Jan. 13th, 2011

CD Dilemma

Jan. 13th, 2011 10:25 am
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Yesterday I took my cousin Nutt on a small tour of my old high school, yeah alumni class of '07! She wants to study abroad here in Chicago. I will sponsor her as her host family as she attends Taft High School. So she needs to get her paperwork over here in August because enrollment is around that time and she needs to take a English proficiency test. Then she will join the other members of my weird family that have become international students. But the main issue that needs to be taken care of is the student visa that they need to request from Thailand. High schools don't give out student visas for their abroad program.

Anyways, my cd problems... I forgot to write about this when it happened, but when I received my Paradise / Endless Fighters single, I got Naoya cards again?! I propose that there may be a possible surplus of Naoya cards in the batch of cds that yesasia sells. Yes, my bad luck in Naoya cards.

Another thing, I was actually going to ask everyone what the deal was with the new AAA single plus album that was going to released next month. I had known about it for a while as "title to be determined," but then I had some clarity after finally looking at the fan comm (which I haven't looked at in months). I now know the names of both cds, however, I was dying of curiosity over the first press / limited edition of "Buzz Communication." What makes it different from the regular version? It's like $86, why is it so pricey?! Then I found out from another source that it's because the first press comes with an extra dvd that has 90 minutes of bonus footage. If it's just one extra item, that still doesn't justify the price, give me more Avex! I need more details on that.

Now my main conflict was contemplating whether to buy it or not. I'm a total sucker for super limited editions (I think a lot of people are). I want to buy it because I'm an avid music collector and I really want it. But it costs so much! I compiled all the cds I wanted for this week in my cart and it comes out to $150!!!! I'm about to spend $150 in AAA cds in one go!!! My buying record for cds in one purchase is $180 for Dir en Grey cds, this is pretty close. I usually buy both A and B versions of their singles (I get them for the dvds), that's why I always blow a lot of money on them. I'm about to spend my salary, no, five weeks of my savings on cds!

I was originally saving my money to buy a guitar... Being inspired by Beck and K-ON, I've always wanted an electric guitar. I found a good deal on an ESP (electric sound products), which is a famous guitar brand in Japan. It's Japan's equivalent to what Gibson is to the US. The model I wanted is in the thousands range, but I found a really good deal for $250. It's a modded version so it's not see-through and the fingerboard is a little different. It's based off the guitar that Daisuke Ando uses. Saying the word "similar" would be an overstatement, it's like comparing a super-model with a body-builder. The guitar I want just looks nice and is okay for playing as to Daisuke's guitar is designed for quality sound and power.
The decision is between $150 AAA cds or $250 guitar.


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