Jun. 30th, 2012

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Okay, for those who didn't know, I've been bedridden all week because my health hasn't been very good and I can't walk.

Next thing, I sent out all these e-mails and gotten no replies for several weeks. I'm still waiting on Arata and Sai. Dammit I really wanted Sai to visit me next year. I haven't seen Sai in like five years. Sai is totally capable of visiting cuz there's not much to do out there.

So one of the things that totally delay me in drawing new comics in AAAttackers is all the model kits I have. I actually would've finished "High School Memories" a lot sooner, but there was one thing bothering me so much... I haven't finished building Liger Zero Jager. Basically, I go crazy if I have an incomplete model kit sitting around. It just eats away at me until I finish it. Part of it is because I will end up losing components or pieces, even though the kit is neglected by me, other people will move it around to clear space, hence misplacing some pieces.

But of course I finished it or else the comic would not have been drawn. I spent $150 on the model kit, well it's a master kit, it had over 50 runners(1,820 pieces). That's more than a Gundam master-grade. I custom painted some portions too or else it would've been mostly blue. I think painting is the most time consuming thing to do. Here's some pictures:

Jager w/jetpack but no armor                     Jager w/armor from side                     Jager different angle
It took me several days to build it but Jager looks so badass. Yes, building model kits is my supreme hobby asides from drawing.

Oh man, I got more model kits arriving at my house soon. I gotta start building "Wild Tiger" soon (expect delays in the next comic). Then I got "Leena ver. Gun Sniper: Wild Weasel Mode," "Hi-Nu Gundam," and "Liger Zero Panzer." I'm considering buying a "Berserk Fury" just to have an antagonist.

Then I got my birthday coming up. Got lots of stuff to build.


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