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I'm not going to write too much because I'm going to do a "Bones" marathon with Miki.

What really shook me up this morning was... Pikus.
So Pikus jumped up and slammed himself into the door. When we went to go look, he had caught a real live bird! It was bleeding in his mouth and he brought it into the house! Freaky cat! When cats have successfully hunted something, they bring the prize straight to the master to present as a gift. Disturbing isn't it?! On rare occasions it's always been grasshoppers and butterflies, but a bird?!

Our mom started yelling at him and was lightly smacking him on the head. But we kept telling her not to do that because cats can hold a grudge. And he did. He didn't return home the whole day (I was at work but there were people home). By the time I got back home, my roommate was asleep and Pikus still hadn't returned.

Me and Miki were thinking the same thing, "oh no, he's probably PO'd because mom yelled at him when all he did was try to impress us." I was yelling for him outside just a few moments ago. I was yelling for half an hour! It turns out he was very far away. He had gone really far, he was on the other side of the neighborhood. I yelled, then I heard him jingle (I put a bell on his collar, thank goodness), it was very faint and I knew it was far away. He paused to home in on my voice with his radar ears. I yelled again and he continued running closer, but he was still far because I still couldn't see him. Then the jingling got louder as he was running from the next block over. I saw him leap over a fence as he was running to me.

Pikus almost gave me a heart attack!
I thought he almost died again or I would need to go around with "lost cat" posters. It's a good thing he's back at home.

Look at this evil fluffball!


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