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Okay, for those who didn't know, I've been bedridden all week because my health hasn't been very good and I can't walk.

Next thing, I sent out all these e-mails and gotten no replies for several weeks. I'm still waiting on Arata and Sai. Dammit I really wanted Sai to visit me next year. I haven't seen Sai in like five years. Sai is totally capable of visiting cuz there's not much to do out there.

So one of the things that totally delay me in drawing new comics in AAAttackers is all the model kits I have. I actually would've finished "High School Memories" a lot sooner, but there was one thing bothering me so much... I haven't finished building Liger Zero Jager. Basically, I go crazy if I have an incomplete model kit sitting around. It just eats away at me until I finish it. Part of it is because I will end up losing components or pieces, even though the kit is neglected by me, other people will move it around to clear space, hence misplacing some pieces.

But of course I finished it or else the comic would not have been drawn. I spent $150 on the model kit, well it's a master kit, it had over 50 runners(1,820 pieces). That's more than a Gundam master-grade. I custom painted some portions too or else it would've been mostly blue. I think painting is the most time consuming thing to do. Here's some pictures:

Jager w/jetpack but no armor                     Jager w/armor from side                     Jager different angle
It took me several days to build it but Jager looks so badass. Yes, building model kits is my supreme hobby asides from drawing.

Oh man, I got more model kits arriving at my house soon. I gotta start building "Wild Tiger" soon (expect delays in the next comic). Then I got "Leena ver. Gun Sniper: Wild Weasel Mode," "Hi-Nu Gundam," and "Liger Zero Panzer." I'm considering buying a "Berserk Fury" just to have an antagonist.

Then I got my birthday coming up. Got lots of stuff to build.

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I missed everyone!!! I can't believe an entire semester has gone by already.
School has kept me away, but I am now done with classes for the time being. That means I can continue updating AAAttackers, YAY! I got a whole bunch of new ideas during the hiatus and I can't wait to put them into use.

Oh yeah, I promised to share the cosplay I was working on.
So I built a large robot suit from my favorite mecha series "Zoids." This specific model is called "Liger Zero Schneider," it is Liger Zero's close-combat form. I also put these pictures up on deviantart. My account name on DA is epiknoodles cuz they didn't let me use spaces.

It turned out totally awesome!

There I am in the 2nd picture adjusting my glasses.

My cousin is holding the original scale model of what I built as my cosplay as a comparison.

But yeah, I built this entire robot out of carboard. I am so happy and proud of myself for being able to build something so magnificent on such a large scale. I'm sad to say that I ended up not taking my awesome cosplay to the anime convention. This was because my parents disapproved of the entire thing, mainly saying that it was over-sized, hard to walk in, and it's a walking hazard.

I was super sad during the entire convention because I couldn't cosplay. They tried to get me to wear one of my old cosplays (like my Bleach shinigami outfit). I refused because I didn't want to go through the trouble of digging it up from storage.

Also, there weren't very many cosplayers that I was interested in taking pictures of this year. I got Neku from "the world ends with you" in the first picture. I've really gotten into the "Persona" fandom, so I took a picture of a group cosplaying as some of the girls from "Persona 4" in the second picture.

When I looked over the pictures I took... I busted out laughing because of the second picture. I'm talking about Naoto (second pic, wearing the blue cap, standing in the middle). The look on Naoto's face in the picture... priceless... She's got a derp face in the picture I took. Derpy Naoto, lol. Enlarge the picture, you'll see what I mean. But I know the character this person is cosplaying as is rather callow and serious, that derp face killed the imagery I had for Naoto Shirogane for a short moment and it made me giggle. The next day, I ran into different Naoto (this one has her gun, awesome!) and she was with another fellow P4 cosplayer dressed as Yosuke in the third picture. Little did I know that they were the panel hosts of the Persona Panel I was about to attend...

I had fun at the convention this year, even though the programming sucked since their schedules were messed up and apparently there weren't very many panel suggestions this year which in turn created a mess of random panels (most of them being DIYs). I'm upset about not being able to cosplay this year. It's okay, I'll cosplay as Narukami Yu from Persona 4 next year, I really wanna carry a golf club and tarot card.

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I've been taping up corners all week.
The contents of my entire room are now in the basement. I put on a layer of primer yesterday and today we put on the last two coats of the semi-gloss finish I picked out. We went with a different brand so instead of the forest green which was my second choice, I actually got that green apple color I wanted.

My hands are all white and one of my feet is white, but I'll get to that story way later.

We only finished my room, two more to go...
Right now I'm helping Miki clear out her room.

I need to prime all the rooms in the house, then I need to paint them. After that, I need to install hardwood flooring in the hallways and kitchen. Yeah... I know how to install floors... my dad and I are the fix-it people of our house.

I'm fantasizing about the new fixtures I will be putting in my room. New furniture and stuff. I want to have a spot  where I can worship display all of my Reborn! action figures. I really really want a bookshelf. My manga reaches the ceiling and I have no place for it.

Damn my vacation is taking a lot longer than I thought.

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Now that I finished up AAAttackers just before the holidays, I can start up "Project Schneider."

I will be working on a human scale quad-suit for this year's anime convention.
For those familiar with the Zoids universe, LZ Schneider is just about the coolest machine ever!!! Soul Tiger is still pretty cool too.

This is top secret, so future mention of this project will be locked to friends only, also because I need to keep a log of this project.

"Buster Slash!"
I start... tomorrow (I think)....


Nov. 10th, 2010 11:53 pm
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I totally forgot about Naoya's birthday.
I saw an early post and I was freaking out because I couldn't believe I forgot and I didn't draw anything. I started working on the birthday comic last night, I stayed up till 2am.

So what is the cake monster up to now...
I made this awesome animated icon which I love! Just where does all that cake go? An infinite loop of cake eating...

But yeah, I just finished posting it up on AAAttackers a few minutes ago. I love the animation I did for this one.


Oct. 17th, 2010 11:23 pm
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Bah! Why am I still typing...
Pain from pumpkin...

GAH! Just go to
Attack All Attackers to see THE GREAT PUMPKIN!

I made the most awesomest Halloween jack-o-lantern!

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The long awaited tribute post has finally been put onto AAAttackers.
Yesterday(Japan time)/ Today(US time) is Nishijima's birthday. So I made a tribute in drawing to "chalong"(celebrate) his birthday. I started working on it at 6pm yesterday and I didn't get to post it until 1am. I think the new comic is awesome! I animated two of the panels in the comic. Both animations are synced together, which is not exactly difficult, but it's tedious. It was done with 98 motion frames. It became such a high number because of Naoya's hair. I wanted to make it look cool and creative. I hope everyone likes it.

I was too lazy to write in my journal last night, so I just went straight to sleep. I was really tired too. I mean, really tired.

I finished some fan art for next week's super special extremely awesome homage.
That is... if you understand what the significance of October 3rd is...
Although irrelevant, association is still in the back of my mind.

I love being vague!
Get ready for my Shinjiro homage week!

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That reminds me AGAIN!
I am so scared of not being able to make my deadlines. I know you guys don't really care when I get my cartoons up, but it's taking me forever with the Nishijima tribute. One, not enough time and two, the stupid ink keeps smearing and ruining my paper. Oh the horribly irony, I didn't finish Nishijima's BUT I did finish the Shinjiro homage, which is weird since I started on the other first. I'm trying my best. I can probably get it up by late Tuesday or Wednesday. I know you guys don't care about when I post it up, BUT I DO! I scare myself! JUST HOW ON EARTH DID I MANAGE TO FINISH SHINJIRO'S FIRST?! I don't even need to post it until next week, this saddens me...

This is so unlike me, but I was watching "DA BEARS!"
FYI That's what Chicagoans call them.
There was a game tonight, da Chicago Bears vs the Green Bay Packers.

I was on the edge of my seat.
Packers were leading in the beginning, they had possession most of the time too. I almost thought da Bears weren't gonna make it. During the later half of the game was the real game changer, Bears caught up and tied the game, 17:17. During the last few minutes, da Bears had possession and they were so close to the goal line. Instead of dashing for it, they waited it out to get a kick. The ball goes through the goal-posts..... and WE WIN!!!!!!!! Bears win 20 to 17!!!!!! That makes 3 wins and 0 loses.

This is weird, I don't even really like football.
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Does everyone remember those scenes from "Hide-Away?"
I'm talking about the scenes where the AAA members are singing separately with a flower blooming next to them.

Yes, the pretty flowers!

You know, the flowers that they accelerate the speed to make it look like it's blooming instantly and unrealistically.

I recorded one myself!!!
Do you understand how tedious it is to film the motion of blooming?! Flowers don't just spring up and bloom like they do in the cartoons. It's a whole process in itself.


It's really difficult!
My mom has this special plant, it blooms randomly, BUT it ONLY blooms at night. It does not bloom in broad daylight. Another interesting fact is that the flower does not grow from a stem, it grows out of the plant's leaves. This plant is very difficult to capture on film, because it rarely blooms at all. According to Asian folklore, this flower is very special, if one were to witness it bloom, they would be granted eternal good fortune.

So there I am sitting in the backyard with a giant search lamp pointed at the nearly blooming flower. I set up my video camera and recorded for 4 HOURS! Can you believe that this flower takes 4 hours to be in full bloom? I recorded the whole 4 hours, start to finish. After filming I did tons of speed editing. No one wants to sit and watch my video for 4 hours. I've reduced the 4 hours into 21 little seconds.

This is what it looks like at 500x accelerated speed!
Here's my video, fully edited of course. Please have a look, it's 21 seconds. Sorry, it's not cool like "Hide-Away," so it doesn't have any special effects. It's straight out of my backyard.

It's so cool.
That's the magic of nature!

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I finally have the patience and tolerance for this.
I've started my own comm, but I currently don't have any content to fill it up with.
Since I've never been good with setting stuff up, I was just going to have Maciek help me out a bit.

Here's what I wrote in the profile:

"I was cleaning up the piles of paper and junk in my room, when I uncovered all of my old comic strips and panels I used when I still worked in illustration. It was all of my original ideas in storyboard form. I though, "Hey, why not? I could still use these." I've always wanted to have my own fan art/web-comic page. I've always been thinking about it, but haven't had the chance to plan it out. I was first inspired by another web-comic called "Dub This!" it was run by an acquaintance of mine. But that web-comic is no longer running. I want to give this try."

It's a dream come true... But now I'm afraid.
More like nervous. Speech class should take care of that... I'm going off topic...

Right now, I'm working on the "character profiles" and "bio pictures."
I still need to figure out how to draw everyone.
Because I have no idea what he looks like right now. I'm working very hard, but I'm taking a short break, because I need to clear my mind for Psychology class tomorrow.

Please don't look at my unfinished comm, it's embarrassing.
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I've been so busy this month.
I've been working on a personal project, working on myself, working at work, working on my Japan schedule and working on skating techniques. My journals have been unusually short because of it. Part of the lost time is from me playing video games all day just because I now have time for that.

Is it super lame of me to be playing a "Bakugan" game on my DS? Because I've been really bored too. My status bar says I've finished 64% of the game. the game is very repetitive. I got a little bored and got Ragnarok online for my DS. I've always played the online version of it. My "gunslinger," Ueda, is already at level 99 and I have the best weapon too. I like the DS one because I don't need to talk to other people. The other players are nice, but sometimes I run into jackasses every once and a while.

Was it weird of me to name my "archer" character "Shuta?"

The one with the red hair is Shuta.
For those familiar with Ragnarok, I've already got him up to "hunter" class. But I was thinking... wouldn't it be be cool if I named my arrow shooter Shuta? If I made a knight character, I probably would've named him something silly, like "Sir Scaredalot." As far as rpgs go, I'm well known for my hit and run style... It's mostly a lot of running.
My custom screen validates my character's name.

You can see the name in the upper-left corner. You can tell that I was pretty bored. I'm currently 17% through the game. Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures. I snapped some shots on my DS with my phone. I've been spending my freetime training Shuta, basically...

I wasn't even supposed to go to work today. Monday isn't my shift, it's my day off. My roommate was already there, there was no point for me to even go. They had all the help they needed!!! But NO!!! They still insisted that I go over there too. I was really mad, I didn't need to be there! I ended up going to work today, but I didn't enjoy it. I just sat and played Ragnarok on my DS. I refused to work today. I answered a few phone calls, but that was the extent of my services because everyone else there had no right to force me out to Batavia to work on a day I don't work on. I just sat and stared at customers that walked in and scanned the room, looking for a waitress to seat them. When customers signaled for help or their bill, I just ignored them, because I'm just a cashier, I don't do tables. I was informed that my task for the day was ONLY cashier. Other tasks are optional, but I was pissed and didn't feel like doing anything.

Also, the head chef was fed up with my immaturity and hit me. Literally HIT ME! It wasn't the usual nudge, it was a full on punch that left a bruise. I SAID THAT I WASN'T GOING TO WORK BECAUSE IT'S NOT MY SHIFT, YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO HIT ME!!!!!!!!!!! I can hardly move my arm, it's bruised up really bad. It hurt so much. I stood at the cash register crying. I cried for half the day. Customers walking in had very confused looks when they saw me crying. I cry looking down, so it was difficult to tell I was crying. I did not deserve to get beaten up in the kitchen when I didn't belong there today in the first place. SERIOUSLY!!!! WHAT IS THE HEAD CHEF'S PROBLEM?! WHY DID YOU NEED TO BEAT ME UP IN FRONT OF EVERYONE?! I WOULD'VE PREFERRED SCOLDING!

I'm sort of still mad, I'll recover.
I'm off to sleep....
until next time, bye again.

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I already miss the excitement of ACen.
I wanna go back! I only feel this way because this anime convention is once a year! I still need to upload pictures to my album so people can see the cosplay pictures. I'll do that when I have time to steal them off of Miki's camera. Yet again, the cosplay wasn't as interesting as three years ago. There was a lack of creativity this year and fewer people were cosplaying.

Because the economy is so horrible, the number of vendors decreased by nearly half the amount from two years ago. There's this one vendor, a young Japanese man and his mother, they run a J-rock booth, but since "Man in the Dress" owns the original J-rock booth, I've always called this guy's booth the CD shop(it's the only place that sold J-rock CDs). The guy and his mother are really nice, I especially like his shirts, he always wears these punk black lace-up shirts, so cool... Anyways, besides being in love with the shirts he wears, for the past few years, his booth has roughly been the size of about two and a half stalls. But this year, his CD shop has been reduced to HALF a stall. Talk about a downgrade!!! It costs quite a bit to rent out space to sell merchandise. I always remember his shop being really big and filled with a lot of stuff. Aww.. this year he only had a handful of CDs and a few Gundams. From over the counter I can see his poor mother trying to make herself comfortable in the tiny cramped area that hardly has any walking space(there were boxes back there too). They couldn't fit a chair back there, so I could see her struggling while trying to sit on the floor. I felt bad and it was strange to see their shop be so small. I bought a Gundam from their place, but the Gundam I wanted was up really high on a shelf and my short self couldn't reach it. The shelf with the Gundams is facing outwards from the booth and counter, meaning he can't reach anything on that shelf while behind the counter. So, the poor guy(GAH! Now I feel really bad for making him do this) had to walk through curtains(separates his place from neighboring booths), through other people's booths/shops and all the way around the entire row of shops, all because his shop is tiny and enclosed. The guy had to stumble through other people's shops just to get out of his own shop. I am so sorry!!!!!! If I had been taller, then I wouldn't have put him through so much trouble over an unreachable Gundam. I feel so bad!!! I'm sorry dude!

Anyways, that same Gundam from his shop...
I just finished building it today! I love building models and I've made buying Gundams from ACen a new tradition. I love my new Gundam, but I still feel really bad about what happened when I was buying it...

The Gundam turned out great!

It looks really cool, but I think the orange is a bit too bright.

This is a record building time for me. I've never built a Gundam this fast before. The Gundam I bought last year took a week to build. This one is a "master grade" like my previous one, but I built it in one day. What fascinates me most about this Gundam is it's versatile weapon. It's primarily a giant sword, but you can transform it into FIVE different weapons!!! I was too lazy to fold and transform it, so I just left it as a giant sword.

Besides building my Gundam, I played "Little Big Planet" with Miki for a while. But that was it. I mainly just worked on my Gundam the whole day... No school and temporarily... no work!!!!!!!!! Other than that... I want ACen 2011 to hurry up!!!!!!!! I can't wait for the next convention and I'm always curious about who the guest performer is... In 2009, M.O.V.E. had the best concert!!!!!! Speaking of concerts, I have another one coming up in June? June 8 I believe, Wonder Girls and 2pm, this is going to be fun! I get to meet Wonder Girls!!!

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I don't have time because I need to leave, but I did film a bit this morning.

My biggest issue would probably be uploading videos through Wi-fi.
It'll be really slow, but at least I can do updates!
Here's my quick boring video...

I need to get going. More updates on the way!!!!!!!!!!

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ACen is tomorrow!!!
I still need to do some panel planning!!! Last minute stuff is so fun! It's easier to plan with an actual correct schedule in your hands. The official schedules are much easier to read.

I need to go to sleep, so I'll turn in early!
I need to wake up SUPER EARLY!!!!!!!
But I made a little video as an intro to ACen!!!
Tada!!! Me and my insanity, I want to show this to Arata too.
Another successful video!!!!!

If you want to watch it, be my guest.
If not, then oh well, I had fun making it.
Another one of my homemade videos with my awesome editing abilities!!! I wasn't able to keep the camera from shaking. Weak floorboards and I couldn't film anywhere else because it was raining outside. Hehehe... like I'm one to talk! I'm an otaku too, I'm obsessed with anime, manga and video games!!! Buying some good stuff at ACen before that item sells out is a battle on it's own. Crazy fans everywhere, I just hope I don't get severely glomped or get into a fight or anything. And no, I don't really think ACen is silly, I said that due to a moment with lack of words. I so excited.

Anyways, I still have some packing to do. You know, more food, more movies to watch. I'm excited about the para para panel hosted by Team FITWOD. It'll be my third time seeing their lessons. I love watching and filming people dancing para para. This year is going to be awesome!!!!! I can't wait!!! Lots of filming to be done!

Okay!!! Going to sleep now!!!
Unitl next time, see ya at ACen!!!

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Yeah, about the title, I'm going to keep this short and simple because it's late and I really want to go to sleep so my brain can function in math class tomorrow.

This morning I woke up around 10am, which is usually faster than when I'd normally wake up. I got out of bed and when I walked to the living room, I saw Miki lounging on the couch watching re-runs of "Gossip Girl," I think she's addicted... I got stuck eating airplane food for breakfast, it was cheese enchiladas this time, I drenched them in spinach dip so it wasn't too cheesy.

I was sewing a new cosplay outfit for my new doll the entire morning. My biggest problem was that the templates for sewing the clothes (which we got off the internet) weren't exactly the same scale. The outfits turned out much smaller, even after I intentionally increased the size of the patterns when sewing. I will post up a picture of the finished outfit when it's done, I'm still halfway there.

Later that morning, Miki went off to the gym, leaving me alone with my sewing machine.
I took a short break from sewing and got myself a bottle of blueberry soda. I just bought it yesterday because I was so curious of how it would taste. It's a strange flavor... blueberry soda?

So I drank it and it was tart like blueberries. But judging from the color, it looked a lot like grape soda. It was very interesting. As far as sodas go, you wouldn't expect it to be tart.

Today in art class, since I already presented my project, I got to watch everyone else's. There was this one classmate of mine who was still stuck in Spanish mode while presenting. I know his English is really good, but the pressure of the in-class presentation must've made the guy nervous and made him speak with a Spanish accent. Well, in Spanish the letter "h"(hache) is silent in the Spanish language(I've been taking Spanish for 4 years).
This was my favorite quote from that guy's presentation, because he messed up: "This is the painting of St. George slaying the dragon, this painting is very erotic...... no no no no... uhh.. I mean to say, this painting is very heroic." Nice recovery!

On the way back home, because I live in a Polish neighborhood, there's a deli on each block, I stopped by a deli to pick up some dinner. I bought some Kielbasa(of course) and I also got some blood sausage, which I haven't eaten in a long time. I got back home and boiled the blood sausage. I then used the stock of the blood sausage to make a wonderful soup. after boiling it, I pan-fried the blood sausage.
So here's my dinner:

I had blood sausage with breaded mushroom bites and soup that was made from the sausage broth. I cooked a lot today, Miki ended up eating most of it. It was a really good meal.

My day was really short, there wasn't much going on today, a few surprising news flashes, but just another short day. Okay, I need to go to sleep so I won't be tired for class.

Until next time, bye again!

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My art paper's presentation was due TODAY!!!!!
I was supposed to prepare a powerpoint presentation and some notes. I was working on my powerpoint last minute, go figure, I am talking about myself afterall! I made a decent slideshow of Audrey Kawasaki's paintings. But I was so distracted today!!!! Miki was watching "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" which is a show where Jamie Oliver goes around and tries to change the way people eat and he wants to change the foods in the school system, because according to recent statistics, our generation is at risk of dying before our parents. It's because of our unhealthy eating habits we have developed. He's trying to convince a whole town in West Virginia that, they need to make better choices in what they eat. and part of it begins in the school system. Anyways... that show is so distracting!!! Miki had to had watch it while I was doing my assignment! I couldn't keep my eyes off the TV, it was horrible!!!! I had to finish the rest of my project, but Food Revolution and...... WAHHHHH!!!! It was all so confusing. I finished the slideshow pretty fast, the only thing that concerned me was the notes. My notes were terrible!

I left the house and got to school a little late. I kinda walked in during a classmate's presentation... awkward... One by one everyone in my art class went up to the podium and spoke about their favorite artist or art movement... Then it was my turn, I was the last to go... I was so nervous, you have no idea! My heart was thumping heavily, I was sweating, my entire body was shaking, and I could hardly speak. I was beyond terrified. My voice was really shaky too. I kept getting jumbled in my sentences, I would pause a lot, and the majority of sounds that came from my mouth were: umm, ahh, hmm, uhh, and eh. It didn't help that I was palming my face out of frustration the whole time, I was literally slapping myself. Some classmates were actually laughing at my display of pain.

I'm afraid of my grade for the presentation, what if Lina took off a lot of points?!
It's nice to have a friend who is your art professor, but it isn't so nice when your friend thinks they're funny and will taunt you until you die. My art professor jokes with me too much, I can't take her seriously. Lina refuses to tell me about my progress in class. I had Lina for drawing class once before, she never had anything nice to say about my drawings. She always said I was lazy with my drawings. You guys have seen my sketches that I've spent days on, do you think those look effortless and lazy?! I think she just says that to get me to work harder. But she did teach me how to draw without seeing, improvision skills for drawing. It was interesting since I'm starting to go blind. There are so many things I want to do and see before I go completely blind... Or unless I can get someone else's eye to replace mine, then I'll be fine.

It's nice...
The hit count for my creations is slowly going up. Progress is nice!
I was recently reminded of my first video creation I shared on the internet. I still have it, but I feel bad about the file size, it's almost 500 MB! I did make a newer revised edition of that same video. Since it's requested by popular demand, "Dance Corner" will return... eventually. Or at least until I compress it efficiently. I do mean the REVISED EDITION, which has never been seen/released before. YES! I will get working on that AFTER my anime convention!

Until next time, *yawn* wow, I'm really sleepy... good night.

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I feel so accomplished!!!
It took me 9 hours trying to figure out how to put that post under a cut!
I finally figured it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I can finally relax a little...

Oh yeah... here's the screencaps:

It took a lot of energy just to write everything down, details and such. I can see why updates are no joke... and how frustrating the computer is when it refuses to let you post all of your content. Thank you MS Word! IT TOOK ALL DAY TO UPLOAD THESE!!! Well... at least everything worked out!

By the way, I was only able to accomplish all of this because I weaseled my way out of working today, so I've been in Chicago all day. Okay, I'm going to go play "Super Smash Bros. Brawl," come get me when the world ends(oblivious to everything when playing video games).

Until next time, bye for now.

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Okay, I finally finished my videos... right now(it's 2:45 am)
Uhh... now what???
I'm kidding, I still need to upload them, which I will do later today.

Wow... I've never written a post way AFTER midnight before, this is new.

I thought the videos were going to take forever, there was so much work put into it. I only made four... I was working on "BLOOD ON FIRE", but I gave up on it after Arata left, I can't finish it without Arata, because my translating skills suck! Mmm, I can't wait to visit Arata in Japan. I had to work with whatever I had... I remember Arata helping me with "ZERO," that was the first song I synced, because it was my first snyc, I naturally knew the song by heart. Well... if you loop the same song for about 500 times, you tend to remember it. My first sync, it really launched my interest for subbing and it reminds me of Arata. As for my subbing abilities, I was shocked to find out during my first year of cinematography class, I was the only person who knew how to sub and time... Yeah, a lot of classmates asked for advice about the world of subbing... I was just a beginner like the rest of them, like I actually knew anything, "I'm a noob too you guys!"

Well... Now I'm much better than the freshman who took beginner's cinematography that I used to be. I'm now between intermediate and advanced. If it makes a difference, I can audio edit too, my obsession for music has gotten me  so far. I got curious with sound mixing programs and now I can do interesting things on them.

I love video editing and my music collection...
I still have yet to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life.
My family disagrees on me getting into cinematography, after that denial... I have no idea what my options are anymore, I'm sadly good at too many things...

But anyways, my AAA videos, in my opinion, turned out great!
Crafted with time and patience... I just hope people like it.
I still need to organize everything and figure out how on earth I'm going to post it on the comm. I'm going to need to prepare everything on Microsoft Word before hand. And... I need to figure out how to use cuts on this site... I'll figure it out eventually... eventually...

I have class in 10 hours, I should get some sleep...
Until next time, bye again.

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Uh-huh... the New Year celebration goes on for one more day.
It continues! Tomorrow is the final day.

I woke up really early this morning to get started on my video project that I wanted to share with the comm. I'm not quite done yet, this video is difficult. Over the course of 5 hours... I finished 17 lines... this video has 44 lines(from how I set it up). I didn't even include the time I spent on the separate timing for other things. Miscellaneous timings and syncs took 14 hours already.
Here's a screen shot for you visual people.

You can open the picture if you want to see the tiny text in there.
This is what a work in progress looks like...
On one of my editing programs.
In this still, Shinjiro just seems to be staring at the camera and Hidaka appears to be blocking his face with his giant fist. I don't know, I just randomly stopped the video wherever to take a screen cap. I'm like 1/3 through the video, right? 17/44 finished?

I'm working very hard on this.
I hope to finish up and post this before the anime convention next month. I have another three videos I have already completed, this is my last one for the time being. I hope it turns out well... This video will be "extra special," I can't say what the special thing is, because it's a secret and it's one I'm proud of. I wish to finish the video(s) soon and post it up to share with everybody.

I'll work on one more synchronization line, after that, I'm going to sleep.
Until next time, bye again!

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Who am I kidding? Today was boring!!!!
I woke up later than usual and found my sister on the computer doing some online shopping. She was thinking about getting a Sansa MP3 player, but she was also paying for my new laptop. The shipping was free, but I still got hit with a $75 tax... so my new laptop ended up being almost $800 instead.

We did some shopping this morning too. I got a few things and a new pair of shoes. My shoes are so pink, that's a first... I hate pink, but the shoes were really cool. After shopping, we went to the restaurant. We arrived an hour early, so I took a nap in the car for a while. I mentioned this via phone... but I broke the restaurant's internet modem... and there's no more internet at the restaurant for now... I ended up posting comments from a phone. Typing from a phone that has a tiny keypad and me having long nails isn't very easy. I kept mispelling everything. After the very quiet workday finished, I sat around playing Gardening Mama on my DS... yes... work was tiring...

But now, I've returned to Chicago.
I'm back home.
But I accidentally left my laptop back in Lake in the Hills, but at least I can use the internet on my sister's desktop computer with a functional modem I have yet to break. I need to get started on my homework tomorrow morning. I need to get working on my videos and post them, hopefully before ACen starts next month.
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