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Jan. 3rd, 2011 11:52 am
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Everyone left this morning for Canada.
It's just me and Miki here, all alone.... we stayed behind.
I'm not going to Canada, yay! Miki and I were originally planning to just hang out in Toronto by ourselves while they do the boring tourist stuff (which is illogical for us because we've been to Canada 10 times already). However, our mother disapproves the idea of us being away from parental supervision. Come on! We're adults!!! We went to Japan on our own for 2 weeks, would it kill you to leave us in Toronto for 3 days?! I would've gone to Canada if they had let us stay in Toronto by ourselves.

Anyways, they called us up in the morning to tell us that they arrived in Detroit, MI and the "Canadian Consulate" is closed from a New Year break. I screamed into the phone, "serves you right for wanting to leave to Canada so early!" They then asked for directions to go to Buffalo, NY, since I'm the best navigator and I know how to get everywhere (the first reason they wanted me to go). The next plan was to try the Canadian Consulate in Buffalo. After I gave them routes and estimated mileage, they changed their mind and said it was too far because they obviously can't cut through Canada. They would need to go south and wind around Cleveland.

Instead, those idiots told us to find them a hotel on the internet. Detroit is among one of the dangerous cities in the US, we kept asking "are you sure?!" repeatedly. So we just booked them a night in a casino hotel. It's going to be hell for my cousin Nutt, because she's not 21 and she will be bored out of her mind in the hotel room while all the grownups go play in the casino.

Well at least she has the hotel room. I remember when I was a kid, we checked out of our hotel in Joliet, IL, but my family still wanted to play in the casino. Since I couldn't call them (had no phone at the time), and I couldn't go get them (I was only 13), I waited 18 hours outside and even slept on the street. The guards were trying to chase me away and telling me that I couldn't sleep there, all I could tell them is that I was waiting for my parents who were still in the casino. Every time a guard pulled my dad out to come get me, he would tell me, "just a few more hours sweetie, daddy's trying to get mommy away from the blackjack table."  and he would walk back into the casino and leave me outside. Miki wasn't there with me, she was staying at our aunt's house at that time. It sucked! That's 18 hours I'll never get back.

I hope their Canada trip fails!


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