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That reminds me AGAIN!
I am so scared of not being able to make my deadlines. I know you guys don't really care when I get my cartoons up, but it's taking me forever with the Nishijima tribute. One, not enough time and two, the stupid ink keeps smearing and ruining my paper. Oh the horribly irony, I didn't finish Nishijima's BUT I did finish the Shinjiro homage, which is weird since I started on the other first. I'm trying my best. I can probably get it up by late Tuesday or Wednesday. I know you guys don't care about when I post it up, BUT I DO! I scare myself! JUST HOW ON EARTH DID I MANAGE TO FINISH SHINJIRO'S FIRST?! I don't even need to post it until next week, this saddens me...

This is so unlike me, but I was watching "DA BEARS!"
FYI That's what Chicagoans call them.
There was a game tonight, da Chicago Bears vs the Green Bay Packers.

I was on the edge of my seat.
Packers were leading in the beginning, they had possession most of the time too. I almost thought da Bears weren't gonna make it. During the later half of the game was the real game changer, Bears caught up and tied the game, 17:17. During the last few minutes, da Bears had possession and they were so close to the goal line. Instead of dashing for it, they waited it out to get a kick. The ball goes through the goal-posts..... and WE WIN!!!!!!!! Bears win 20 to 17!!!!!! That makes 3 wins and 0 loses.

This is weird, I don't even really like football.
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I did wake up kinda late, though unintentionally.
It felt nice to sleep in because I've been having a rough week, I've been so busy that it's making me tired. Like I said, "I haven't been living."

I woke up and I made myself a rather large bowl of bacon ramen.
As if I couldn't get any unhealthier, I made BACON RAMEN!!!

It was so good and yummy.
Although, Miki always disapproves of me cooking this... as she eats half of the bowl's contents. I love Miki so much... "this can't be good for you, *gobble* you should cut down on the bacon, *slurp* I know it's delicious, *chew* but you should think about the calories in this *dives into bowl*" My usual response, "uhh... Miki... can I have MY ramen back now???" Miki then usually says, "it's my right as a sister to eat a majority of your delicious food."

Yes, the ramen was devoured for breakfast and it was DELICIOUS!!!
After breakfast, I had to go check out LJ because Jason wrote something and I totally forgot(I was really busy too) to write a response to him. So I went back and wrote back to Jason, but the majority of it was an apology. I felt really bad, he posted something important and I missed it for nearly two weeks. Jason also responded to one of my entries, the one about video similarities. There was this one incident where the music video for Otsuka Ai's Planetarium was thought to be plagiarized from Rikki's Suteki da Ne. It turned out that Ai did it as an homage to Rikki's video. But if you take a look at the two videos, they're practically the same.

After dealing with writing to Jason I went to go check out some stuff.
Shinjiro looks so badass with that square between his fingers, it's so bad, yet he's soooooo hot. I can't help it, that is smexy!!! I also read up on some blog translations, as fun as ever. I commented, end. I had to go to work... again, I have no time to do anything.

At work... it wasn't so busy. My job... everyone knows what my job is. I just stand all day. There were a lot of carry out orders. I felt like I was on the phone all day. I was taking care of customers at the counter, my roommate was being too slow, so most customers came to me to pay for their meal. Even though it wasn't as busy as a regular Friday, there was still a lot going on. I wasn't able to breathe at one point and I became very dehydrated. I walked to the back to pour myself some water. We store purified water in a 5 gallon barrel. I picked up the barrel to pour myself a glass when my fingers slipped.... and I dropped the 5 gallon barrel of water on my foot... A 5 gallon barrel of water is about 41 pounds of water. I DROPPED A 41 POUND BARREL OF WATER ON MY FOOT!!! I immediately bit my lip to prevent myself from screaming in pain. I limped across the room while still biting my lip to get some ice for myself. Fortunately I didn't break anything, but that REALLY HURT!!!!!

The end of the workday was drawing near, so I took my little break an hour before closing time. I sat down and pulled out my laptop. I went on the internet and I was looking at a picture of Shinjiro(my previous window open). My aunt who was nearby, walked up to me and looked at my screen. My aunt then asked, "who is that young man, is that your boyfriend, why haven't I met him yet?" I replied "he's a Japanese singer, his name is Shinjiro and hey, he is not my! ..." My aunt replied, "okay, I understand, but he's so cute and handsome... are you sure you aren't lying about the part where you said he was a singer, but he really is your boyfriend?" My angry response, "GAH!!!! enough already! why would I lie about that?" My aunt said, "fine then, but that boy is IRRESISTIBLE..." *giggles and walks away* It was slightly disturbing to hear my aunt say Shinjiro was irresistible... She jokes too much...

And here I am back from work and talking about my strange day. Now, why in the world would my aunt assume Shinjiro is my boyfriend? That will forever be a mystery, but my aunt also thinks she's funny. Strange sense of humor. My foot is kind of healed, a little bruised, but I'll manage. Too many things happened today, but it's too much to fit into words. So that's all I have for today.

Until next time, bye for now.
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Before I start with my boring stuff, I pre-ordered "Ai no Mukidashi" UK version on yesasia today, because I had no idea it was coming out in two days and I saw a post on LJ somewhere where someone else did the same... What a useful reminder that was, thank you person I can't seem to remember. Ironically, I have the english release date of the dvd saved in my e-mail draft, yet I failed to remember to look for the dvd itself. Gosh I feel stupid.

Moving on...
I'm am not going to point fingers nor name anyone mentioned in this post for I refuse to incriminate them indirectly like this.

Lost for a Day:
Okay, one day my art class decided to take a field trip into downtown Chicago. We were instructed to get to the meeting place on our own devices. Any other town.... I can easily navigate and find addresses, but Chicago..... my own hometown....address locating... I get hopelessly lost. Chicago isn't neatly organized like a numeric grid, the numbers are scattered around. For example, you could be walking past a building with the address of 205 State St, but the building right next to it would be 4374 State St. Anyways, I was lost, as usual, I was wearing a heavy jacket with a fierce looking tiger sewn into the back and a "Koki Tanaka" hat(simply put, it has chains dangling everywhere). I can imagine that I looked intimidating to some point, but I really didn't even consider that. I was wandering around "Daley Plaza" somewhere (actually near my 2nd school), I tried asking for help. But people kept running away from me! Before I could even mutter a single word, people ran! Was I really that intimidating? I really needed help. I was scared that my class had gone without me. Funny thing is... after I took my hat off, people were more than happy to give me directions... what is wrong with people?! I guess this situation supports my thesis on appearances and social class...
After I found my way to the meeting point I put on my hat and walked towards my classmates, all of them flinched at my presence and walked back a little bit. I was angered by this, slightly. I took off my hat once more and said, "come on you guys, its just me!"

Don't Get Me Wrong-
There was this one time where a friend of a friend asked for a favor by passing it to one individual, but then this "favor" was relayed to me at some point. The so-called favor was something along the lines of a informal "fake date"(there is money involved). Then I was asked to relay the "favor" to a another person. Here's the situation, friend of a friend wants proof (pictures) of a perfect(non-existent) date. Hence the cleverly formulated "fake date" plan.
I was sitting in my room with a different friend and I attempted to relay the "favor".
So this is how it went down (this favor is for someone else, not me)-
Me: so, this may sound a little weird but, could you maybe do a favor?
Friend: sure, no problem, I'd do anything for you
Me: *feeling uneasy* ...would you...
Friend: just say it already!
Me: would you be interested in going on a fake date?
Friend: *gasp* ...whoa... *shocked* ... I didn't know you were....
Me: *lashing back* NOT WITH ME YOU DOLT!!!!
don't even finish that sentence!
Friend: *confused* huh? nice recovery?
Me: *annoyed* its for a friend of a friend, whom you wouldn't know...
         some friend you are, seriously, don't get me wrong like that

Unexpected Guest-
I've got a big event coming up soon, I'm on the guest list. Well... one day I got a peek of the guest list, I looked through the names and everything seemed okay... until I found one name I wasn't fond off. This person's name is the same as one of the LJ communities I am a part of. For people who already know what I'm like in real life, I am incapable of "truly" hating a person, I just can't hate a person, I'm too nice and kind-hearted. All I can say is, I don't hate this person, I just kind of "dislike" them. This person, I wouldn't really call a friend, not that I'm being harsh, but I've only met this guy twice in ten minute intervals. So, a person you've known for twenty minutes and seen twice would be considered an acquaintance, right? Basically, where ever this person is, chaos and destruction seems to follow, I've had only two encounters but, I've been hearing things... This person is quite infamous for "using" people for personal gain and killing everyone's mood. Mainly it always has something to do with ruining someone else's day or life. When that person ruins the day or perception of someone near me, it indirectly messes up my mood and day too. Agh, this person is indirectly ruining my life and I don't like it. I can't do anything about it *sigh*, I'll just have to be considerate like I always am, my kindness is equal to all, to me, no one deserves to be hated, no matter how bad of a person they are.
I hope the event will be fun.

That's all for now.
I will write some more another time, bye!


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