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I participated in a charity event to donate money to Japan!
My friend Kristina who is the secretary of the college videogame club, helped set up the event and asked me to lend a hand.
Kristina helped me through English class and we helped each other with math class (I was bookless so we shared books). We'd always hang out together at ACen too. So of course I would help her out.

She told me to buy some lollipops because everyone needed more sugar so they wouldn't be depressed. So I bought a really big bag of dum-dums. I felt like I could do more...

So then I started working on a design...
Then I folded over 100 cranes!

I filled up a large jar with all the cranes I made. I put the Japanese flag on the left wing and put the name of the event on the right wing. When Kris saw them... she jumped up and down with joy and excitement. She was so amazed at my patience and my determination to fold so many cranes. She was happy to know that I too was working hard for this cause. I stayed up late to fold these. I folded these while I ate, heck, I even still folded cranes while in the dentist's chair getting a root canal. We gave the cranes as a gift to people who donated.

This is the admission/donation desk. I sat here folding some extra cranes to give away. A lot of people stood around me to watch me fold. I'm surprised of how many students don't know what a crane is let alone what origami is nor the significance of the paper cranes. That kinda makes me sad.

A lot of people donated, we had quite a large turn-out. It was so awesome, the college let us use the projector to play Rockband. Third picture, everyone is swaying, crying(not really), and singing Bohemian Rhapsody together. Fourth picture, you can't tell but everybody is head banging. "Galileo! Galileo! Galileo! Galileo! Galileo Figaro..."
It was fun, the school gave us tons of free pizza... We raised nearly $400 in donations (coming from college students, is a lot).

I'm happy that I got to help out. I'm happy that so many people supported Japan.
I'm really happy that I got to fold a ton of cranes for Japan!

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Notice the icon...
I've become a huge Spanner fan...
Technicians are so hot....

*ahem* I'm still slowly recovering from classwork. Believe it or not, I stayed up Sunday night and lost a days worth of sleep working on my workbook assignment on the "Roman Empire" for my Humanities class. There were so many questions! Roman history is so screwed up in terms of government. Being firm believers in Democracy, they killed, replaced, killed again, replaced, killed yet again, then replaced pretty much every king and emperor they ever had for several decades. The only good one they every had was Augustus Caesar and he was a smart one. I lost all interest in my prof's lectures since he puts 3/4 of my classmates to sleep which is really sad.

I've been working on updating the AAAttackers site, it's going to be so awesome now that I've refined my skills. I finished all of it, I'm putting it up today. I changed the character pictures and the layout, it's going to be good.

Oh yeah, I went to a sauna with my family last week (we got a discount). It was lots of fun! The place gives you funny looking pajamas to change into, then you can just walk into any steam room you want. They've got the weirdest rooms... the first is the experimental room, which is to adjust your body to the dry heat for the other rooms. The other... this is just wacky, this room's walls are lined in one million dollars worth of amethyst, a steam room filled with raw amethyst. Then there's a salt room were the walls are lined with mineral rock salt. Then another room with walls made of charcoal (hello carbon-monoxide poisoning!). Then... I kid you not, a room lined with real gold bricks on the walls and ceiling. The next room is made from yellow clay. AND... *drum roll* The hottest room in the facility... the FIREROOM... designed like an igloo oven, low doorway included, maximum temp is 200F... a household oven's minimum is 300F... Right when you walk into the fireroom, you see a circle of old men seated indian-style and clutching their feet while they're in extreme meditation. Once you sit down in there... you'll understand why. Not too long after walking in with my dad and taking a seat on the floor, I too clutched my feet, shut my eyes tight, tried to take my mind of the heat, and control my breathing. It felt like my face was melting off. As for the difficult stuffy air, it felt like someone was shoving lit charcoals up my nostrils. Humans aren't meant to be exposed to that high of a temperature. It was still fun and I felt so refreshed after leaving.

I got lots to work on regarding my web-comic site.

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I'm currently working on the next comic for Attack All Attackers.

This morning, I finally got my new AAA cds in the mail. As for the collectible cards. I GOT NAOYA AGAIN?! I swear, I keep getting Chiaki and Naoya cards, it's driving me insane. I have all of the cards(from different singles), but the ONLY card I don't have is Shinjiro's card. I have all of them except his!!! What luck! I just keep getting piles of Chiaki and Naoya cards with every new cd I buy. It's like there's a surplus of Naoya cards or something.

I didn't have class today. I still had to go, but all I had to do was print out my test results in the computer lab. I then ran into one of my friends in the cafeteria, since I had nowhere to chill after finishing. She had to leave, so I hung out with her friends who were staying late. One them draws mini comics like me. I was working on something for the web-comic and he saw me drawing. He asked me about it. Actually, I didn't disclose any information about it. His work is pretty interesting. But his stuff is all about ninjas, assassins, and demonic powers! So violent. He draws things on a smaller scale with such fine detail. He's one of those "one-shot" artists. Meaning, he goes straight into inking without really planning ahead in pencil first. It's an amazing talent, but it's poor technique. His stuff is really good too. If only I had my sight back, I would be able to draw like that again.

That reminds me, I've been working on a lot of tributes.
There's Nishijima's tribute coming up next week....
Then... there's Shinjiro's special homage in early October!

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This was yesterday, but I didn't have time because I worked on the Attack All Attacker's update all night. I was so worn out that I didn't post on my own journal.

We had a little fair at my college. Since I attend Wilbur Wright College, the fair was called Wilburpalooza!
It was on campus. They usually rent a ton of games and some inflatable bouncy things. Can you imagine college students playing in a bouncy castle? Yeah... I admit I bounced around for a few minutes. There were a lot of students there. They had free pizza too. We have this fair every year. There was Dance Dance Revolution, I only played for a few rounds because I have no stamina for it anymore. I was really annoyed from the metal dance pad sliding out of place. It was a heavy slab of metal, it shouldn't move! Marvin arrived right after I finished two songs. He wanted to play too, so I warned him about the moving pad. We played one round together and Marvin was getting pissed off at the pad like I was. Marvin's a hardcore dancer, so... lots of movement, he had to stop and adjust the pad frequently.

I recorded Marvin and Christina playing DDR.
Check out Marvin's sick moves!
Unfortunately, Marvin is getting a little rusty. He hasn't really played since high school.

I had to leave after recording.
I got back home and I'm greeted by a package.
I can't believe it! Arata's package arrived! Arata had shipped me my Black Rock Shooter figures.

The chibi is sooooooooooo cute!!! I love my new toys, thank you senpai!!!!!!!!!!

Arata is so nice, she even sent us some souvenirs she picked up in Okinawa!
Check this out! The famous Okinawa Star Sand!

See the white pointy pieces? Zoom in if you need to. That's the star sand. It can only be found in Okinawa, no where else in the world. Funny thing is, it really isn't sand. Those pieces are actually prehistoric micro-organisms from the sea that have died and their exoskeletons are left behind. They're like baby starfish!

There were snacks in that box too. But I'll wait until Miki returns from Taiwan.

Apparently, the MRI technician at the hospital my aunt works at, he breeds Siamese Fighting Fish. He raises them for their beauty. He has many varieties and different crossbreeds. He gave my aunt a really pretty baby Siamese Fighting Fish he had imported from Thailand.

Now I'm responsible for raising this new baby fish too.

IT'S FINS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!! My new fishy!!!
For future reference, my old Fighting fish is still alive, now I need to raise two.
The guy gave us this one for free, he said "this is the most beautiful breed, it's still a baby now, but if you take care of it, it'll grow really big and be even more beautiful." He's giving us another one next week too.

This just means I need to clean multiple tanks! (Fighting Fishes must be kept in different tanks or else they'll beat each other to death)

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I haven't been online as much as I usually am.
I've been working non-stop as I said in a previous entry to earn some extra cash for my trip. Working leaves me with almost no time to relax on the net, even after work. I would've posted more stuff but... I'm an idiot and I left my stupid charger and cellphone cord all the way in Chicago. I had pictures from my dinner, Thai fest, and Jame's b-day at the restaurant

So it turns out...
I also have a list of people to notify before and after I get to Japan... friends, cell service, bank, host family, etc...

One of my crazy friends, Maciek, decided that I should have a "going-away" party. Funny thing is... I planned a day (this Monday) and he wasn't even available to attend. Unlike me, Maciek's job requires him to be there and not miss days left and right (unlike Roel). I have job security, Maciek doesn't, so he needs to work his shift and hopefully get promoted. So... my party is this upcoming Monday, I was thinking... Gameworks and eating out. After Maciek, I sent a message to Jason. Jason's first response is that he couldn't go because he's broke, thanks Jason. He apologized though. My unreliable friends, I can't blame them though, they go through something called "life," it's something I have yet to understand the concept of. I sadly, have no knowledge of responsibilities and independence. Those are the main things holding me back from "growing up." It's also the reason why I'm still childish and have the logic and reasoning abilities equivalent to a child.

Those two are out. I was on the verge of canceling my party. Then I got a response from Marvin and he's totally up for my party. He was a little disappointed when I nearly canceled the party. As long as one person is willing to go, the party is still open. That's one check for Marvin! Today I called Izzy, but I called from the restaurant phone and she didn't recognize the number so she didn't answer until my second call. I haven't talked to Izzy since ACen, it was nice to talk to her again. I told her about my party and she's available on Monday, yay! It's the first time that Izzy and I will hang out outside of ACen and Harold Washington College.

By the way, did you guys know I go to two colleges?
I switch back and forth between Wilbur Wright College and Harold Washington College. My grades are valid for both colleges and it transfers easily. Same school system, no hassle, it's like going to the same school in a different part of town.

So far, just Izzy and Marvin are available for my party.

Okay, when I get to Japan.......
I want to buy a lot of "Zoids!" My mind is set on buying toys! Zoids are my absolute favorite motorized model kits. They're like robotic animals and they walk and roar after you assemble them. They were popular in the States for a while then popularity declined and they ceased all productions of all the Zoids products. That made them really difficult to find, since they weren't sold anymore. The US only had certain Zoid releases, well... a few of them and Japan had all the exclusive ones. While I'm in Japan, I'm going to buy the Zoids I never could buy over here. Like the "Murasame Liger," it roars and swings a katana around as it walks. Or the "Shadow Fox," it has launching missiles. There's a rare one I want too, it's called the "Whitz Tiger: Imitate Edition," it sounds like a fake but it's not, in the Zoids series, the Whitz Tiger is a reflection of the Whitz Wolf, which is why it's called the imitate. It's a very detailed model, it's so beautiful. I want this Zoid so bad, I hope I'll find it in a shop somewhere in Japan. This is a picture of the box.
*whine* I WANT THIS ZOID SOOOOOO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really hope that I'll find this in Japan. Everyone says I'm too old for this... I DON'T CARE! I WANT THIS ZOID!!!

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I was really tired from hanging out with Jason all day yesterday, so I passed out and didn't write last night. I'll write about tomorrow later.

I'm really freaked out right now.
Class starts at 1pm
Today is the first day of class... for skating school. I'm nervous! I don't know how well I'll do on my evaluation. The instructors need to see what level we are before placing us into a class.

Okay... so what do I know as far as skating.
   -push off
   -skate forward
   -pin-point turn
   -pressure scrape
   -basic brake
Gah! That's all I know! All the students there are going to be half my age, wow do I feel old.

For sure, Miki and I will be put into different classes. We skate different styles, it'd be awkward if we were placed into the same class. Miki's style is technical, mine is aggressive. Miki said that because I already knew basics, my lessons would begin on crossovers right away. Well that's good, I would prefer not to practice pushing off for two weeks, because I already know how to do that.

I can finally get my revenge on Mike for torturing me for all of last skating season.

I'm so scared of my first day!!!
Wish me luck!
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This morning, I went to a nearby town with Miki to get my new skates sharpened.
Ever since I got my new skates, I haven't sharpened them yet. The town, I don't know the name, but there's nothing out there. Chicago doesn't have a shop the specializes in blade sharpening. People in Chicago don't skate for a hobby, skating is a seasonal fun thing to do... therefore Chicagoans don't care much for skating. The man who sharpened my blade was really nice. I only paid $10 to get my blades sharpened.

When I got back home, I tried putting guards on the blades, but they kept slipping off! So I had to readjust the screws on the guards and re-tighten them. My new skates were completely different from my old skates. The blade on these is longer than my previous skates. I had to loosen the guards to get them to fit. The guards are spring loaded, making them super difficult to adjust. Now my new skates are in proper condition for skating lessons this Thursday!!!

I have a new drama I've been watching! Well, it's not a new drama, it's actually quite old. Thanks to Jason, I started watching "Shibatora." It's a "Teppei" drama.

It's another one of my cheesy detective dramas. You all know we love Teppei's little squeaky voice. This drama is pretty good. It has the humor and it has it's sappy moments too. Teppei just plays a cop who happens to be doing illegal undercover missions, so he needs to be super secretive even to the precinct he works for. If his cover is blown or the police department finds out, he's fired or ends up in jail. So far, he blows his cover nearly all the time, but it's a good thing the people he meets are faithful enough not to rat Teppei out. From what I've seen, he hasn't come close to getting fired. But overall, it's just fun to watch. THANK YOU FOR RECOMMENDING THIS DRAMA, JASON!!! I love this show!

Today, I communicated with Jason via text and we're hanging out tomorrow! Yay! This is going to be fun! We can finally finish up Love Exposure. Since Jason hasn't seen the Shibatora SP with subs, we can watch that too! Now... I need to figure out how to get a hold of Marvin, he hasn't been answering his cellphone... I have some random funny videos to show both of them.

I have so many things planned out, I get to chill with Jason tomorrow and the day after, I have skating lessons! At the rink out in Evanston, they need to evaluate my skill level before they place me into a class. Wish me luck!

Also, I had the sudden craving for 'Omurice?!" I completely blame "Lunch Queen" for this sudden urge for Omurice. That drama always had some significant meaning behind it. In the show, instead of topping it with ketchup, they had some super special fancy homemade sauce drizzled on top. It looked really yummy. I was really bored and made myself some Omurice, I was so hungry.

That was my horrible attempt to draw a face on it with ketchup.
It was really yummy though... my roommate tried to steal a bite. I need to figure out how to thin the egg without making it too thin or else the egg will tear. The actual omelet wasn't wide enough to fold and I browned it too much. I think I made the rice too mushy... But mushy rice is my preference because I hate rice.

Oh yeah, before I forget, tomorrow I will find out how much plane tickets to Japan are through my uncle's connections. But for now, I'm looking into "JTB's" rates. JTB sells for about $1100 during high season, we'll see what my uncle's source turns up with.
Until next time, bye again.
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Oh yeah!
Today was the last day for finals!
But you know, it didn't really feel like a good day. It was very cloudy and groggy today, it even rained too. Today's class was at 1:40pm, I barely walked in on time. When I walked into the school lobby(my college can't afford chairs) I saw many students sitting on the floor of the lobby with their face buried in their hands. Because the lobby has no chairs or benches, students like myself really don't mind sitting on the floor or on top of the air conditioner. The overall atmosphere of the school was just depressing. I guess finals really stress people out.

This morning, before I left for school... I was doing some last minute homework in a futile attempt to save my grade. I haven't slept at all, I stayed up all night doing homework and studying. I'm a horrible person, I put off things to the side and don't work on it unless provoked or under pressure. By "under pressure" I mean... last minute! I'm really sleepy right now... Anyways, I was working on my homework, I got to the very last question on the last homework assignment... and right when I tried to calculate an answer on my TI-83... it broke... I manage to destroy some programing on my calculator somehow. I'm on the statistics chapter and the L2 list set from the STAT mode happens to be missing, because by some random button commands, I messed it up. I didn't know what to do!!! Without the L2 list I can't solve the regression line question because our professor didn't exactly teach us how to solve it manually.

I thought standard deviation was difficult to memorize, the regression formula makes it look like a joke! We were only taught how to solve it with a graphing calculator. How nice that my calculator decides to break on the last question of my homework and right before I have to take my finals.

I got into class and panicked. I then showed my calculator to Prof. De Long and she attempted to save my calculator as she gave a big sigh. I think she's annoyed that there always tends to be something wrong with my calculator. It's not my fault Miki programmed it funny when she used it back in high school. It turned out that My L2 list got moved to the "end" of the screen, therefore making it invisible... my day sucks!

I took my final... Is it strange that me and my friend Christina always finish our tests at the same time? No! Don't get the wrong idea! We're not cheating. Usually, if I finish first, then I check my answers and patiently wait for Christina to finish her test and vice-versa. We do this so we can leave the class at the same time, which we can head to the science building together to see what the video game club is up to. Today, they were playing the latest "Street Fighter" game in the cafeteria. There's this one guy, Tristan, he's wheelchair bound and his arms and legs don't go beyond his elbows and knees. He graduated from the same high school as me, so I remember seeing him a lot. You know, for a guy who doesn't have hands, he sure does kick butt in "Street Fighter!"

After I was done with watching the video game club, I went to go stalk Marvin in the computer lab. I spotted Marvin from far away and I tried to sneak up on him... but his friend John, who was sitting nearby exposed my ambush. After we all said our hellos, I showed Marvin my new laptop I have been using for a while. Marvin messed around on it for a little bit and then he pulled up the system information. He then said that my laptop was "impressive." I said it was decent for video editing, but it was a dumb idea for me to even think about editing on a laptop, since using editing software on a desktop computer that actually has a proper processor would be more logical. Marvin then said, it's more than decent! Your RAM is double of what my computer's got and your computer is actually compatible with DirectX 11, which is the latest graphic driver only for newer computers. I laughed, yeah I got that because my computer's graphic driver was only at DirectX 9.0c. Besides I need it up to date so I can play Ragnarok Online and get my fix of extreme noob pownage!!! I also showed off the Falcon USB that Arata sent me. Marvin has met Arata on a few occasions and he thought it was cool that Arata bought it for me and sent it over. He was a little disappointed too, like Arata, he told me, "it's smaller than I expected." Well it's a flash drive not an ipod!!! I went back home after watching an episode of South Park with Marvin.

I'm so happy that finals are over and I don't need to return to school until fall semester. Now I can focus on DW and ACen, but mostly ACen because it's only 3 days away. Yay SUMMER VACATION!!! Please let it be somewhere other than Minnesota or Florida, in which I have relatives in both places. But I really do want to go to Disney World!!!

I'm going to go figure out what I'm going to do with myself during summer vacation. I think I'm going to miss Prof. De Long, she still gave me full credit for my unfinished homework caused by my defective calculator. She was so cool!!! Her statistics professor back in Russia was one of the people who designed the long range missile technology based on statistical formulas. However, her statistics class was filled with examples applied to the statistical probability of if a missile would hit it's target. But Prof. De Long applied her version of statistics as sales data for people who buy certain clothes and the values of how many people buy it and how much they buy and the success rate for what future sales would look like... and I think I just confused myself! I'm just glad that I finished my standard math requirement. This means no more math... I feel dumb that all of my friends ranked and placed into "Calculus," a topic and concept I will never understand in a million years.

Until next time, now it's time to prepare for ACen!
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Yeah, about the title, I'm going to keep this short and simple because it's late and I really want to go to sleep so my brain can function in math class tomorrow.

This morning I woke up around 10am, which is usually faster than when I'd normally wake up. I got out of bed and when I walked to the living room, I saw Miki lounging on the couch watching re-runs of "Gossip Girl," I think she's addicted... I got stuck eating airplane food for breakfast, it was cheese enchiladas this time, I drenched them in spinach dip so it wasn't too cheesy.

I was sewing a new cosplay outfit for my new doll the entire morning. My biggest problem was that the templates for sewing the clothes (which we got off the internet) weren't exactly the same scale. The outfits turned out much smaller, even after I intentionally increased the size of the patterns when sewing. I will post up a picture of the finished outfit when it's done, I'm still halfway there.

Later that morning, Miki went off to the gym, leaving me alone with my sewing machine.
I took a short break from sewing and got myself a bottle of blueberry soda. I just bought it yesterday because I was so curious of how it would taste. It's a strange flavor... blueberry soda?

So I drank it and it was tart like blueberries. But judging from the color, it looked a lot like grape soda. It was very interesting. As far as sodas go, you wouldn't expect it to be tart.

Today in art class, since I already presented my project, I got to watch everyone else's. There was this one classmate of mine who was still stuck in Spanish mode while presenting. I know his English is really good, but the pressure of the in-class presentation must've made the guy nervous and made him speak with a Spanish accent. Well, in Spanish the letter "h"(hache) is silent in the Spanish language(I've been taking Spanish for 4 years).
This was my favorite quote from that guy's presentation, because he messed up: "This is the painting of St. George slaying the dragon, this painting is very erotic...... no no no no... uhh.. I mean to say, this painting is very heroic." Nice recovery!

On the way back home, because I live in a Polish neighborhood, there's a deli on each block, I stopped by a deli to pick up some dinner. I bought some Kielbasa(of course) and I also got some blood sausage, which I haven't eaten in a long time. I got back home and boiled the blood sausage. I then used the stock of the blood sausage to make a wonderful soup. after boiling it, I pan-fried the blood sausage.
So here's my dinner:

I had blood sausage with breaded mushroom bites and soup that was made from the sausage broth. I cooked a lot today, Miki ended up eating most of it. It was a really good meal.

My day was really short, there wasn't much going on today, a few surprising news flashes, but just another short day. Okay, I need to go to sleep so I won't be tired for class.

Until next time, bye again!

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My art paper's presentation was due TODAY!!!!!
I was supposed to prepare a powerpoint presentation and some notes. I was working on my powerpoint last minute, go figure, I am talking about myself afterall! I made a decent slideshow of Audrey Kawasaki's paintings. But I was so distracted today!!!! Miki was watching "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" which is a show where Jamie Oliver goes around and tries to change the way people eat and he wants to change the foods in the school system, because according to recent statistics, our generation is at risk of dying before our parents. It's because of our unhealthy eating habits we have developed. He's trying to convince a whole town in West Virginia that, they need to make better choices in what they eat. and part of it begins in the school system. Anyways... that show is so distracting!!! Miki had to had watch it while I was doing my assignment! I couldn't keep my eyes off the TV, it was horrible!!!! I had to finish the rest of my project, but Food Revolution and...... WAHHHHH!!!! It was all so confusing. I finished the slideshow pretty fast, the only thing that concerned me was the notes. My notes were terrible!

I left the house and got to school a little late. I kinda walked in during a classmate's presentation... awkward... One by one everyone in my art class went up to the podium and spoke about their favorite artist or art movement... Then it was my turn, I was the last to go... I was so nervous, you have no idea! My heart was thumping heavily, I was sweating, my entire body was shaking, and I could hardly speak. I was beyond terrified. My voice was really shaky too. I kept getting jumbled in my sentences, I would pause a lot, and the majority of sounds that came from my mouth were: umm, ahh, hmm, uhh, and eh. It didn't help that I was palming my face out of frustration the whole time, I was literally slapping myself. Some classmates were actually laughing at my display of pain.

I'm afraid of my grade for the presentation, what if Lina took off a lot of points?!
It's nice to have a friend who is your art professor, but it isn't so nice when your friend thinks they're funny and will taunt you until you die. My art professor jokes with me too much, I can't take her seriously. Lina refuses to tell me about my progress in class. I had Lina for drawing class once before, she never had anything nice to say about my drawings. She always said I was lazy with my drawings. You guys have seen my sketches that I've spent days on, do you think those look effortless and lazy?! I think she just says that to get me to work harder. But she did teach me how to draw without seeing, improvision skills for drawing. It was interesting since I'm starting to go blind. There are so many things I want to do and see before I go completely blind... Or unless I can get someone else's eye to replace mine, then I'll be fine.

It's nice...
The hit count for my creations is slowly going up. Progress is nice!
I was recently reminded of my first video creation I shared on the internet. I still have it, but I feel bad about the file size, it's almost 500 MB! I did make a newer revised edition of that same video. Since it's requested by popular demand, "Dance Corner" will return... eventually. Or at least until I compress it efficiently. I do mean the REVISED EDITION, which has never been seen/released before. YES! I will get working on that AFTER my anime convention!

Until next time, *yawn* wow, I'm really sleepy... good night.

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Don't worry, this isn't a depressing deep reflection thing, I just realized how tired and absent minded I've been lately.

I am so out of it right now.
I've been so busy that my mind is still stuck on work mode.
Because of work, New Year, and working on my little video project, I have apparently forgotten to "live." Hahahaha!!!

Not physically, but with logical functions...
I haven't been eating much, haven't watered my plants, haven't done homework nor study for finals/exit exams, haven't been checking my "reading page," haven't paid much attention to friends, haven't really talked much, haven't played with my cat, haven't cleaned my room, and I definitely haven't been getting much sleep. I've also been posting my journals rather late(day after). I have also sadly resorted to "grunting" as a means of communication, I haven't been using words outside of my journal.

I totally blame work for turning me into such a "zombie." It really is all of the built up stress from the last two weeks of insane festivities at the restaurant. I need to pull myself together and revive myself from this zombie-like state. This has never happened to me for the past two years at the restaurant, but I'm sure this will be the last time this happens.

My schedule is boring and looks like I already lack a true life.
Here's my schedule:
Monday: school - home
Tuesday: skating - school - home
Wednesday: school - home
Thursday: school - work - Lake in the Hills
Friday: work - Lake in the Hills
Saturday: work - Lake in the Hills
Sunday: work - home
Monday: ...repeat...

I only have limited free time Mon. - Wed.
I'm partially a zombie because of the commute between Chicago and Batavia, it's exhausting. To fix this issue of mine, I need to find some time to do my homework and studying. I should also be more aware of things happening around me. I've been staring blankly lately.

Yeah, I need to regain control of my life, instead of ignoring it out of exhaustion. I'll try not to be a zombie for everyone's sake. Although I'm craving for some brains(just kidding), that does sound kind of good right now...

Until next time, "garr... urrrrr mmph" (translates to: bye!)

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This morning when I woke up rather late.
I signed onto the internet through my Wii, yes it has internet surfing capabilities.
It was because Miki was using the computer, so yeah...

Anyways, I log in to see a reply from one of my friends about an issue that had been bothering me. It was about some troublesome delinquents running amok once more. I run a restaurant and a bakery business(with my sister) as well. I help out every once and a while. My bakery is called "Plats Délicieux" and our competitor located a few blocks down the road is called "Avoir Envie de Doux." Notice how everything has French names... I dunno, Miki wanted something with a Eurasian flare, my lovely suggestion was "Wok-n-Spit." But Miki though a non-humorous French name would be better. For additional reference, we aren't just a bakery, we make real food too.

Anyways we sell awesome cupcakes!!!
We get lots of customers, because even though there's another bakery down the street, we still make the best cupcakes in town. So our consumerbase is bigger. Over the course of time, we've been noticing that the competitor bakery, Avoir Envie de Doux, has been making the same cupcakes with our recipe(I know so, cuz I've tasted them). Apparently, one of our regular customers has been giving their purchased cupcakes to the competitor and they've recreated our cupcakes and been passing it off as their own original creation. They never had those flavors before!

As a result of the stolen cupcake recipes and flavors, we've figured who the traitors are and created a self-made wanted poster for reference in knowing not to sell them anything(our blacklist). We know who they are. but they keep playing that card of innocent sympathy, I don't buy it one bit. A whole bunch of well kneaded lies. And of course Avoir Envie de Doux refuses to admit that they stole our cupcakes. A few cupcakes do slip out occasionally, but it's nothing we can't handle. I then later heard about the smugglers retiring from visits to my bakery. It was quiet for a while... yeah right! My friends have seen those smugglers around. There's no denying it now, they're still around even after saying they gave up on our cupcakes. Our cupcakes are irresistible, Avoir Envie de Doux still hates us for our deliciousness, which is probably why those smugglers enjoy causing more problems.

Everything that goes on in that small town is just insanity.

My friend gave me an update I wasn't so thrilled about. They even mentioned something about another person I was having issues with. That person, among the smugglers, named Mali. I checked out that newer post made by a different friend and yeah... things got clarified and I feel better. I detest Mali more then before now. I'm not mad, but the resentment's there. Doesn't Mali have a life other than ruining businesses? Mali and that head honcho of her's... makes me sick and I can't imagine there to be insane people in this world such as the ones contracted under Avoir Envie de Doux... Their craving never seems to be satisfied, they won't ever stop, just wait and see. If this continues to persist, I might actually press charges(I'm kidding, I won't go that far... yet).

Avoir Envie de Doux... you are going down!!!

That reminds me!
After class today, I bumped into Marvin! I haven't seen him the last time we went skating. He was writing a paper(which I seemed to be distracting him from finishing) in the computer lab. It was fun to talk to him again. We got into one of our tech talks about computers. I told him I would be receiving my Toshiba tomorrow, he then told me he was planning on buying a new Asus too. It was a $1000 one, the screen is bigger than mine, and it has an i7 processor, regardless, my processor speed is faster. Marvin then said, "really..... well, mine has a i7 and its a quad, so it runs faster than yours!" Then I responded with, "uhh... Marvin... you're reading the processor info wrong... everyone knows laptops can run quads, they're not capable and too small to run on a quad... laptops at most can only run on duo." Marvin realized it and said, "oh yeah you're right! my friend gave me inaccurate information then." I was sitting in a spot Marvin had reserved for his friend Jeff.

Jeff arrived and gave Marvin an evil "what the..?!" stare. Marvin quickly acted and said, "whoa whoa whoa, it's cool! this is my friend Tessie, I'm just letting her sit down, no worries." Sadly... I leave school at 3:30pm, so I left after I said hi to Jeff, wow... I've never seen a punk Asian before I saw Jeff, they exist?! He was decked out in all black, had a spiked choker, spiked hair, a good amount of piercings, and some really nice punk clothing. Marvin is friends with the most interesting people.

My laptop is coming in tomorrow!!!!!!!
AHH!!!! OH NO!!! I didn't finish my homework!!!
I'm so uwedscred!!!(if you know pig-latin)

I resolved those Yesasia issues!!!!!!!!
I'm finally getting my 4th Anniversary DVD, which I've been wanting for the longest time!!!!!!!!

My day has been pretty decent...
Until next time, bye everyone.

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No, don't worry... it's not as frightening as it sounds.
Nothing serious.

I meant to say ice skating victims...
Today, I received some interesting confessions from people.
Just a little bit earlier today, I received a phonecall from Ex, he asked if I was on spring break yet. I told him that my spring break starts today. He was happy and wanted to hang out, as he usually does. He suggested going ice skating, because he enjoyed himself when I took him for the first time to the Skatium, on president's day. He already has his own pair of ice skates, but the last time we went, he managed to forget them at his house. I taught him how to skate and do turns. After that he became addicted to skating.

Then, after I arrived at work... guessed who texted me? None other than Maciek, the same fool I made give me a ride to the rink and took skating for the first time. Remember, I took him skating on Tuesday, the same time I filmed that Skatium video. Well, he sent me a text saying, "AH... I have the sudden URGE TO SKATE!" Oh... Maciek, when I took you on Tuesday, you looked like you didn't have fun because you were complaining that you wanted to amputate your feet to end your misery. Because he was complaining of his inability to skate and his foot pain, I assumed that he never wanted to skate again. Then all of a sudden I get this text saying "URGE TO SKATE," that was an unexpected surprise! I texted back to Maciek saying "OHNO! (Apollo Ohno pun) Really? ... Tuesday???" Then Maciek responds back quickly, "Oh hell yes! This time I'm paying!"
Oh no... I've pulled yet another victim into the world of ice skating...

So now... I have to take both of them ice skating this upcoming Tuesday...

Now that my victims are out of the way, MUAHAHAHA!!!
Let me talk about my morning...

I ended up doing the remainder of my math homework first thing this morning!
I guess I didn't notice this last night while talking to you, but... I thought that I finished my assignment last night. However!!! I didn't realize that I completely skipped a chapter worth of work, so.... you were right, I did my homework before going to class this morning... You're good at sneaking up on me when I least expect it, and now you can predict the future... is there anything you can't do?!

When I got to my math class... Prof. De Long canceled class. No one was there! She only "glanced" at my work and gave me credit for the day... In that event... I got to go home early. When I got home, I started working on my Shinjiro sketch. I started some contouring so I could figure out where to place everything. I was working on it for a few hours... then I had to leave for work. I hardly got anything done. All I could draw was Shinjiro's hand, that was it and it wasn't even that nice looking of a hand anyways... what I would do for some gum eraser right now to fix that up. I need to buy some more gum eraser, I lost all of mine.

Until next time, bye again...

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I didn't do my final art project all week and it was due today!!!
I got up earlier than usual and started working on it.
It was a three page research paper on critique-ing the works of our favorite artist. For my favorite artist I picked "Audrey Kawasaki." There's just something about her paintings that just... just seems really cool. Some of the paintings are just mesmerizing. The oil and graphite on wood panels just look beautiful...

This is painted by Audrey Kawasaki:
"Saying Goodbye"

Credit: audrey-kawasaki.com Originally seen on Livejournal.

There's something about Audrey's paintings that just take your breath away, an indescribable feeling. These are the reasons why I wrote about Audrey Kawasaki, another part of the reason is because my cousin Kapan, who is also an artist, idolizes Audrey Kawasaki. I look up to my cousin too. Kapan always tells me I can do anything I want, whatever I enjoy. Kapan knows I draw really well and film things on camera really well too. Kapan has always kind of supported my interests, and in turn has inspired me, motivating me to do better at life. In a way, Audrey's art reminds me of my cousin Kapan... Actually the girl in the painting... looks exactly like my cousin Kapan. Yeah, there's a huge story about why I chose Audrey Kawasaki, but that's for another time...

So yeah... there I was typing in front of the computer like the last minute maniac I am. I had four hours until I had to leave for class. WAHhhhh!!! I was rushing!!! How do I get three pages worth of critiques in four hours??? They have to be descriptive and convincing!!! I can't exactly fake my way through it! Okay... calm down... I'm a college student... I shouldn't have been slacking off the entire week. I think I did a good job typing it up? As I was about to print it... my printer produced nothing but blank pages... OH COME ON!!!! AS IF MY DAY COULDN'T GET ANY WORSE!!! MY PRINTER HAD TO GO AND RUN OUT OF INK!!! HOW AM I GOING TO TURN MY PAPER IN?!

I run off to school with my paper file in a USB card... I managed to arrive TEN MINUTES.... BEFORE CLASS ENDED... Wohoo! What an accomplishment.... I AM SO DEAD!!! I walked into class and it's really quiet.. actually, not very many people attended today... strange.. the paper was due today. My art professor handed me a survey sheet to evaluate her performance for the semester. It's mandatory for all course instructors (they use it to fire the useless instructors, just kidding) to give out surveys to their students. I was relieved that we weren't doing anything serious in class.

At the end of class, I talked to my art professor and explained my tardiness and why I don't have a hard copy of my paper to turn in. My professor said I can use her printer, but then she turned to me and reminded me that I was late to her class... So unless I ran, I wouldn't be allowed to use the printer. So... as punishment... my professor had me run laps into different buildings(the campus has 5 buildings) and deliver stuff. I ran in and out between the "Art Building" and the "Events Building", then I eventually looped through the "Science Building", the "Hub (lobby)", and the "Learning Center" after getting a little disoriented. WAHHH!!! Arata-senpai... Lina is being mean and making run a lot (okay, I'm over exaggerating), ignore this Arata, I'm sorry. Anyways *pants* I... got .. my paper printed and turned in... YAY!!!

After having such a difficult day, I managed to get everything done.
Now all that's left is to finish up studying for my math test...

Oh! I also plan to start sketching "Shinjiro Atae" from AAA. There's something about his unique facial bone structure that intrigues me. I can't wait to start sketching. It'll probably take a minimum of 3 days to finish... possibly more.

Until next time, bye for now.

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