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(On a side note, I got this really cool Nissy icon off of deviantart.com)

I'm super sad that I couldn't finish my comic last night. It was only 1am and I managed to get caught! I was so close to finishing! I had inked all the panel borders, then I got caught before inking the characters. Unfortunately, in this house, DRAWING IS FORBIDDEN!!! I have no idea why my parents established that rule... something along the lines of "drawing is a waste of time, it has nothing to do with education, and it doesn't feed you!" I'm still not allowed to apply to an art college. I get in big trouble if I'm caught drawing. I get yelled at for drawing at work. Art is a form of freedom and expression, I don't know why my parents don't understand that. I'm really sad about this because I could've finished the Shinjiro comic last night, but I got caught and was forced to stop.

Another thing which I'm not too happy about... I found someone's Misako fanart (deviation).

Source: sushi-master901 @ Deviant Art (Click for the full image)
Their editing and coloring skills far surpasses mine. I am a horrible artist, I'm no match for that somewhat masterpiece! For sure, I know they used a picture editing software, because they wrote it in their comment. I myself use photoshop to retouch / clean up my drawings, but never to such a degree. Call me jealous, but I'm pretty satisfied with my drawing style, it's just... I always fail at coloring. Sushi Master has outdone me! I'm going to work really hard until I can color proficiently. Then... maybe all my comics can be in color someday. As I've always been told again and again... "the things we draw are unique to us, they come from our hearts, they are a part of us, our art defines who we are!" From the wise words of Edward C. Cook, local Batavia artist.

I lost my limited edition Bloody Monday Falcon USB flash drive. I'm hopeless... I can't find it. I know it's in the house!

My Zoid I got off ebay still hasn't arrived. If it's being sent by plane a week and a half ago, why hasn't it arrived? I must be spoiled by Japan EMS, they ship fast.

I have less than two weeks to write my research paper on "social phobia." A topic I'm way too familiar with. Why must psychology be so annoying?

I guess tomorrow's post be a level happier than this one.

on 2010-10-07 10:27 am (UTC)
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I can't comment on the whole post because of where I am right now, but about the artwork...

How can you possibly even say that about yourself??? I would kill to have skill like yours! O.o Every artist has a different style, and I was just as impressed with your work as I was with that Misako artwork right there. What I love most about yours though is that it is very different in comparison to what I just saw, whereas the one this sushimaster made is similar to many other styles I have seen. One thing you should be proud of is that you have your own unique style. Is it because sushimaster's seems more "realistic" in quality? Realism doesn't make for a better piece of art! The great thing about your artwork is that while the people may look less realistic, you still capture the absolute essence of your characters in cartoon form, especially in the case of AAA! I think, for artists, coming up with your own picture of what a person would look like as a cartoon is far tougher than just using your skills to draw a portrait of the person that reflects what the person looks like in real life.

Please don't put youself down. I can't even begin to dream of having the art and animation skills you have. And if I'd thought sushimaster's artwork was "better" than yours (and it's not--it's at most equal to yours, just a different style), I would have asked him/her to be an artist for the manga I want to write, not you. But guess who I asked?

^_~ Yes, because you've got more fine art talent in your pinky than I do in my entire body. XD


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