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Yeah, there was an earthquake in Taipei, Taiwan at 6:18pm on June 19th (today).
The epicenter was on the eastern coast, but I totally felt it!

I was sitting on the floor of our apartment, attempting to cool off under the a/c. Miki on the other hand was lounging on the bed.

I was staring at the ceiling, then suddenly... *rumble* *rumble* rumble* the floor began to shake side to side under me and I fell over. I screamed, "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" Miki turns from the bed (unfazed) and asks "what's wrong?" I yelled back, "the entire apartment just shook, you didn't feel that?! wait but you're on the bed." Then Miki said, "what are you talking about? the apartment is not shaking." *rumble* *rumble* Miki then says, "... nevermind, I just felt that last one."  I finally scream "EARTHQUAKE!" Me and Miki stare at each other wide-eyed... but nothing happens.

Still doubtful, Miki says, "it was probably a thunder boom that shook the building." (as it was raining before we arrived at our apartment) I then protested, "there's no way a mere thunder boom can shake a 14-story apartment!" Then of course we get on the internet to check if it was really a quake.

Fortunately I found a Taiwan government site that has seismic activity records.
And here's what I pulled up:
Ha! Extreme proof that it totally was an earthquake!
It was a 5.1 mag.
That was the first earthquake I've ever experienced conscious.
Most earthquakes back in Chicago occur at night for some weird reason.

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Akira was fine the last time I saw him....
Then my aunt changed the water and now Akira's DEAD!

My beautiful red and purple fish!
I saw him sitting at the bottom of the tank with his eyes glazed over.
I screamed, HE'S DEAD, HE'S DEAD!!!

This is the second fish my aunt has done in.
I've been mourning the death of Akira all day.

Actually, this morning, my aunt gave me money to buy a new fish. So I bought a new fish, it's a Delta tail siamese fighting fish.

My new fishy:

He's so pretty, I named him "Siegfried," after Sieg Hart (favorite Rave Master character). I was deciding between that or "Shuda" (no, not Shuta, but Shuda) which is another Rave Master character.

It's ironic because I currently have a red sff named "Roy" and a white sff named "Byakko" (white tiger). Ahahaha Siegfried and Roy... and a white tiger!!!! What a coincident.

"Ah....... Akira, you have lived well.
May you frolic in pet heaven with my past gerbils, hamsters, chickens, fish, frogs, and dog.
Farewell my friend, I won't be able to make fishy faces for you anymore."

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No joke.
All throughout Chicago, a high speed wind alert has been issued from now until the end of Wednesday.

It's the first time we ever had something this serious. We're going to get hit by 65mph winds for 36hrs. We're basically getting a typhoon without the rain. The city was advised to move outdoor objects (like Halloween decor and furniture) indoors.

Did I mention my parents went back to Thailand... Miki and I have the house to ourselves.
We are prepared for a disaster, thank goodness. We have supplies in case of power outages, which are eminent, as well as water system shut downs and ruptured gas lines. Gel fuel will get us through 4hrs of cooking and we have 3 days worth of water.

I will be on lockdown (survival mode) until Wednesday. Just to warn ahead of time I won't or might not be online during lockdown period. Look at it this way, it gives me tons of time to work on the next issue of Attack All Attackers.

If you don't hear from me, then ComEd has failed us again!

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Last night...
I didn't get the chance to post because I was busy reading the updates I missed... Wow, I missed a lot of stuff!

This morning, I woke up late for work...
No one even bothered to wake me up or anything!
I ended up sleeping in, it was a nice long nap for me.

After I finally got out of bed, I read up on some random things on my computer, then I left for work. When I got to work, Miki already beat me there, even though she drove from Chicago. The first thing I saw when I walked in was a Pullip sitting on the decorative table. That Pullip doll was a new one that my mom bought, it has a Casablanca look about it. The first thing that came to mind was, "oh, our dolls must have arrived." So I went to go ask Miki who was busily carrying trays of food. Miki said, "yeah, isn't mom's doll cute, it's very classy." I asked, "what about mine?" Miki said, "yours is... missing in action!" I said, "lol... what? what did you do, toss it out the window while driving here?" Miki says, "umm... maybe..." *walks away*

After the workday ended, Miki went to the back and brought me a box with my doll in it. I happily snatched the box away like a little kid and start tearing it apart like a Christmas gift. I'm so happy my new doll is finally here. It's not a Dollfie, this time I got myself a Pullip, which looks like a mature version of Blythe. It's so cool, I love it!!!

My new doll is dressed like a lolita magician! I love her beautiful curly hair!

She came with a balance ball as and accessory, along with her top-hat.

Isn't she cute?!

I am having so much fun posing her!
Ohh... the photoshoots I'm going have with this doll, the possibilities are endless! I can't wait to start customizing her outfits! It's a good thing Pullips can fit into Dollfie clothes. They're all on the same scale, 1/6. I also saw on the ACen schedule that there's going to be a Pullip panel: Guide for beginners. I can probably get tons of pictures of other people's Pullips at the anime convention, since there's going to be a panel for it. My Dollfie must be jealous that I'm giving all of my attention to this new doll of mine. But this Pullip is so cute!

Miki got her Pullip months ago!
I just got mine today, but together, aren't these Pullip sisters adorable?

Miki's doll on the left, my doll on the right.
We can have tea parties with our dolls!
OMG! How old are we again?! I don't know why, but toys and dolls always seem to bring out that inner child within all of us. Wahhhh!!!!!! I LOVE MY NEW DOLL!!!

Until next time, bye for now.

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I can't believe it!
"Wonder Girls" are going to be touring the states and their opening act is "2pm"!
They're having their Chicago show on June 8, 2010 at House of Blues.
For those unfamiliar with Wonder Girls, they are a cute(turned sexy) female Korean pop group. Although they seem to have lost a member(rumors said she quit). The Wonder Girls are excellent dancers, very skilled, but their vocal talents are "questionable..."(crazy fans might shoot me for saying that). My theory on why Korean artists dance so well is that they were robotically programed from birth to be able to dance with mad skills...

Anyways, their music is always fun and catchy, mainly addicting, yeah... there's something about the music, it's just fun. Oh yeah, can't forget about 2pm, the opening act. 2pm is pretty good too. They can pull off the hip hop and acrobatic moves really well in their performances. One of the 2pm members is Thai, his name is Nichkhun:

I'm not a 2pm fan, but I have to say... that song of theirs, "Again and Again," was REALLY good. The choreography 'for that song' (no offense) really sucked(interesting, no doubt) but... not hot. Imagine... slow-mo + treadmill + moonwalk + reaching for that far TV remote... Interesting visual right? No, I am not killing the fandom, I believe 2pm is awesome in songs and dancing abilities(I still think AAA is better). I just really loved the Again and Again song, but I disliked the dance for it, that's all.

Wonder Girls was one of the first female pop groups I listened to regarding the Korean music industry. I love their songs, the Wonder Girls themselves were good role models for young girls. The Wonder Girls were cute, sassy, and respectable, but they were mostly empathizing on the cuteness factor. But lately... they've been getting sexier and sexier, with their image changing slowly. I really like their upbeat music and their easy to remember choreography, courtesy of JYP. The sampling used in their song tracks are very nostalgic, because their music editor mixes songs from the early 80's that were produced by JYP himself. Their songs are awesome no matter what.

Moving on...
I heard that the Wonder Girls concert already sold out!
I got REALLY lucky!!!!!! Miki and I got ourselves some tickets, but they weren't normal tickets... we got... the BACKSTAGE VIP PASSES!!!!! We get to meet Wonder Girls backstage and get pictures taken with them!!!!! If 2pm is still wandering around backstage, we could probably catch a meeting with them too. It would be a cool experience to have a brief chat with Nichkhun in Thai, that would be so awesome. Then again... I might get harassed by fangirls online(a common occurrence caused by insane fangirls) *sarcasm* "oooh I'm so scared."  Don't "fellow fan-haters" suck? We've all had our fill of that, right? Let's just hope I don't get beat on for having the opportunity to meet the Wonder Girls and 2pm.

I can't wait for this concert!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so excited!!!!!!!!! I get to meet the Wonder Girls!!! A dream come true!
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I should post this now, before I head into downtown Chicago to meet up with Miki.

Did anyone see this on the news?!

Thai Protesters Pour Own Blood Outside Gov't Gates!

"BANGKOK -- Thai protesters poured several jugs of their own blood at the front gate of the government headquarters and outside the ruling party's offices Tuesday in a symbolic sacrifice to press their demands for new elections."
Source: http://www.foxnews.com/world

Has my nation gone insane?????
I chose to be neutral to stay out of stuff like this!!!

Do you really want the whole story on this with my experience?!

Aite, listen up!
Like how in the US, we side with two major political parties: Democrats and Republicans.
Although both sides don't agree with each other, this is a free land, we all live in peace and harmony, we respect each others ideals, kind of, what I'm saying is "no one wants to kill each other (that badly)."

But overseas, we got the "Red-Shirts" and the "Yellow-Shirts."
Now these two parties hate each others guts, you have no idea.
When the "corrupted" Prime Minister "Taksin" was in power a few years ago, he was doing some outrageous things, there is valid evidence of all of his crimes while in office. My clan (excluding me)and half the nation banded together in peaceful protest against Taksin's tyranny. And they called themselves the "Yellow-Shirts." Oh yeah, did I forget to mention... my uncle is the "Governor," he's helping the "Yellow-Shirts." WE ARE THE REBELLION!!!!(excluding me) My clan (excluding me)and our supporters protested for exactly 193 days non-stop. Because the "Red-Shirts" (supporters of the impeached Taksin) are extremely violent, they kicked us (excluding me)down and threw bricks at us(excluding me).

Notice how I keep saying "excluding me." I don't want to be a part of this insanity. I am among the very few in my clan who declares neutrality and are considered "White-Shirts", which means "clean" or on neither sides. At least I have the common sense of knowing, "stay out of the crossfire and stay alive."

Actually... a few days ago, one of my STUPID relatives got blown up by a bomb set up by a "Red-Shirt." I will not cry or grieve, because I was taught not to have emotions for the deceased... And I really don't care, they were stupid for getting involved in the first place.

If a Red-Shirt is in power, then the Yellow-Shirts get mad(which was the first real-life scenario). If the a Yellow-Shirt is in power, then the Red-Shirts get mad(current situation). Don't you get it you dumb government officials, no matter who is in power... neither sides will be satisfied, they're just gonna beat crud outta each other! My nation is at war with itself. My uncle better do something about it, but leave me out of it.

At least I try to remain neutral most of the time. Being open-minded and waiting for enough evidence to pass judgment. "Humans are illogical, they speculate without properly gathering evidence and jump to conclusions, but they also tend to pass unjustified judgment without so-called 'proof', it is these reasons why they become just as guilty as their own speculations."
Dr. Lopez, Sociology Class, Wilbur Wright College.

This is deep stuff, I need a break...
Until next time, bye...


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