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No, I'm not homeless!
Another one of my cousins just arrived in Chicago from Thailand. I can't take it anymore, there's too many people in my house! There's a total of 8 people now living in my house.

My cousin, named Nutt, is visiting us for the holidays. I'm not resentful, but I would like to maintain my space and territory. It just feels really cluttered here. And wow has cousin Nutt changed a lot. Back then when she was younger, she whined and cried A LOT, so I called her "little miss whiny pants" for 6 years. Of course I stopped when she matured. Well, the last time I saw her, about 3 years ago, she was a real quiet type, like me. I remember her curly hair and her silence.

Now that I've seen her today, after 3 years, she's way too mature! She's tall, thin, and got long straight hair... and she wears make-up... (she's only 15). Simply put... she's pretty. GAHHHH!!! Since when do people in my family grow to 5'6"?! I'm 5'2" and I was considered the tallest one in the family! I can't help that I'm vertically challenged! My self-conscious self wants to die right now.

Man... 8 people in my tiny house.
Where am I gonna sleep?

By the way, Project Schneider was put on hold because my custom cosplay was delivered safely, I just need to make the head. I won't say what my outfit is because it would spoil the ACen surprise for Izzy and Jason.

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