard to use.

Out of all the characters in the game, you can only use four! You need to unlock the others... me whining about it. I started playing Story Mode as Yu Narukami, hoping to unlock some more characters. So in the first round I'm up against Yosuke Hanamura. Now in this first fight... Argggg, the CPU attacks me relentlessly giving me no room to dish out some damage. By the way I can perform the special attacks, but every time I'm about to unleash something powerful, Yosuke pummels me into the ground. I'm screaming at the tv screen, "WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT?!" I'm playing logically too, I'm blocking accordingly, countering, and using some "furious action" moves (Yu's furious action is called Big Gamble). But I still get my ass handed to me and I die in the first round...

I drew something to illustrate my horrible loss:
Yosuke has a habit of calling Yu "aibou"(partner). In the video game and anime they're bff's. Those two are awesome friends and fans have often nicknamed Yosuke as "Brosuke," because he's always got Yu's back.

I let my cousin Nut play in my place, she button mashed and beat Yosuke without receiving damage. I later found out that you can change the difficulty setting for the CPU. Right now it's set to "normal" which is apparently to hard for me. So the other settings are: beginner, easy, normal, hard, very hard, hell. I was surprised that "hell" was even an option considering I can hardly hold my own on "normal." I'm going to spend hours on this game, muahahahaha!!!


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