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I am the origin of catastrophic incidents!!!
It began four days ago...

Four days ago, because of our house repainting... no furniture in the rooms. I had gotten a new bunkbed (its only the beginning) and I assembled it all on my own. However, during the building process, I dropped the 50 pound bed frame RIGHT ON MY FOOT!!! Therefore, stubbing my toes and bruising my foot.

Three days ago, we were planning to go to Ikea, the Swedish home store. We own a mini-van. As everyone knows, you can pull the seats out to transport large objects. As my dad and I were lifting the seats out through the trunk of the mini-van, I exerted too much additional power from my right arm... thus I ended up pulling some muscles in my right shoulder-blade and arm. Now I can't move my arm, it hurts too much!!!

Two days ago, Miki and I were watching "Grease." We were watching on my bunkbed. My new bed has a full bottom bunk and a twin top bunk, more room for me. Anyways, my new mattress is really springy. I plopped myself down to sit and I ended up bouncing backwards really fast where my head collided with the top bunk railing. I smacked the rail really hard, I felt the sharp pain upon impact and my head rattled a bit. Then it numbed out so I thought it was okay... From then on afterwards, I've been having horrible headaches. It was suggested by my aunt that I should get checked out. You know, to make sure I don't have brain damage.

Yesterday... I was carrying a large stack of bookshelf pieces with my dad into the house. I wasn't looking where I was going... and I... I broke my dad's favorite... priceless wine bottle that he had been saving for over 30 years. Well my thoughts on it are that it should not have been on the kitchen floor where my clumsy feet can kick it. It was supposed to have been in my parents room since that's where they keep it. I was an interesting wine bottle, it was 3 feet tall, the base of the bottle was shaped like a giant snail shell, and the neck of the bottle was the snail's body. I feel really bad for breaking it. It really hurt me when I saw dad's reaction. I could hear him muttering, "30 years... 30 years... 30 years... gone... all over the floor... 30 years... and I didn't get to taste it..." There were many sighs and head shaking from my dad. I feel really bad for breaking the bottle. He loved that bottle so much.

Also, since my muscles still haven't healed from the car seat incident, I now hurt even more from carrying the bookshelf.

Busy Days.

Jul. 14th, 2011 12:01 am
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I thought I would be writing more since I'm still on break, I guess not.
I still haven't even updated AAAttackers, I'm still working on the stuff for it.

I've been working like crazy ever since getting back from Taiwan. In and out of work constantly. When I'm not at work, I'm cleaning out my room because our mom had the sudden urge to repaint the entire house. I had to move all of my belongings into the basement. The only things that haven't been taken out is my furniture,(tables, bed, etc..) and my extensive manga collection (good luck with that). All my cds were put into a crate. *pout* When we were picking colors... at first I wanted a vibrant yellowy-green, but my mom screamed no. I was thinking about orange because I like that color, but then I realized it would be too traumatizing since it would make me think of work (my workplace, the restaurant walls are painted bright orange). I just went with a super pale forest-green color. Miki still hasn't decided yet on her color.

I had been working on a Reborn! jigsaw puzzle I bought from Taiwan. It only took me a little over an hour without cheating (I did not look at the completed picture while working on it) to complete it, seeing as it was only 300 pieces. I was surprised that I only bought the jigsaw for $7 at the animate store in Taiwan. It's official Reborn! merch too. Before going on my trip, I saw another puzzle online and it was like nearly $100 and it was a 1000 piece set. I really wanted that particular one, but of course I never found it, however when I walked into that Taiwanese anime store I assumed the puzzles were expensive and they aren't. Anyways I spent a lot of time framing it. Actually, you know what happened? After I completed the puzzle the first time... I took it apart and put it away. A few days later I finally went out  to buy a frame. I had to put it together again when I was framing it. I put it together and glued it to a posterboard, then I framed it. I will put up a picture when I have time to snap a photo of it.

When I do get breaks, I watch random movies or shows with Miki. I got to see "The Proposal," it was funny and reminded me of a Chinese movie called "Contract Lover." Just yesterday we ended up watching "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." I haven't seen that musical movie since Catholic school. I only remembered bits and pieces. It was so cheesy and I laughed through their choices of music genres. But it was still a good musical. Elvis Pharaoh...

I started working on a miniature building model. It's really cool. I bought it from Taiwan and it's a model kit of a Japanese bakery. I finished gluing the main structure of the building, but I still have much more to do.

That's pretty much it, I work all week and I build when I rest.

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I will discuss the actual dining event later, because insanity takes a while to sink in.

I've been busy all week. I'm freaking out, I have a speech to write before Wednesday and I don't think I can get this week's comic up (this Friday). It's "Black Friday!" Who knows where I'll be this time on my sleepless 16 hour adventure. To those who recall my "EPIC Walmart adventure," and the crazy fight I got into at the checkout line.

A few hours ago I just saw "Burlesque" with Miki. I was such a good movie, a true masterpiece. When I was at the theater (distantly located in Lake in the Hills), I saw a poster for the new Harry Potter movie that I really want to see as soon as I find some freetime.

I also noticed an isolated poster advertising for "The Green Hornet." Although he isn't the main character.... COME ON!!! Jay Chou is going to be in The Green Hornet!!! Jay Chou is going to be in a Hollywood film! I need to see it!!!! He's going to be doing a lot of fight sequences and he's the main character's sidekick. He plays the role of Kato... strange name. He will also be co-starring with Cameron Diaz. We get to hear Jay Chou's English! Opening in theaters Jan 14, 2011. I can't wait!

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I'm still pissed at my roommate!

I got  through my two speeches. I was stuttering on my informative speech on Atlantis. But, I got a full score on my presentation on "Social Phobia." It was an interesting topic, there was something on how people who have social phobia are insecure about themselves and they tend to go down a path of destruction and they enjoy harassing people because they redirect their fear into hostility. Thanks to my research and my classmate's research on anti-social personality disorder I now know that.

Yay, I get to pat myself on the back!

When I got back from class, Miki and I watched a very old black and white American film called, "It's a Wonderful Life." I remember seeing a clip of it in Econ. class back in high school once (the scene of the stock market crash). The movie was about the life of George Bailey, from his childhood up until his adulthood. Three quarters into the movie, his life goes downhill after he gets married. Unable to bear with it any longer, he decides to commit suicide on Christmas and right before he jumped off a bridge, an angel appears and foils his attempt. The angel explained how influential George was to his friends and suicide wasn't the answer. George then gets frustrated with disbelief and wishes he was never born. The angel grants his wish and shows George what life would've been like without him. You know where this is going.

I'm a sucker for classic films.

I need to start writing my commemorative speech on the "Byakkotai," Japan's most legendary samurai squad and also considered Japan's greatest tragedy in history. The story makes me cry every time.

I'm only sad because I'm thinking about the "Byakkotai" story.
Oh yeah, this story confused senpai because I know about this historical event and she doesn't. Senpai's quote, "how do you know this? I'm Japanese and I do not know this."
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Uhh... what did I do today?
I saw the "King of Fighters" movie...
Whoa... it was just as bad as Tekken! But, the inter-dimensional battle arenas were an awesome idea, other than that, I will never watch the movie again! I found it very interesting that they had decided to based the King of Fighters storyline off of the "Orochi legend," the 8-headed dragon of doom. I was a little familiar with it (I played a lot of Okami). Even the characters names were very close to the names of the ones from the legend. The main character "Mai Shiranui," the name Shiranui comes from the reincarnated form of Amaterasu (the sun goddess), which aided in the defeat of Orochi. The other character, "Kyo Kusanagi," who is the wielder of the Kusanagi sword, the same sword from the legend which was the only weapon that could kill and seal Orochi.

I went to school... nearly feel asleep due to boredom.

Got back from school and ate minestrone (no choice, there was no food in the house). Then I watched "The Forbidden Kingdom" with Miki. I love Jackie Chan movies. I practically grew up watching his movies.

I'm going to go play Zoids Legacy now, because I'm still a kid.
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Not only was the skating instructor frightening, but she was downright intimidating! She had a really mean looking face and she had a booming voice. Her teaching methods were questionable... it was along the lines of, "do this and I'll get back to you later." She was teaching two levels at the same time, on the same rink. She was going back and forth. I didn't feel like I learned very much because she didn't explain clearly enough and I had no idea if I was even doing it right because she kept leaving.

There were only two levels being taught today, pre-alpha and alpha levels. I was placed right between the two because I could definitely stand on my own, I can move, and I can brake, but I didn't know other basics like swiveling or strokes. Originally I was placed into pre-alpha, but then I was put on the spot in front of other classmates because I already knew how to skate. I felt like an outcast... I was the only person in hockey skates... everybody else had figure skates, but I still had to learn the same basics like everyone else. Today, I practiced strokes on both left and right skates. I didn't realize that skating took that much energy and power, I was worn out very quickly. My legs were hurting so much, so I sat down and removed the insoles from my skates, it does help. By the end of today, I'm not sure if I really learned anything today.

When I got back home, my roommate informed me that a package arrive for me. I got really excited and attacked the package. My roommate asked me, "AAA again?" I replied, "of course, what else would it be?" I opened the tube and there were my AAA posters from the "Heart to ♥ Tour." My roommate then said, "wow, so pretty." I went into my room and took my custom frame off the wall. I slipped one of the new posters into the frame and re-hung it on the wall above the bunkbed. My roommate then walked into my room and stared at the new poster. My roommate then started talking about AAA. I'll paraphrase because I despise my roommate's English. "I'm starting to like AAA, I can't help it, it's all because of you, it's AAA in your face, like AAA spam, your room is just loaded with AAA posters, calenders, CDs, pictures, products, and artwork. It's like I can't wake up without seeing that giant poster at my bedside. You are a true AAA fan and now I might become one too!" I said, "Oh yeah? You haven't seen my room when I had tons of KAT-TUN stuff. I still have that KAT-TUN flag I made, it's behind my bed." KAT-TUN didn't exactly meet with my expectations, so I had to let them go and move on to a different group to listen to. Like "Golf & Mike," I began to hate them because they were....... meh, I don't want to say it, I'll be nice, I won't destroy their fanbase just because I know the truth. It's information that people who know them in real life would know. Even though I don't like them, I'll keep my mouth shut for their sake.

Moving on to yesterday with Jason...
Okay, I invited Jason over yesterday. One reason is a secret(I promised not to say anything), the other reason is to watch the rest of "Love Exposure," and mainly to hang out. We were texting each other with plans, and I mentioned that I watched Jason's recommended drama, Shibatora. Jason then texted back saying that he never watched the SP because he couldn't find the subs. I told him that I had the subs. I was trying to get the hardsubbed one, but bitcomet was backfiring on me and refused to move, so I found the RAW of the Shibatora SP along with the softsubs. Then I worked on hardsubbing it myself since I couldn't get it earlier. I spent all night the day before, just hardsubbing that "special," with my own software. I'm an awesome friend, don't you think so Jason? The first thing we watched was my well worked on hardsubbed special which we watched on TV via the PS3. I need to show Marvin how to hardsub... "Thank you so much 'Querbeet' for the Shibatora SP and the softsubs, the hardsubbed video was unreliable so I took matters into my own hands for the sake of watching it with my friend, thank you again!"

After finishing Shibatora, we made a quick snack run to the gas station and continued our day by watching the rest of Love Exposure. Jason was very surprised by the randomness of the movie. Jason said it was so weird and there were so many hentai moments. But he did say the movie was "interesting." When we finished the first disc, I told him we should take a break, because Marvin still needs to watch the second disc too. We should save it for next time. Then we played Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Jason had told me that he played "Melee" at home, so I told him that the controls were exactly the same. We played for a few rounds and Jason was still trying to adjust. He wasn't getting so many KOs. After a while he started to get really good. We mostly played team battles because anyone playing against "me" alone... really has no chance of winning. By team battle I mean being put on the same team. It was fun, I don't get to play on teams that often, because everyone I play against always want to do a free-for-all. Yesterday was really fun. I ended up walking Jason to the blueline station and because of my horrible luck, it started pouring when we got to the station, which meant there was no chance of me walking back home. I then spent $3 on bus fare to get back home.

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Saturday has always been the main day for Anime Central.
It's the day when people who refused to skip school or work on Friday end up attending today. I heard that the attendance for this year's convention was a little over 20,000 people!

I woke up around 9am to get ready for Christina's Pokemon tournament that starts at 10am. I got to the Hyatt(the other hotel where events are held at) around 10am, I was running a little late. Not only was I late, but I got a bit lost too. There's a specific section in Hyatt that is strictly for gaming and tournaments. I was lost and had no idea where to look! I asked the IRT people (the Incident Response Team, ACen staff) where the Pokemon tournament would be. None of them could really give me an answer. Small hosted tournaments are usually unorganized and never known of by ACen staff members. I called up my friend and I finally understood that the tournament was being held at the gaming room. Which in this case, I already knew which room it was in. The gaming room, which is now diminishing in size and light. I made my way down to the basement and found the room. The tournament ended up starting late anyways, so I didn't miss anything. There were a few problems with the Pokemon tournament... 1) The referees messed up the bracket matches, so my friend didn't battle anyone for 3 rounds. 2) Rules weren't specific enough about Pokemon levels needing to be 50 flat or 100. My friend was left with nothing to do for a while. So the referee offered  a battle against him as a qualification match. My friend only had 3 Pokemon at level 100. My friend wasn't able to pass that special case battle. At least now we know to bring Pokemon with the correct levels.

After the tournament, we ate fried chicken in the hotel room.
After eating, we all went to the exhibitor's hall to go look at random things I might not buy, While I was looking at different merchandise. I bought more little figurines. There was also s large amount of cosplayers every year!

The first thing I saw upon walking into the convention center... is Hard Gay!!! There's always one guy who usually cosplays as Hard Gay. A very interesting guy. Unfortunately, people kept walking in front of me.

I actually don't remember what series this is, but very nice outfut!

I've been looking all over the place for this Ace!!!
He was the only person dressed as Ace. This Ace is awesome!!!

Later on that day, I planned with my friends regarding  "Ai no Mukidashi.
We decided on 3pm. A few minutes after getting off the phone I saw Jason walking around. Jason switched costumes with Shin.

This is Jason now dressed as Kenshin Himura,
I unexpectedly met up with Jason a little early. So we ended up walking to the hotel together.

When we got to the hotel, Marvin was waiting for us. We all went up to the room and watched the movie. Both Jason and Marvin enjoyed the first disc of the movie. We only watched one disc because trying to watch Ai no Mukidashi in one sitting is torturous!!! Both of them really enjoyed the first half of the movie!

I shouted something about AAA and Kris reacted with an "AH! I love AAA even though I've only heard and liked one song." The most random thing I heard today was... My cousin Kris(whom is one of my guy cousins) say "SHINJIRO'S VOICE IS SO SEXY!!!!!" He said that because I was talking about how raspy Shinjiro's voice is.  Raspy voices just scare me. But Kris sounded so determined when was saying how hot and sexy Shinjiro was. Then Kris concluded, my sister really loves Shinjiro "too."

It started getting late, it was getting closer to 9pm.
It was important because the para para panel is at 9pm.
The para para panel was being held at the "Embassy Hotel" this year, which is weird because it's always been held in the Hyatt. When we got into the para para panel, the worst possible random thing happened.
OH!!! WHAT BAD LUCK!!!!!!!
I was sitting and waiting for the panel to start, then all of a sudden, all the fire alarms started flashing and the sirens were ringing. Then there was an announcement that said, "THIS IS NOT A DRILL CAN EVERYONE PLEASE EVACUATE THE BUILDING!!!!" I grabbed my newly purchased JE magazine and evacuated with everybody else. I got a few pictures and a lot of video footage. After I walked out of the hotel, I soon discovered... THE HOTEL'S ON FIRE!!!! There was a lot of smoke rising from the hotel. Then there were 5 firetrucks and many police cars. I can't believe the building was on fire!!! I knew I smelled something burning in that hotel. That is insane, I made it out of a fiery hotel!

I can't believe my luck, I can't attend para para because the hotel is on fire! This is real bad publicity for ACen! At least I'm safe, right?

Since I couldn't go to para para, I headed back to aLoft with Jason. All we did was eat ramen and snacks. We also played multiple rounds of pool in the lobby. We stayed up really late!

Jason about to take his shot.
Not much happened today... FIRE!
I need to pack up my stuff and buy more things because tomorrow is the last day of ACen. I should go to  sleep now.

Until next time, bye again

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As you can tell, I woke up very early!!!
We ended up arriving at the convention center a little bit after 10am.
It's okay because everything opens at 10am.

When we arrived at the Donald E. Stephens convention center, we walked straight into the exhibitor's hall. It felt weird when I was shopping with my friend and roommate, because I was the only person buying stuff. It was awkward... Sylwia didn't bring any money and my roommate refused to buy anything until Miki arrived. It's really weird when you're the only person spending money.

One of the regular vendors that return every year, they sell cute bentos and accessories. The shop is called "Happy Japan," I see them every year. I saw this adorable "tako"(octopus) plush and I was thinking... this looks familiar, I will buy you and name you Nisshi, because of those adorable lips!!!

My friend was standing next to me when I was paying for this cute plush. My friend looked at the octopus and immediately said, "Nissy?!" Why do we think the same? I cannot even begin to explain how that works.

We walked around a little more and there was a large group of people that were cosplaying as characters from "Ouran Host Club." I think group cosplay is awesome, because it's fun and you aren't alone.

Really though... I have no idea how that Naruto got into the shot.
As we continued walking... we encountered a giant Chocobo!!!

Hehe, giant Chocobo!!!

I just bought some random things from the exhibitor's hall, like for example, these super cute "Death Note" figurines.

I got really lucky!!! I actually got the ones I wanted! I love Light and "L." These types of figurines always come in the randomized boxes, so each purchase is a surprise! I bought a hand-painted wood panel of "Okami," but I'll put it up later... It's so beautiful!

I also bought Luffy's straw hat from "One Piece!" I was surprised to even see it being sold at ACen. I also bought Dr. Hiruluk's flag. This one shop at ACen was only selling two pirate flags, one was Dr. Hiruluk's and the other was Captain Shanks's. You can see how happy I am about the straw hat as I'm taking a picture in front of the flag.

There's going to be more talk about One Piece, because my cousin got me into it years ago and he's attending ACen with me! I have more ACen pictures, but I'll shove them into a folder later.

I was shopping all day, my back was hurting and so was my feet!
By the time I finished, the exhibitor's hall was closed. After closing time is when all the fun stuff happens!!! I finally got to attend my favorite old panel, "Your Favorite Anime Sucks!" It's a simple improv act done by these guys from out of state. Basically, the hosts pick a person from the audience and asks them to suggest an anime to BASH!!! Yep, you pick em and they rag on it!!! The whole point is to pick an anime that you like. They will relentlessly attack every poor aspect and quality based on your suggestion. They make it so funny though! They bashed "Bloody Monday," good enough for me and what they said was true. "The main character, Falcon... all he does is rape computers and keyboards and at one point he had an enemy(his teacher, Maya) in custody, but he gives into her seduction and becomes her pet!(this seems to become a pattern regarding his evil teacher) All it proves is that Falcon spends too much time on computers and he's really dumb if he keeps falling for the same tricks from his teacher. Bloody Monday just becomes continuously confusing the further you get into it."

The next panel I went to was "ANIME HELL" which is a super line-up of edgy, violent, profane, messed up, randomness which would have anything to do with Japan or anime. They showed more Dr. Tran than usual, so bloody but cool. A classic they must show is "FISH FIGHT!" the strangest music video about fish I have ever seen, It's funny because all of the singers are wearing fish hats, the song is really catchy too. There were a lot of videos this year. "REJECTED" was also another classic they showed this year, it's always used as a finale, so everyone knows when the panel will end. It was really fun!!!

I got back to the hotel around midnight, I believe. I was a little tired and hungry because I didn't eat. My cousin who also watch ANIME HELL with us was a little tired, but he really wanted to watch one of my "One Piece" movies. Cousin Ex loves "One Piece" so much. Surprisingly, he isn't much of a Luffy fan, he prefers Luffy's brother, Ace. I showed him that there was a place that sold Luffy's hats and he gave me a quick "bah!" Then he told me that hne'd rather buy Ace's hat because it looks much cooler. Ex did see the Hiruluk flag I put up in the room, he got all excited. He really wanted to buy it, I told him about Captain Shanks's flag and he really wanted to buy that one too.

I turned on the 9th One Piece movie, the one before "Strong World."
The 9th One Piece movie is about Chopper's beginnings and his story. It was so sad, this was the only One Piece movie that actually makes me cry. Ex really wanted to watch so I turned it on for him. I let the movie play until he fell asleep. He totally fell asleep while watching the movie, he couldn't even get halfway through the movie.Even I'm pretty tired right now.

Until next time, more updates on the way tomorrow!
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6 days until ACen people, how ya holding up?!
I'm studying my butt off today!!!!

Okay....... I might have completed watching "Delicious Gakuin" today.... Leave me alone people, what can I say... Its awesome and its a funny show!!! But now... the visual of Rouma spanking Matthew's ass is a bit disturbing... OMURICE DANCE = BEST THING EVER!!!! I am having too much fun right now...

Anyways, as I was studying, I signed into my AIM.... guess who I saw, yup... Marvin! He tells me I'm not on the net much. Ha! In your face!

I was talking with him about random topics. We eventually got into topics regarding Asian, then it dove into Japanese stuff. Eventually... we were talking about hentai and the industry. How on earth did I get into a conversation about hentai?! Thanks a lot Marvin!!! I'm kidding it was my fault for even starting on this topic... So here I am talking about random hentai stuff... Don't get me wrong, I'm into that kind of stuff. It only came up because I mentioned "Ai no Mukidashi. (Love Exposure)"  Yep people, you know what I'm talking about! All of us love that movie, it was awesome... disturbing but awesome!!! Nishijima's role of course, was the highlight of the movie. My favorite scene was after he graduated from upskirt photography, well... the part where he goes all psycho and slices everyone up is cool too! That one scene of him smacking his crotch looked really weird. He obtained more fans through the movie. Maybe if his buddy Shinjiro were in a movie, he might get super popular too... OH WAIT HE DOES HAVE A MOVIE. AAA is getting better and better as far as cinema! As everyone knows, Sion Sono's latest work has been considered one of the best "epic hentais" since the movie is nearly 4 hours long. Still though I was talking to Marvin about hentai, that still cracks me up!!!!!!!!

I own "Ai no Mukidashi" on DVD with subs... the movie is seriously epic. Marvin needs to watch part of it sometime. This movie is awesome, I took film class, I would know!!!

Here I am "studying," not!
I really should be...
I'll get to it... eventually...

That's enough randomness for one day!!!
Until next time, bye for now!!!
I know you're reading this, Marvin!
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I woke up around noon today, because I obviously slept late last night.
Like my new Yusuke icon? I made it years ago from being bored.
That lovely quote from the "Hana-Kimi" drama... Hahaha!! Murderous intent...

This afternoon (since I didn't wake up this morning) I did a good amount of online shopping on the computer. I was looking up new laptops for myself. I did some digging and found this really cool Toshiba model. It's so nice, it's got a 4gb ram, duo intel i3 processor(wish for a quad... not happening), it has a decent graphic card, dvd drive, multi-card reader, the processor speed runs at 2.16GHz, and it has a 320gb capacity. It sounds so sweet. This model... 4gb ram + 2.16GHz i3 processor = INSANE SPEED!!! *drools* As long as it's fast, it makes me happy. This laptop runs just as fast as a standard gaming laptop, but gaming laptops range in the $2000 price. This model here, the Toshiba Satellite L505-GS5035, runs at a rate similar to a gaming laptop but only costs around $700.

I need something with a fast processor to run my editing software. The Toshiba runs faster than my current broken down laptop. It's so slow that my edited videos lag at random points. My laptop is so damaged that I need to shove a toothpick into my port drive in order to prevent my headphone auxiliary jack from falling out. When I get my new laptop... I can finally edit in peace at high speeds. To hide this from my parents, I bought the same screen size and my current laptop has a "Baka ga Miru" decal on it, it's fortunately reusable. I can just stick the decal onto my new laptop, the perfect cover-up.

I can't wait to put all my editing software on it!!!

Later on, after finding my dream notebook... I finally got to see "Ponyo." That movie was sooooooo cute. Ponyo was adorable. Oh man... Miyazaki never fails to amaze me with beautiful animated films. It's so similar to the story of "The Little Mermaid." But minus the creepy sea witch Ursula. Ponyo is watered down (meaning it conveys simple messages and is a very innocent movie). Actually... Ponyo didn't look like there were any villains in the movie. Like... Ponyo's dad came off a little evil and mean, but halfway through the movie the dad realizes the situation more clearly and begins to accept things and become more open-minded. Overall it was a great movie! I loved this quote from the movie, SO CUTE "Ponyo loves Sosuke, Ponyo loves Sosuke!!!"

I love Ponyo so much now!!!
Until next, bye everyone

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Anyone ever seen this movie?
Cats Don't Dance (1997) by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Cats Don't Dance is my all time favorite animated movie. This was the only non-Disney film where I found the songs to be quite addicting.
I hadn't seen this movie in a really long time. Actually, I haven't seen this since I was a kid. I had the sudden urge to watch it again. Just yesterday I was looking up some American animated films that I haven't watched yet, like "Surf's Up", I was in the mood for penguins. On the animated movies list Cats Don't Dance was listed, but it was already late, so I went to sleep. I just downloaded it today.

The movie follows a simple storyline.
The main character "Danny the cat" (on the right) has big dreams of becoming a Hollywood star, so he journeys from Kokomo, Indiana to Hollywood, California where he has many musical adventures with his new co-stars.

However, on Danny's path to stardom, there must be a villainous antagonist.

The villain in this movie is the adorable child actress "Darla Dimple," but of course she hides behind the facade of "America's sweetheart, lover of children and animals," but deep down inside she cares about no one but herself. That mass of innocence is nothing more than an harbinger of doom. In the entire movie, whenever Danny gets close to accomplishing something, Darla Dimple and her monstrosity of a butler always finds a way to sabotage Danny. In order to keep Darla's fame and reputation secure, Darla psychotically sabotages everything. It makes the audience feel bad for Danny.

But in the end, during the the final song, "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now!", all of Darla's futile attempts to destroy Danny's chance to stardom only makes Danny's performance better. At the end of the show, Darla's true face is revealed to the public as an evil selfish child and as her career plummets, Danny becomes a new rising star.

No matter how hard you try to destroy someone's dream...
Dreams are indestructible, get a life!

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