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Oh come on!

The day after I put up that journal about my series of unfortunate accidents... I GOT INTO A CAR CRASH!!!

Thankfully I wasn't the one driving but I should've been. My mom drove but she wasn't very focused. Basically, we slammed into a stopped car at 30mph. The front of our car was smashed in and there was gas and antifreeze leaking from the engine.

I spent the rest of the week recovering from shock and injuries. Yeah, I was badly bruised up. Being a witness and passenger in the accident I was being interviewed a lot by officers and insurance companies. Most I'd be doing all the talking because my mom doesn't really speak English.

This sucks! The time spent after a car accident is really troublesome and boring. It also sucks that we no longer have a car... We need to get it fixed. My neck is still a little weird, so I guess I'll end the journal here and get off the computer.

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I am the origin of catastrophic incidents!!!
It began four days ago...

Four days ago, because of our house repainting... no furniture in the rooms. I had gotten a new bunkbed (its only the beginning) and I assembled it all on my own. However, during the building process, I dropped the 50 pound bed frame RIGHT ON MY FOOT!!! Therefore, stubbing my toes and bruising my foot.

Three days ago, we were planning to go to Ikea, the Swedish home store. We own a mini-van. As everyone knows, you can pull the seats out to transport large objects. As my dad and I were lifting the seats out through the trunk of the mini-van, I exerted too much additional power from my right arm... thus I ended up pulling some muscles in my right shoulder-blade and arm. Now I can't move my arm, it hurts too much!!!

Two days ago, Miki and I were watching "Grease." We were watching on my bunkbed. My new bed has a full bottom bunk and a twin top bunk, more room for me. Anyways, my new mattress is really springy. I plopped myself down to sit and I ended up bouncing backwards really fast where my head collided with the top bunk railing. I smacked the rail really hard, I felt the sharp pain upon impact and my head rattled a bit. Then it numbed out so I thought it was okay... From then on afterwards, I've been having horrible headaches. It was suggested by my aunt that I should get checked out. You know, to make sure I don't have brain damage.

Yesterday... I was carrying a large stack of bookshelf pieces with my dad into the house. I wasn't looking where I was going... and I... I broke my dad's favorite... priceless wine bottle that he had been saving for over 30 years. Well my thoughts on it are that it should not have been on the kitchen floor where my clumsy feet can kick it. It was supposed to have been in my parents room since that's where they keep it. I was an interesting wine bottle, it was 3 feet tall, the base of the bottle was shaped like a giant snail shell, and the neck of the bottle was the snail's body. I feel really bad for breaking it. It really hurt me when I saw dad's reaction. I could hear him muttering, "30 years... 30 years... 30 years... gone... all over the floor... 30 years... and I didn't get to taste it..." There were many sighs and head shaking from my dad. I feel really bad for breaking the bottle. He loved that bottle so much.

Also, since my muscles still haven't healed from the car seat incident, I now hurt even more from carrying the bookshelf.
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My back pain returned a few days after arriving in Chicago.
It still hurts even till now. Last time it was a herniated disk. This time around I'm not quite sure. Behind the spine there are two main nerves that lead into the legs. One is the motor nerve and the other is the sensory nerve. If something happens to the motor nerve, then you become paralyzed. If the sensory nerve is disrupted, there will be severe pain. When there's something wrong with the nerve, there's a 50/50 chance, motor skills or pain. All I can say is, I hope I don't end up in a wheelchair. I would prefer not to distribute further to my disabilities.

Miki always arrives in Batavia every Saturday. I need to call and remind her to bring the i-pod cord. Do I need anything else from Chicago? No, I think I have all I need.

The restaurant was really busy today. Many tables and many regulars. Completely packed, no walking space. I had to handwrite some special menus too. Since I'm smarter than the manager, I wrote two of them and went to xerox them at the Batavia Public Library. I made lots of copies. If anyone is wondering why I didn't type it and just e-mail it to Kinkos-FedEX Office, it's because my computer still doesn't have Microsoft Word. I'm always put in charge of the menu. Changes, revisions, design, assembling, new items, omitting old items, price changes, and special promotions... I'm in charge of all of it. Alignment is what really takes forever and I kill many trees in the process.

I'm allowed to sleep in now because of my jetlag. So I can go to work as late as I want. Tomorrow, I need to buy a new laptop case, because my old one busted at Narita Airport. I need to complain to T-mobile about my defective phone and the harassing phone calls that aren't even calling for the right person. I'm also seeing Miki tomorrow. I think I want to eat a hamburger for lunch tomorrow if that is at all relevant.
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So, I woke up early...
Umm... I'm still suffering from jetlag,.. I can fall asleep until 6:00am. I sadly don't wake up until 2:00pm. Waking up at 8:00am means I only sleep for 2 hours. Imagine the grumpiness. The dentist appointment is at 10:00am. More cavity fillings, my jaw and teeth hurt so much!

Later I was dropped off, alone, at Ikea to go eat some soft delicious Swedish meatballs with lingon berry sauce. I walked around, explored, found a cool sofa. I was picked up and we did some grocery shopping. We had a barbecue. I ate blood dripping raw steak, because that's the way I like it. The sweetness of the blood and fat still remains when the meat is raw. I'm not trying to sound creepy, but I've been eating that way since I was a child. It contains lots of iron.

Maciek visited me a few hours ago. He came to pick up the souvenirs I got him a cute Naruto in Asakusa cell strap and an awesome violent shirt with a cute bear (he called it pedo-bear) viciously cutting up Ronald McDonald. Maciek loved it because he knew the bear. He stayed for a bit and I showed him all the cool stuff I got from Japan.

I dunno, my life just really feels pointless.
I realized a long time ago, but maybe my parents are right. I truly am useless. I've been told that I'm useless for all of my life. I am of no contributing value to society. No one needs a loser like me. I never did care for college. As matter of fact, I don't want to attend classes! I don't like my classes, I don't like where my life is going. It's true that people say I'm smart, but I'm a different kind of smart. I only know how to resolve peoples problems and bring smiles to them. As for knowledge, I only know random useless facts, my memory of facts is decent. Nobody cares if I know about the fall of Edo, the secrets and origins of the himitsu bako, the American Revolution, the specs of every passenger aircraft (right down to the engine and fuel tanks), filming skills, or agricultural knowledge (don't ask). I know useless things. There is no place for me in college. I have no interest in classes. It's been so many years and I still haven't decided on a major! Society doesn't need lazy good for nothings like myself. For me, I would prefer to rot on the side of the street like the useless fool I am.

I needed to get that written down, my emo-ness always weighs me down.
Now I feel better.
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YATTA!!!!!! I have internet again, thanks to wonderful Arata for retrieving my laptop charger.

I ended up waking up at 7:00am...
I don't know what it is with Japan that makes me wake up early. It could be because nearly everything closes around 9:00pm, resulting in me sleeping early.

We checked out of our shady "Asuka Hotel" and took the Yamanote line down to Shinagawa for our next hotel. So... this new hotel is friggin awesome!!! It's called the "Prince Hotel." There's a 60 lane bowling alley, an arcade, a penthouse bar, indoor amusement park, aquarium stadium, mall, and movie theater ALL INSIDE THE HOTEL!!!!!!!! It's possibly the biggest hotel I've ever seen upon arriving in Japan. The two previous hotels were tiny and had one twin sized bed (imagine sharing the bed). This one has two beds and lots of space and a working fridge (Asuka's fridge was broken).

Later, we took a short walk to find a place to eat in Shinagawa. One of Arata's wise tips about Japan "Shinagawa is like Ginza, it's a real wallet buster, be wise to not shop here and shop at the other train stops (ex: Shibuya, Harajuku)." While walking, we found a nice little "yakitori" place. How I love to try strange things. We ordered the works: liver, tongue, heart, kiel bone(chicken sternum), cartilage, tripe, raw alcohol soaked squid, chicken skin, and bacon wrapped quail eggs. Arata ordered German potatoes for some reason. But it was a great meal, so delicious. The restaurant owner came and chatted with us for a bit. Arata told the owner that we were Thai and we were on vacation visiting her. The owner said something along the lines of "wow, that's interesting, Thai people huh, I like Thai food, do they eat spicy? If they do, I have some pickled peppers on the house for them if they want." So we got ourselves a free bowl of pickled peppers... Arata can't eat super spicy things. Miki's tolerance is up to par with mine. I eat insane heat, but my sense of taste is really sensitive, but I can handle super spicy food. Arata and Miki just lightly nibbled on the pepper, while I just plopped the entire thing into my mouth. I felt that heat right away, my entire mouth was burning. I had to wait and cool down a bit. Then Miki told me to continue eating the peppers (since I can handle them) because we shouldn't waste the old lady's (owner's) kindness. As I finished off the remaining peppers, I said, "ohh... this is so going to hurt tomorrow..."

Anyways, tomorrow, I "might" be meeting up with some friends. I hope everyone's available. I know I have time for all of this week. I will be off to Yokohama, Hakone, and Fujiyama next week! Roadtrip!!! (yes, we're taking a car, shockingly not going by train) YAY! Yokohama: Chinatown is next week, I'll try my best to have as much fun as possible before the roadtrip.

I just noticed...
I'm doing a lot of hotel/city hopping, aren't I?
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I've been so busy this month.
I've been working on a personal project, working on myself, working at work, working on my Japan schedule and working on skating techniques. My journals have been unusually short because of it. Part of the lost time is from me playing video games all day just because I now have time for that.

Is it super lame of me to be playing a "Bakugan" game on my DS? Because I've been really bored too. My status bar says I've finished 64% of the game. the game is very repetitive. I got a little bored and got Ragnarok online for my DS. I've always played the online version of it. My "gunslinger," Ueda, is already at level 99 and I have the best weapon too. I like the DS one because I don't need to talk to other people. The other players are nice, but sometimes I run into jackasses every once and a while.

Was it weird of me to name my "archer" character "Shuta?"

The one with the red hair is Shuta.
For those familiar with Ragnarok, I've already got him up to "hunter" class. But I was thinking... wouldn't it be be cool if I named my arrow shooter Shuta? If I made a knight character, I probably would've named him something silly, like "Sir Scaredalot." As far as rpgs go, I'm well known for my hit and run style... It's mostly a lot of running.
My custom screen validates my character's name.

You can see the name in the upper-left corner. You can tell that I was pretty bored. I'm currently 17% through the game. Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures. I snapped some shots on my DS with my phone. I've been spending my freetime training Shuta, basically...

I wasn't even supposed to go to work today. Monday isn't my shift, it's my day off. My roommate was already there, there was no point for me to even go. They had all the help they needed!!! But NO!!! They still insisted that I go over there too. I was really mad, I didn't need to be there! I ended up going to work today, but I didn't enjoy it. I just sat and played Ragnarok on my DS. I refused to work today. I answered a few phone calls, but that was the extent of my services because everyone else there had no right to force me out to Batavia to work on a day I don't work on. I just sat and stared at customers that walked in and scanned the room, looking for a waitress to seat them. When customers signaled for help or their bill, I just ignored them, because I'm just a cashier, I don't do tables. I was informed that my task for the day was ONLY cashier. Other tasks are optional, but I was pissed and didn't feel like doing anything.

Also, the head chef was fed up with my immaturity and hit me. Literally HIT ME! It wasn't the usual nudge, it was a full on punch that left a bruise. I SAID THAT I WASN'T GOING TO WORK BECAUSE IT'S NOT MY SHIFT, YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO HIT ME!!!!!!!!!!! I can hardly move my arm, it's bruised up really bad. It hurt so much. I stood at the cash register crying. I cried for half the day. Customers walking in had very confused looks when they saw me crying. I cry looking down, so it was difficult to tell I was crying. I did not deserve to get beaten up in the kitchen when I didn't belong there today in the first place. SERIOUSLY!!!! WHAT IS THE HEAD CHEF'S PROBLEM?! WHY DID YOU NEED TO BEAT ME UP IN FRONT OF EVERYONE?! I WOULD'VE PREFERRED SCOLDING!

I'm sort of still mad, I'll recover.
I'm off to sleep....
until next time, bye again.

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Yesterday was Santi and Chi-an's wedding!
Miki and I had to cater for the entire party. A lot of people turned up for the wedding. It was a lot of work and I was working for free. The party took place at Santi's house. His house has no air conditioning. Not like it mattered, the majority of the party was outdoors. Not to mention that it rained all day, it was a good thing they set up tents. A lot of people still got soaked though.

Santi and Chi-an really wanted their food theme to be a full "Tapas" menu.

  • Empanadas
  • Steak w/ chimichurri
  • Bacon wrapped dates
  • Caprese
  • Arugula Salad
Main Entrees
  • Black beans
  • Rice
  • Grilled vegetables
  • Cuban pork roast
  • Paella con mariscos
  • Picadillo
  • Grilled plantains
  • Madelines
  • Blueberry au citron
  • Flan cheesecake
  • Lemon cookies
  • Creampuffs
As we were discussing the menu, both of us gave Santi this weird look and said, "Santi... Caprese.. IS NOT Spanish!" But he wanted it anyways. As long as his wife could get the bacon wrapped dates, he didn't really care.

One of the downsides to catering is... you work in a place where no one sees you. You're in an enclosed area with little ventilation and near heat blasting stoves. I have to stand all day and it hurts my feet. It feels different to be backstage during a wedding. You get to see the bride get ready. The make up artist cakes her face with tons of make up and she puts on her amazing wedding dress. As they announce her arrival from outside, as she walks out that door, she holds her breath and gives a big wide smile of relief. Then she gracefully glides through the door that separates her from the groom. As Chi-an walked out that door, I could hear people in the hallway crying. Being backstage during a wedding truly is an amazing experience.
After the ceremony finished, we already finished preparing the appetizers. We begun to work on the main dishes. For the steak appetizer, we cubed the steak and trimmed the ends and fat off and left them on the side of the cutting board to not be served. Unfortunately... the groom snuck into the cooking area and he starting eating all the unusable meat-ends we left on the cutting board. Santi was stuffing his face with steak as he was telling us that they already ran out of steak outside. Then he started hoarding the fatty pieces of meat-ends on the cutting board. Santi said, "I know it's bad for my heart, but it's where all the flavor is!!!" He left us to work on the other food. We took the pork roast out of the oven and it was so juicy and tender. Not to long after we carved the roast and served it... Santi's brother, Victor... saw the pork fat we trimmed off the roast and he started attacking the cutting board just like his brother. Both of us yelled, "Victor! Away from the pork fat!!!" Victor, who was still stuffing himself with pork fat said, "but it's so yummy and it melts in your mouth." In my mind I was thinking, you're a doctor Victor, you more than anyone would know how horribly unhealthy consuming pork fat is.

While I was working on the paella, I was opening the Arborio rice with a really sharp knife. There's a saying between people who know me and it's "Never give Tessie a knife!" I tend to accidentally injure myself when using a knife. Commonly I've chopped off my own fingernails... and that's a normal occurrence. On some occasions I have bled. When I was cutting open the Arborio, I held the knife in my right hand and the bag of Arborio with my left. My left thumb and index held the top of the rice bag open while my right hand sliced the bag open. Because the Arborio is vacuum sealed, the bag will move when you puncture it. When I sliced through the bag, the bag puffed up and the bag became thinner. Because the knife was still going, I underestimated the strength I was using to cut the bag open. All of this happened very quickly, so there wasn't enough time to think. The knife ripped through the Arborio bag very quickly and sliced right through my thumb. I had cut so deep into the flesh of my thumb that it actually reached the bone. I started bleeding all over the kitchen sink. I thought I had lost my thumb, it was a lot of blood. This is the second time I have nearly cut my same thumb in half. The first time was from a meat cleaver. First impulse from getting cut is for me to rinse it in the sink. Conveniently right in front of me. Then I got a sheet of paper towel and applied a lot of pressure onto the cut. I was squeezing the cut shut with my index finger and continued cooking with my clean right hand. I was cooking with one hand for the rest of the wedding. You know, from the time I got cut, I've been requesting a bandage through Miki... and I never got it until the end of the wedding because Miki kept forgetting. For the whole wedding, I was clutching onto a paper towel because "someone" never grabbed me a bandage!

This catering job was a success and everybody loved the food. By the end of yesterday, I was really tired and in pain. Victor's wife, Sue, knew I worked really hard on the food and gave me a nice long back massage. After Sue was done, Santi attacked me with his chair massager. It was a basic wall plug-in massage device you attached to any chair. I was sitting on a stool so Santi just held it up to my back and pushed up against it. Ouch! It really hurt! He was jabbing that thing into my back, actually, he was leaning on it. He said the deep tissue massage is even better with applied pressure. Yeah right! My back still hurts even right now.
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I woke up fine and normal this morning with the cat sleeping on my belly. I got up and Miki brought me a glass of Coke and asked what time I slept at last night. I told her I slept at 5:00am even though I knew I had to go to work in the morning. It's my fault for writing my journal so late.

I walked out of the room and ate breakfast. My breakfast consisted of blood sausage, Polish chicken liver, steak, a Snickers bar, and purin.

Well... I actually missed breakfast, so this was my lunch?

Hmm... after I finished my purin, I went to go take a quick shower. After I was done, I had this horrible headache! Then I started to feel really sick. My symptoms: I felt nauseous, my eyes were out of focus, my face was red, my lips were puffy, my nose was stuffy, and my head felt like it was being crushed under a car.

We then drove 50 miles to work. I slept the whole way thinking that my head would clear up. That backfired on me, when we arrived at the restaurant, my dizzy head was worse than before. I didn't bother getting out of the car, so I slept for another hour. My dad came and woke me up for a delivery run, I delivered food to that nice couple that lived nearby the restaurant. The Olsons noticed how unwell I looked. They asked me if I was alright, I told them that I had a bit of a migraine, I should be okay after some pain killers. They gave me a $6 tip and I said "enjoy your meal," then I left.

I headed back to the restaurant and plopped myself at the nearest table. All of the employees rushed over to see what was wrong with me. Everyone kept feeling my face and said my temperature was irregular. The chef was concerned and made me a bowl of miso soup.

The chef told me, "sorry pipsqueak, there's no silky tofu, we ran out, only the firm stuff." Everyone calls me pipsqueak because I'm the youngest... So degrading...

I only have a stuffy nose because of my spring allergies.
But these are my theories on why I might be sick.
1) I slept too late
2) Bad purin
3) Contaminated ice
4) Haven't listened to my music at all
5) Leaving the a/c on for a long time
6) Too much soda
7) My roommate is annoying

Out of all my theories, theories 1 and 5 sound the most logical. I only mentioned 7 because my roommate stresses me out a lot. Now I'm at work... so I won't be back... maybe until Monday. I'll still right, but I won't be as responsive. I'm writing this journal now before the pain killers kick in and knock me out. If anyone is wondering why it's still early.

Until much later, bye again.

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I woke up sweating today.
It was really hot this morning. Last time I checked the weather, it was going to be in the 80s all week. The current heatwave is very strange because I can usually handle a hot day, but for this weather, I haven't been able to breathe easily. It's very strange because it's still technically spring, but it feels like summer.

After waking up and hating how hot it is today, I got onto my laptop and watched episode 8 of "Meitantei no Okite," but that was the most recent episode subbed. It's been a whole year and they've only subbed 8 out of 10 episodes. Then I watched a few episodes of "Castle" with Miki. I just enjoy my mysteries.

After finishing up Castle, our aunt stopped by and she was hungry. So we all went out to eat. We went to Cho Sun Ok today, one of my favorite places!


This is Miki preparing the stone plate by flavoring it with garlic!
You know you miss this Arata!!!


Look at the delicious red slices of beef sizzling on that stone plate! It was so yummy!!!! The beef just melts in your mouth, it was so juicy. That beef was so delicious! You can probably imagine Miki and I having epic chopstick fights over the cooking meat. I just love tabletop barbecue, besides the fighting. The biggest fight Miki and I have isn't mainly over the meat. After we eat all of the meat, there is a yummy fried rice that is cooked on the same stone plate. If you wait a while and don't stir the rice, it'll create a thin layer of burnt rice. This thin layer of burnt rice is located at the bottom of the stone plate. To most Asians, the burnt rice is the best part of cooking rice, because it has this smokey indescribable crunch. The rice is golden brown and it becomes crunchy and partially stale. It's really tough to get because it sticks to the stone plate as it burns. So you need to scrape this thing to death to obtain those crunchy rarities called burnt rice. Me and Miki smack each other with spoons as we're scraping the plate for the burnt rice. She always ends up stealing most of my burnt rice...

I ordered some yummy salted mackerel too. My mom can make this too, but I like the one in the restaurant better! There's something about this that makes it super delicious. The salt ratio is just perfect!!!!!! It's a perfect balance of saltiness and bland oiliness. As to the mackerel my mom makes, her's turns out a little bitter, like a charred taste. But the one at Cho Sun Ok is just...... PERFECT!!! It's even better that the bones were removed from this one. It was super delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!

Later today I followed Miki on a little trip downtown.
I WAS WATCHING GIRLS POLE DANCE, I even took pictures:

AHAHAHAHA!!!! Get your mind out of the gutter!!!
I went to Miki's gym, Every few days or so, Miki has classes at "Flirty Girl Fitness." The location of this gym is quite shady, the gym's building is actually a warehouse. The surrounding buildings are like that too, they're all warehouses. This gym is of course only for girls, therefore the entire place is prissy pink and loaded with girl power. I don't like super girly things so I was like "ewww" when I walked in.

The first thing you see when you walk in, it's the front desk. You pay for merchandise, membership, and lessons here. All of these classes are split up into different rooms down this creepy narrow hallway.

This place is just way too overdecorated!!!

Did I fail to mention that this place has a friggin spa too!!!!

Not only can you workout and sweat like a pig here, but you can also get massages and a pedicure too. I think they paint nails too! After making yourself look pretty from all of that sweating, you can go get drunk at their actual alcohol bar!!!!!!! Almost all gyms have "juice bars." This gym has an alcohol bar!!!!!!!!! I'm not a member at this gym so I didn't take any classes. I just sat down and waited for Miki to finish her class. I was listening to my i-pod and doodling a little bit. Miki finished and we went back home together.

Not too long after I got home, my mom arrived home too. I started writing this journal and my mom kept bothering me. For someone who supposedly supports you, my mom was being very mean to me. It's really annoying when she calls me a slob for being on the computer too much. The thing is... I only get on the computer for about an hour to check e-mails and write my journal for the day, I hardly see that as "too much." Other than that, my mom kept calling me disgusting, worthless, ugly and she she kept telling me I should die. Isn't that something mothers aren't supposed to do to their kids? When people get verbally abused like that, they become a little screwed up. Parents are meant to guide us and make us into better adults... aren't they??? People wonder how I put up with this and why I'm not suicidal. Well.... as ill-tempered as I am, I'm patient with other people. I suppress everything. I cry silently on the inside... It's really difficult for me to pretend like none of it ever happened. But I manage. I compensate by being very open with people I trust. And that's how I get rid of my bottled up insanity...

That grilled meat was sooooooooo yummy!!!!
Until next time, bye again.

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I did wake up kinda late, though unintentionally.
It felt nice to sleep in because I've been having a rough week, I've been so busy that it's making me tired. Like I said, "I haven't been living."

I woke up and I made myself a rather large bowl of bacon ramen.
As if I couldn't get any unhealthier, I made BACON RAMEN!!!

It was so good and yummy.
Although, Miki always disapproves of me cooking this... as she eats half of the bowl's contents. I love Miki so much... "this can't be good for you, *gobble* you should cut down on the bacon, *slurp* I know it's delicious, *chew* but you should think about the calories in this *dives into bowl*" My usual response, "uhh... Miki... can I have MY ramen back now???" Miki then usually says, "it's my right as a sister to eat a majority of your delicious food."

Yes, the ramen was devoured for breakfast and it was DELICIOUS!!!
After breakfast, I had to go check out LJ because Jason wrote something and I totally forgot(I was really busy too) to write a response to him. So I went back and wrote back to Jason, but the majority of it was an apology. I felt really bad, he posted something important and I missed it for nearly two weeks. Jason also responded to one of my entries, the one about video similarities. There was this one incident where the music video for Otsuka Ai's Planetarium was thought to be plagiarized from Rikki's Suteki da Ne. It turned out that Ai did it as an homage to Rikki's video. But if you take a look at the two videos, they're practically the same.

After dealing with writing to Jason I went to go check out some stuff.
Shinjiro looks so badass with that square between his fingers, it's so bad, yet he's soooooo hot. I can't help it, that is smexy!!! I also read up on some blog translations, as fun as ever. I commented, end. I had to go to work... again, I have no time to do anything.

At work... it wasn't so busy. My job... everyone knows what my job is. I just stand all day. There were a lot of carry out orders. I felt like I was on the phone all day. I was taking care of customers at the counter, my roommate was being too slow, so most customers came to me to pay for their meal. Even though it wasn't as busy as a regular Friday, there was still a lot going on. I wasn't able to breathe at one point and I became very dehydrated. I walked to the back to pour myself some water. We store purified water in a 5 gallon barrel. I picked up the barrel to pour myself a glass when my fingers slipped.... and I dropped the 5 gallon barrel of water on my foot... A 5 gallon barrel of water is about 41 pounds of water. I DROPPED A 41 POUND BARREL OF WATER ON MY FOOT!!! I immediately bit my lip to prevent myself from screaming in pain. I limped across the room while still biting my lip to get some ice for myself. Fortunately I didn't break anything, but that REALLY HURT!!!!!

The end of the workday was drawing near, so I took my little break an hour before closing time. I sat down and pulled out my laptop. I went on the internet and I was looking at a picture of Shinjiro(my previous window open). My aunt who was nearby, walked up to me and looked at my screen. My aunt then asked, "who is that young man, is that your boyfriend, why haven't I met him yet?" I replied "he's a Japanese singer, his name is Shinjiro and hey, he is not my! ..." My aunt replied, "okay, I understand, but he's so cute and handsome... are you sure you aren't lying about the part where you said he was a singer, but he really is your boyfriend?" My angry response, "GAH!!!! enough already! why would I lie about that?" My aunt said, "fine then, but that boy is IRRESISTIBLE..." *giggles and walks away* It was slightly disturbing to hear my aunt say Shinjiro was irresistible... She jokes too much...

And here I am back from work and talking about my strange day. Now, why in the world would my aunt assume Shinjiro is my boyfriend? That will forever be a mystery, but my aunt also thinks she's funny. Strange sense of humor. My foot is kind of healed, a little bruised, but I'll manage. Too many things happened today, but it's too much to fit into words. So that's all I have for today.

Until next time, bye for now.
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Today was such a nice day.
Ex stopped by early this morning to prepare for ice skating. After Ex was all set, we went to go pick up my friend Marvin. We got a little lost because we accidentally missed the exit for Marvin's house. Marvin isn't much of a morning person, but I managed to get him up early to go ice skating with me. That's an achievement, right? Talking to Marvin brought back some high school memories, it was fun.

We drove off to Skatium after picking Marvin up, surprisingly... Skatium is somewhat nearby Marvin's house. We arrived, I scanned in, everyone else paid for rentals and admission. Ex got himself a pair of figure skates, as he usually does and I convinced Marvin to get a pair of hockey skates. When we got onto the ice... I taught Ex how to skate prior to this, so he's fine, but Marvin... was a little off balance and was adjusting himself for the first half hour, not bad though... I think he did well for a beginner. It probably would've been a lot easier if it wasn't spring break and there weren't any children around, because today the ice was horribly scratched up from too many people.

After a short period of time, Marvin was able to skate faster than me, "nice job Marvin!" Then he figured out how to maneuver in a controlled manner. I tried teaching Marvin how to break... but that didn't work out. Marvin's first time ice skating and he only fell twice!!!  We had a few awkward moments...like, I would crash into Marvin or he would catch me and save me from disgracefully face-planting. Or I would almost crash into Marvin but make a sudden stop two inches in front of him, then we stood in awkward silence... I don't know, I feel safer when Marvin's around. I have the best friends in the world!!!

Speaking of friends... there are some whom I know personally, but wouldn't call them friends. Like Mike for example... In the world of ice skating, advanced brake spraying is the biggest insult, especially when you spray another skater. Mike sprayed me twice today! I wasn't happy with that at all. I was with my friends!!! Show some decency Mike! Getting sprayed in front of your friends is embarrassing, it shows lack of respect in the sport and it also changes how your friends view you. Because I wasn't thrilled about getting sprayed, I did some carving to produce some shaved ice. I gathered up that "snow" and made a lightly packed snowball. When Mike skated by, I pelted him with my one snowball. SKATER LAW #12: After being hit by a snowball, it is in your rights to use any snow remainders on you and whip those remains back at the original thrower.

So Mike took the snow that still clung onto his shirt and started packing it until it turned into a tight chunk of ice. Because I couldn't get away, Mike whipped that piece of ice at me at about triple the strength of how hard I threw it. THAT REALLY HURT!!! Mike threw it at my arm! I didn't even throw my snowball that hard. I checked out where he hit me.... MIKE BRUISED ME!!!!! I am soooo mad at Mike right now. It hurt so much... and Marvin wasn't exactly too happy to hear that Mike actually bruised me. After that, Marvin challenged Mike to a race! That was an unfair race... Mike is the second fastest at the rink, even I knew that a newbie like Marvin stood no chance against a skilled person like Mike. It's okay Marvin, you're still an awesome skater to me, even if you skate slow.

After a long morning of torturous skating, we then drove to "Village Creamery." It's a really cool ice cream place that has a little more than your standard flavors of ice cream. They have corn ice cream and cheese ice cream and many other random flavors. Marvin said it had been a long time since he visited Village Creamery. Marvin ended up buying a chocolate bubble tea, Ex bought two scoops of different flavors I just can't remember which ones, my roommate got a scoop of corn ice cream, Miki got a scoop of guava ice cream, and I got two scoops of ube(purple yam) ice cream. It was so yummy!!!! Ice cream made out of purple yams.... DELICIOUS!!!!!!

After that eventful morning, I rested a bit, ate dinner.... and watched "America's Best Dance Crew." I am so in love with team "Quest Crew's" dancing skills. They are so awesome and their style is insane!!!! They are beyond the dancing level of greatness, team Quest Crew has what it takes to win this competition. And I'm not rooting for them just because they're Asian, I cheer for them because THEY ARE RAW!!!!!!!!!!!! Team Quest Crew has got some mad skills!!!!!!!!

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Day one of Spring Break.
I was soooooo bored today.
However, I did go for a walk with Miki to the local K-mart.
We walked around looking at new video games to buy(I bought Cooking Mama). We wandered around the electronics section for a while. Then we were looking at seeds and soil. Spring is the best time to start growing vegetables and flowers. Today I bought carrot seeds, daikon seeds, and catnip seeds. For flowers I only bought one bag of Chinese Forget-Me-Nots, they're really pretty and blue. The last thing I bought was "stevia" seeds... I wasn't expecting to even see stevia seeds in the store at all!!! Basically, if you already haven't heard, stevia is a leafy herb that is 300 times sweeter than sugar, but is zero calories, it good for people with diabetes. This plant is really rare in it's true form let alone seeds. I can't believe I found it at a K-mart and it was the only bag left. I am so happy that the FDA legalized stevia last year. I've been growing it for longer, but I've always felt so guilty. But yay, now I CAN grow free sugar!!! The only reason why stevia was banned was because it was a newly discovered herb and no one knew what the side effects were yet. HA! But we all know that "Splenda" and any sweetener that contains aspartame causes cancer! Stevia is natural and healthier without side effects.

I would write more, but I'm really bruised up from being hit and smacked by my mother for staying on the computer so late at night... I won't bother writing about the rest of my day...

I'm going to go get some ice for my bruises.
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Yes! I'm depressed again!
Why do bad things happen to good people?
It seems to be a pattern!!!

I am having the WORST day EVER!!!!!!!
First off!!!
Alex.... What you told me is true, BUT...
Even great leaders get "overthrown!"
That's right! I am on the verge of getting fired!!! Because of my futile protests, everyone has been threatening to fire me! To make things worse, my family wants to sell the restaurant off sooner than planned. Also because my parents want to pretty much disown me and return "home." And if they go, I have no means of supporting myself because I'm still in school. This morning, I received the gas bill and the rates were through the roof, it was even a "red notice" which means they're going to cut off the gas!!! To top that off, I can hardly afford to continue living in my house, so I might become homeless soon.

I want a future....
I wanted to go into filming/editing.
Or become an artist...
Or a pastry chef...
Or a technician...
Or a pharmacist...
(I'm talented in many fields)

But those things may never happen...
My life is ruined...
I'm still in college and I'm already going through this horrible crisis...
I have no future...

I've always wanted to go to Japan and visit Arata before I die... This lack of funds is going to set me back further, that means I won't be able to go to Japan next summer... I don't know if I will get to go to Japan ever!!! Why is this happening to me?!

And THAT was just my morning!
Even though I refused to go to work, I still got dragged there anyways.

I wanted to finish up my Shinjiro sketch, but the restaurant got really busy, so I couldn't do much. I answered a carry-out order for this lady named Nancy, she made her order and I filled it. Half an hour later... she calls up the restaurant again, but this time to yell at me. She started screaming on the phone, "HEY! I PLACED A CARRY-OUT ORDER AND YOU GAVE MY DAUGHTER THE WRONG ONE!!! WHERE'S MY FOOD??? YOU GAVE HER THE WRONG ORDER WHEN SHE PICKED IT UP!!!!" I calmly explained to her that the situation never happened, "excuse me mam, umm... no one has set foot into the restaurant yet, your order was the only order that was placed at this restaurant, your daughter could not have picked up the wrong order, because... no one can into the restaurant at all today... your order is sitting right next to me, there must be some mistake..." The lady became even more furious, "NO! I'M NOT CALLING TO ARGUE!!!! JUST BRING ME MY FOOD!!!! SHE ALREADY PAID FOR IT!!!!!! BRING IT NOW!!!!!!" I then said, "fine.. look... just give me your address and I'll deliver it personally, restaurant courtesy." She gave me her address and I told her that she still needs to pay for this order because it still hasn't been paid for, before I finished that sentence... she slammed the phone in my ear. What is going on?! No one came to pick up that order, but why am I being blamed? So I drove to the house and apologized like a hundred times, then they finally told me that IT WAS THEIR MISTAKE. It turns out that they ordered from my place but went and picked up the food from our competitor's place by accident. I don't see how that works... so our competitor handed/sold over food to a stranger that never placed an order there, HOW RIDICULOUS!!!! Man, I really needed to take my anger out on something. I need to punch something, sadly there was nothing punchable at the restaurant, so I started punching the register...

I had a bad day...
Life isn't worth it anymore...
Hopefully some Tuesday skating with friends will cure these blues.

But for now, I really don't have the will to live...

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No, don't worry... it's not as frightening as it sounds.
Nothing serious.

I meant to say ice skating victims...
Today, I received some interesting confessions from people.
Just a little bit earlier today, I received a phonecall from Ex, he asked if I was on spring break yet. I told him that my spring break starts today. He was happy and wanted to hang out, as he usually does. He suggested going ice skating, because he enjoyed himself when I took him for the first time to the Skatium, on president's day. He already has his own pair of ice skates, but the last time we went, he managed to forget them at his house. I taught him how to skate and do turns. After that he became addicted to skating.

Then, after I arrived at work... guessed who texted me? None other than Maciek, the same fool I made give me a ride to the rink and took skating for the first time. Remember, I took him skating on Tuesday, the same time I filmed that Skatium video. Well, he sent me a text saying, "AH... I have the sudden URGE TO SKATE!" Oh... Maciek, when I took you on Tuesday, you looked like you didn't have fun because you were complaining that you wanted to amputate your feet to end your misery. Because he was complaining of his inability to skate and his foot pain, I assumed that he never wanted to skate again. Then all of a sudden I get this text saying "URGE TO SKATE," that was an unexpected surprise! I texted back to Maciek saying "OHNO! (Apollo Ohno pun) Really? ... Tuesday???" Then Maciek responds back quickly, "Oh hell yes! This time I'm paying!"
Oh no... I've pulled yet another victim into the world of ice skating...

So now... I have to take both of them ice skating this upcoming Tuesday...

Now that my victims are out of the way, MUAHAHAHA!!!
Let me talk about my morning...

I ended up doing the remainder of my math homework first thing this morning!
I guess I didn't notice this last night while talking to you, but... I thought that I finished my assignment last night. However!!! I didn't realize that I completely skipped a chapter worth of work, so.... you were right, I did my homework before going to class this morning... You're good at sneaking up on me when I least expect it, and now you can predict the future... is there anything you can't do?!

When I got to my math class... Prof. De Long canceled class. No one was there! She only "glanced" at my work and gave me credit for the day... In that event... I got to go home early. When I got home, I started working on my Shinjiro sketch. I started some contouring so I could figure out where to place everything. I was working on it for a few hours... then I had to leave for work. I hardly got anything done. All I could draw was Shinjiro's hand, that was it and it wasn't even that nice looking of a hand anyways... what I would do for some gum eraser right now to fix that up. I need to buy some more gum eraser, I lost all of mine.

Until next time, bye again...

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When I woke up this morning I was dragged to work once again.

My family came up with a ridiculous plan involving my cat.
My aunt's house apparently has a mouse infestation and they want me to send my cat over there to chase the mice out of the house. Because if there's one mouse, then there's bound to be a large nest.

Now I'm at work. The usual, very few customers for lunch, the rest came in for dinner rush. I had three delivery (lol, one of my fav animes) orders today. Ow my back really hurts...

If my cat can track the source of the mice, then he can leave that house and stay home with me.
Fortunately, my cat isn't a killer, he's just a hunter. He'll find something and retrieve it, but he won't kill it, he brings it to me as a live gift.
With the presence of a cat in that house, the mice will get his scent and instinctively run away.

I have a lot of homework and a paper about "Marie de France" to turn in, and an Utada Hikaru concert to attend on Tuesday!
I've been told that I don't need to work at Tusk, but I'll still be in Batavia.

Okay, I need to go and chase customers out (just kidding) because it's almost closing time.
Until next time, bye again.

Bad news.

Jan. 6th, 2010 08:38 pm
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Okay... a little drugged up on dye injections from the hospital, whoa the computer is moving...lol...

I waited for two hours in the waiting room when I got to the hospital. When the nurse called me, she dilated my eyes, ouch, light is so bright.

After my eye torture, one of the eye doctors made me sign a consent form for taking pictures for my eye? The random doctor explained that I would be getting an injection before the pictures and the hospital is not responsible for any complications that may occur blah blah blah. Then the doctor started to list the random side effects of the injection. This was our conversation:

Doctor: do you have any questions?
Me: No, not really.
Doctor: okay, just so you know, the side effects of the injection include dizziness, skin irritation, aching, insomnia, bleeding, irregular heart beats, swelling, itchiness, death, dry eyes, difficulty breathing, vomiting, migraines, tremendous pain in the arm, nausea, yellowing of the skin and temporary skin discoloration. If you agree to the terms and conditions please sign your name next to the "X". *hands me clipboard*
Me:.........wha.... *signs paper*
Doctor: you're all set kid! *quickly walks away with the signed papers*
Me: he did not! just call me kid...

I'm afraid of syringes!!!! They had to hold me down. Recall the dilation process I was talking about earlier, yeah, it makes you super super super sensitive to all kinds of light (artificial and natural light), so you feel like a lightphobic vampire. It was horrible when they were taking pictures! I'm sitting with my head pinned to a microscope that has a powerful lamp (powerful enough to see straight through your eye like glass) pointed directly at my dilated eyes. I was physically forced to have my eyelids held open and on top of that I had to stare directly at the damn light. It was more painful than it sounds. Being dilated and staring at a super bright light without being allowed to blink for 5 minutes, PURE TORTURE! I was taking pictures for an hour in front of that evil bright lamp.

After pictures, I had to go see my doctor, Dr. Mackintosh (I think of apples...for some reason). Even though I'm sitting in his office I still had to wait because he was taking care of 10 patients at the same time. So....2 hours later he shows up and does another microscope examination, ARGH MORE LIGHTS?! I had to sit through another eye singeing examination, I could hardly keep my eyes open from so much light. Doctor then tells me to sit tight while he looks at my photo results and gets a hold of the head doctor.

2 hours later Dr. M comes back with a disappointed look on his face. "Well the good news is that there are no signs of abnormality in the photos, everything looks fine, blood vessels intact, no bleeding or displacements." "However, the bad news is... your eye's shape has changed and is slowly losing it's vision range" "We can't do anything about about it because your eye is damaged beyond repair, we're sorry but there really is nothing we can do, I mean your retena is too severely damaged beyond recognition for us to do anything, again, we're sorry" "Your vision will never be restored, you just have to live with it, we're sorry."

I'm going to be blind.....forever????
I feel a little dizzy/sick from the injection, other than that I'm fine, kinda.
An advantage for my eyes being dilated, I can see so well in the dark, "I see you lurking around, Pikus".
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Okay, in my previous post I was really mad, like suber(combo of super + uber) mad. Which is a rare kind of mad I'm not usually at the state of.

I was real mad and at that point, I felt it wasn't worth the $30 for the day at work.
So I started crying and whining. Hehehe, crocodile tears of course(I think).
Well, it sounds a little uncharacteristic for me, since all of my friends really see me as:
"the inspirational visionary, the fearless leader, the multi-talented creator, the extremely determined fool, the genius of the operation, and the iron-willed speaker."

Ahhh, when I'm not around my friend, oh man, I'm a big crybaby.
But because I save face with those great qualities listed above, I keep the truthful crybaby profile to a minimum.
But, that night I cried until they gave me $200 to shut up, I'm so bad.

Last night was pretty fun, I got to hang out with Jason, whom I haven't seen in a while.
So much fun. I went to my uncle's bar, Chicago.
For those who know where I'm getting at, please don't mention "that" or I may get in trouble...
The bar was packed that night, Jason told me he had to wait a long time to get in.
As for me, the owner is my uncle and I told the bouncer that I'm in the dining party, so I walked right in.
Jason's reaction was interesting, *shocked* "Ah! I had to wait and they charged me a cover fee!!!"

We enjoyed ourselves.
We sat in the front of the bar and there was a completely different party going on in the back of the bar, there were people jumping around and the DJ was screaming. Quite a scene. I got to have all you can eat pizza and chicken wings, yes!
By the time it got to the countdown, nearly everyone in the bar was drunk prior to that.
What a crazy night.
After the party, I felt really bad, because I promised Jason a ride home. I felt really bad, since the farthest I could take him was the red line train stop.
Wah! I feel so bad, Jason! Its handwritten.

Anyways, when I got back home, I was carrying two things, chicken wings in one hand and a fish sauce mixture in the other. (Jason you remember that horrendous fish sauce smell don't you?) Well unexpectedly, Pikus(my cat) ran in front of my legs and of course I didn't see him, you guessed it, he tripped me! Quite horribly, I fell over in a loud thump, the box of chicken scattered wings everywhere, but thankfully I didn't drop the container with the fish sauce. I managed to keep the fish sauce upright the entire time during my fall down to the impact.
The KNEES don't forget the KNEES. When I fell I landed right dab on my knees AGAIN. "OUCH!!!" my cuts/wounds opened up again, THREE DAYS IN A ROW" dammit, Nishi's blog is cursed!
I'm in pain again...ahh, oh well, I went to sleep at 2am. That was my night.
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Okay, yesterday was a really bad day.

After I posted yesterday's entry, I made a trip out to the local Walgreens(I walked). I went to buy cold medicine and Crunch bars(well, chocolate cures everything). On the way back I was walking uphill on the sidewalk that leads to the restaurant. Everything was fine, I mean, I was walking quite slow-paced.

Even I couldn't believe what happened next. (*well, in actually, a few days earlier I was reading Takahiro Nishijima's blog 'in the [livejournal.com profile] attackallaround lj community', which he explained in graphic detail of how he injured himself on the bathroom sink and the painful night that followed) I was thinking about Nishijima's blog post at that time and I laughed about it, hoping that nothing bad would happen. IRONIC.

(notice the irony in this)
As I was laughing when approaching the entrance, I couldn't believe it, the next step I took...... my foot slipped...I felt myself sliding backwards...both my knees crashed to the ground...my hands followed...I lost balance on my hands...and fell flat on my face(I swear Nishi's blog post is cursed). The next thing I knew, I was on the icy cold ground and I let out a very loud "Yowch!!!". Talk about black ice, you couldn't see how icy the sidewalk was. Unfortunately, no one saw me fall (my cousin Som was in front of me 'but inside the building, I was outside' but she was too busy on the computer to notice my accident/pain), my mom walked out of the restaurant kitchen after hearing me scream so loud. My mom walked towards the window to see if I was alright. Hoping that no one saw me, I quickly got up and limped into the restaurant.

The pain was HORRIBLE!!! Oh man, I felt a combination of burning, needle-stabbing, and oozing pain. I can feel cold blood dripping down both my legs from my knees. My work pants were totally ripped apart around my knees. I could hardly walk since I'm still partly in shock and temporarly lost motor functions in both legs. I was dragged into the kitchen by my mom and placed onto a chair. Then my mom took a huge bottle of peroxide and poured it all over my legs. If everyone is familiar with peroxide, it makes skin/wounds bubble, gross.....
After the peroxide was a few splashs of what felt like super corrosive alcohol, the stinging and burning I couldn't take anymore! Then it ended with large applications of iodine.
To top it off, my mom put two bandages on both knees.

I didn't do very much yesterday, since I couldn't move.

Moving on to this morning. I had a Nodame moment(a moment of absent mindedness).
I didn't mean to cause myself so much pain. When I woke up this morning, I performed my daily routines. Today, I wanted to clear up the floor and put a few things into my travel bag. So, me in my so-called Nodame moment KNELT onto the ground to pick up some random wires and cds, then I realized from the searing pain in my knees that I slowly felt my deep wounds spliting and re-opening with a lot of blood gushing out. My reflexes told me to throw myself onto my back and start screaming in pain while rolling around on the floor hugging my leg.

That wasn't fun at all...

And this morning when I got to work, out of my stupidness I heard a phone with the nokia theme song and I know I don't have that tone set on my phone. So, I yell to my cousin Som and tell her that I think a customer may have lost their phone in the restaurant. So we both searched the restaurant like maniacs and we couldn't find anything. And we all know that no one in the place uses the nokia theme songs. It was driving us crazy because we couldn't find the phone.
Then I eventually pulled out my own phone and checked it to see that there is one missed call from Ex. Then I was like, "wait minute" I go to my ringtone settings then realized that my sound was set to "nokia theme song". Oh, then I felt really stupid because the phone which I thought belonged to a customer was my own phone in my pocket. Wow I am an idiot!!!

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Wah! I got caught video editing late last night / this morning. I was working my AAA dance montage titled "Dance Corner." I was working on a bonus feature, I threw in some clips of the "CRASH" off-shoot along with some humorous subtitles/captions I added in. Anyways, I was happily working on my clips and since I was almost done, I was just about to do the credits scroll, then IT happened... my computer froze.... then the editing program frocefully shut itself down..... and I didn't save.... life must hate me or something. So... I spent a few extra hours redoing what I was working on earlier (from scratch). Hahahahaha, I finished it! Next was the most painful step, creating the DVD menu, there was a lot of photoshopping and animation cells involved. As if I wasn't being punished enough, my custom DVD menu creator freezes... and yet again I did not save.... one would assume that I'd learn from my first mistake, think again! I rush through everything and always believe that I can finish something in one sitting. Thus the reason I do not save on small video projects. Well, from that point on, my mother discovered me still sitting with my eyes fixed on the computer monitor at 6am (I got home at 11pm, haven't slept). Next thing I knew, my head was smashed into the keyboard; the impact caused by what I believe was a yard stick. Then my mother starting yelling and beating me for not sleeping. She kept threatening to terminate the internet contract with comcast, but i wasn't even using the internet for film editing. This entire fiasco ended with my mother yelling, "get out of my house, you are no longer welcome here!"
PS my mother's anger passes by and cools down pretty fast, so I'm not homeless. On my way to work today, I went to Mitsuwa for gifts(AAA stuff for myself). I bought a ume onigiri for myself to eat because I have severe montion sickness with cars. I bought all of the gift goodies as well. Besides the white elephant stuff I bought myself an "ALL/2" AAA album, this makes me very happy. Yay!

Let's see now...when I got to work, there were no customers.... it was very quiet. But then there was a storm of phone calls for "take-away." We ended up getting ten large orders at once, the kitchen people were disoriented, lol. Because of the nasty cold weather, people have been calling in to pick up food. In my opinion, its not any different than taking the effort to actually sit and eat at the restaurant, so then why aren't people coming for dine-in? Its a ghost town in here...*~tumble weed rolling by*...... So much emotional and physical pain for me today.

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