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I was surprised when I got my concert merch.
Besides the basic t-shirts and wrist bands. I've discovered the usefulness of muffler towels from Chizu when I was back in Japan. Wow, I never realized one actually accumulates tons of sweat on the back neck. Chizu threw a muffler towel on me when I was cooking, so useful!

From that inspiration, I had ordered one.... okay two AAA muffler towels.
I wear them when I cook, it's wonderful.

Oh yeah, I also got myself a copy of the Nisshin photobook. My roommate was skimming through it... Miki was looking at it for a little bit too. She eyeballed me and said, "oh... one of those pairings... By the way, I don't like Nishijima's face, there's something weird about it." I replied with, "they're pulling out the fan-service strategy again and hey I like my book!"

I wasn't exactly in class today...
I was in the computer lab and messing around on the computer, e-mails, journals, and what not. I was really bored and looked on the music shop I like so much, the same one I have customer service arguments with. I was surprised when I saw the new AAA single available for pre-order (I hadn't been on in a while). I was pretty excited. When I got home, I wanted to tell Miki about it.

Unfortunately, when Miki is in the middle of a video game, she tends to not catch everything you say.

Miki's quote of the day:
"WHAT?!?!?!?!?! You saw nude AAA?! WHERE?! HOW?! That is so wrong!"

I was then re-explaining my actual words, "I'm so awestruck! Today I was on Yesasia and I saw a new AAA cd, me wants so badly!"

I don't know how she got "AAA was nude" out of that? That was the funniest thing that happened today.


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