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That reminds me AGAIN!
I am so scared of not being able to make my deadlines. I know you guys don't really care when I get my cartoons up, but it's taking me forever with the Nishijima tribute. One, not enough time and two, the stupid ink keeps smearing and ruining my paper. Oh the horribly irony, I didn't finish Nishijima's BUT I did finish the Shinjiro homage, which is weird since I started on the other first. I'm trying my best. I can probably get it up by late Tuesday or Wednesday. I know you guys don't care about when I post it up, BUT I DO! I scare myself! JUST HOW ON EARTH DID I MANAGE TO FINISH SHINJIRO'S FIRST?! I don't even need to post it until next week, this saddens me...

This is so unlike me, but I was watching "DA BEARS!"
FYI That's what Chicagoans call them.
There was a game tonight, da Chicago Bears vs the Green Bay Packers.

I was on the edge of my seat.
Packers were leading in the beginning, they had possession most of the time too. I almost thought da Bears weren't gonna make it. During the later half of the game was the real game changer, Bears caught up and tied the game, 17:17. During the last few minutes, da Bears had possession and they were so close to the goal line. Instead of dashing for it, they waited it out to get a kick. The ball goes through the goal-posts..... and WE WIN!!!!!!!! Bears win 20 to 17!!!!!! That makes 3 wins and 0 loses.

This is weird, I don't even really like football.


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