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I haven't written about how bad my New Year celebration was.

For starters, the morning of New Year Eve, we woke up to discover that our refrigerator was broken. We don't when the coldness generator (don't know what it's called) stopped working. But we woke up to spoiled food and a melted goop dripping freezer. WE HAVE NO FOOD! I've been eating instant noodles and canned food for the last few days and occasionally we'd eat out. There were a few food items that were salvaged. The pre-cooked foods were okay. It sucks not having a refrigerator. So the foods we saved are out in the backyard (it's cold enough). Not only is our food outside, but it's in a Kikkoman Soy Sauce barrel. We have lots of barrels and crates because of our business. Anyways, the barrel provides protection from wild animals.

For the rest of New Year's Eve I spent the day serving crazy customers and totaling their checks at work. There's only two holidays in which we are extremely busy: Thai New Year (in April) and Roman New Year (that's what we call it). What felt like endless waves of people pouring into the restaurant faster than customers can pour their champagne kept me busy! The last table didn't leave until 11pm (we close at 10 pm people!). The chefs were tired and angry. Me and my sister were exhausted and just wanted to go home. We drove off in a separate car.

This was really weird... So, normally we'd be celebrating at home or at someone's party in front of the TV watching the countdown. Not the case this year. It felt weird that we did the countdown in the car... with the radio... Once it struck midnight, it first for both of us, but we saw live fireworks being lit near the expressway as we were driving. Because we would usually see them on TV, it was kinda cool to see a lot of fireworks live. It was no surprise that Pink's "Raise Your Glass" played on the radio as it was played after last year's countdown too. The next song that played... is forever etched into my mind... it was LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It." Yeah, kicking of the New Year with "that" song. We were singing obnoxiously even though I don't like the song.

I guess I'm looking forward to what the new year has in store for me.

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Actually we light things up on the 3rd of July in Chicago...
Whatever, we had a barbeque and lit some stuff on the 4th.

Seriously, the 4th becomes another excuse to light stuff on fire and blow things up.
This year, we obtained some "nice" firecrackers from out of state, darn Illinois law against anything that doesn't release smoke.

With our stuff... I nearly set myself on fire...
Though, it was a harmless Chinese firecracker. It wasn't the 1,000 chain one either, this chain only had 12 pieces. I lit it and threw to the side. You know, you light one and it ignites all twelve, well... after it was on the ground, one of the 12 misfired and scattered the other now ignited 11 other ones. They went in random directions, one just happened to fly my way and hit me directly in the gut and exploding on impact. One exploded on my stomach... it left a blast mark on new shirt dammit!

My friends and I nearly got blown up like seven times, thanks to our neighbors. They were lighting "fireworks," the bombs that blow up in the sky. There were so many accidents when they were lighting them. More than often did their funnels fall over and misfire. When they had lit one, the funnel fell over and was aimed right at them. One of the guys quickly ran over and kicked the funnel away towards us. I remember them screaming "GET BACK!" at us. We dodged it when it launched and it blew up several yards behind us. This repeated several times or sometimes it would go up but come up short and then land (instead of being in the sky) nearby us then explode. There were instances where it wouldn't even launch at all and just explode on the spot right in front of them.

Barely escaped getting burned.

Oh yeah... Attack All Attackers.
Jet-lag is still killing me. I wanted to work on a little special. But they pulled me into work after I got back. Awwwww I was hoping to relax this summer but that doesn't look like its gonna happen. Work sucks!!!!!!! I wanted to do like a AAAttackers photo album special with the characters on their trip. I'll get it up maybe next week?

I can't stop ushishishi-ing for some odd reason, I am addicted Belphegor's laugh. I wasn't before but now I am, what is wrong with me?! Before I forget... they got me! I'm actually starting to "like" anime concerts/musicals. I've been pulled in! I feel so weird cuz I'd normally laugh at people who even bring it up... now I'm one of them... oh no.
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I participated in a charity event to donate money to Japan!
My friend Kristina who is the secretary of the college videogame club, helped set up the event and asked me to lend a hand.
Kristina helped me through English class and we helped each other with math class (I was bookless so we shared books). We'd always hang out together at ACen too. So of course I would help her out.

She told me to buy some lollipops because everyone needed more sugar so they wouldn't be depressed. So I bought a really big bag of dum-dums. I felt like I could do more...

So then I started working on a design...
Then I folded over 100 cranes!

I filled up a large jar with all the cranes I made. I put the Japanese flag on the left wing and put the name of the event on the right wing. When Kris saw them... she jumped up and down with joy and excitement. She was so amazed at my patience and my determination to fold so many cranes. She was happy to know that I too was working hard for this cause. I stayed up late to fold these. I folded these while I ate, heck, I even still folded cranes while in the dentist's chair getting a root canal. We gave the cranes as a gift to people who donated.

This is the admission/donation desk. I sat here folding some extra cranes to give away. A lot of people stood around me to watch me fold. I'm surprised of how many students don't know what a crane is let alone what origami is nor the significance of the paper cranes. That kinda makes me sad.

A lot of people donated, we had quite a large turn-out. It was so awesome, the college let us use the projector to play Rockband. Third picture, everyone is swaying, crying(not really), and singing Bohemian Rhapsody together. Fourth picture, you can't tell but everybody is head banging. "Galileo! Galileo! Galileo! Galileo! Galileo Figaro..."
It was fun, the school gave us tons of free pizza... We raised nearly $400 in donations (coming from college students, is a lot).

I'm happy that I got to help out. I'm happy that so many people supported Japan.
I'm really happy that I got to fold a ton of cranes for Japan!

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As everyone saw, I put up the new comic yesterday.
Actually, I just got back from Wisconsin. We went to Wisconsin Dells for a ski trip. Seriously, who goes to the "waterpark capital of the world" in the middle of winter on Christmas day?! Everything except hotels were closed, we starved because all the food places were closed.

I was very worried and didn't want to ski because I had broken my collarbone years ago from skiing and I couldn't use my left arm for 3 months. I ended up skiing, I'm still very good at it even though I had an 8 year break from it. I even taught Miki how to use the ski lift (she's been on the bunny hill since we were kids). The hotel we stayed at was Hotel Rome, which weirdly enough is located in the "Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park?" When did Rome end up in Greece?! We stayed inside the Roman Colosseum... which was right next to the giant Trojan Horse. The inaccuracy they're feeding to the tourists!

Wanna see the gingerbread house I built for my Christmas Party?

I was so yummy and candy-loaded. It was destroyed so fast.

Anyways, my family is planning yet ANOTHER trip, this time to "Canadia" (yes, misspelling out of hatred).

Ugh, I really don't want to go! We're visiting my cousin that lives up in Toronto. My only motivation for going to Toronto is the Chinatown(s) and the exotic Thai fruits that are illegal in the US but can be sold in Canada. I am going to stuff my face with mangosteen, dragonfruit, custard apples, and durian. I don't care for Niagara Falls, I'm sleeping in on the day they go to the falls.

I'm going to see if I can get out of going to Canada.

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I just finished making a cake a few minutes ago.
Today is Miki's birthday, I didn't get her a gift so... I made some gizzards (which will go to waste) and I made her a cake!

I used instant cake mix, but I made the frosting from scratch and hand-drew the black frosting.

It's a red velvet cake!

I drew a cat because it's cute.
I can't wait to surprise Miki. No one spill the beans, okay?

FYI Miki doesn't read my journal, so I'm pretty safe.
We're having dinner tonight.
There aren't any Naoyas around... are there?

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Yup, today's my birthday! I just turned 21!
Wohoo... drinking age... blah blah blah... Everyone knows I don't care much for it. Never liked the smell and taste, never will. There's something about moldy liquid bread and spoiled rotten vinegar that doesn't appeal to me.

I had a party with my friends yesterday too. Everyone actually came. We all got together and went to go eat at Shiroi Hana, one of my favorite Japanese places. I mainly like it for the fried shrimp heads, oh I love it so much... My horrible luck, they didn't have any shrimp heads yesterday. Jason, Marvin, Maciek, Ex and I really enjoyed the lunch.

After lunch, we all went back to my house to chill. I opened presents when we got back. I opened Jason's gift first. He got me a cute bowl with a little ceramic doggie clinging onto it. Next I opened Ex's gift, he gave me a temp tattoo and $30. Then I opened Maciek's gift. This was awesome... Maciek got me the platinum edition complete dvd box set of Neon Genesis: Evangelion. It was a collector's edition tin box with the complete series. THANKS A LOT MACIEK, NOW I'M GONNA DO AN ANIME MARATHON!!! Then of course, I saved the best for last, I opened Miki's presents. Miki got me a kitty coin bank, which was super cute, it was a box, you put a coin on a sensor plate and the cat will pop out of the box and snatch away the coin with it's paw. The other gift was Mario Party 8 for Wii. The final gift from Miki was a beautiful venus fly trap, it had beautiful red traps. My friends were so fascinated by the plant, because most people have never seen one up close. Miki wanted me to name it... I was thinking of naming it "Buzz-kill," but naming it "Seymour" (ref: Little Shop of Horrors) was on my mind too.

You know what we did all day besides eat cake?
We played 15 rounds of Mario Party and we played Super Smash Bros. Brawl non-stop. With my friends, once we get started on Brawl... we don't stop. It's an endless massacre! I got second place first round and I won first place the second round.

Today we celebrated my birthday at the restaurant too. Mostly employees showed up. It was fun and there was good food.

I'm getting old......

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I woke up to the sound of food today....
Is it strange that while nothing else appears to wake me up, the smell or sound of food makes me wake up immediately? I heard the sound of Miki rustling through a box of crackers this morning. That's what woke me up.

This morning, I heard my dad talking about driving (golf related), so I asked if I could go practice too. I'm quite rusty and out of practice. I haven't practiced ever since I got out of that golf academy my dad forced me to go to. That was 10 years ago! When he said he was going to practice, it reminded me of the 10 years I wasted leaving my golf clubs to collect dust. I went out to the garage and dug through all the junk until I found my clubs. I hopped into the car and we went off to the driving range in Skokie. On my first swing I tried using a 3driver, my asked, "why so big, don't you want to start smaller?" I told my dad that I've always used the irons and wedges, but never the driver. My first swing was excellent! But the swings that followed after were beyond horrible. I kept throwing my balance off, I missed the ball a few times, I smacked the wall, I hit the ball into the ceiling, or I hit the ball but it only goes 1 yard. I'm really bad now. I keep moving out of alignment, resulting in mishitting the ball. Plus, I can't even hit more than 100 yards like how I did back then. I was once able to hit the ball 150 yards with a 9iron. I can't even hit up to 100!!!! I'm getting worse!!!! All my power is gone, my technique is worse. There was this old Korean man who kept staring at me and would occasionally laugh at me. I'm so bad at this now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After I got back, I went to the DMV to renew my permit. I got a full score on the written test... as usual. I got it done pretty quickly. I got home soon afterwards. I then went off to school right away. Today I had psychology class, it sucked! I was the only person who showed up without a textbook. I got to class and everyone had a textbook in front of them. Everyone read ahead too, I didn't have a book. When the professor asked questions, I was unprepared, I've never felt dumber.

After class, my uncle picked me up and bought me a birthday cake. My party in tomorrow, Friday. We'll see how it goes.

Miki quote of the day:
"Ghost poop..."
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I thought I should write this now since I have some time.
So anyways, Miki got back from Vegas last week. I'm so happy!!! She got first place! Overall, she said it was fun. As long as there were good memories from the competition, I know they'll last. A victory is a victory, but we didn't get to celebrate. Everyone's been busy, even me. But, Miki did bring back a gift for me.

Check out what Miki bought me:

Isn't it awesome!? It's a scorpion lollipop!!!
I haven't even seen these before! It looks good. Miki actually bought me something that suits my unique sense of taste. And yeah... that's a real scorpion in there. It's banana flavored, I can't wait to eat it, yet I don't want to eat it because it's too beautiful and I really want to keep it as a novelty. But Miki says I should just eat it because we'll come across more wacky things from different places we'll visit in the future.

So... while Miki was basking in the glory of her triumphant victory in Vegas, a rare opportunity presented itself. Miki was offered a scholarship to study abroad in Taiwan!!! Of course this scholarship is for her to sharpen her cooking skills, a culinary arts scholarship... We were talking about it for a bit today, Miki has been thinking really hard about it. She's still unsure if she should stay or go. We talked about it.


Miki: what do you mean? mom's not going to starve you.


Miki: it's only for a short while.

Me: now that I think about it... Taiwan...

Miki: uh-huh...

Me: since you're going to Taiwan, you could totally stalk Wu Chun!

This is what followed...
And that's where I got today's Miki's quote of the day:
"OHHH... I'M SO GOING TO TAIWAN NOW!!!! Aww... how thoughtful, you're thinking about your future brother-in-law."

Miki loves Wu Chun...

Oh yes! In addition to that...
My party is going to be on Friday. I'm so excited. I've missed my birthday for the past few years. My birthdays have been really sad for me too. I always try to invite my friends months in advance. But.... they always flake out the day of my party. In the end... either two people show up or no one shows up at all. I begun to hate my birthday after a while. Why bother if people don't show up? Why bother if no one cares? My family (except Miki) ignores my birthday. No one does anything special for me. I don't get a "happy birthday" and I don't even get a cake. According to tradition, because my birthday is so close to a bad day, we aren't supposed to celebrate it. But instead, it's just made me miserable.

This time, I'm actually going to have a party on Friday. My friends have confirmed their availability. Attending will be: Maciek, Marvin, Jason, and Ex. Yay, my birthday is so close!!!!!!!!!
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It was on Monday, but I didn't write about it because I've been busy packing.

I invited a good amount of people but most of them canceled. Isabelle and Sylwia canceled last minute. Because Sylwia canceled, now we didn't have a car. Gameworks is all the way out in Schuamburg. While I was chatting with Izzy on the phone, Marvin arrived early. Marvin and I played co-op on "Fat Princess" for about an hour, aww... we kept getting killed until we finally discovered the secret passageway to breach the enemy castle. There was so much blood and carnage!

Well, we were both disappointed that we didn't really have an easy way of getting to Gameworks. I then suggested that we take the local Pace bus, because it stopped at Woodfield Mall, which was near Gameworks, but it was a bit of a walk. We walked all the way to Jefferson Park Station (name of my neighborhood district) and took the train to the Rosemont stop where ACen is. After that, we got on the Pace bus. We were both surprised that this bus passes Mitsuwa. Well now we know.

After nearly a half an hour bus ride, we arrived at Woodfield. We decided to just cut through the mall to save on time. After that we had to dodge cars while crossing an interstate to another region called "Streets of Woodfield." It was ridiculously located far across the street from Woodfield Mall. We finally got to Gameworks. We filled uop our gamecards and went straight upstairs to the arcade games. I played "Time Crisis 4" first because it's my favorite shooter. Marvin kept dying really fast, he was using his credits an awful lot to continue playing. I felt bad because he used most of his credits on Time Crisis. I'm way too good at it, I only swiped once for a continue. After dying on the 4th level, we took a short break. While Marvin went off on his own, I attempted to play "Too Spicy," another arcade shooter, but this one's about stealing an inheritance from the yakuza. It's really hard because the time limit they give you to defeat an enemy is insanely short. I mean really short, it gives you 30 seconds to defeat the enemy. If time runs out, it's an automatic fail, resulting in a gameover. Marvin snuck up on me while I was playing. He said, "this game is really hard, it's a total bitch." After failing a 30 second challenge, we moved onto another game.

The next game was some military based assault game. You got to use machine guns a shoot everything. I remember it went by really quick. Then Marvin really wanted to play the new "Rambo" game. This one also had a machine gun and the bullet cap was maxed, but you still needed to reload. It was fun, but I think the amount of health for the game was insufficient. After dying on Rambo, we went to the DDR machine. Wow, I haven't played in a long time. We played two rounds of DDR. The first time, the machine was being difficult, we couldn't figure out how to change the difficulty level, instead we kept accidentally selecting songs we didn't want to play. We wasted our first round playing songs we didn't want on the easiest level. Each round allows you to play three songs, we wasted three songs trying to figure out the machine. Both of us hadn't played DDR in a long time, so we actually forgot how to use the machine. Our second round, we figured everything out. Marvin always plays on Heavy or Challenge, as for me, I'm way out of practice, I can only do Standard(mid-level). It was so weird because my stamina did not allow me to last very long while playing on Standard. I tried but I was way too tired. Marvin had a hard time too. We continued playing, but on one level lower than what we normally play on.

After playing DDR, we were both super exhausted. We were really sweaty and could hardly stand and walk. We limped over to the couches on the balcony. We both sat down, but I immediately got up and went downstairs. I walked to the claw machines. There was one filled with evil looking cat plushies. Ooohhhh, could not resist. I'm really good at it. I played three times. First: got nothing, second: got a pink cat, third: got a black cat. They were so cute!!!

I ran back upstairs to show Marvin. He was a bit surprised that I actually won something. We went back downstairs to try a few more times but got nothing. I had Marvin hold my cats. He shoved them into his pockets with their heads poking out. Marvin said, "I must look like a fag with these kitties sticking out of my pockets." I said, "Nooo, I think it's adorable, Marvin." He then said, "Yeah yeah, I'll just tell everyone that you won them for me and I'm very happy and love them." I said, "uh... isn't it supposed to be the other way around?" Marvin retorted, "bah! what a stereotype."

I went to play some ticket games and got enough tickets to get a Sonic shot glass. After that, we left Gameworks to get something to eat at Chipotle. I told Marvin to grab some extra napkins as a joke for a friend. So we ended up jacking an entire bag full of napkins.

We rushed off back to Woodfield because we were afraid to miss the last bus back to Chicago. We actually got a little lost on the way back. We started to panic when we thought we couldn't catch the bus. Fortunately, we made it right on time. We went back to my house and that was my going away party!

But I wished that my other friends could've gone too.

I'm leaving for Japan tomorrow. I need to get some sleep.

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I haven't been online as much as I usually am.
I've been working non-stop as I said in a previous entry to earn some extra cash for my trip. Working leaves me with almost no time to relax on the net, even after work. I would've posted more stuff but... I'm an idiot and I left my stupid charger and cellphone cord all the way in Chicago. I had pictures from my dinner, Thai fest, and Jame's b-day at the restaurant

So it turns out...
I also have a list of people to notify before and after I get to Japan... friends, cell service, bank, host family, etc...

One of my crazy friends, Maciek, decided that I should have a "going-away" party. Funny thing is... I planned a day (this Monday) and he wasn't even available to attend. Unlike me, Maciek's job requires him to be there and not miss days left and right (unlike Roel). I have job security, Maciek doesn't, so he needs to work his shift and hopefully get promoted. So... my party is this upcoming Monday, I was thinking... Gameworks and eating out. After Maciek, I sent a message to Jason. Jason's first response is that he couldn't go because he's broke, thanks Jason. He apologized though. My unreliable friends, I can't blame them though, they go through something called "life," it's something I have yet to understand the concept of. I sadly, have no knowledge of responsibilities and independence. Those are the main things holding me back from "growing up." It's also the reason why I'm still childish and have the logic and reasoning abilities equivalent to a child.

Those two are out. I was on the verge of canceling my party. Then I got a response from Marvin and he's totally up for my party. He was a little disappointed when I nearly canceled the party. As long as one person is willing to go, the party is still open. That's one check for Marvin! Today I called Izzy, but I called from the restaurant phone and she didn't recognize the number so she didn't answer until my second call. I haven't talked to Izzy since ACen, it was nice to talk to her again. I told her about my party and she's available on Monday, yay! It's the first time that Izzy and I will hang out outside of ACen and Harold Washington College.

By the way, did you guys know I go to two colleges?
I switch back and forth between Wilbur Wright College and Harold Washington College. My grades are valid for both colleges and it transfers easily. Same school system, no hassle, it's like going to the same school in a different part of town.

So far, just Izzy and Marvin are available for my party.

Okay, when I get to Japan.......
I want to buy a lot of "Zoids!" My mind is set on buying toys! Zoids are my absolute favorite motorized model kits. They're like robotic animals and they walk and roar after you assemble them. They were popular in the States for a while then popularity declined and they ceased all productions of all the Zoids products. That made them really difficult to find, since they weren't sold anymore. The US only had certain Zoid releases, well... a few of them and Japan had all the exclusive ones. While I'm in Japan, I'm going to buy the Zoids I never could buy over here. Like the "Murasame Liger," it roars and swings a katana around as it walks. Or the "Shadow Fox," it has launching missiles. There's a rare one I want too, it's called the "Whitz Tiger: Imitate Edition," it sounds like a fake but it's not, in the Zoids series, the Whitz Tiger is a reflection of the Whitz Wolf, which is why it's called the imitate. It's a very detailed model, it's so beautiful. I want this Zoid so bad, I hope I'll find it in a shop somewhere in Japan. This is a picture of the box.
*whine* I WANT THIS ZOID SOOOOOO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really hope that I'll find this in Japan. Everyone says I'm too old for this... I DON'T CARE! I WANT THIS ZOID!!!

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Like my Yokoyama Yu icon?
I made it from the "Kanfuu Fighting" video.
I didn't have time to write yesterday. I need to make this quick because I want to hang out with Miki.

Yesterday in Batavia it was "Windmill Fest." Batavia's birthday. It was like a mini carnival, it had rides, games, and food. It was near my restaurant too. I snuck out of work and went to go play at the festival. I rode the ferris wheel, ate 3 funnel cakes, a one foot corndog, and kettle corn. Is it suspicious at all that the Chinese food stall sold funnel cake, corndogs, hamburgers, fajitas, crab rangoon, and Italian beef? I kid you not, the name of the stall was "East China Inn." What a fun filled day for me.

Today was Christina's birthday. She invited me to Gameworks for her party. I haven't been to Gameworks in a long time. When I got there, I refilled my playcard with $10. I was hoping to win a plushie out of those clawgame machines for her, but that ended up being a fail... After I walked away to go refill my card again, Christina got on the clawgame and instantly won a Chimchar plushie. Why do I now feel that unfairness enjoys taunting me? Anyways, we went to go play the "House of the Dead 4" ride/game. It was really cool, you even need to put a seat belt on. The seats for the game actually moved and rotated as if you were in the game. What I didn't like was the bursts of air that would hit you when a zombie from behind you is breathing down your neck... way to make it realistic. It freaked me out. But I did shoot the most zombies.

After we died on level 2 of that game, we went upstairs to the arcade games. We were looking around the DDR machines and fortunately we found a gamecard with 247 credits on it. That's a lot of money, I can't believe someone lost it.

After the party, my aunt picked me up and I ate a lot of yummy food. Now my stomach really really hurts.

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Independence Day was fun... sort of.
I took a few pictures of my family lighting some fireworks in the backyard. Later we went to a friends house for some party food. We went to a nearby park to watch people light the illegal fireworks too. I have video footage, but I'm too lazy to edit them and put them on here.

I had to make a "closed" sign for the restaurant to notify customers that we are closed on a holiday. Do you like my pretty sign? I made it by hand.

While Miki was in Minnesota, she bought some cool fireworks you can't get in Illinois. The fountains are always pretty.

I'm not a big fan of the flashing whistling ones though.

This one was a cool fountain, it actually shot up a little.

We had some sparklers too. Can you see Miki's face in the dark?

We have more than this, but not enough time to light them. Miki was supposed to come back home tonight so we can finish lighting the other hundred or so left... But Miki had to be stubborn and spend the night over at a friend's house.

The party I went to was pretty fun. I saw some friends I hadn't seen in a long while. Like Peter... Peter brought some firecrackers to the party and we lit them in the park. Peter almost blew off his hand with an M-1000 on a few occasions. Poorly designed short wicks... Because of state regulations, we can't get the good stuff. The laws are... smoke bombs. smoke rockets(that don't launch), pop-its, bottle rockets, ash snakes, small firecrackers, and party poppers. Sparklers are illegal in Chicago now... fun killer!

Before all of this nighttime stuff, I was actually house sitting for Buffy. Buffy is a busy traveling singer. Buffy and Bill got a new puppy... It kept bothering me because it wanted attention.

Anyways, since we were there, we cooked stuff to eat. Miki and I made a delicious mushroom and snail pasta!!!

Look at the yummy sauce. I was left with the task of seasoning it because the stuff that Miki threw together was really bland. Salt and onion powder are my best friends...

I ate and forgot to take a picture...

I ate most of it already. It was originally topped with Parmesan cheese. The snails tasted so good in this!

I think I got some stuff to take care of tomorrow. Japan stuff and I've been ordering ridiculous stuff off the internet non-stop. Hopefully my packages will arrive before I leave for Japan.

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Yesterday was Santi and Chi-an's wedding!
Miki and I had to cater for the entire party. A lot of people turned up for the wedding. It was a lot of work and I was working for free. The party took place at Santi's house. His house has no air conditioning. Not like it mattered, the majority of the party was outdoors. Not to mention that it rained all day, it was a good thing they set up tents. A lot of people still got soaked though.

Santi and Chi-an really wanted their food theme to be a full "Tapas" menu.

  • Empanadas
  • Steak w/ chimichurri
  • Bacon wrapped dates
  • Caprese
  • Arugula Salad
Main Entrees
  • Black beans
  • Rice
  • Grilled vegetables
  • Cuban pork roast
  • Paella con mariscos
  • Picadillo
  • Grilled plantains
  • Madelines
  • Blueberry au citron
  • Flan cheesecake
  • Lemon cookies
  • Creampuffs
As we were discussing the menu, both of us gave Santi this weird look and said, "Santi... Caprese.. IS NOT Spanish!" But he wanted it anyways. As long as his wife could get the bacon wrapped dates, he didn't really care.

One of the downsides to catering is... you work in a place where no one sees you. You're in an enclosed area with little ventilation and near heat blasting stoves. I have to stand all day and it hurts my feet. It feels different to be backstage during a wedding. You get to see the bride get ready. The make up artist cakes her face with tons of make up and she puts on her amazing wedding dress. As they announce her arrival from outside, as she walks out that door, she holds her breath and gives a big wide smile of relief. Then she gracefully glides through the door that separates her from the groom. As Chi-an walked out that door, I could hear people in the hallway crying. Being backstage during a wedding truly is an amazing experience.
After the ceremony finished, we already finished preparing the appetizers. We begun to work on the main dishes. For the steak appetizer, we cubed the steak and trimmed the ends and fat off and left them on the side of the cutting board to not be served. Unfortunately... the groom snuck into the cooking area and he starting eating all the unusable meat-ends we left on the cutting board. Santi was stuffing his face with steak as he was telling us that they already ran out of steak outside. Then he started hoarding the fatty pieces of meat-ends on the cutting board. Santi said, "I know it's bad for my heart, but it's where all the flavor is!!!" He left us to work on the other food. We took the pork roast out of the oven and it was so juicy and tender. Not to long after we carved the roast and served it... Santi's brother, Victor... saw the pork fat we trimmed off the roast and he started attacking the cutting board just like his brother. Both of us yelled, "Victor! Away from the pork fat!!!" Victor, who was still stuffing himself with pork fat said, "but it's so yummy and it melts in your mouth." In my mind I was thinking, you're a doctor Victor, you more than anyone would know how horribly unhealthy consuming pork fat is.

While I was working on the paella, I was opening the Arborio rice with a really sharp knife. There's a saying between people who know me and it's "Never give Tessie a knife!" I tend to accidentally injure myself when using a knife. Commonly I've chopped off my own fingernails... and that's a normal occurrence. On some occasions I have bled. When I was cutting open the Arborio, I held the knife in my right hand and the bag of Arborio with my left. My left thumb and index held the top of the rice bag open while my right hand sliced the bag open. Because the Arborio is vacuum sealed, the bag will move when you puncture it. When I sliced through the bag, the bag puffed up and the bag became thinner. Because the knife was still going, I underestimated the strength I was using to cut the bag open. All of this happened very quickly, so there wasn't enough time to think. The knife ripped through the Arborio bag very quickly and sliced right through my thumb. I had cut so deep into the flesh of my thumb that it actually reached the bone. I started bleeding all over the kitchen sink. I thought I had lost my thumb, it was a lot of blood. This is the second time I have nearly cut my same thumb in half. The first time was from a meat cleaver. First impulse from getting cut is for me to rinse it in the sink. Conveniently right in front of me. Then I got a sheet of paper towel and applied a lot of pressure onto the cut. I was squeezing the cut shut with my index finger and continued cooking with my clean right hand. I was cooking with one hand for the rest of the wedding. You know, from the time I got cut, I've been requesting a bandage through Miki... and I never got it until the end of the wedding because Miki kept forgetting. For the whole wedding, I was clutching onto a paper towel because "someone" never grabbed me a bandage!

This catering job was a success and everybody loved the food. By the end of yesterday, I was really tired and in pain. Victor's wife, Sue, knew I worked really hard on the food and gave me a nice long back massage. After Sue was done, Santi attacked me with his chair massager. It was a basic wall plug-in massage device you attached to any chair. I was sitting on a stool so Santi just held it up to my back and pushed up against it. Ouch! It really hurt! He was jabbing that thing into my back, actually, he was leaning on it. He said the deep tissue massage is even better with applied pressure. Yeah right! My back still hurts even right now.
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I need to stop watching "We Got Married?!"
Crown J and his Atlanta obsession...

I've been suber busy lately! I almost have no time for LJ either. I need to be quick about this because I'm still at work, but I need to go into Chicago today, because of my insane schedule.

6/5   Santi and Chian's wedding
6/5   Catering for their wedding
6/6   Return to Batavia for work
6/7   Return to Chicago
6/8   Wondergirls/2PM concert
6/9   Go to work in Batavia
6/9   Commute back to Chicago
6/10 Skating lessons
6/10 Go to work in Batavia
6/16 Commute back to Chicago
6/17 Skating lessons
7/26 Leave for Japan...

My work schedule is still undecided. My feet are already bruised from working so much. Well, I need to work to have some spending money for Japan, even if it means I'll get lots of blisters. I'll work hard and try my best!

Regarding the wedding tomorrow, Miki went to go check out the banquet kitchen and I heard the landlady was really snippy about letting Miki use the banquet kitchen. She was concerned for liability issues and whether Miki was a professional or not. She kept saying she won't let non-professionals use the banquet kitchen. Really? She thinks Miki isn't a professional?! In order to handle food at all, you can't hire just anyone. Caterers need to have licenses to cook. Miki is a licensed and insured cook, she went to culinary school lady!!! That lady just took one look at Miki and said, "uh, no!" My guesses are... Miki forgot to mention that we are licensed under "Prangtipaya Inc." and the fact that we do own a restaurant. If that doesn't scream professional, then that lady is beyond stupid!

While all the wedding planners were over there, they were trying to haggle for a lower price to rent the banquet hall. Chian really wanted the price to be $1000, but the lowest that landlady would go is $2000. Someone made a comment that Santi refuses to admit that his fiancee is cheap. Chian's mother overheard and said, "NO... you no cheap, you rich... in mind!" Miki then said, "but I'm really cheap! I'm always on low budget!" Chian's mother kept saying, "Nooooo... you rich in mind!" Miki replied, "yeah, but I'm poor financially." Happiness within yourself is what makes you rich, not the amount of capital. Imagination goes a long way too. Chian's mother is awesome.

More about the wedding. I remember hearing stories about Santi's days as a model. He was really a model. He was in a lot of ads and magazines. I think I saw him in a "Johnny" magazine before, meh... it could've been my imagination(then again, it was confirmed). One of his modeling jobs was for "Levis." I only heard about one, but he's been in many things. I wonder what he does for a living now... Well, I'll get to see him tomorrow anyways. I wish Santi and Chian a long and happy marriage, best of luck to the happy couple!

Now... I must return to my relentless busy schedule. Oh, and I need to gather more intell on Japan.
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Yes, time is ticking indeed!
The entry title is the most famous quote from "Epik High's" song "One." I also use it as a message notification on my cellphone. Time is ticking because ACen IS A WEEK AWAY!!! I always get hyped up for my favorite Anime con! One week away, it didn't seem too long ago that I made a post that was marked at 40 days. Now, there's 7 days left!

Main topic today, besides studying vigorously for my math final, I'm hating the statistics chapter right now! Sorry, main topic... for the longest time I have finally returned to "FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER." It's been almost two years since I last saw them... my self-made family. FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER is considered at least to one of the members as this exclusive dinning society... I've been unable to attend for almost two years because I've been busy at work. There's no one else to run the restaurant, because of that, I haven't been able to go to FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER. We actually have a Facebook page!!! It's where all the FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER MEMBERS stay connected.(I still hate Facebook, so I don't have an account)

Miki's over at the stove making some delicious pasta with Italian sausage, so yummy! Unfortunately... I ate all of my pasta before I could get a picture, oops... But yeah, Miki and I usually cook for everyone.

To me, it's more of a nice gathering of people who have moved to Chicago to fulfill their dreams and left their real families behind. Since none of them have a family to really eat with, we all meet up once a week, every Friday. Our self-made family is made up of different people with different backgrounds and occupations. They've all known each other for years. Some were classmate, others were roommates at one point, some were friends of friends which then became our friend, and some were high school friends.

Left to right: Jeffrey, Kapan, Bill, Christoper, Carl.
Members not pictured: Buffy, Yasuko-san, Robert, Gretchen, Nathan, Miki, Hachi, Monty.

With my self-made family, since I'm the youngest, I'm the child. They all give me advice about life, sometimes it's about things I shouldn't do or sometimes its about very random facts I don't need know about. They share their wisdom with me, but I usually ignore the weird advice, for example.... Bill once said, "Never attempt to jump over a bonfire when you're surrounded by gay guys, you get badly burned in many ways." Everyone in my self-made family is nicer than my real family. I can actually tell them secrets and what's on my mind. My self-made family even supports my dreams, they agreed that I could become an artist or cinematography, as long as it makes me happy. They even comfort me when I feel troubled. My real family just shouts nasty things and makes it worse, along the lines of "cry it off you big baby, no one cares about you, heck, I don't care about you, you're not even worth my time, useless child." For most of my life I've always been insulted by my mother. I have issues with my mother, which is why I'm closer to my self-made family and trust them more. My self-made family never yells, insults, or beats me senseless. Those are the main differences between my families. My self-made family... they aren't just friends, they're family to me!

You could say I had a traumatizing childhood and it has screwed up my view on real families... To me... real families are the artificial families, not self-made families. But that's just my opinion based off my own horrible childhood experiences.

Anyways, check out what's left of this viciously attacked red velvet cake.

It was so good, Miki's baking skills are the best!!!

I've skipped out on this week's shift of work, I have to study and finish my remaining homework for math. That final is next Tuesday! I need to study for that final, my grade is between a "B" and "C." I need to go to sleep now, but tomorrow I will try to get as much done as possible.

Until next time, bye again.
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I decided to sleep in today, because I didn't feel like going to my morning classes...

I woke up and ate a little bit. Then Jason called around 1:40pm, saying that he arrived at Jefferson Park station and what bus he should take. About ten minutes later... Jason called again, telling us that he arrived at the Elston stop just behind my house. So, I walked out to go pick him up. I love taking the shortcut behind the bar near my house because it's much faster than going around. Not long after I brought Jason to the house, we received another phonecall, this time from Eric. Eric had gotten onto the Belmont train stop and is really close to JP. Five minutes later, Eric gets picked up by Miki and now we're all together for our party.

We watched a few random videos and ate some yummy pad-thai. We were watching a lot of videos of "The Sky is Falling" a Korean variety show. It was the cardboard cut-out game, a game where a person stands on a platform near a pool of water and a large cardboard cut-out of a random pose will move towards them and they must perfectly get their body to line up with the shape of the cut-out. If they pose incorrectly... they get pushed into the water, pose correctly... and spare the trouble of getting soaked. That game tests the ability of reflexes and the ability to think under pressure and time restraints. After finishing TSIF, we looked at some of our vacation photos. Then... after photos, I showed everyone the Kobayashi commercial I found yesterday. Everyone got a good laugh off of it, it was great!

Sadly, I had to leave because of my scheduled field trip downtown.
So... I took the blue line train to the Jackson stop, I looked for east... I don't carry a compass with me so I use the sun's position(I'm so old fashioned) to figure out the compass directions. Lake Michigan is to the east... I got off the southbound... TURN LEFT. I managed to navigate myself properly and arrived at the Art Institute of Chicago on time.


I'm happy that I didn't get lost this time.
I don't go into downtown Chicago too often...
I only know where Harold Washington College, Daley Plaza, and House of Blues is. It's sad... I was never allowed to explore Chicago on my own, therefore... I have no idea how to get anywhere public transportation wise or directional wise.

I walked into the museum and saw my professor right away. Only eight people actually signed up to go on the trip... it was a very small group. The first thing my professor wanted to see was the Picasso painting I was talking about, "The Old Guitarist", the one with the hidden image of the woman in it. We walked all the way into the new wing of the museum, then we went to the 3rd floor and into the "Modern Art" section. The first painting we saw upon walking in was "The Old Guitarist." My professor walked up really close to the painting and began to examine it, turned around... glared at me... then did the finger gesture of beckoning me, "why don't you explain to the class?". The first thing I said was, "don't give me that look... it's creepy." I walked up towards the professor and looked at the painting. Of course I noticed the hidden image once again, it was no different from my first visit. I told my classmates to look up at the painting and look at the area "above the guitarist's ear." "If you look carefully, you can see the outline of a woman's face and eyes." Some of my classmates were confused and couldn't identify anything. I told them to focus on the ear and tilt their own heads a little bit so the light glare can reveal the hidden outlines. I then turned around and asked my professor, "do you believe me now?" My professor's response, "I never doubted you for a second." My reaction in my mind: then what was with the x-ray joke and public humiliation from a few weeks ago?!

After that interesting experience, everyone went their separate ways and went off to look at their favorite artists' works. As for me... I went off on my own and looked at this really interesting small painting by Salvador Dali. I was fascinated by its' colors and simplicity. But just as I was about to identify what the name of the piece was... I was interrupted by my professor who found me and dragged me back to the first floor. My professor wanted to do some strange lighting experiment and decided to use me and a classmate of mine as lab rats. We walked into the sculpture room, but there was a mean security guard who stood at the stairs and told us to go to the exit because the museum is about to close. My professor on the other hand, said, "wait! we only need a few minutes in there." The guard said, "you can't, all the rooms past here are sealed off." My professor then said, "oh, we don't need to go look at the rooms, we want to check something in the area beyond the stairs real quick." We walked right past the guard. My professor then told me to stand under one of the recessed lights and told me to look up. Wanted to check something regarding light exposure on the face. My professor found the light here to be adequate. We then walked back towards the gift shop and exit. Next to the gift shop was another recessed light... once more I was told to stand under it... We then continued pass another exhibit where there stood an oversized stone tablet... and again... there was a nice bright recessed light. "Could you please step towards the light..." My response, "ugh..... fine... (how many times must we do this?)" I kept being told to reposition myself, since I wasn't dead center for the light to reflect off me properly.

After my lighting experiment, we all walked to the exit, said goodbye and walked in different directions.

I got back home and continued to party on with my friends who were actually at my house the whole time I was out. Everyone had fun watch random footage of "Explorers of the Human Body." That show is really educational and fun. I get to learn about why laughing gas makes people laugh and what methods people can use to prevent getting dizzy from being spun around so much. For example if you are ever put into a spinning machine and you chew on something, it relaxes your equilibrium and you won't notice the dizziness. We ate Miki's homemade chicken curry rice, gekiuma desu! We just continued watching a lot of different Korean variety shows, we all had so much fun. During that time, I was showing Jason my AAA collection, because he liked the "Dance Corner: Special Edition" I made him for his birthday present. Jason isn't interest in AAA but he does kind of like the dances. Jason is so lucky, he owns the only dvd copy of the "Special Edition," I haven't made other discs yet... the only copy in existence. It was getting late and the guest needed to leave...

Today was fun for me too, I guess...
Until next time, bye bye!
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Oh no, I couldn't post yesterday and the day before because I was busy.
What a crazy night that was.

I had an appointment with Jason, we were supposed to meet at 5:00pm but it took a little longer than expected for Jason to show up since there was a "Shin delay" Shin made a few random phone calls because he wanted a song. It slowed Jason down a bit but apparently he refused to visit Shin (until next time) and attempted to reach me as so as possible. Well, what ended up happening was that I got to the meeting spot on time but then had to wait for an hour, so we met up at 6:00pm instead.

After meeting up we walked to the red line station to hop on the train to Chinatown. When we got to Chinatown we started walking towards Chinatown Square and Jason asked me whether I wanted to eat at Joy Yee's or Chi Cafe. We ended up eating at Chi Cafe, I had jellyfish and beef tongue, gekiuma desu! Jason got clams with chives, his usual I guess. We spent an hour or two eating.

Jason also invited me to Eric's game night. I never met Jason's friend Eric, we met up at a 7eleven by Eric's house. I guess Eric's cool, I can't say much since I haven't gotten to know him well enough, but at this point he's cool (for now). I cooked a little bit while I was at his house, I made buffalo chicken dip. Unfortunately...... Eric didn't have any chicken, so I ended up using bulgogi quality sliced beef, total awesomeness since I've only seen it in Korean barbecue restaurants. Buffalo dip is gekiuma no matter the content, pure deliciousness would have been better if Eric didn't accidentally glob too much hot sauce into the mixture, which made the dip sour, but thats okay because it was flavorful and gekiuma as I claimed before, ha! extremely gekiuma, marvelous job chef Eric, improvision rocks. That reminds me..... there was no shortcake that night, hey.... you said there would be shortcake, oh well.

The night was interesting because none of us played any games, kinda. At first Eric wanted to play cards or "taboo"but Jason and I didn't know any card games except "Uno", then there was the option of "go fish" or "bullshit", since neither Jason nor I really knew any card games. What ended up happening was that we did not play a card game at all, we just all sat around a table and had a very long "otaku" conversation involving various video games, anime, j-music, and (yes it has it's own catagory) Sailor Moon.

After this point, these events are out of sequence and I don't care.

Later on, Eric tells Jason and I what he does at Anime Cons for fun, apparently he does fan-service for yaoi fan-girls near the yaoi panels. So interesting.... basically he sits there with other guys and has a hand written sign that says "WILL DO YAOI FOR MONEY AND OR POCKY". He gets his money, does his business (you can probably guess), makes the fan-girls squeal and later counts his earnings, those are some clever marketing skills there. Way to go, I wish you prosperity.
Eventually I managed to get into a random conversation with Jason about "Ai no Mukidashi", lol, Takahiro Nishijima's epic hentai movie, which everyone should be familiar with, awh such an amazing movie (me loves good cinematography/Nissy...). I told Jason he should watch it because the movie depicts all the aspects of Japanese weirdness all rolled into one film, I got him speechless when I said the genre (according to all synopsis descriptions) is "ero-guro" erotic grotesque, comedy, (somewhat) romance, and action. Jason said "all the other genres I can imagine meshing together but, ero-guro seems a little out of place, like it doesn't fit with all the other genres." I mentioned sausage snipping and Quentin Tarantino references/effects, which gave Jason this priceless shocked look.

After our moment of "otaku" pride. Eric wanted to play "Monster Rancher 4", wow, I haven't seen that since I was watching Saturday morning cartoons as a child, brings back memories. Jason and I were watching Eric train his monsters and scanning discs to obtain new monsters. We eventually got into another conversation about action figures and I mentioned "Zoids" and "Yu-Gi-Oh", then all of a sudden Eric started looking up youtube videos on his phone.

For the next half hour we all sat there laughing at "Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series". It's a really well made fandub of the first two seasons of the show. It was really funny, I was entertained. That fandub is so freaking awesome. I loved Ishizu's catch phrase, "because shut up", lol.

Time flew.... I got to Eric's place at 9:00pm on Jan. 7, before I knew it I ended up leaving at 5:00am Jan. 8, wow...
This was the condition outside, tons of snow, my friend waited for the bus with me.
Waiting for the bus at 5:00am!!!!!!

Hehehe, I got home at 6:00am, I'm so bad.
Thanks for reading you guys, until next time.  
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Uhh... yesterday there was a day after new year party at a friends house.
Actually it was the house of the person who won my dvd on Christmas.
I ate lots of cookies and a catering tray worth of mussels... ugh... never again.

After eating I watched everyone playing Mario Party on Wii, then they switched to a PS3 and started playing JEOPARDY.
Everybody got bored because they couldn't answer most of the questions.
Everyone eventually gave up and hooked up Rockband(first one). Sadly none of us got to hear the "talented"(enough to make your ears bleed) singing of Randy, since he seemed to have passed out on the couch.
I played Rockband several times at Friday Night Dinner, so I didn't feel like playing, I just watched.
My cousin Som wanted to attempt drums, yet again it was a futile attempt, Som is not well coordinated in video games. When Som was on her final save(one more fail = game over), I told her to move and I quickly jumped onto the drums to play in her place.
The party felt really boring because all of us were staying up really late for a second time in a row, but because of new years eve everybody was way too exhausted to party on new years day.
In my opinion, a day after new year party is pointless if everyone went all out and wasted themselves the night prior to the party.

Today, I was supposed to head to work, but I convinced my mom to let me stay here in Chicago.
Yay, I got to stay home, for once.
There is a reason for me staying home, but I won't say why.
Jason should know why, since I mentioned this topic by texting.
Lets just say I tore my basement apart looking for something and worked really hard today, and yet sadly I'm empty handed.
I can always try again tomorrow (hopefully before work) and I need to get more seltzer water. I managed to deplete three cans so quickly today.
I will more, much later, bye!
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Okay, in my previous post I was really mad, like suber(combo of super + uber) mad. Which is a rare kind of mad I'm not usually at the state of.

I was real mad and at that point, I felt it wasn't worth the $30 for the day at work.
So I started crying and whining. Hehehe, crocodile tears of course(I think).
Well, it sounds a little uncharacteristic for me, since all of my friends really see me as:
"the inspirational visionary, the fearless leader, the multi-talented creator, the extremely determined fool, the genius of the operation, and the iron-willed speaker."

Ahhh, when I'm not around my friend, oh man, I'm a big crybaby.
But because I save face with those great qualities listed above, I keep the truthful crybaby profile to a minimum.
But, that night I cried until they gave me $200 to shut up, I'm so bad.

Last night was pretty fun, I got to hang out with Jason, whom I haven't seen in a while.
So much fun. I went to my uncle's bar, Chicago.
For those who know where I'm getting at, please don't mention "that" or I may get in trouble...
The bar was packed that night, Jason told me he had to wait a long time to get in.
As for me, the owner is my uncle and I told the bouncer that I'm in the dining party, so I walked right in.
Jason's reaction was interesting, *shocked* "Ah! I had to wait and they charged me a cover fee!!!"

We enjoyed ourselves.
We sat in the front of the bar and there was a completely different party going on in the back of the bar, there were people jumping around and the DJ was screaming. Quite a scene. I got to have all you can eat pizza and chicken wings, yes!
By the time it got to the countdown, nearly everyone in the bar was drunk prior to that.
What a crazy night.
After the party, I felt really bad, because I promised Jason a ride home. I felt really bad, since the farthest I could take him was the red line train stop.
Wah! I feel so bad, Jason! Its handwritten.

Anyways, when I got back home, I was carrying two things, chicken wings in one hand and a fish sauce mixture in the other. (Jason you remember that horrendous fish sauce smell don't you?) Well unexpectedly, Pikus(my cat) ran in front of my legs and of course I didn't see him, you guessed it, he tripped me! Quite horribly, I fell over in a loud thump, the box of chicken scattered wings everywhere, but thankfully I didn't drop the container with the fish sauce. I managed to keep the fish sauce upright the entire time during my fall down to the impact.
The KNEES don't forget the KNEES. When I fell I landed right dab on my knees AGAIN. "OUCH!!!" my cuts/wounds opened up again, THREE DAYS IN A ROW" dammit, Nishi's blog is cursed!
I'm in pain again...ahh, oh well, I went to sleep at 2am. That was my night.
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Announcing the winner of my White Elephant Gift:

Although in my opinion,  Anthony didn't seem like he enjoyed my dvd. But oh well,
at least he liked the "fun box" I put together.

These are the contents of the "fun box":

There's more stuff at the bottom, but its being covered by all the larger foods on top. As you can see there's my dvd, pocky, Doraemon smarties, chips, a small wooden puzzle sphere(left side) and last but not least, ramune(lower left corner).

That night we got to play "apples to apples" with everyone in the house, it was fun.
Oh! That reminds me, the day my cousin came over to play at my house, when we were playing "apples to apples", this made me laugh. Basically I had a "DeliGaku" moment! I was judge and the green card I placed down happened to be "Delicious". So, my opponents put down "Strawberry Shortcake" and "Cabbage". Then next I did was blurt: "OMG its CABBAGE!!!!!" "Gekiuma desu!!!!!' "Cabbage is pownage!!!" This means Ex wins because he put down cabbage.

Continuing with the party... I played Super Monkeyball on Wii for a little bit, the darts game was really hard.
When it got to White Elephant, the gifts were decent this year. At least Peter didn't bring a vacuum this time, instead he brought a "survival camping lamp" what exactly are we surviving Peter? Then Randy's humor was in the gift of an adult boardgame. I received a snuggie(that blanket thing with sleeves) from my childhood friend Myra. Miki got pictureka but it was stolen by our friend Saturday(his name). So Miki then stole a book called "Show Me How", its a very interesting book. Our friend Moi received a popcorn maker.

Yeah... I can't recall everything from last night, because my memory isn't so good and I'm still half asleep at the moment.
I had fun and we took lots of pictures(I won't post them because I don't want to bore anyone).
Until next time, laterz.
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