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I haven't written about how bad my New Year celebration was.

For starters, the morning of New Year Eve, we woke up to discover that our refrigerator was broken. We don't when the coldness generator (don't know what it's called) stopped working. But we woke up to spoiled food and a melted goop dripping freezer. WE HAVE NO FOOD! I've been eating instant noodles and canned food for the last few days and occasionally we'd eat out. There were a few food items that were salvaged. The pre-cooked foods were okay. It sucks not having a refrigerator. So the foods we saved are out in the backyard (it's cold enough). Not only is our food outside, but it's in a Kikkoman Soy Sauce barrel. We have lots of barrels and crates because of our business. Anyways, the barrel provides protection from wild animals.

For the rest of New Year's Eve I spent the day serving crazy customers and totaling their checks at work. There's only two holidays in which we are extremely busy: Thai New Year (in April) and Roman New Year (that's what we call it). What felt like endless waves of people pouring into the restaurant faster than customers can pour their champagne kept me busy! The last table didn't leave until 11pm (we close at 10 pm people!). The chefs were tired and angry. Me and my sister were exhausted and just wanted to go home. We drove off in a separate car.

This was really weird... So, normally we'd be celebrating at home or at someone's party in front of the TV watching the countdown. Not the case this year. It felt weird that we did the countdown in the car... with the radio... Once it struck midnight, it first for both of us, but we saw live fireworks being lit near the expressway as we were driving. Because we would usually see them on TV, it was kinda cool to see a lot of fireworks live. It was no surprise that Pink's "Raise Your Glass" played on the radio as it was played after last year's countdown too. The next song that played... is forever etched into my mind... it was LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It." Yeah, kicking of the New Year with "that" song. We were singing obnoxiously even though I don't like the song.

I guess I'm looking forward to what the new year has in store for me.

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Actually we light things up on the 3rd of July in Chicago...
Whatever, we had a barbeque and lit some stuff on the 4th.

Seriously, the 4th becomes another excuse to light stuff on fire and blow things up.
This year, we obtained some "nice" firecrackers from out of state, darn Illinois law against anything that doesn't release smoke.

With our stuff... I nearly set myself on fire...
Though, it was a harmless Chinese firecracker. It wasn't the 1,000 chain one either, this chain only had 12 pieces. I lit it and threw to the side. You know, you light one and it ignites all twelve, well... after it was on the ground, one of the 12 misfired and scattered the other now ignited 11 other ones. They went in random directions, one just happened to fly my way and hit me directly in the gut and exploding on impact. One exploded on my stomach... it left a blast mark on new shirt dammit!

My friends and I nearly got blown up like seven times, thanks to our neighbors. They were lighting "fireworks," the bombs that blow up in the sky. There were so many accidents when they were lighting them. More than often did their funnels fall over and misfire. When they had lit one, the funnel fell over and was aimed right at them. One of the guys quickly ran over and kicked the funnel away towards us. I remember them screaming "GET BACK!" at us. We dodged it when it launched and it blew up several yards behind us. This repeated several times or sometimes it would go up but come up short and then land (instead of being in the sky) nearby us then explode. There were instances where it wouldn't even launch at all and just explode on the spot right in front of them.

Barely escaped getting burned.

Oh yeah... Attack All Attackers.
Jet-lag is still killing me. I wanted to work on a little special. But they pulled me into work after I got back. Awwwww I was hoping to relax this summer but that doesn't look like its gonna happen. Work sucks!!!!!!! I wanted to do like a AAAttackers photo album special with the characters on their trip. I'll get it up maybe next week?

I can't stop ushishishi-ing for some odd reason, I am addicted Belphegor's laugh. I wasn't before but now I am, what is wrong with me?! Before I forget... they got me! I'm actually starting to "like" anime concerts/musicals. I've been pulled in! I feel so weird cuz I'd normally laugh at people who even bring it up... now I'm one of them... oh no.
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I will discuss the actual dining event later, because insanity takes a while to sink in.

I've been busy all week. I'm freaking out, I have a speech to write before Wednesday and I don't think I can get this week's comic up (this Friday). It's "Black Friday!" Who knows where I'll be this time on my sleepless 16 hour adventure. To those who recall my "EPIC Walmart adventure," and the crazy fight I got into at the checkout line.

A few hours ago I just saw "Burlesque" with Miki. I was such a good movie, a true masterpiece. When I was at the theater (distantly located in Lake in the Hills), I saw a poster for the new Harry Potter movie that I really want to see as soon as I find some freetime.

I also noticed an isolated poster advertising for "The Green Hornet." Although he isn't the main character.... COME ON!!! Jay Chou is going to be in The Green Hornet!!! Jay Chou is going to be in a Hollywood film! I need to see it!!!! He's going to be doing a lot of fight sequences and he's the main character's sidekick. He plays the role of Kato... strange name. He will also be co-starring with Cameron Diaz. We get to hear Jay Chou's English! Opening in theaters Jan 14, 2011. I can't wait!

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Independence Day was fun... sort of.
I took a few pictures of my family lighting some fireworks in the backyard. Later we went to a friends house for some party food. We went to a nearby park to watch people light the illegal fireworks too. I have video footage, but I'm too lazy to edit them and put them on here.

I had to make a "closed" sign for the restaurant to notify customers that we are closed on a holiday. Do you like my pretty sign? I made it by hand.

While Miki was in Minnesota, she bought some cool fireworks you can't get in Illinois. The fountains are always pretty.

I'm not a big fan of the flashing whistling ones though.

This one was a cool fountain, it actually shot up a little.

We had some sparklers too. Can you see Miki's face in the dark?

We have more than this, but not enough time to light them. Miki was supposed to come back home tonight so we can finish lighting the other hundred or so left... But Miki had to be stubborn and spend the night over at a friend's house.

The party I went to was pretty fun. I saw some friends I hadn't seen in a long while. Like Peter... Peter brought some firecrackers to the party and we lit them in the park. Peter almost blew off his hand with an M-1000 on a few occasions. Poorly designed short wicks... Because of state regulations, we can't get the good stuff. The laws are... smoke bombs. smoke rockets(that don't launch), pop-its, bottle rockets, ash snakes, small firecrackers, and party poppers. Sparklers are illegal in Chicago now... fun killer!

Before all of this nighttime stuff, I was actually house sitting for Buffy. Buffy is a busy traveling singer. Buffy and Bill got a new puppy... It kept bothering me because it wanted attention.

Anyways, since we were there, we cooked stuff to eat. Miki and I made a delicious mushroom and snail pasta!!!

Look at the yummy sauce. I was left with the task of seasoning it because the stuff that Miki threw together was really bland. Salt and onion powder are my best friends...

I ate and forgot to take a picture...

I ate most of it already. It was originally topped with Parmesan cheese. The snails tasted so good in this!

I think I got some stuff to take care of tomorrow. Japan stuff and I've been ordering ridiculous stuff off the internet non-stop. Hopefully my packages will arrive before I leave for Japan.

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I want to go to sleep, so I'll wrap this up quickly.
This morning my mom called Ex and invited him to our barbecue. Surprisingly, we he arrived, he brought the whole ACen group! I got to see Pete and Kris again, later Kris's sister, Kat, stopped by too.

We didn't do much. We played Zoids, Super Smash Bros. Brawl (which I still pown in), New Super Mario Bros, and a Dragonball Z game. Then we ate and watch some Suju variety shows. We watched for a short while. When I handed the PS3 remote to Kat... I had stuff prestored onto the system. I have a lot of shows on there. She selected most of the "Show King," WonderGirls, Big Bang, and Girls Generation stuff. That's all Miki's things. Because of that, we didn't get to continue playing games, I was disappointed.

Because I couldn't do anything, I was watching stuff off of my Calvary(eternal hard drive). I was showing the guys some random videos I got for fun, like Masi Oka beatboxing really well with Nakamaru. I showed them how cold and scary Hokkaido is in the winter. Akanishi went there with Nakamaru as a punishment trip. They froze their butts off in Hokkaido, such torture. I popped in my "Heart and Soul" DVD and watched the video. Pete became very interested in the video, he said he liked the rhythm and the visual. Pete said the overall style looked much cooler. I told him that the choreography is from the same guy that does Big Bang. Pete then said, Big Bang makes it look gay with all those glittery pink outfits, AAA pulls it off quite nicely with the black and blue, AAA had the better image, according to Pete. I then showed them "Otameshika, all the guys were so shocked about how pretty Nishijima was. They said they now fear to go to Japan... Kris, the same guy who happens to be a Shinjiro fan... He was watching the second round of Otameshika and he said that Nishijima was so hot and attractive as a girl. Kris was so mesmerized by how pretty Nishijima. I then pulled up a picture of Yukari and he snapped out of it and said, "ooh, hot girl! Me like." All of us laughed, "and so you've returned to us, Kris, poor confused Kris." Kris's inspiration for his admiration of Shinjiro and AAA all goes back to DEN-O...

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I don't know why, but bad things always seem to befall upon me during major holidays...

For example, every year on Thanksgiving I always get a toothache the day of, and it's horrible because I can't eat so much. On 4th of July, I always manage to set something or someone on fire... Thai New Year on April 13th marks the day of when I became blind, so I feel uneasy about being festive on that day. On Father's Day last year.... painful memory, I shattered our window with my bare hand, yeah I punched right through the window. You can imagine the amount of blood. Really though, it was an accident... I was trying to catch this one annoying fly. Needless to say, I didn't catch the fly at all...

One bad thing happened to me today!
For Mother's Day, Miki and I took our mother for lunch at the Icosium Kafe, a Moroccan place that specialized in crepes.
See this glass of water here:

Yes, there's a mint leaf in my glass, it makes the water taste colder.
Anyways, see how the top and bottom portions of the glass are different sizes? Well... the weirdest thing involving that glass happened to me today. I lightly picked the glass up to examine the mint leaf that was floating around. Not too long after I picked up my glass... all of a sudden... *CRASH* the bottom of the glass completely detached itself from the rest of the glass and crashed down onto the table. Seriously, the glass broke in half in my hands, isn't that weird?! At the same time the glass base broke off, of course the water followed with a big SPLASH! Then, before I knew it, the entire table was covered in water, my shirt was soaked and my pants were completely drenched. I felt like I had fell into a dunktank, my seat became a pool of water which my pants absorbed. I got a free bath of icy cold water. The waitress witnessed the rebellion of my water glass, all she did was give me 10 sheets of paper towels. Yeah lady.... like that will dry me off! I need a hairdryer!

After I at least dried off my face(the rest of me was still completely soaked) our food arrived. My uncle got a sweet crepe, it had banana and other fruits I can't remember, it looked really yummy! Check it out, it's got a little umbrella too, how cute!

Then my crepe was ready:

Mine was Brie cheese with garlic and snails, YUMMY SNAILS!!!
I never knew how yummy snails tasted in crepes, it was so good, I cleaned my plate!

After we finished eating we paid and got ready to leave. You know... by the time I left the restaurant, I was STILL DRIPPING WET!!! It wasn't very fun to walk back to car, especially since it was windy and cold and being in wet clothes doesn't help.

I was told by Miki to go to work so it was guaranteed that we would return to Chicago. Miki always uses me as insurance, what a wonderful sister. I went to work, but I didn't work because I needed to study. I studied all day. While I was studying, someone surprised me.

It's my little brother!!! He came into town today!(he attends college in Minnesota)
My brother "Win" flew into Chicago to hang out for a week. He's also visiting because he's leaving for Thailand for his summer vacation. He wanted to say goodbye for now, but he wanted to see us before he left. If anyone is wondering why Win is staring strangely at me while I'm taking his picture, it's because I mentioned pizza and like a cat, his ears perked up and he stopped playing on his iphone and he looked intently at me.. waiting for me to elaborate on the topic of "pizza." He wasn't even planning to look at me at all when taking his picture. I was talking to Miki about a pizza place we haven't taken Win to yet... he heard "pizza" and his name, so he looked up.

Win helped out at the restaurant a little, he filled up glasses and cleaned tables, aww how nice of him. Anyways, at the end of the day, Miki and I made a Mother's Day dinner for all of the "cooking mamas"(our cooks) in the kitchen. Yay!!!!!! More delicious food!!!!!!

There was a very yummy pasta with Italian sausage and tomato cream sauce, so good! There was also some baked mussels with spicy mayo and topped with panko, also extremely yummy!!! For the special occasion, there was also DUCK FEET!!!!!!

So many delicious foods!!!! I had fun today! Except for getting soaked by a defective glass, today was great! This is so cool, I get to hang out with Win all week!!!

Until next time, bye again!

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THAT'S RIGHT!!!!!!!!!

Thai New Year, that is...

Yup! It's the year 2553!!!!
It's still 2010 according to the good old Gregorian calender we use around the rest of the world. I love celebrating Thai New Year with everybody!!!!! I'm so pumped!!!!! I get traditional "lucky money" offerings from elders, I get to stuff my face with celebratory sweets, (I did this a few years back) I get to go wild as I walk down the street in the parade, I get to watch people do a "dragon dance," and I get to take out my pent up anger on the water festival portion of the celebration.

The water festival IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!
Hundreds of people attend!!!
Water symbolizes cleansing the soul and becoming purified. Normally we just dump buckets of water on people or hose people down. But we're crazy and turned it into AN ALL OUT WAR!!!!!! Which is why we go trigger happy on each other with the supersoakers.
It's not a game, there are no sides. I just shoot everyone.
Whoever you shoot or drench is blessed with good luck, so it's a good thing to get shot at a lot, everybody wins!!!!! The water really does cleanse your soul, by the end of the day, everybody's tired and laughing like maniacs because everyone had fun.

We're also celebrating Thai New Year over at the restaurant too.
We have lots of yummy festival foods being served "Tapas" style. Many different yummy foods!!! I would put up the special menu for everyone to see... but nobody wants to see my boring menu.

By the way...
I got my new laptop TODAY!!!
It's SO SHINY!!!!!!!!

As you can tell... I've taken the liberty of customizing my desktop. I made that AAA wallpaper from the jigsaw piece picture I got from the official website. I made a little heart silhouette in the upper left corner.
Everything on here is gloss black, even the keyboard!  I'm scared of leaving grubby fingerprints on this thing. It's nice, it  has a webcam and mic. I've been mutilating the internal hard drive with my large programs.... please don't die on me... I've been adding basics, codecs to watch my Japanese stuff, VLC to watch my subbed stuff, iTunes for organizing my music, flash players for youtube, AIM, MSN, Photoshop(which took forever) and most importantly... MY EDITING SOFTWARE, both sound and video editing programs.

What a treat today, it's New Year and I got "Heartful," I haven't gotten to listen to yet until today, lucky me! The CD is REALLY good, I kid you not. That teasing intro was marvelous. I enjoyed a segment where the sound mixer had the clock ticking noise fade from right aux to left aux, it gave a sense of space and awareness. If one actually took the time to disable the gap delay between each track, you would notice that the transitions are clean! Each song on the disc is arranged in such a manner, not only the order of the track but also the sound clips at beginning and end of the songs. This makes each song flow smoothly into each other after every transition, it's just beautiful... It's almost like a non-stop remix(those who are familiar with the clubbing world), not in the sense that the tracks create one long continuous song, but rather they harmoniously change tempo into welcoming the next track. Who is AAA's sound mixer/technician? I want to shake their hand!

Heartful is a brilliant CD, I have never felt this way towards a "CD" before. I haven't really said a thing about the actual content of AAA's music, have I? Oops... I got so caught up with how amazing the whole CD was. The songs were nice... I liked all of them. Most of them were Eurobeat heavy and iTunes is labeling AAA as R&B for some odd reason... I listened to "Field" for the first time, it's such a pleasant song... something I can fall asleep to... not in  a bad way! Just in the sense that the song's gentle melody makes me relax. Relaxing songs are good for me, since I don't have very many relaxing songs.

Okay I'm getting sleepy... NO!!! NOT BECAUSE OF THE CD!!!!
It's getting late and my dad will be home any minute...
Until next time, bye for now.

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Okay, in my previous post I was really mad, like suber(combo of super + uber) mad. Which is a rare kind of mad I'm not usually at the state of.

I was real mad and at that point, I felt it wasn't worth the $30 for the day at work.
So I started crying and whining. Hehehe, crocodile tears of course(I think).
Well, it sounds a little uncharacteristic for me, since all of my friends really see me as:
"the inspirational visionary, the fearless leader, the multi-talented creator, the extremely determined fool, the genius of the operation, and the iron-willed speaker."

Ahhh, when I'm not around my friend, oh man, I'm a big crybaby.
But because I save face with those great qualities listed above, I keep the truthful crybaby profile to a minimum.
But, that night I cried until they gave me $200 to shut up, I'm so bad.

Last night was pretty fun, I got to hang out with Jason, whom I haven't seen in a while.
So much fun. I went to my uncle's bar, Chicago.
For those who know where I'm getting at, please don't mention "that" or I may get in trouble...
The bar was packed that night, Jason told me he had to wait a long time to get in.
As for me, the owner is my uncle and I told the bouncer that I'm in the dining party, so I walked right in.
Jason's reaction was interesting, *shocked* "Ah! I had to wait and they charged me a cover fee!!!"

We enjoyed ourselves.
We sat in the front of the bar and there was a completely different party going on in the back of the bar, there were people jumping around and the DJ was screaming. Quite a scene. I got to have all you can eat pizza and chicken wings, yes!
By the time it got to the countdown, nearly everyone in the bar was drunk prior to that.
What a crazy night.
After the party, I felt really bad, because I promised Jason a ride home. I felt really bad, since the farthest I could take him was the red line train stop.
Wah! I feel so bad, Jason! Its handwritten.

Anyways, when I got back home, I was carrying two things, chicken wings in one hand and a fish sauce mixture in the other. (Jason you remember that horrendous fish sauce smell don't you?) Well unexpectedly, Pikus(my cat) ran in front of my legs and of course I didn't see him, you guessed it, he tripped me! Quite horribly, I fell over in a loud thump, the box of chicken scattered wings everywhere, but thankfully I didn't drop the container with the fish sauce. I managed to keep the fish sauce upright the entire time during my fall down to the impact.
The KNEES don't forget the KNEES. When I fell I landed right dab on my knees AGAIN. "OUCH!!!" my cuts/wounds opened up again, THREE DAYS IN A ROW" dammit, Nishi's blog is cursed!
I'm in pain again...ahh, oh well, I went to sleep at 2am. That was my night.
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Why is everyone making me mad today.

I wanted to leave early but the customers wouldn't leave even after it was closing time, they ordered dessert!

ok, and when they did leave, I finished my tasks/chores fairly fast, practically immediately.
But everyone else was being slow, they could've finished before, but they didn't, waste of my time.

I wanted to leave because I wanted to meet up with Jason.
Well, its looks like its going to be a very long delay, I get very irritated when I can't make it somewhere at a time which I specified myself.
I just hate being late for some reason.

I'm really pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm on a mission...
Objective: upload something for someone somehow and sometime this week (or next week).
The file is one of my AAA materials I have been working on...
Don't know where to start.

What an oh so large file, I work with videos all the time, but file compression is the only thing that makes me want to die.

Besides the file compression dilema, cousin Sai found me on lj, hooray! Actually its more like Sai created a lj for communication purposes with me. "I give you my thanks from halfway across the world Sai!!!!"
I checked out Sai's lj page a few minutes ago and came across something that mentioned a "grilled chicken dance/song" at Sai's university, okay, random...

This means that Sai got my message about my lj. Omedetou Sai!!! For finding me!
This makes me wonder if Arata is reading this...

Arata.... if you're reading this, I would like to say: "Arigatou Arata-chan!!!!!"(so tempted to say san)
You actually care about me...
Really now... if Arata is truely reading this, don't do the super exaggerated "EHHHHHHHHH?!" thing...please...
I will visit you next summer, I promise! You don't have to fly to the states to see me, I'll go to you.
Arata-chan won't be busy with university stuff during the summer right?

I feel like I'm talking to myself...
Anyways, My parents bought me a PS3, I'm super happy now, a PS3 for christmas, ahahahahaha I'm so happy!!!
I found out that the white elephant christmas party is tomorrow.
*sigh* I have to sit through the spaztastic hosting of Randy, he always wants to do hosting/narrations for the white elephant event.
Until next time, Happy Holidays!

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