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Actually... Hidaka's features and personality in the AAAttackers comic  is based off an already existing character from another comic I was working on for fun. I forgot to mention this because I was having too much fun working on the comic.

People in my graduating high school class know what I'm talking about. My first comic, "T'n'T Domination," it was the first work of my imagination to ever be drawn out on paper. It was about these twin brothers, Tim & Tom and their quest to dominate the world of music. Making many friends and enemies along the way.

So there was this one villain who had his own side chapter, his name was Ryuji.
You can see how Ryuji slowly evolved into Hidaka.
Ryuji was a bit of a badass and part prankster (sort of like my version of Hidaka). Ryuji was always bitter and enjoyed messing with people because he was short and everyone made fun of his stature. Short people are always short tempered and evil, take Edward Elric (FMA) for example, he always looks like he's going to self-combust when someone mentions the word "short."

Hidaka on the other hand, enjoys annoying everybody just because he can and also because he loves the attention. On another note, I wanted to give Shuta the height complex, since he's the shortest guy in AAA, but I only needed one crazy guy with issues... and Hidaka won that process of elimination.

Hidaka is Ryuji watered-down, since Hidaka doesn't go around planting dynamite in people's guitar cases, pianos and teddy bears.

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(On a side note, I got this really cool Nissy icon off of deviantart.com)

I'm super sad that I couldn't finish my comic last night. It was only 1am and I managed to get caught! I was so close to finishing! I had inked all the panel borders, then I got caught before inking the characters. Unfortunately, in this house, DRAWING IS FORBIDDEN!!! I have no idea why my parents established that rule... something along the lines of "drawing is a waste of time, it has nothing to do with education, and it doesn't feed you!" I'm still not allowed to apply to an art college. I get in big trouble if I'm caught drawing. I get yelled at for drawing at work. Art is a form of freedom and expression, I don't know why my parents don't understand that. I'm really sad about this because I could've finished the Shinjiro comic last night, but I got caught and was forced to stop.

Another thing which I'm not too happy about... I found someone's Misako fanart (deviation).

Source: sushi-master901 @ Deviant Art (Click for the full image)
Their editing and coloring skills far surpasses mine. I am a horrible artist, I'm no match for that somewhat masterpiece! For sure, I know they used a picture editing software, because they wrote it in their comment. I myself use photoshop to retouch / clean up my drawings, but never to such a degree. Call me jealous, but I'm pretty satisfied with my drawing style, it's just... I always fail at coloring. Sushi Master has outdone me! I'm going to work really hard until I can color proficiently. Then... maybe all my comics can be in color someday. As I've always been told again and again... "the things we draw are unique to us, they come from our hearts, they are a part of us, our art defines who we are!" From the wise words of Edward C. Cook, local Batavia artist.

I lost my limited edition Bloody Monday Falcon USB flash drive. I'm hopeless... I can't find it. I know it's in the house!

My Zoid I got off ebay still hasn't arrived. If it's being sent by plane a week and a half ago, why hasn't it arrived? I must be spoiled by Japan EMS, they ship fast.

I have less than two weeks to write my research paper on "social phobia." A topic I'm way too familiar with. Why must psychology be so annoying?

I guess tomorrow's post be a level happier than this one.

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I'm currently working on some drawings I need to send.

Oh, at work today, I was talking to this old man. He's an award winning local artist in Batavia. I get to talk to him a lot because he eats at my place frequently. But today, he became really interested in my artwork. This came up because he had asked me what I was majoring in. I told him I was still unsure, but I'm considering art. He smiled with joy and told me, "you have a remarkable talent that you've put to practice ever since you were a child. You were born with the potential of becoming an artist. As for me, it took me 30 years to realize I had a gift I never used." That old man had some wise words. He gave me his card and told me I can give him a call when I'm ready or if I needed help.

Is the old man implying that he wants to make me his apprentice?!

Yeah, I'll be up working on some drawings for the next few hours.
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The long awaited tribute post has finally been put onto AAAttackers.
Yesterday(Japan time)/ Today(US time) is Nishijima's birthday. So I made a tribute in drawing to "chalong"(celebrate) his birthday. I started working on it at 6pm yesterday and I didn't get to post it until 1am. I think the new comic is awesome! I animated two of the panels in the comic. Both animations are synced together, which is not exactly difficult, but it's tedious. It was done with 98 motion frames. It became such a high number because of Naoya's hair. I wanted to make it look cool and creative. I hope everyone likes it.

I was too lazy to write in my journal last night, so I just went straight to sleep. I was really tired too. I mean, really tired.

I finished some fan art for next week's super special extremely awesome homage.
That is... if you understand what the significance of October 3rd is...
Although irrelevant, association is still in the back of my mind.

I love being vague!
Get ready for my Shinjiro homage week!

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That reminds me AGAIN!
I am so scared of not being able to make my deadlines. I know you guys don't really care when I get my cartoons up, but it's taking me forever with the Nishijima tribute. One, not enough time and two, the stupid ink keeps smearing and ruining my paper. Oh the horribly irony, I didn't finish Nishijima's BUT I did finish the Shinjiro homage, which is weird since I started on the other first. I'm trying my best. I can probably get it up by late Tuesday or Wednesday. I know you guys don't care about when I post it up, BUT I DO! I scare myself! JUST HOW ON EARTH DID I MANAGE TO FINISH SHINJIRO'S FIRST?! I don't even need to post it until next week, this saddens me...

This is so unlike me, but I was watching "DA BEARS!"
FYI That's what Chicagoans call them.
There was a game tonight, da Chicago Bears vs the Green Bay Packers.

I was on the edge of my seat.
Packers were leading in the beginning, they had possession most of the time too. I almost thought da Bears weren't gonna make it. During the later half of the game was the real game changer, Bears caught up and tied the game, 17:17. During the last few minutes, da Bears had possession and they were so close to the goal line. Instead of dashing for it, they waited it out to get a kick. The ball goes through the goal-posts..... and WE WIN!!!!!!!! Bears win 20 to 17!!!!!! That makes 3 wins and 0 loses.

This is weird, I don't even really like football.
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I'm currently working on the next comic for Attack All Attackers.

This morning, I finally got my new AAA cds in the mail. As for the collectible cards. I GOT NAOYA AGAIN?! I swear, I keep getting Chiaki and Naoya cards, it's driving me insane. I have all of the cards(from different singles), but the ONLY card I don't have is Shinjiro's card. I have all of them except his!!! What luck! I just keep getting piles of Chiaki and Naoya cards with every new cd I buy. It's like there's a surplus of Naoya cards or something.

I didn't have class today. I still had to go, but all I had to do was print out my test results in the computer lab. I then ran into one of my friends in the cafeteria, since I had nowhere to chill after finishing. She had to leave, so I hung out with her friends who were staying late. One them draws mini comics like me. I was working on something for the web-comic and he saw me drawing. He asked me about it. Actually, I didn't disclose any information about it. His work is pretty interesting. But his stuff is all about ninjas, assassins, and demonic powers! So violent. He draws things on a smaller scale with such fine detail. He's one of those "one-shot" artists. Meaning, he goes straight into inking without really planning ahead in pencil first. It's an amazing talent, but it's poor technique. His stuff is really good too. If only I had my sight back, I would be able to draw like that again.

That reminds me, I've been working on a lot of tributes.
There's Nishijima's tribute coming up next week....
Then... there's Shinjiro's special homage in early October!

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I finally have the patience and tolerance for this.
I've started my own comm, but I currently don't have any content to fill it up with.
Since I've never been good with setting stuff up, I was just going to have Maciek help me out a bit.

Here's what I wrote in the profile:

"I was cleaning up the piles of paper and junk in my room, when I uncovered all of my old comic strips and panels I used when I still worked in illustration. It was all of my original ideas in storyboard form. I though, "Hey, why not? I could still use these." I've always wanted to have my own fan art/web-comic page. I've always been thinking about it, but haven't had the chance to plan it out. I was first inspired by another web-comic called "Dub This!" it was run by an acquaintance of mine. But that web-comic is no longer running. I want to give this try."

It's a dream come true... But now I'm afraid.
More like nervous. Speech class should take care of that... I'm going off topic...

Right now, I'm working on the "character profiles" and "bio pictures."
I still need to figure out how to draw everyone.
Because I have no idea what he looks like right now. I'm working very hard, but I'm taking a short break, because I need to clear my mind for Psychology class tomorrow.

Please don't look at my unfinished comm, it's embarrassing.
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Miki got me a really nice Venus Fly Trap for my birthday and I really love it. It's beautiful yet freaky at the same time. It looks very prehistoric.There's something about carnivorous plants that make them really cool.
This is the one sitting in the kitchen.

I just think Venus Fly Traps are awesome! They hunt their own food and their complex jaw snapping system makes them even more amazing! It's as if they're alive.

I even drew a picture of me and my wonderful plant, because I love it so much!

Anyways, yesterday wasn't a very fun day at work. I was busy because I was on a lot of deliveries. There were a lot of dine-in customers too, but I had one crazy food delivery adventure I won't be forgetting about in a long while.

So okay, there's one house on a usual street which we deliver to once every other week or so. It's a really nice family. They stop by to eat too, but they mostly get take-out or delivery. They ordered food yesterday and I went on the delivery route. The house I was delivering to has a big guard dog. The dog is on an invisible fence. You know, the dog has a sensor collar that prevents it from crossing over a digital preset perimeter barrier. After I got out of the car, the dog in the yard sees me and starts growling and barking ferociously. I walk closer to the house and the dog paces back and forth at the border of the invisible barrier. When I was several yards away, the dog started to shake his head really fast. As the dog shook his head... the invis. fence collar slides off the dog's neck and plops onto the ground... My reaction was: "OH SNAP..." The dog began to growl and walk towards me... Then the dog began to chase me all over the yard. He was snapping his jaws at me and didn't want me to escape. I had to run all over the yard, hoping not to get attacked/mauled while still carrying the delivery food. I could not wear this dog down, it would not give up. The owners could probably hear me screaming, "NO, NO, NO, NICE DOGGY, GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  I made it to the doorstep. Eventually, the dog jumped on me when I rang the doorbell.

I delivered the food and told the owner that the dog was currently biting my pants and the collar had fallen off in the driveway. How strange that the dog's collar fell off when I was there.

My back and arms are hurting a bit, I'll figure out what else to write tomorrow.

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It's been several days since returning from Japan. I wish I could've stayed longer. Blasted school schedule!

I miss Arata's sillness, I miss Hiro's interesting attempts at English and his otakuness, I miss Toshi's humor, I miss Chizu's cooking and the delicious okayu she always made me, and most of all I miss Toshiko. Toshiko couldn't speak English so I had to use my limited Japanese and some invalid sign language. Toshiko was able to understand me, even if it made me look silly. She shared her umeboshi with me every morning, she was very impressed that I could even eat it. I wish I had a grandmother like Toshiko.

The greatest memory of Japan that I left with was the day we went to explore and shop in Akihabara. I felt bad for making Hiro carry all of our shopping bags. I asked if he was alright and I even offered to help. But Hiro gave a big smile and bellowed, "ME OKAY!!! GOOD! STRONG!" Hiro refused to let us carry anything after that. Seriously, he was hanging on to a lot of bags, we really wanted to help. I drew a little picture of our shopping spree.

I'm going to make another tribute picture to those who I miss in Japan.
I just want to thank them one last time.


Aug. 1st, 2010 11:42 pm
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This morning, after my well deserved sleep, I woke up early and went to the open-air bath / hot spring. Hakone is loaded with tons of underwater hot springs and geysers. It's my first time going to a Japanese hot spring. It was so weird at first, "whoa there's A LOT of naked people!" The Japanese don't get fussy over nudity like most foreigners do. Before you enter the spring, after putting away your shoes and undressing, you have to rinse yourself with hot water. Then you can go into the hot spring pool. There's more things I want to say regarding the hot spring, but I shouldn't because it'll be very awkward.

Here's a cute illustration to show my trip to the hot spring.

Yes, that would be me clinging to the side of the spring. Miki and Arata were talking to each other a good distance from me. I moved away from them because the area I was sitting in was where the water was being heated. I was flailing around in the shallow water like a dying fish because the heating mechanism in the water was burning me and I really didn't know it was behind me, which is why I moved away from everyone else.

After a nice relaxing soak in the hot spring, we hit the road again. We drove up a mountain on the other side of Hakone to go see where the steam rises out of the rocks. In that tourist area, there were a lot of suspended cable cars that took you across the mountains. Hakone is also known for it's "black eggs." What makes these eggs special and black is only regional to Hakone. These black Hakone eggs were baked in an underwater hotspring at the base of the Mount Hakone Volcano. They've been baked until the egg shells turned black. According to Hakone folklore, If you eat one "kuro-tamago" (black egg), it'll extend your lifespan by 7 years.

I tried one... and you know... it tastes like a normal hard-boiled egg. I also tried egg ice cream and wasabi ice cream while I was there. Both ice creams were very interesting.

Our next stop was the premium outlets. When we got there, I wasn't all that impressed. It looked exactly like the outlet center that's nearby my restaurant back in Batavia. It had serval shops that were different, other than that it look like an American outlet center. The weirdest part is that the outlet is divided by a valley right in the middle. To get from one side of the outlet to the other, you need to cross a very big bridge.

None of us actually bought anything, so we got on the expressway again. We were on our way back to Saitama. Before returning, we stopped in Ikebukuro for dinner. According to Hiro, Ikebukuro has the best and most famous ramen. Hiro took us to a place where he's a regular at. We know this because we saw the amount of stamps on his stamp card when the waiter asked for it. I had one of those dipping ramens, ohhhhh the noodles were so delicious. We ate and chatted, it was fun. After the meal, we continued back to Arata's house. Now I've figured out the best signal spot for internet which is why this entry exists.

I might go ice skating tomorrow, yay!!!
I'll write again soon, time to go to sleep.

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No, don't worry... it's not as frightening as it sounds.
Nothing serious.

I meant to say ice skating victims...
Today, I received some interesting confessions from people.
Just a little bit earlier today, I received a phonecall from Ex, he asked if I was on spring break yet. I told him that my spring break starts today. He was happy and wanted to hang out, as he usually does. He suggested going ice skating, because he enjoyed himself when I took him for the first time to the Skatium, on president's day. He already has his own pair of ice skates, but the last time we went, he managed to forget them at his house. I taught him how to skate and do turns. After that he became addicted to skating.

Then, after I arrived at work... guessed who texted me? None other than Maciek, the same fool I made give me a ride to the rink and took skating for the first time. Remember, I took him skating on Tuesday, the same time I filmed that Skatium video. Well, he sent me a text saying, "AH... I have the sudden URGE TO SKATE!" Oh... Maciek, when I took you on Tuesday, you looked like you didn't have fun because you were complaining that you wanted to amputate your feet to end your misery. Because he was complaining of his inability to skate and his foot pain, I assumed that he never wanted to skate again. Then all of a sudden I get this text saying "URGE TO SKATE," that was an unexpected surprise! I texted back to Maciek saying "OHNO! (Apollo Ohno pun) Really? ... Tuesday???" Then Maciek responds back quickly, "Oh hell yes! This time I'm paying!"
Oh no... I've pulled yet another victim into the world of ice skating...

So now... I have to take both of them ice skating this upcoming Tuesday...

Now that my victims are out of the way, MUAHAHAHA!!!
Let me talk about my morning...

I ended up doing the remainder of my math homework first thing this morning!
I guess I didn't notice this last night while talking to you, but... I thought that I finished my assignment last night. However!!! I didn't realize that I completely skipped a chapter worth of work, so.... you were right, I did my homework before going to class this morning... You're good at sneaking up on me when I least expect it, and now you can predict the future... is there anything you can't do?!

When I got to my math class... Prof. De Long canceled class. No one was there! She only "glanced" at my work and gave me credit for the day... In that event... I got to go home early. When I got home, I started working on my Shinjiro sketch. I started some contouring so I could figure out where to place everything. I was working on it for a few hours... then I had to leave for work. I hardly got anything done. All I could draw was Shinjiro's hand, that was it and it wasn't even that nice looking of a hand anyways... what I would do for some gum eraser right now to fix that up. I need to buy some more gum eraser, I lost all of mine.

Until next time, bye again...

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As I said before, I was really bored at work so I drew a little but, wow, I'm out of practice.
Ever since I finished general drawing last year, I haven't drawn at all... well "Tanaka Koki" is an exception, I believe I gave the picture to Jason, so not posting it here...

I'm having another course with the same instructor in two days... oh man the nightmares from general drawing, they're coming back...
This drawing is so inaccurate, I wish I had two eyes to see what I was drawing properly.
Here is my "portrait" sketch of "Mitsuhiro Hidaka."

You can click on the picture to see a bigger shot.
Okay so I went a little crazy with the darkening with cross-hatching.
Just the way my professor taught me, "solid lines do not exist, all structures are made of concentrated cross-hatching."
Those words still haunt me to this day, seriously now, lines are everywhere, how do they not exist?

And on the lighter side, a not so serious drawing which defies college level art:

Its hard to see small, but you get the idea, click on it.
Until next time, this is all I got, bye!
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