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I pre-ordered it a long time ago (mainly because I always forget to buy a calender for the next year). Yes, I'm a doofus because I usually end up calenderless from my horrible memory.

My AAA calender just came in the mail today!
I've already seen the cover online, but after I flipped through the pages, I was so surprised at how much more colorful it was than the last calender. The setting is "retro diner" plus wacky colorful outfits. Note: I have not seen contents of the calender prior to today.

I mean seriously... they're dressed like they're about to go to a rave! The only things they're missing are glow sticks and pacifiers.

I added some text to illustrate my point.

I'm more concerned about the outfits rather than the calender.

This next one, I can't help it, it needs to be pointed out and it just makes me laugh. I am so going to milk this. I present to you the marvel that is Hidaka's jacket...

And he has pulled off another fashion disaster!
The translucent raincoat... truly amazing. To top it off, it's studded... and he's wearing leopard print underneath. As if the rainbow pants weren't enough. Well, I guess Hidaka's screwy clothing style is what makes him stand out from the rest of the members. It shows that he's capable of playing dress-up and he's not afraid to wear strange things. Not being picky at all is one of the best traits.

This last one... no, I am NOT sick minded. It's more of a random discovery. This is one of those "Wait! What the..." moments. I couldn't help noticing that Nishijima was wearing headphones for the entire shoot. For sure, I know that in photoshoots, headphones are generally NEVER plugged into anything. However, I will admit that the coincidental positioning of Nissy and the headphone cord took me by surprise. Look at this picture.

It strangely enough happens to end "right there!"
I mean, if they weren't going to plug it in somewhere else, then they should have tucked the cord behind Nissy or something, instead of letting it freely/visibly sit there... in that spot...

Okay... this feels awkward...
Anyways, that was my AAA Random Report.
I'm going to shut up now, this whole thing was just super random.

Oh yeah, if anyone wants to see my folder with more Calender scans, just ask and I'll give you the link.
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