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2011-01-03 11:52 am
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Not Going!

Everyone left this morning for Canada.
It's just me and Miki here, all alone.... we stayed behind.
I'm not going to Canada, yay! Miki and I were originally planning to just hang out in Toronto by ourselves while they do the boring tourist stuff (which is illogical for us because we've been to Canada 10 times already). However, our mother disapproves the idea of us being away from parental supervision. Come on! We're adults!!! We went to Japan on our own for 2 weeks, would it kill you to leave us in Toronto for 3 days?! I would've gone to Canada if they had let us stay in Toronto by ourselves.

Anyways, they called us up in the morning to tell us that they arrived in Detroit, MI and the "Canadian Consulate" is closed from a New Year break. I screamed into the phone, "serves you right for wanting to leave to Canada so early!" They then asked for directions to go to Buffalo, NY, since I'm the best navigator and I know how to get everywhere (the first reason they wanted me to go). The next plan was to try the Canadian Consulate in Buffalo. After I gave them routes and estimated mileage, they changed their mind and said it was too far because they obviously can't cut through Canada. They would need to go south and wind around Cleveland.

Instead, those idiots told us to find them a hotel on the internet. Detroit is among one of the dangerous cities in the US, we kept asking "are you sure?!" repeatedly. So we just booked them a night in a casino hotel. It's going to be hell for my cousin Nutt, because she's not 21 and she will be bored out of her mind in the hotel room while all the grownups go play in the casino.

Well at least she has the hotel room. I remember when I was a kid, we checked out of our hotel in Joliet, IL, but my family still wanted to play in the casino. Since I couldn't call them (had no phone at the time), and I couldn't go get them (I was only 13), I waited 18 hours outside and even slept on the street. The guards were trying to chase me away and telling me that I couldn't sleep there, all I could tell them is that I was waiting for my parents who were still in the casino. Every time a guard pulled my dad out to come get me, he would tell me, "just a few more hours sweetie, daddy's trying to get mommy away from the blackjack table."  and he would walk back into the casino and leave me outside. Miki wasn't there with me, she was staying at our aunt's house at that time. It sucked! That's 18 hours I'll never get back.

I hope their Canada trip fails!

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2010-12-21 09:27 pm
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I Have Nowhere to Sleep...

No, I'm not homeless!
Another one of my cousins just arrived in Chicago from Thailand. I can't take it anymore, there's too many people in my house! There's a total of 8 people now living in my house.

My cousin, named Nutt, is visiting us for the holidays. I'm not resentful, but I would like to maintain my space and territory. It just feels really cluttered here. And wow has cousin Nutt changed a lot. Back then when she was younger, she whined and cried A LOT, so I called her "little miss whiny pants" for 6 years. Of course I stopped when she matured. Well, the last time I saw her, about 3 years ago, she was a real quiet type, like me. I remember her curly hair and her silence.

Now that I've seen her today, after 3 years, she's way too mature! She's tall, thin, and got long straight hair... and she wears make-up... (she's only 15). Simply put... she's pretty. GAHHHH!!! Since when do people in my family grow to 5'6"?! I'm 5'2" and I was considered the tallest one in the family! I can't help that I'm vertically challenged! My self-conscious self wants to die right now.

Man... 8 people in my tiny house.
Where am I gonna sleep?

By the way, Project Schneider was put on hold because my custom cosplay was delivered safely, I just need to make the head. I won't say what my outfit is because it would spoil the ACen surprise for Izzy and Jason.

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2010-12-17 03:26 pm
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Plans for Project Schneider

Now that I finished up AAAttackers just before the holidays, I can start up "Project Schneider."

I will be working on a human scale quad-suit for this year's anime convention.
For those familiar with the Zoids universe, LZ Schneider is just about the coolest machine ever!!! Soul Tiger is still pretty cool too.

This is top secret, so future mention of this project will be locked to friends only, also because I need to keep a log of this project.

"Buster Slash!"
I start... tomorrow (I think)....

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2010-12-12 10:14 pm
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Noooooo! Akira!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Akira was fine the last time I saw him....
Then my aunt changed the water and now Akira's DEAD!

My beautiful red and purple fish!
I saw him sitting at the bottom of the tank with his eyes glazed over.
I screamed, HE'S DEAD, HE'S DEAD!!!

This is the second fish my aunt has done in.
I've been mourning the death of Akira all day.

Actually, this morning, my aunt gave me money to buy a new fish. So I bought a new fish, it's a Delta tail siamese fighting fish.

My new fishy:

He's so pretty, I named him "Siegfried," after Sieg Hart (favorite Rave Master character). I was deciding between that or "Shuda" (no, not Shuta, but Shuda) which is another Rave Master character.

It's ironic because I currently have a red sff named "Roy" and a white sff named "Byakko" (white tiger). Ahahaha Siegfried and Roy... and a white tiger!!!! What a coincident.

"Ah....... Akira, you have lived well.
May you frolic in pet heaven with my past gerbils, hamsters, chickens, fish, frogs, and dog.
Farewell my friend, I won't be able to make fishy faces for you anymore."

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2010-11-10 11:53 pm
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I totally forgot about Naoya's birthday.
I saw an early post and I was freaking out because I couldn't believe I forgot and I didn't draw anything. I started working on the birthday comic last night, I stayed up till 2am.

So what is the cake monster up to now...
I made this awesome animated icon which I love! Just where does all that cake go? An infinite loop of cake eating...

But yeah, I just finished posting it up on AAAttackers a few minutes ago. I love the animation I did for this one.
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2010-11-09 12:18 am
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Finished Another Gundam.

Yeah, all those weeks after arriving back from Japan, I finally finished building the awesome Gundam I got from Japan. I took a lot of pictures but I'll only share two because I don't want to pic spam my journal. This was the only MG (Master Grade) Gundam I bought in Japan. I bought it in Akihabara. It was in a really big toy store, there was a colossal wall of Gundam kits.... It was like heaven.

It's the "Crossbone Full Cloth ver."

It took 5 days to build, I worked in 3 hr intervals.

It looks so cool, I spent some extra time to detail the black lines. The thin black lines and skull sockets were all done by hand with a needle-thin pen tip. Gundam models always expect you to contour all the lines yourself, but all the builders I know of are too lazy and leave the Gundams as is (very plain looking). I will talk about the concert tomorrow.
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2010-11-07 11:45 pm
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OMG! I Can't Believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the concert was totally AWESOME!!!! 15th row YEAH!!!

Guess who I saw while I went out to eat after the Jin Akanishi concert....

Jin sighting!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got to hang out with Jin Akanishi indirectly!

We went to go eat Korean BBQ because we were hungry. Jin walked in shortly after we arrived. He was with two fellow Johnnys. I was freaking out in a calm way (if that makes sense), He's soooooo hot up close. I was so sad because JE policies forbid photos, so I couldn't get a picture with him. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! I was sooooooooooooooo close to getting an autograph. I was clutching my poster too.

We asked the restaurant employees if we could buy Jin ice cream or something, but they said it's in their policy to not disturb celebrity customers. Jin left at the same time we did. One of Miho's friends told us that the employee said we were free to stalk Jin after he leaves the restaurant. So he asked me, "Hey Tessie, you wanna go around back to get Jin's autograph?!" I said, "Are you implying I'm a stalker?! I shall do no such thing!"

I was in the same restaurant as Jin, good enough! No need to bother the poor guy. BEST CONCERT DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2010-11-07 04:00 pm
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Miki scored some tickets last minute. At first we couldn't grab any tickets was JE was an ass and released the dates super last minute. All the tickets were sold out because of this issue and most people weren't informed, thus missing their chance.

I can't believe I'm going! I've been moping all week because I couldn't go. Now I can go!!! Ahahahahaha!!!!! I'm so frikkin happy!!! If there's one guy who can make me squeal like a fan girl, it's Jin! Sorry Nishijima, I still love you.

Drawing is on hold till I get a gagillion pictures of Jin at the concert.
AWESOME!!!!! See ya!

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2010-11-03 07:16 pm
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I'm Passing Through.

I'm still pissed at my roommate!

I got  through my two speeches. I was stuttering on my informative speech on Atlantis. But, I got a full score on my presentation on "Social Phobia." It was an interesting topic, there was something on how people who have social phobia are insecure about themselves and they tend to go down a path of destruction and they enjoy harassing people because they redirect their fear into hostility. Thanks to my research and my classmate's research on anti-social personality disorder I now know that.

Yay, I get to pat myself on the back!

When I got back from class, Miki and I watched a very old black and white American film called, "It's a Wonderful Life." I remember seeing a clip of it in Econ. class back in high school once (the scene of the stock market crash). The movie was about the life of George Bailey, from his childhood up until his adulthood. Three quarters into the movie, his life goes downhill after he gets married. Unable to bear with it any longer, he decides to commit suicide on Christmas and right before he jumped off a bridge, an angel appears and foils his attempt. The angel explained how influential George was to his friends and suicide wasn't the answer. George then gets frustrated with disbelief and wishes he was never born. The angel grants his wish and shows George what life would've been like without him. You know where this is going.

I'm a sucker for classic films.

I need to start writing my commemorative speech on the "Byakkotai," Japan's most legendary samurai squad and also considered Japan's greatest tragedy in history. The story makes me cry every time.

I'm only sad because I'm thinking about the "Byakkotai" story.
Oh yeah, this story confused senpai because I know about this historical event and she doesn't. Senpai's quote, "how do you know this? I'm Japanese and I do not know this."
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2010-10-30 02:38 am
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My Life is Ruined!

Yeah, it's been a while since I've been on.
I've been busy...

GAHHHH!!! I hate myself right now!
No, I'm not being emo about my art again. This is about my inability to live in the house without my parents. I can't do anything on my own. I hardly make enough money to buy food and I don't know how to pay bills. It's only for one month, yet I feel so useless.

Asides from me hating myself, I severely loathe my roommate possibly for all of eternity!!! My roommate has been spreading some BS about me and Miki being mean and making them cry all the time. My roommate also said that Miki and I do "nothing" at work and take all the salaries away. All of these LIES are spreading like wildfire throughout the members of my clan. So at this point, all our relatives hate me and Miki for being so cruel and inhumane. WHATEVER!!!!! When have I ever mistreated my roommate?! I always let my roommate get away with eating my cheeseburgers and I never yell back. This isn't fair!!!!!! They haven't even heard our side of this twisted story! What's making me super mad is that all of my relatives, including the 200-something cousins hate us!

My roommate is really messed up, example: my roommate is one of those people who acts nice and well mannered in front of respected people, like elders or my parents, but when no ones around, the lying booze drinking flirting life destroying demon is unleashed. Because my roommate maintains an innocent cover, people would take my roommate's words over mine. I already have a bad reputation in the eyes of my clan, because of my anger issues and violent outbreaks, but everyone knows I'm gentle by nature. No matter how much I plea, they prefer to listen to the wolf in the sheep disguise rather than the actual sheep.

A few of my friends heard about the rumors too. Of course my friends are angry, they know everything is a lie. One of my friends said, "if your roommate wants to spread horrible lies and think she can get away with it, then she doesn't deserve to stay here and should go back overseas." True, if my roommate wants to start something with the people (me and Miki) who own the house, what's the point? Are they asking to be kicked out?! Everyone knows that I would never inflict emotional harm on anyone (unless they deserve it). Everybody also knows that I work my butt off at the restaurant and split the salaries accordingly.

We've been nothing but nice and now my roommate starts this crap!
Purposely spreading antagonizing lies is crazy!
This means war!!!!
You do not mess with the Lalam sisters!!!
We've chased tenants out before and we can do it again.
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2010-10-17 11:23 pm
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Bah! Why am I still typing...
Pain from pumpkin...

GAH! Just go to
Attack All Attackers to see THE GREAT PUMPKIN!

I made the most awesomest Halloween jack-o-lantern!

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2010-10-11 11:54 pm
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AAA Randomness, Don't Know Why?

I was surprised when I got my concert merch.
Besides the basic t-shirts and wrist bands. I've discovered the usefulness of muffler towels from Chizu when I was back in Japan. Wow, I never realized one actually accumulates tons of sweat on the back neck. Chizu threw a muffler towel on me when I was cooking, so useful!

From that inspiration, I had ordered one.... okay two AAA muffler towels.
I wear them when I cook, it's wonderful.

Oh yeah, I also got myself a copy of the Nisshin photobook. My roommate was skimming through it... Miki was looking at it for a little bit too. She eyeballed me and said, "oh... one of those pairings... By the way, I don't like Nishijima's face, there's something weird about it." I replied with, "they're pulling out the fan-service strategy again and hey I like my book!"

I wasn't exactly in class today...
I was in the computer lab and messing around on the computer, e-mails, journals, and what not. I was really bored and looked on the music shop I like so much, the same one I have customer service arguments with. I was surprised when I saw the new AAA single available for pre-order (I hadn't been on in a while). I was pretty excited. When I got home, I wanted to tell Miki about it.

Unfortunately, when Miki is in the middle of a video game, she tends to not catch everything you say.

Miki's quote of the day:
"WHAT?!?!?!?!?! You saw nude AAA?! WHERE?! HOW?! That is so wrong!"

I was then re-explaining my actual words, "I'm so awestruck! Today I was on Yesasia and I saw a new AAA cd, me wants so badly!"

I don't know how she got "AAA was nude" out of that? That was the funniest thing that happened today.

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2010-10-10 10:57 pm
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Almost Lost the Cat, Again...

I'm not going to write too much because I'm going to do a "Bones" marathon with Miki.

What really shook me up this morning was... Pikus.
So Pikus jumped up and slammed himself into the door. When we went to go look, he had caught a real live bird! It was bleeding in his mouth and he brought it into the house! Freaky cat! When cats have successfully hunted something, they bring the prize straight to the master to present as a gift. Disturbing isn't it?! On rare occasions it's always been grasshoppers and butterflies, but a bird?!

Our mom started yelling at him and was lightly smacking him on the head. But we kept telling her not to do that because cats can hold a grudge. And he did. He didn't return home the whole day (I was at work but there were people home). By the time I got back home, my roommate was asleep and Pikus still hadn't returned.

Me and Miki were thinking the same thing, "oh no, he's probably PO'd because mom yelled at him when all he did was try to impress us." I was yelling for him outside just a few moments ago. I was yelling for half an hour! It turns out he was very far away. He had gone really far, he was on the other side of the neighborhood. I yelled, then I heard him jingle (I put a bell on his collar, thank goodness), it was very faint and I knew it was far away. He paused to home in on my voice with his radar ears. I yelled again and he continued running closer, but he was still far because I still couldn't see him. Then the jingling got louder as he was running from the next block over. I saw him leap over a fence as he was running to me.

Pikus almost gave me a heart attack!
I thought he almost died again or I would need to go around with "lost cat" posters. It's a good thing he's back at home.

Look at this evil fluffball!

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2010-10-07 11:50 pm
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Another Semi-Boring Day.

Uhh... what did I do today?
I saw the "King of Fighters" movie...
Whoa... it was just as bad as Tekken! But, the inter-dimensional battle arenas were an awesome idea, other than that, I will never watch the movie again! I found it very interesting that they had decided to based the King of Fighters storyline off of the "Orochi legend," the 8-headed dragon of doom. I was a little familiar with it (I played a lot of Okami). Even the characters names were very close to the names of the ones from the legend. The main character "Mai Shiranui," the name Shiranui comes from the reincarnated form of Amaterasu (the sun goddess), which aided in the defeat of Orochi. The other character, "Kyo Kusanagi," who is the wielder of the Kusanagi sword, the same sword from the legend which was the only weapon that could kill and seal Orochi.

I went to school... nearly feel asleep due to boredom.

Got back from school and ate minestrone (no choice, there was no food in the house). Then I watched "The Forbidden Kingdom" with Miki. I love Jackie Chan movies. I practically grew up watching his movies.

I'm going to go play Zoids Legacy now, because I'm still a kid.
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2010-10-06 11:55 pm
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Sad For Many Reasons.

(On a side note, I got this really cool Nissy icon off of deviantart.com)

I'm super sad that I couldn't finish my comic last night. It was only 1am and I managed to get caught! I was so close to finishing! I had inked all the panel borders, then I got caught before inking the characters. Unfortunately, in this house, DRAWING IS FORBIDDEN!!! I have no idea why my parents established that rule... something along the lines of "drawing is a waste of time, it has nothing to do with education, and it doesn't feed you!" I'm still not allowed to apply to an art college. I get in big trouble if I'm caught drawing. I get yelled at for drawing at work. Art is a form of freedom and expression, I don't know why my parents don't understand that. I'm really sad about this because I could've finished the Shinjiro comic last night, but I got caught and was forced to stop.

Another thing which I'm not too happy about... I found someone's Misako fanart (deviation).

Source: sushi-master901 @ Deviant Art (Click for the full image)
Their editing and coloring skills far surpasses mine. I am a horrible artist, I'm no match for that somewhat masterpiece! For sure, I know they used a picture editing software, because they wrote it in their comment. I myself use photoshop to retouch / clean up my drawings, but never to such a degree. Call me jealous, but I'm pretty satisfied with my drawing style, it's just... I always fail at coloring. Sushi Master has outdone me! I'm going to work really hard until I can color proficiently. Then... maybe all my comics can be in color someday. As I've always been told again and again... "the things we draw are unique to us, they come from our hearts, they are a part of us, our art defines who we are!" From the wise words of Edward C. Cook, local Batavia artist.

I lost my limited edition Bloody Monday Falcon USB flash drive. I'm hopeless... I can't find it. I know it's in the house!

My Zoid I got off ebay still hasn't arrived. If it's being sent by plane a week and a half ago, why hasn't it arrived? I must be spoiled by Japan EMS, they ship fast.

I have less than two weeks to write my research paper on "social phobia." A topic I'm way too familiar with. Why must psychology be so annoying?

I guess tomorrow's post be a level happier than this one.

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2010-10-04 11:59 pm

Just Got My AAA Calender!

I pre-ordered it a long time ago (mainly because I always forget to buy a calender for the next year). Yes, I'm a doofus because I usually end up calenderless from my horrible memory.

My AAA calender just came in the mail today!
I've already seen the cover online, but after I flipped through the pages, I was so surprised at how much more colorful it was than the last calender. The setting is "retro diner" plus wacky colorful outfits. Note: I have not seen contents of the calender prior to today.

I mean seriously... they're dressed like they're about to go to a rave! The only things they're missing are glow sticks and pacifiers.

I added some text to illustrate my point.

I'm more concerned about the outfits rather than the calender.

This next one, I can't help it, it needs to be pointed out and it just makes me laugh. I am so going to milk this. I present to you the marvel that is Hidaka's jacket...

And he has pulled off another fashion disaster!
The translucent raincoat... truly amazing. To top it off, it's studded... and he's wearing leopard print underneath. As if the rainbow pants weren't enough. Well, I guess Hidaka's screwy clothing style is what makes him stand out from the rest of the members. It shows that he's capable of playing dress-up and he's not afraid to wear strange things. Not being picky at all is one of the best traits.

This last one... no, I am NOT sick minded. It's more of a random discovery. This is one of those "Wait! What the..." moments. I couldn't help noticing that Nishijima was wearing headphones for the entire shoot. For sure, I know that in photoshoots, headphones are generally NEVER plugged into anything. However, I will admit that the coincidental positioning of Nissy and the headphone cord took me by surprise. Look at this picture.

It strangely enough happens to end "right there!"
I mean, if they weren't going to plug it in somewhere else, then they should have tucked the cord behind Nissy or something, instead of letting it freely/visibly sit there... in that spot...

Okay... this feels awkward...
Anyways, that was my AAA Random Report.
I'm going to shut up now, this whole thing was just super random.

Oh yeah, if anyone wants to see my folder with more Calender scans, just ask and I'll give you the link.
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2010-10-02 12:13 am
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Status Update.

I'm currently working on some drawings I need to send.

Oh, at work today, I was talking to this old man. He's an award winning local artist in Batavia. I get to talk to him a lot because he eats at my place frequently. But today, he became really interested in my artwork. This came up because he had asked me what I was majoring in. I told him I was still unsure, but I'm considering art. He smiled with joy and told me, "you have a remarkable talent that you've put to practice ever since you were a child. You were born with the potential of becoming an artist. As for me, it took me 30 years to realize I had a gift I never used." That old man had some wise words. He gave me his card and told me I can give him a call when I'm ready or if I needed help.

Is the old man implying that he wants to make me his apprentice?!

Yeah, I'll be up working on some drawings for the next few hours.
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2010-09-28 11:27 pm
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My Sister Has Returned!!!

I am soooooooooooo HAPPY!!!!!!!
I missed Miki so much. She's finally back from Taiwan! I hated being alone, I didn't think I was going to get through going a month without Miki. I'm glad she's finally back!

I hope she learned a lot from her study abroad program. Miki brought back tons of cool gifts for me. Check these out, Miki knows what I like:

OMG these are soooooooooooooo cute!!!!!Look... there's Zoro, Jack Skellington, Chopper, Sanji, Stitch, Thousand Sunny, Nami, and Luffy! Usopp is missing... so are the others... Miki knows I really like "One Piece" stuff. So she got me these really cool water-proof stickers. People in Taiwan stick these on their motorcycle helmets and cars. I don't know where to put them. I feel bad using them because they're so cool.

In the town Miki was staying in, there was a local artist that used this black cat as their signature character. It's so cute and violent! I love how the cat has a mouse on a cutting board (the picture on the button). It reminds me of my lovely black cat, Pikus. The picture on the left is a coaster. Isn't it cute?!
The rest of my gifts was doll clothes and chibi Gundams. Some of my gifts were food too.

Oh... Miki said she saw Wu Chun!!!
I don't know if she's pulling my leg or what (I'm super gullible). There needs to be some thorough investigation in this matter. I'm just really happy she's back! I love my gifts from Taiwan!!!

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2010-09-27 11:35 pm


That reminds me AGAIN!
I am so scared of not being able to make my deadlines. I know you guys don't really care when I get my cartoons up, but it's taking me forever with the Nishijima tribute. One, not enough time and two, the stupid ink keeps smearing and ruining my paper. Oh the horribly irony, I didn't finish Nishijima's BUT I did finish the Shinjiro homage, which is weird since I started on the other first. I'm trying my best. I can probably get it up by late Tuesday or Wednesday. I know you guys don't care about when I post it up, BUT I DO! I scare myself! JUST HOW ON EARTH DID I MANAGE TO FINISH SHINJIRO'S FIRST?! I don't even need to post it until next week, this saddens me...

This is so unlike me, but I was watching "DA BEARS!"
FYI That's what Chicagoans call them.
There was a game tonight, da Chicago Bears vs the Green Bay Packers.

I was on the edge of my seat.
Packers were leading in the beginning, they had possession most of the time too. I almost thought da Bears weren't gonna make it. During the later half of the game was the real game changer, Bears caught up and tied the game, 17:17. During the last few minutes, da Bears had possession and they were so close to the goal line. Instead of dashing for it, they waited it out to get a kick. The ball goes through the goal-posts..... and WE WIN!!!!!!!! Bears win 20 to 17!!!!!! That makes 3 wins and 0 loses.

This is weird, I don't even really like football.
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2010-09-27 01:29 am
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This is All I Got...

As promised, here is the Gundam I built.

For now, here's my BB330. This is the true form

And this is when the wings transform into a phoenix. He can ride the bird.
I built two, but my aunt forgot to give me the "Shin Mokoso" Gundam before I left work. That's the main reason you only see one Gundam instead of two. My poor chibi Gundam is all alone at work...

I would've put this up earlier, but my roommate kept hogging the internet. So there was a lot of connection errors.