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I missed everyone!!! I can't believe an entire semester has gone by already.
School has kept me away, but I am now done with classes for the time being. That means I can continue updating AAAttackers, YAY! I got a whole bunch of new ideas during the hiatus and I can't wait to put them into use.

Oh yeah, I promised to share the cosplay I was working on.
So I built a large robot suit from my favorite mecha series "Zoids." This specific model is called "Liger Zero Schneider," it is Liger Zero's close-combat form. I also put these pictures up on deviantart. My account name on DA is epiknoodles cuz they didn't let me use spaces.

It turned out totally awesome!

There I am in the 2nd picture adjusting my glasses.

My cousin is holding the original scale model of what I built as my cosplay as a comparison.

But yeah, I built this entire robot out of carboard. I am so happy and proud of myself for being able to build something so magnificent on such a large scale. I'm sad to say that I ended up not taking my awesome cosplay to the anime convention. This was because my parents disapproved of the entire thing, mainly saying that it was over-sized, hard to walk in, and it's a walking hazard.

I was super sad during the entire convention because I couldn't cosplay. They tried to get me to wear one of my old cosplays (like my Bleach shinigami outfit). I refused because I didn't want to go through the trouble of digging it up from storage.

Also, there weren't very many cosplayers that I was interested in taking pictures of this year. I got Neku from "the world ends with you" in the first picture. I've really gotten into the "Persona" fandom, so I took a picture of a group cosplaying as some of the girls from "Persona 4" in the second picture.

When I looked over the pictures I took... I busted out laughing because of the second picture. I'm talking about Naoto (second pic, wearing the blue cap, standing in the middle). The look on Naoto's face in the picture... priceless... She's got a derp face in the picture I took. Derpy Naoto, lol. Enlarge the picture, you'll see what I mean. But I know the character this person is cosplaying as is rather callow and serious, that derp face killed the imagery I had for Naoto Shirogane for a short moment and it made me giggle. The next day, I ran into different Naoto (this one has her gun, awesome!) and she was with another fellow P4 cosplayer dressed as Yosuke in the third picture. Little did I know that they were the panel hosts of the Persona Panel I was about to attend...

I had fun at the convention this year, even though the programming sucked since their schedules were messed up and apparently there weren't very many panel suggestions this year which in turn created a mess of random panels (most of them being DIYs). I'm upset about not being able to cosplay this year. It's okay, I'll cosplay as Narukami Yu from Persona 4 next year, I really wanna carry a golf club and tarot card.

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Miki got me a really nice Venus Fly Trap for my birthday and I really love it. It's beautiful yet freaky at the same time. It looks very prehistoric.There's something about carnivorous plants that make them really cool.
This is the one sitting in the kitchen.

I just think Venus Fly Traps are awesome! They hunt their own food and their complex jaw snapping system makes them even more amazing! It's as if they're alive.

I even drew a picture of me and my wonderful plant, because I love it so much!

Anyways, yesterday wasn't a very fun day at work. I was busy because I was on a lot of deliveries. There were a lot of dine-in customers too, but I had one crazy food delivery adventure I won't be forgetting about in a long while.

So okay, there's one house on a usual street which we deliver to once every other week or so. It's a really nice family. They stop by to eat too, but they mostly get take-out or delivery. They ordered food yesterday and I went on the delivery route. The house I was delivering to has a big guard dog. The dog is on an invisible fence. You know, the dog has a sensor collar that prevents it from crossing over a digital preset perimeter barrier. After I got out of the car, the dog in the yard sees me and starts growling and barking ferociously. I walk closer to the house and the dog paces back and forth at the border of the invisible barrier. When I was several yards away, the dog started to shake his head really fast. As the dog shook his head... the invis. fence collar slides off the dog's neck and plops onto the ground... My reaction was: "OH SNAP..." The dog began to growl and walk towards me... Then the dog began to chase me all over the yard. He was snapping his jaws at me and didn't want me to escape. I had to run all over the yard, hoping not to get attacked/mauled while still carrying the delivery food. I could not wear this dog down, it would not give up. The owners could probably hear me screaming, "NO, NO, NO, NICE DOGGY, GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  I made it to the doorstep. Eventually, the dog jumped on me when I rang the doorbell.

I delivered the food and told the owner that the dog was currently biting my pants and the collar had fallen off in the driveway. How strange that the dog's collar fell off when I was there.

My back and arms are hurting a bit, I'll figure out what else to write tomorrow.

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It's been several days since returning from Japan. I wish I could've stayed longer. Blasted school schedule!

I miss Arata's sillness, I miss Hiro's interesting attempts at English and his otakuness, I miss Toshi's humor, I miss Chizu's cooking and the delicious okayu she always made me, and most of all I miss Toshiko. Toshiko couldn't speak English so I had to use my limited Japanese and some invalid sign language. Toshiko was able to understand me, even if it made me look silly. She shared her umeboshi with me every morning, she was very impressed that I could even eat it. I wish I had a grandmother like Toshiko.

The greatest memory of Japan that I left with was the day we went to explore and shop in Akihabara. I felt bad for making Hiro carry all of our shopping bags. I asked if he was alright and I even offered to help. But Hiro gave a big smile and bellowed, "ME OKAY!!! GOOD! STRONG!" Hiro refused to let us carry anything after that. Seriously, he was hanging on to a lot of bags, we really wanted to help. I drew a little picture of our shopping spree.

I'm going to make another tribute picture to those who I miss in Japan.
I just want to thank them one last time.


Aug. 1st, 2010 11:42 pm
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This morning, after my well deserved sleep, I woke up early and went to the open-air bath / hot spring. Hakone is loaded with tons of underwater hot springs and geysers. It's my first time going to a Japanese hot spring. It was so weird at first, "whoa there's A LOT of naked people!" The Japanese don't get fussy over nudity like most foreigners do. Before you enter the spring, after putting away your shoes and undressing, you have to rinse yourself with hot water. Then you can go into the hot spring pool. There's more things I want to say regarding the hot spring, but I shouldn't because it'll be very awkward.

Here's a cute illustration to show my trip to the hot spring.

Yes, that would be me clinging to the side of the spring. Miki and Arata were talking to each other a good distance from me. I moved away from them because the area I was sitting in was where the water was being heated. I was flailing around in the shallow water like a dying fish because the heating mechanism in the water was burning me and I really didn't know it was behind me, which is why I moved away from everyone else.

After a nice relaxing soak in the hot spring, we hit the road again. We drove up a mountain on the other side of Hakone to go see where the steam rises out of the rocks. In that tourist area, there were a lot of suspended cable cars that took you across the mountains. Hakone is also known for it's "black eggs." What makes these eggs special and black is only regional to Hakone. These black Hakone eggs were baked in an underwater hotspring at the base of the Mount Hakone Volcano. They've been baked until the egg shells turned black. According to Hakone folklore, If you eat one "kuro-tamago" (black egg), it'll extend your lifespan by 7 years.

I tried one... and you know... it tastes like a normal hard-boiled egg. I also tried egg ice cream and wasabi ice cream while I was there. Both ice creams were very interesting.

Our next stop was the premium outlets. When we got there, I wasn't all that impressed. It looked exactly like the outlet center that's nearby my restaurant back in Batavia. It had serval shops that were different, other than that it look like an American outlet center. The weirdest part is that the outlet is divided by a valley right in the middle. To get from one side of the outlet to the other, you need to cross a very big bridge.

None of us actually bought anything, so we got on the expressway again. We were on our way back to Saitama. Before returning, we stopped in Ikebukuro for dinner. According to Hiro, Ikebukuro has the best and most famous ramen. Hiro took us to a place where he's a regular at. We know this because we saw the amount of stamps on his stamp card when the waiter asked for it. I had one of those dipping ramens, ohhhhh the noodles were so delicious. We ate and chatted, it was fun. After the meal, we continued back to Arata's house. Now I've figured out the best signal spot for internet which is why this entry exists.

I might go ice skating tomorrow, yay!!!
I'll write again soon, time to go to sleep.

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I already miss the excitement of ACen.
I wanna go back! I only feel this way because this anime convention is once a year! I still need to upload pictures to my album so people can see the cosplay pictures. I'll do that when I have time to steal them off of Miki's camera. Yet again, the cosplay wasn't as interesting as three years ago. There was a lack of creativity this year and fewer people were cosplaying.

Because the economy is so horrible, the number of vendors decreased by nearly half the amount from two years ago. There's this one vendor, a young Japanese man and his mother, they run a J-rock booth, but since "Man in the Dress" owns the original J-rock booth, I've always called this guy's booth the CD shop(it's the only place that sold J-rock CDs). The guy and his mother are really nice, I especially like his shirts, he always wears these punk black lace-up shirts, so cool... Anyways, besides being in love with the shirts he wears, for the past few years, his booth has roughly been the size of about two and a half stalls. But this year, his CD shop has been reduced to HALF a stall. Talk about a downgrade!!! It costs quite a bit to rent out space to sell merchandise. I always remember his shop being really big and filled with a lot of stuff. Aww.. this year he only had a handful of CDs and a few Gundams. From over the counter I can see his poor mother trying to make herself comfortable in the tiny cramped area that hardly has any walking space(there were boxes back there too). They couldn't fit a chair back there, so I could see her struggling while trying to sit on the floor. I felt bad and it was strange to see their shop be so small. I bought a Gundam from their place, but the Gundam I wanted was up really high on a shelf and my short self couldn't reach it. The shelf with the Gundams is facing outwards from the booth and counter, meaning he can't reach anything on that shelf while behind the counter. So, the poor guy(GAH! Now I feel really bad for making him do this) had to walk through curtains(separates his place from neighboring booths), through other people's booths/shops and all the way around the entire row of shops, all because his shop is tiny and enclosed. The guy had to stumble through other people's shops just to get out of his own shop. I am so sorry!!!!!! If I had been taller, then I wouldn't have put him through so much trouble over an unreachable Gundam. I feel so bad!!! I'm sorry dude!

Anyways, that same Gundam from his shop...
I just finished building it today! I love building models and I've made buying Gundams from ACen a new tradition. I love my new Gundam, but I still feel really bad about what happened when I was buying it...

The Gundam turned out great!

It looks really cool, but I think the orange is a bit too bright.

This is a record building time for me. I've never built a Gundam this fast before. The Gundam I bought last year took a week to build. This one is a "master grade" like my previous one, but I built it in one day. What fascinates me most about this Gundam is it's versatile weapon. It's primarily a giant sword, but you can transform it into FIVE different weapons!!! I was too lazy to fold and transform it, so I just left it as a giant sword.

Besides building my Gundam, I played "Little Big Planet" with Miki for a while. But that was it. I mainly just worked on my Gundam the whole day... No school and temporarily... no work!!!!!!!!! Other than that... I want ACen 2011 to hurry up!!!!!!!! I can't wait for the next convention and I'm always curious about who the guest performer is... In 2009, M.O.V.E. had the best concert!!!!!! Speaking of concerts, I have another one coming up in June? June 8 I believe, Wonder Girls and 2pm, this is going to be fun! I get to meet Wonder Girls!!!

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ACen is tomorrow!!!
I still need to do some panel planning!!! Last minute stuff is so fun! It's easier to plan with an actual correct schedule in your hands. The official schedules are much easier to read.

I need to go to sleep, so I'll turn in early!
I need to wake up SUPER EARLY!!!!!!!
But I made a little video as an intro to ACen!!!
Tada!!! Me and my insanity, I want to show this to Arata too.
Another successful video!!!!!

If you want to watch it, be my guest.
If not, then oh well, I had fun making it.
Another one of my homemade videos with my awesome editing abilities!!! I wasn't able to keep the camera from shaking. Weak floorboards and I couldn't film anywhere else because it was raining outside. Hehehe... like I'm one to talk! I'm an otaku too, I'm obsessed with anime, manga and video games!!! Buying some good stuff at ACen before that item sells out is a battle on it's own. Crazy fans everywhere, I just hope I don't get severely glomped or get into a fight or anything. And no, I don't really think ACen is silly, I said that due to a moment with lack of words. I so excited.

Anyways, I still have some packing to do. You know, more food, more movies to watch. I'm excited about the para para panel hosted by Team FITWOD. It'll be my third time seeing their lessons. I love watching and filming people dancing para para. This year is going to be awesome!!!!! I can't wait!!! Lots of filming to be done!

Okay!!! Going to sleep now!!!
Unitl next time, see ya at ACen!!!

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I feel so accomplished!!!
It took me 9 hours trying to figure out how to put that post under a cut!
I finally figured it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I can finally relax a little...

Oh yeah... here's the screencaps:

It took a lot of energy just to write everything down, details and such. I can see why updates are no joke... and how frustrating the computer is when it refuses to let you post all of your content. Thank you MS Word! IT TOOK ALL DAY TO UPLOAD THESE!!! Well... at least everything worked out!

By the way, I was only able to accomplish all of this because I weaseled my way out of working today, so I've been in Chicago all day. Okay, I'm going to go play "Super Smash Bros. Brawl," come get me when the world ends(oblivious to everything when playing video games).

Until next time, bye for now.

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We don't celebrate Easter... but I do enjoy painting eggs and egg hunts since I was a child.
Okay... so I'm a little old to be painting Easter Eggs.
But, you know, it's really fun.
I like making different designs and crazy pictures. I usually paint the eggs by hand and paintbrush. I don't use the normal method of dip and wait, if my sister already bought the set then fine, an egg or two. But most of the time I hand-paint the eggs. Here's all the eggs that I painted this year... my mom only bought a dozen... because it was last minute. I had to share with my roommate, so I only got to paint 6 eggs.

This one is my favorite...
Very graphic but funny at the same time:

Yes.... disturbing isn't it?
Poor cracked egg with it's yolk pouring out... ouch!
You're next green egg!

I made a cabbage (yeah, ran out of ideas) and a speckled egg:

My last set is a smiley and a cute lion:

I think the lion is awesome!!!

I had so much fun today!!!
It's good to feel childish, I don't think I'll outgrow painting.

Until next time, bye for now!

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I'm finally finished with my skates today. I've been painting and customizing my ice skates all weekend. I am tired and my hands are paint covered because I can't wash the paint off. Also, I've been spending many hours breathing through a bandanna to prevent myself from inhaling toxic fumes from the paint. But in the end it was worth it, although it isn't a top quality paint job. Why would it be a good quality... I am partially blind after all.

I couldn't get rid of the white specks because they clung on during the drying period, but I covered most of it...

I only made one decal at the moment... the AAA logo... I need to plan further if I want to attach more designs. Miki was impressed with the logo I attached onto my skates, she said it was very cool. I'm glad that Miki is proud of my work, at first she doubted my idea and said the skates would turn out messy and discolored. Well, I proved her wrong. I spent so many hours taping and covering areas that the paint isn't supposed to cover.

Here's the before and afters of my ice skates:

It was so boring and plain like this.

Impulse to customize... I did all of this in my garage.
Hahaha... my blade is so shiny!!!

If everyone would like to know my supply list... please don't laugh at my paint logic (although it's hard to resist laughing):

   -1 can gloss black spray paint
   -1 can gloss dark blue spray paint
   -1 can flat white spray paint(primer)
   -1 can flat clear lacquer
   -1 roll scotch tape
   -1 roll packing tape
   -1 roll duck tape
   -1 newspaper
   -1 jar of peanut butter(I knew it! You laughed!)
   -1 bandanna
   -1 case of toothpicks

Here's the explanation behind the "peanut butter"...
Do you see the "bright blue" areas in the after picture of the skates?
Those areas were actually(I kid you not) covered with PEANUT BUTTER!!! The peanut butter protects those areas from getting stained by the black paint I was spraying on. And of course, if those areas were covered in black... I would not be able to paint them blue. Then... this brings up the question of, "why didn't I just use tape like I did on the other places?" Well, there were super thin lines on the skates too, it's nearly impossible to make the tape "that thin" to cover up those small areas. Peanut butter is nice because I can mold it into any shape or size I want.
I'm so creative aren't I?
*laughing over the peanut butter*
Out of all the things, I have no idea how I came up with peanut butter?
Until next time, bye everyone!
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I've confirmed it!!! (if someone already hasn't done so before me)
I've been waiting so long for the release of "Sands of Destruction",
(Japanese title: World Destruction)
for both the anime and game.
The dvd came out last month, but I just got the dvd recently...

If everyone recalls, World Destruction was heavily endorsed by AAA,
because they sung the opening theme songs for the anime and game.
Which of course, I had a bit of a rant because they took "CRASH" out of the game's theme song.

Take a look, this is the credits from the English version:

As if that was enough...
I got so excited that I made a sub/kara version of the opening song, in one sitting.

Yay!!!!!!! I made another video!!!!!!!!!
This was cheaply made because I do not have the money to buy professional software to make this pretty. My timing and subbing skills are pretty decent, but there's still room for improvement.

If you would like to download my subbed video of ZERØ,
click HERE to download.
This video is of the "US release" of "WD/Sands of Destruction."

From after the creation of the "Dance Corner: Special Edition Bloopers",
I've been watermarking and crediting like crazy so people don't steal my materials.
Hmph! I know some individuals from Hui-Min Tsen's class(my cinematography/editing class) who "borrow" my footage and materials without my permission. I found it interesting that I was the only person in the class who knew how to sub.

Even though I've subbed ZERØ, my absolute favorite AAA song will always be "Welcome to This World." I look forward to subbing that song one day... My completed projects are Chewing Gum, Kuchibiru Kara Romantica, MUSIC!!!, BLOOD on FIRE, and ZERØ.

Until next time, bye for now...

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Today was the first day of "Spring Semester", I only had one class today, MATH118 general math...
I went ice skating with everyone in the morning, so fun, but my legs hurt so much.
Later that day I went to my old babysitter's house, we went to go drop off some "Onitsuka Tigers"(awesome shoes) because she will be going to Thailand and I want them to be delivered to my cousin Gate, who actually lives in Australia.

While I was there, I drew on a dry erase board:

Isn't this a cute turtle?
My Kame is adorable!!!
That was my day, until next time, bye
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As I said before, I was really bored at work so I drew a little but, wow, I'm out of practice.
Ever since I finished general drawing last year, I haven't drawn at all... well "Tanaka Koki" is an exception, I believe I gave the picture to Jason, so not posting it here...

I'm having another course with the same instructor in two days... oh man the nightmares from general drawing, they're coming back...
This drawing is so inaccurate, I wish I had two eyes to see what I was drawing properly.
Here is my "portrait" sketch of "Mitsuhiro Hidaka."

You can click on the picture to see a bigger shot.
Okay so I went a little crazy with the darkening with cross-hatching.
Just the way my professor taught me, "solid lines do not exist, all structures are made of concentrated cross-hatching."
Those words still haunt me to this day, seriously now, lines are everywhere, how do they not exist?

And on the lighter side, a not so serious drawing which defies college level art:

Its hard to see small, but you get the idea, click on it.
Until next time, this is all I got, bye!
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Ah yes, the fun and joy of revisions.
I had started revising "Dance Corner", the AAA dance collection I finished "last year".
But now I want to add more stuff, because I feel as if it is "incomplete."
Here are the many painful steps in revising:

1.  Scouting-
        search for relevant videos to incorporate into the revision
2.  Seeking-
        watch whole videos in search of usable footage
3.  Clipping-
        trim and clip acquired footage into arrangeable pieces
4.  Resurrection-
        re-open the editing file of the original 'workspace'
5.  Edit-
        readjust clips, captions, and timeslots to work revisions in
6.  Check-
        very important, check ratios, audio, codecs, file size, and directories
7.  Produce-
        in other terms, export, create the new video, put it on desktop, etc..
8.  Wait-
        hour(s) of waiting will be rewarded, haste will make the video lag
9.  Check part 2-
        open the new video to see if it works properly, watch through
        if video comes out to +3gb and it won't let you move it, compress
11.Wait (again)-
        yes, boring, but its worth not having the computer crash
12.Check part 3-
        watch it through one more time, check for lags, freezes, pixels...
        since Ulead refuses to save, remake the original dvd menu
        the one word that makes old people think of fire...burn the dvd
15.Wait for it (no really)-
        staring at the progress bar is fun, ahh...green....
16.Final Check-
        finally! put the disc into a player and see what happens
        whip out that sharpie and label away
        "sharing is caring", showoff share videos with friends and LJ
        realizing that you haven't eaten or slept for many hours

Besides the crazy editing, I added more footage from concerts I was missing. I was missing 2nd attack and 3rd anniversary. Plus I added some bloopers, well, I don't know about everyone else but they were funny to me (I have a different sense of humor). Of course the most infamous blooper of them all is included, you know which one I'm talking about, *cough*~4th *cough*~attack! The bloopers I put in also had some captions I created, most of them being extremely random. I amused myself adding captions, since most of the footage had no "talking".

If I do decide to upload it sometime, we may be looking at a 4gb monster, this means loads of compression and some serious splitting. Here's some sneak peeks:

Credit: [livejournal.com profile] nissyshinjilove I got the picture concept from them.

As you can see, just tons of my lame humor, lol (only person laughing)...
Okay, midnight is approaching, which means time for some long deserved sleep.
Until next time, bye again.

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