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I'm still pissed at my roommate!

I got  through my two speeches. I was stuttering on my informative speech on Atlantis. But, I got a full score on my presentation on "Social Phobia." It was an interesting topic, there was something on how people who have social phobia are insecure about themselves and they tend to go down a path of destruction and they enjoy harassing people because they redirect their fear into hostility. Thanks to my research and my classmate's research on anti-social personality disorder I now know that.

Yay, I get to pat myself on the back!

When I got back from class, Miki and I watched a very old black and white American film called, "It's a Wonderful Life." I remember seeing a clip of it in Econ. class back in high school once (the scene of the stock market crash). The movie was about the life of George Bailey, from his childhood up until his adulthood. Three quarters into the movie, his life goes downhill after he gets married. Unable to bear with it any longer, he decides to commit suicide on Christmas and right before he jumped off a bridge, an angel appears and foils his attempt. The angel explained how influential George was to his friends and suicide wasn't the answer. George then gets frustrated with disbelief and wishes he was never born. The angel grants his wish and shows George what life would've been like without him. You know where this is going.

I'm a sucker for classic films.

I need to start writing my commemorative speech on the "Byakkotai," Japan's most legendary samurai squad and also considered Japan's greatest tragedy in history. The story makes me cry every time.

I'm only sad because I'm thinking about the "Byakkotai" story.
Oh yeah, this story confused senpai because I know about this historical event and she doesn't. Senpai's quote, "how do you know this? I'm Japanese and I do not know this."
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