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Yeah, it's been a while since I've been on.
I've been busy...

GAHHHH!!! I hate myself right now!
No, I'm not being emo about my art again. This is about my inability to live in the house without my parents. I can't do anything on my own. I hardly make enough money to buy food and I don't know how to pay bills. It's only for one month, yet I feel so useless.

Asides from me hating myself, I severely loathe my roommate possibly for all of eternity!!! My roommate has been spreading some BS about me and Miki being mean and making them cry all the time. My roommate also said that Miki and I do "nothing" at work and take all the salaries away. All of these LIES are spreading like wildfire throughout the members of my clan. So at this point, all our relatives hate me and Miki for being so cruel and inhumane. WHATEVER!!!!! When have I ever mistreated my roommate?! I always let my roommate get away with eating my cheeseburgers and I never yell back. This isn't fair!!!!!! They haven't even heard our side of this twisted story! What's making me super mad is that all of my relatives, including the 200-something cousins hate us!

My roommate is really messed up, example: my roommate is one of those people who acts nice and well mannered in front of respected people, like elders or my parents, but when no ones around, the lying booze drinking flirting life destroying demon is unleashed. Because my roommate maintains an innocent cover, people would take my roommate's words over mine. I already have a bad reputation in the eyes of my clan, because of my anger issues and violent outbreaks, but everyone knows I'm gentle by nature. No matter how much I plea, they prefer to listen to the wolf in the sheep disguise rather than the actual sheep.

A few of my friends heard about the rumors too. Of course my friends are angry, they know everything is a lie. One of my friends said, "if your roommate wants to spread horrible lies and think she can get away with it, then she doesn't deserve to stay here and should go back overseas." True, if my roommate wants to start something with the people (me and Miki) who own the house, what's the point? Are they asking to be kicked out?! Everyone knows that I would never inflict emotional harm on anyone (unless they deserve it). Everybody also knows that I work my butt off at the restaurant and split the salaries accordingly.

We've been nothing but nice and now my roommate starts this crap!
Purposely spreading antagonizing lies is crazy!
This means war!!!!
You do not mess with the Lalam sisters!!!
We've chased tenants out before and we can do it again.


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